YS Vijayamma Speech At Narasanna Peta for Election Campaign


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  1. rashmi

    hi im new to this site…… !!!!!
    great fan of ysr, vijayamma……..!!!!
    rashmi, bangalore

  2. How come ka Paul got his bail for campaigning for his so called political outfit.why not our leader??? To hell with our so called largest democracy in the world. What the hell is happening in our country??Where are we heading ??This is the heights of vendetta.
    Dr YSR i hope you are watching all this??All your rekkalla khastam is gone in vain as of now,but our Tiger Jagan Anna will live up to your expectation.
    Vinasha kalaniki veepareetha buddhi!!!(Congress)

    CVR Anna and Guruvanna,I am a native of Bangalore and I am worried about ED.I don’t know the local pulse in AP except for What I watch in Sakshi.I hope we will win at least 16 seats along with the lok sabha.Does Jagan Annas absence make any difference to our victory.
    Please ensure me that Jagan Anna will be fine.

    Jai Jagan
    Jai vijayamma
    Johar Dr YSR

    • CVReddy

      We are going to sweep by-polls.
      Don’t worry about cases. We will have temporary problems but ultimately we will come out clean.
      Be brave and tough. God is with us.
      God cannot keep evil forces Ramoji and co outside and Jagan in jail.
      God knows how to balance forces.

  3. Vinay

    Jagan is nowhere involved in the gali bail episode..

    But a CONGRESS party cabinet minister from rayalaseema is involved 🙂

  4. Ananda Reddy

    Friends, Excellent comments from Kejriwal

    Further questioning the functioning of the CBI, Kejriwal alleged that the agency worked as per the whims and fancies of the government. He pointed that while the CBI was sitting silent on the disproportionate assets cases against Mayawati, Mulayam Singh and Lalu Yadav, it was swift enough to arrest Jaganmohan Reddy.




    • pavithra

      very heartbreaking emotions…. how people across the state feel about the injustice being meted out to YSR family….How so many crooked people are targeting one person from all sides….is inhuman….

  7. ram

    FLASH. I heard Jagan GOT INTERIM BAIL.

  8. rohit

    విజయమ్మను విమర్శించలేం

  9. CVReddy

    Cong exodus begins, TDP too jittery

    HYDERABAD: Days after Congress MLAs Alla Nani and RVSK Ranga Rao defied party bosses by hobnobbing with Jaganmohan Reddy, more cracks developed in the ruling Congress and opposition TDP with three sitting legislators deciding to join hands with Jagan. While Congress legislators Dwarampudi Chandrasekhar Reddy (Kakinada) and Savara Jayamani (Parvathipuram) called on Vijayamma at Kotauratla in Visakhapatnam on Thursday, TDP MLA Chinnam Ramakotaiah (Nuzvid) created ripples by declaring that he won’t contest on TDP ticket in the next elections. Although Ramakotaiah did not reveal his next move, party sources say that his exit from TDP is certain.

    Effectively, the Congress has almost lost four legislators — Nani, Ranga Rao, Dwarampudi and Jayamani — to Jagan’s party in the last few days and speculation is rife that at least a dozen are ready to jump the boat by the time his mother, YSR Congress founder president Vijayamma winds up her campaign for the June 12 bypolls. Chandrababu Naidu is also jittery as party MLA Bala Nagireddy (Mantralayam) is openly aligned with the Jagan camp, while Ramakotaiah is making serious moves to meet Vijayamma.

    The speculation is that some more Congress legislators would jump into YSRCP bandwagon in the coming days. Among those who might ride the Jagan ratham include Buchepalli Sivaprasada Reddy (Darsi), A Suresh Babu (Y Palem), C Adinarayana Reddy (Jammalamadugu), B N Vijayakumar (Santhanuthalapadu), P Ramanjaneyulu (Bhimavaram), Rapaka Varaprasada Rao (Rajole), Katasani Ramireddy (Banaganapalle), Janardhana Thatraju (Kurupam), Peedika Rajanna Dora (Saluru), Muthyala Papa (Narsipatnam), T Vijaya Kumar (Visakhapatnam North) and Kannababu Raju (Yelamanchili).

    Wasting no time, Alla Nani resigned from the party and his MLA post and said he would campaign for the YSR Congress from Friday.

    What took the Congress camp by surprise on Thursday was the move of Dwarampudi. An ardent follower of Jagan, he gave into the pressures of chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy and made a retreat when 18 Jagan loyalist legislators quit the assembly. However, sources said it was a tactical retreat by Dwarampudi, who was waiting for an opportunity to switch over to the Jagan camp. Similarly, Parvathipuram MLA Jayamani, a follower of Bobbili MLA Ranga Rao met Vijayamma and expressed her solidarity.

    Sources said the YSR Congress leadership is mainly targeting Vizianagaram district, the home turf of PCC chief Botsa Satyanarayana. This is because of the growing unpopularity of Botsa in his own region. Apart from Ranga Rao and Jayamani, Thatraju, another scion of the royal family like Ranga Rao, is upset with the Congress.

    “Though the CM spoke to him over phone and tried to calm him, Thatraju is seriously mulling to cross over to Jagan’s party,” sources said. Rajanna Dora is maintaining silence for now, but the two-time MLA may choose the YSRCP in the coming days, sources averred. Analysts said it would be a huge setback for Botsa if some more MLAs quit the party, as the Congress holds seven seats of the nine assembly constituencies in the district.

    Ramakotaiah, on the other hand, surprised Naidu with his vitriolic attack on the TDP leadership. “I am upset with our party chief Naidu. I have decided not to contest the next election on TDP ticket,” Ramakotaiah told the media in Nuzvid.

    Naidu made frantic calls to woo Ramakotaiah, but party insiders said it is only a matter of time before he too jumps the fence. Ramakotaiah, a retired engineer in the erstwhile Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad (MCH), joined PRP before last general elections. When the PRP denied him the ticket, Naidu hugged him and fielded him from Nuzvid which he won.

  10. 7 TDP MLA’s are planning to join YSRCP soon

  11. BigFan_YSJ

    Very Heartwarming to watch Vijayamma garu and Sharmila garu for the electrifying campaign. I think we should slowly lessen mentioning of YSR tragedy in our campaign, as after winning all the seats the National media and our opponents will keep on saying we won only because of Sympathy. Any thoughts ?

    • Ram

      Why not call Spade a Spade? There are several unanswered technical questions, energy policy matters and political motivations. Why cannot they reopen the CBI case and do a foolproof investigation?

    • Lakshmi

      I feel the same. Ofcourse she just finished her campaigning 2 days only right. And she need not to explain how Jagan arressted even, bcoz everybody knows about it, and if they prolonged to speak on about the jagan arrest it will be like explaining family problems on the road. If she speak about local problems,statelevel problems and how YSRCP will resolve those issues and how YSR already overcome the problems and how he planned each and every scheme(bcoz as per my knowledge Vijayamma garu was suggested YSR to start AarogyaSri scheme, she knows very well about the other schemes as she observed YSR closely) it will be more good.
      Inka “Namasthe thammudu..namasthe akkaiah..namasthe anna..namasthe thathaiah..namasthe avva..namasthe papa..namasthe..namasthe..” ani Sharmila akka/Vijayamma garu ani palikithe super untundi. 🙂

      • Ram

        I agree. Focus should always be on People, and their issues. Kshaatra gunamu unna vaade, tanu baagunna baagooka pooyinaa, chuttoo unna vallu, nammukunna vaallu, baagundaali ani ellappudoo koorukuntaadu.

  12. Ram

    Prajala Manishi…

    At Draakshaaramam:

  13. rakesh

    is bail petition for jagan is in cbi court or high court?

  14. parvateesam

    yes janam kosam jagan jagan kosam janam this is right see now every politian is corrupted in tha time only p
    oint out jagan thi
    s is not good

  15. rohit

    Senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and former Union minister Maneka Gandhi called up Vijayalakshmi on Wednesday evening when the latter was in an election rally at Payakaraopet in Visakhapatnam district. Maneka, who is the sister-in-law of Congress president Sonia Gandhi, expressed her solidarity towards Jagan’s mother in her fight against the Congress party.
    When contacted, Maneka confirmed that she had spoken to Vijayalakshmi and expressed solidarity with her. “It is true that I spoke to her last evening and conveyed my sympathies to her. I felt really sorry for that woman,” she said.
    According to sources in the YSR Congress party, Maneka expressed her sympathies to Vijayamma and her family, which was being subjected to “harassment” by the Congress party for defying the leadership of Sonia Gandhi. “I have been watching the developments in Andhra Pradesh and am aware of the harassment meted out to you and your family by Sonia Gandhi-led Congress party. I totally empathise with you. In fact, the entire country is sympathetic towards your plight,” she is learnt to have said.

    Maneka reminded Vijayalakshmi that she was also a victim of a witch-hunt by Sonia Gandhi. “I am confident you are facing the situation with a lot of courage. Be bold and never succumb to any pressures. I express my total solidarity with you and I hope you will overcome your troubles very soon,” party sources quoted her as saying.


  16. Can anyone let me know the status in parkal.i hope the people of parkal bless surekamma

  17. vvreddy

    Friends see my son is fan of jagan 2 year old son

  18. Vinay

    K a paul got the bail upto 10th june based on the same requests that of
    ys Jagan..

    Murder case lo arrest ayina paul, Praja shanthi Party candidates ki pracharam cheyadaniki bail icharu.

    Hope jagan also gets bail tomorow..

    • NLR

      This guy Paul genuinely overestimates himself . He might get about 100 votes bcs some people might misunderstand his party as “Vijayasanthi ” instead of Prajasanthi !!!

      • Sri

        wonderful dialogue

      • Subba

        NLR… You Rocks… His videos are really funny and we can enjoy a lot.. One time, Dr. YSR said, instead of voting for CBN (Rs. 2000 Per family scheme) voting Paul will be better ( He promised one lakh per family)…

  19. Indrasena

    హై కోర్ట్ లో మనము గెలవాలి అంటే పద్మనాభ రెడ్డి ని ఎంగేజ్ చెయ్యాలి. ఈ రోజు అతను మన తరపున వాదిస్తున్నాడా లేదా?

  20. Indrasena

    ఇంత పేరు మోసిన లాయర్ లు ,డబ్బు అన్నీ ఉన్నాయి మనకు,దీనెమ్మ జీవితం మన నాయకుడిని బయటకు తెచ్చుకోలేక పోతున్నాము. థూ జీవితం..ఎందుకురా మీరంతా లా చదివింది..రాజ్యాంగ హక్కుల ఉల్లంఘనతో ఎన్నికల ప్రచారం లో పాల్గొనకుండా చెయ్యాలని మన ప్రత్యర్ధులు భావిస్తున్నారు..ఆ మాత్రం కౌంటర్ చెయ్యలేమా? సింహాన్ని లోపల పెట్టారు..తియ్యండి బయటకి..

    • ram

      The CBI court judges act more favorbly towards CBI. Besides, CBI keeps asking more time to file counters.

      Despite this, I’ve always seen that the new CBI judge (Pullaiah) keeps the order in reserve even though he could pronounce after the trail has taken place. These tactics are used to delay justice further, and one can’t file petition in High Court with out hearing the CBI court order.

      Besides, all keep saying ED is more powerful. But who controls ED?
      Finance Ministry -> ED
      Home Ministry -> CBI

      Who on the earth think both ED and CBI do their job honestly when their bosses are not?

      • ED or CBI can not do anything on Jagan , they don’t have any proofs.only thing they can do is delay the bail for Jagan

        • Vinay

          Hawaala antunnaru enti?
          Cbi proofs lekunda ela aina argue cheyocha

          • pareddy

            Amul Product sitire on Jagan Anna,

            Really i dont know what they are going to achieve with this?

            One thing i can tell u
            WIthout Jagan Annna,
            News Papers cannot survive,
            TV Channels cannot survive,
            Political parties cannot sruvive.
            Looks Like even Amul products also cannot survive.


  21. Indrasena

    This govt should be down ASAP..It should be done before June 15..

  22. Indrasena

    dwarampudi,jayamma,ranga rao gaaru,rama kotaiah and few more are in pipe line..we can topple this govt very soon..

  23. Rakesh

    Dont give publicity to okamagado-part2

    And inform ysrcp to campaign vijayama in parkal also

  24. CVReddy

    తెలుగుదేశం పార్టీకి నూజివీడు ఎమ్మెల్యే గుడ్ బై! Kommineni

    నూజివీడు తెలుగుదేశం శాసనసభ్యుడు సంచలన వ్యాఖ్యలు తెలుగుదేశం పార్టీని ఇబ్బందులలో పడేసేలా ఉన్నాయి. అసలే కష్టాలలో ఉన్న తెలుగుదేశం పార్టీకి ఇది మరో దెబ్బగా కనిపిస్తుంది. వచ్చే సాధారణ ఎన్నికలలో తెలుగుదేశం గెలుస్తుందన్న నమ్మకం కనిపించడం లేదని, అందువల్ల వచ్చేసారి టిక్కెట్ ఇచ్చినా తాను ఆ పార్టీ పక్షాన పోటీచేయబోనని రామకోటయ్య ప్రకటించారు.భవిష్యత్తు కార్యాచరణపై కార్యకర్తలతో చర్చించి నిర్ణయం తీసుకుంటానని ఆయన చెప్పారు.ఉప ఎన్నికలలో టిడిపి అదినేత చంద్రబాబు హడావుడిగా ఉన్న వేళ ఆ పార్టీ ఎమ్మెల్యే ఒకరు ఈ రకమైన ప్రకటన చేయడం పార్టీ శ్రేణులను నిరుత్సామానికి గురి చేస్తుంది. నైతిక స్థైర్యం దెబ్బతింటుంది.మరి ఈయన వై.ఎస్.ఆర్.కాంగ్రెస్ లోకి వెళ్లడానికి ఈ ప్రకటన చేశారో మరే కారణమో అధికారికంగా ప్రకటించాల్సి ఉంది. గతంలో ప్రజారాజ్యం పక్షాన నాయకుడిగా ఉన్న రామకోటయ్య ఆ పార్టీ టిక్కెట్ రాకపోవడంతో రాత్రికి రాత్రి టిడిపి టిక్కెట్ పొంది నూజివీడులో గెలుపొందారు. ఇప్పుడు మళ్లీ పార్టీ మారే యోచనలో పడ్డారు.

  25. CVReddy

    Huge crowds for Vijayamma’s road shows
    Accompanied by her daughter, Sharmila, the YSR Congress leader, arrived to a rousing welcome at Visakhapatnam airport and drove to Narsannapeta, 15 km from Srikakulam town, where crowds were waiting patiently for nearly two hours to listen to them. They were given a big reception at Madapam junction from where they travelled to Narasannapeta through Komarti, Edulavalasa, Makivalasa and Mubagam villages.

    Both mother and daughter fumbled initially but regained their flow of words later.

  26. CVReddy

    Babu is talking to Rahul through his old friend Renuka Chowdary.
    Babu and co are advising Rahul how to implicate Jagan in cases.

    • Ram

      Chandra Babu… talking to Renuka Chow… takling to her own Daughter… talking to Rahul Baba?…. 😉

    • Vinay

      Correct ga cheppav anna..
      They may be in any party or anywhere.. Problem vachina, kutra cheyalanna andharu kalisipotharu..

      Reddy comm lo matram UNITY is the biggest problem

  27. CVReddy

    Cong is supporting TDP indirectly in Payakarao Peta, Polavaram, Prattipadu, Udayagiri, Anantapur.

    TDP is supporting Cong indirectly in Nellore(MP seat), Narsanna peta, Narsapuram, Ramachandrapuram, Allagadda.

  28. CVReddy

    Dear Admins,
    You may be busy with other issues.
    Can you please share admin rights to NLR garu,Indra etc to monitor manajagan closely and delete unwanted comments?
    Also they can post latest issues depending on situation.
    I know you people are doing great job to YS Family with this web site.
    Still, please share admin rights with people whom you like to keep site updated.

  29. Ram

    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to sign MoU with UP govt

    – Naya bakara Akhilesh Yadav, like how CBN was in 90s. Gates is selling Vaccines (and indirectly computers – an electoral promise fulfilled) to Akhilesh, all under the Philanthropy mask.

    Look at the comments of 3 friends from the above article

    A: This “donation” is only to help Microsoft win the contract for the Laptops that the UP govt will now announce……BIll gates is promoting his business in the guise of charity. Go for the free , open source software and save money for UP govt.
    @ B: You must be a Complete Idiot. If some-one is doing something good..try to appreciate that..or else shut-up. Please do try to read in Electronic-Media on the kind of work he is carrying through his foundation.
    @C: no doubt u r a idiot

  30. Ram

    Globalis(z)ation and ‘Real’ MMS role: A saga of USD/INR ratio 18 to 56 in 20 years. An eye opening speech.

  31. PSK

    Relax Guys!! No abusive comments….

    యూ మీన్ కోడి ముక్కల ఫ్రై?

    బొత్సా సత్యనారాయణకు ఆ మధ్యాహ్నం చాలా ఆకలేసింది. చికెన్‌ఫ్రై తినాలనిపించింది.
    ‘టేస్ట్ ఏ టెస్ట్’ అనే ఖరీదైన హోటల్‌కు వెళ్లి టేబుల్ ముందు కూర్చున్నాడు.
    ‘ఏం తింటారు సార్?’ అని వెయిటర్ నాణ్యమైన ఇంగ్లీష్‌లో అడిగాడు.
    ‘నూనెలో వేయించిన కోడి ముక్కల కూర’ అనబోయాడు. అంతలోనే నాలుక కర్చుకొని తనలో తాను ఇలా అనుకున్నాడు:
    ‘‘ఆడు ఇంగ్లీస్‌లో అడిగాడు. మనం కూడా ఇంగ్లీస్‌లోనే చెప్పాలా’’
    ‘‘ప్లీజ్ వెయిట్ ఫై మినిట్స్’’ అని వెయిటర్‌ను పంపించేశాడు.
    ‘‘వేయించిన కోడి ముక్కలను ఇంగ్లీస్‌లో ఏటంటారబ్బా? పీయేకు ఫోన్‌కు చేస్తే? సమాధానం తెలుస్తుందిగానీ పరువు పోతుంది. దాని కంటే ఆలస్యమైనా ఆలోచించి చెప్పడం మంచిది’’ అనుకొని ఆలోచించాడు…ఆలోచిస్తూనే ఉన్నాడు….
    చివరికి విసుగేసి కేశవరావుకు ఫోన్ చేశాడు..
    ‘‘అన్నియ్యా…నీకు ఇంగ్లిస్ బాగా తెలుస్తుంది కదా! కోడి ముక్కల వేపుడును ఇంగ్లీసులో ఏటంటారు?’’
    ‘‘ఓస్…ఆ మాత్రం తెల్వదా’’ అని ఇలా చెప్పాడు కేశవరావు:
    ‘ది ఆయిల్ ఆన్ ఫైర్. ది హెన్ ఇన్ ఆయిల్…కుత కుత’’
    కేశవరావు చెప్పింది ఇలా విని అలా మరిచిపోయాడు పాపం బొత్సా!
    ‘‘సర్…మీరు పొద్దుననగా వచ్చారు. ఇంత వరకు ఆర్డర్ ఇవ్వలేదు’’ అసహనంగా ఇంగ్లీష్‌లో అన్నాడు వెయిటర్.
    ఎక్స్‌క్యూజ్‌మీ… అంటూ హడావుడిగా ఇలా ఆర్డర్ ఇచ్చాడు బొత్సా:
    ‘ఎగ్స్ మదర్ ఫ్రై’ త్వరగా పట్టుకురా!

  32. krishna reddy

    can moderator delete abusive language and can bloggers pleasse learn to ignore these commenst. your responses are the ones which fire up these bastards. we dont need this language and we dont need any caste bashing here no matter why you feel personally. we have to be better than them. there are good and bad people in every tribe and caste-it is like hating reddys for what KKR is doing to jagan. We dont want to aleinate YSR supporters in that caste or make a genearlization for what few peopel ae doing.

  33. vvreddy

    mana community tho pettukunna ye GOVT survive kala
    congress will pay big price for this mistake

    • kreddy08

      It is better to keep that opinion in mind and not post such things. We certainly dont want to appear to be arrogant to other people. thx

    • Sonia will pay heavy price. Dhani moham chusi votlu vesthara janalu? Poll Management, Money Management, Group Management, Local Issues, Settlements, Raji kudarchatam, haamilu ivvatam, sardhukupoyela cheyatam, nenunnanu ani cheppatam, black mail cheyyatam, avasaramaithe bhayapettatam….abbo dhani amma mogudu dhigi vachinaa manam lekapothe devudu kooda kapadaledu…kakapothe dhaniki realization ravataniki jagan anna jail ki vellalsi vachindi ani oka badha…peddayan padda kashtam vrudha ayyindi ani badha…anthe

  34. vvreddy

    Guys Please post Frank Comments
    What will be the outcome of CBI & ED case
    i guess as soon next govt change in 2014 .probably jagan can do something

  35. Ram

    Admin: Ikkada hul chul chestunna atani/aame posts choosanu kinda link lo.

    Based on ‘its’ (note, it is not ‘his/her’) choice of words, ‘it’ is unfit to be a Hindu, forget an evolved human being. In view of the decency of this site, kindly clear all ‘its’ messages. May god bless ‘it’ to do good karma, shunning all bigotry in this life or the next, so that ‘its’ soul gets into a human body on a future date.

    • MR RAM i hope god bless u with happiness and good karma before u take others name may god be with u which evr religion ur follwwing and bless u with peace and u are as unfit as me in which ever relgion ur in thx u

      • i guess u sane enough too nt publich my twiteer accnt here as ur sane and following a good karma and religion nvr went in too ur personals i guess therses a line here according too ur religious beiefs

        • babu ram i supported and voted for congress and defended ysr too the core even when u were not here since 2007 2008 all discussions boards meeting in friends and relatives for ur information till now u need not tell me all i was doing is expressing my views wht i hear and see and this accoding too sakshi only and for betterment off ysrcp i wont gain a penny or loose a dime if ysrcp wins or tdp wins or some 1 coz i dnt need any favours frm these ppl

  36. Atchyut Sanagavarapu

    Bobbili MLA resigns and will join YSR CP…many more to come…

  37. pavithra

    Dear Admin,

    It seems some of the comments being posted by some yellow intruders into this site is not good. As a moderator, you should take a call to remove the same from this website and monitor regularly.

  38. Indrasena

    అసలు మన YSR కాంగ్రెస్స్ పార్టీ నాయకులకి బుద్ది లేదు.. ఎందుకు సామి ఆ బండ బఫూన్ గాడి సినిమా గురించి కంప్లయంట్? అసలు ఎవడు పట్టించుకోని ముష్టి సినిమాకి ఉచిత ప్రచారం ఇవ్వడం? ఎక్కడనుంచి వచ్చారు రా బాబు వీళ్ళంతా?

    • Rajasekhara

      Hi Indrasena Garu ,

      if Banvarlal convinces movie is suports TDP then the mkaing amount goes to TDP Candidates . my guess will be they cut scenes and show to EC Banvarlal .

      I belive we had long term benifit for this move . we can say movies should have limits and not align with political parties . In movies they are ot of hatredness for one community for a long time . all these can be understand now by common people .


  39. Indrasena

    ఇదేంది సామి ఇన్ని ఛార్జ్ షీట్ లు ఏందీ ..ఒక్కొక్కటి ఒక్కొక్క కేసు ఏందీ ? అసలు ఈ అన్యాయం ఎక్కడన్నా ఉందా ? వీడెమ్మ ఈ సిబిఐ లచ్చి గాడు మనకు చేసే ఈ అన్యాయం ఏందీ సామి?
    వీడికి ఏదో ఒక రోజు లబోటామి చెయ్యాలి. ఆ రోజు వస్తుంది రరేయ్..


  40. CVReddy

    Unused copter flew YSR: Wife
    I want to know why was a helicopter that was not used for three months deployed to fly my husband.

    • Ram

      @0:25 – పూరాడితే పోయేది ఏమి లేదు, బానిస సంకెళ్ళే తప్ప – శ్రీ శ్రీ గారి పుట్టిన గడ్డ మీద !

  41. mee laaa or mee anil gadi la santhi sandesam lu vishe vadini kadu lendi eeate (mud) se pathar type ( malli identi aneru means matti veste(or buradha) veste rallatho(stones tho answer) javabu

  42. anyways have a nice time wish ysrcp win all seats except tirupathi hope congress lok satta bjp or tdp win this tirupathi seat then ysrcp

  43. Indrasena

    Please clean all the filthy language comments and ban all the guys who ever used filthy language..

  44. bhaskar

    సీబీఐ కౌన్సిల్‌ అశోక్‌బాన్‌, హరేన్‌ పి.రావల్‌, జేడీ లక్ష్మీనారాయణలను సీబీఐ మాజీ డైరెక్టర్‌, టీడీపీ సీనియర్ నేత విజయరామారావు బుధవారమిక్కడ ఓ హోటల్‌లో కలిసినట్టు తెలుస్తోంది. రాష్ట్రంలో ప్రస్తుతం నెలకొన్న రాజకీయ పరిస్థితుల నేపథ్యంలో వీరి భేటీపై పలు అనుమానాలు తలెత్తుతున్నాయి. ఈ కలయిక వెనుక మతలబు ఏంటోనని రాజకీయ వర్గాలు చర్చించుకుంటున్నాయి.

  45. Vinay

    Jagan anna okkade ela vunnaado…

    • Lakshmi

      God is with Jagan anna. Jagan anna is not alone Vinay. Even ppl may not go with him to all places all the time but God will be with him any where any time. That is why God is almighty. God is recharging Jagan anna physically and mentally. He will come back like a roaring lion. Just wait n see.

  46. Subba

    Dont Waste your time and energy for those comments. Just pray for female members in their family… we have an important tasks in our life and also for our party.. let us concentrate on it…

  47. CVReddy

    One Rajeev Chowdary has made worst comments on Sharmila.
    Attack Kamma Ladies.Show our strength

    • CVReddy

      Show no mercy.

      • CV Reddy gaaru … vaadevadu penta thinnaadani manam kooda aa pani cheyalem .. I don’t think that would be a correct approach .. we shouldn’t spoil our image.. Please re think

        • Subba

          CV Reddy Garu… Come On…People will through stones to the trees with the fruits. so, Relax… Regarding comments: It is a fake ID. Just I enquired my friends about IBM HR Manager.. No one with that name. We can also assume about his family background from his comments. Relax…

          • CVReddy

            Sorry, My blood boiled a lot.
            You are all right.
            I lost my cool.
            I will correct my mistake.

            • pareddy

              CV Reddy Sir,

              No need to tell sorry, u r 100% right, rajeev chowday family alantidemo mari.

              • NLR

                CVR garu …

                These yellow guys are in frustration. They think everyone is a Tara Chowdary and everyone is a Rayapati . That is their life . They will suffer one day for hurting others . People of AP have slapped them in the last two elections and they are eagre to burry them now . Their chapter is closed.

            • Ananda Reddy

              Just saw mad dog comments in kommineni.info CV reddy garu… my blood is also boiling but we need ignore….We can talk lot about babu family …. but we all are educated and have lot of respect to our Indian women….

          • @Subbu we should keep quite, we should reply back very harshly otherwise they will behave like bastards.I gave counter attck to Rajeev Chowdary , pls read real facts about kammas and use the same in future..

    • Lakshmi

      Neechulu neecham gane matladatarandi. Penta meeda rai veste manake kampu. Rajeev emi comments chesadoo naku teliyadu..but manchi unna chota chedu kuda untundi. So valla comments chusi manam bada padakkaraledu. “Maa kanneellu chusi navvutunna vallaki buddi cheppandi” ani Sharmila sister chepparu kada..so before there is YSRCP festival, just be patient. Annavalle thala dinchukune roju okati vastundi. Maata padda prathivadu cheddavademi kadu kada..YSR smile ni gurtu chesukondi saripotundi.

      • subba

        Well said Lakshmi garu.. YSR Smile makes us energetic. I also remember, how CBN is used to cry for YSR laughing…

        • NLR

          They should be ashamed that their party is being led by an Attempted Murderer ( called Ekayya by KCR ) and by a Murderer who backstabbed the father of the Attempted Murderer !!
          These yellow guys and yellow media say Zindabad to these fellows !!!
          I dont want to say more than this about them.

    • babu cv reddy garu even i think sharmilla is unfit shes a matha prcharakularu who teaches christianty with her hubby tht idot anil kumar and u dont take it personally if u ask any educated ysr fan or whos supporting jagan u will get same answer picha mundakodulukulu sharmilla and anil kumar antaru u like suvrveying kada non christians lo oka 100 ppl including reddys who are not chriatian i guess hardly 1 or2 % are christian moslty in seem andhra u can get the right answer even my relatives and friends after seeing this christian agenda are moving away frm ysrcp ask jagan and his family too keeep religion personal and pray 1000 times at home and not rub on ysrcp cadre ysr never rubbed his religion and most ppl didnt knw his religion untill his second term tht too in his swearing in ceremony when ee anil kumar gadi gang 1 hour pray chesaru ttooo utmost irritiation coz i watched it and voted for him i was irritated too koncham ee anil gadi batch and christian batch ni pakkana bedite manchidi for future leee pote asssam eee eee isreal trips ani hungama chestaru ee shamrmilla and anil gadu ee sharmilla moham chuste i switch channles i bet if ysrcp wins more thn 15 seats which i personally dnt like isreal ani modalu pedutaru ee ppl and too tell u the truth i want tht karunakr reedy too loose tirupathi election munda kodukulu when u go too tirumala u are in a divine feeling eee lanja kodukulu poyi jai jagan jai jagan antara in garbha gudi lo in tirumala will jagan say same thing jai jagan jai jagan ani when he goes too jerusulem every year kossi karaam edutaharu christians and cv reddy garu just chill its just my opinion u may differ but iam a ysr fan voted for him but i dont like this christiatian agenda of jagan coz i a hindu will die as a hindu and iam against christian coversions when they target poor ppl or ppl who are in some trouble and make them covnert with all kinds off tricks and 1 more thing aa munda koduku anil gadu he can stop rain from falling or get a new kidney by just praying vadini nammamani u dnt preach too rest off the dbers

      • CVReddy

        Dear TDP fan,
        Do you know Babu history etc?
        What is his real caste etc?

        • its not caste man na caste nuvvu anukuntadi kadu iam reddy too but iam against idiots like anil kumar ka paul dinakaran or who evr the idiots are

          • i dunno if ur in too anil and stuff or jagans or anils relative dnt take it personally its just my opinion coz i voted for ysr made ppl vote for congrress in 2009 its my opinion after interacting with friends and relatives and some off them are probable ysrcp cnadidates

            • @deccanstrazz (@deccanstarzz) :areay jaffa..kostanu aakuva matladithe…

            • NLR

              @ deccansrazz

              Did anyone ask for your opinions here ?? Why do u waste ur time and others time. We dont care if u are a reddy or a kamma .
              All we know is that YSR helped people cutting across castes and religions.
              There are muslims in our state who have given up their life for him .
              Has this happened anywhere else in the world ??
              YSR even forgave his enemies . If he was not there Balayya could be serving a life sentence now.
              We are YSRCP followers here and we are neither caste fantics nor religion fanatics like the yellow gang.
              Soorry we dont have time for arguments with people in a frustrated state.

          • @deccanstrazz (@deccanstarzz):areay jaffa, please get out of this site..we are not loving YSR,Jagan, Sharmila, Vijayamma on caste/relegion basis.YSR had done so many good things to people, like 108, arogya sree(saved so many lifes), fees reambursement (so many students are studying Enginerringg, mca, mba with free of cost), free power to farmers, farmer welfare programs ( loan cancellation, saved so many farmers in AP), indiramma houses, pension schemes, still there are many good things done to scocity.
            If you take any polotician who will be corrupted some how(directly , in directly ), what people see is how much good has done to scocoty or for themselves.Why no other CM in AP or the state has not done good things that YSR has done.
            You are favoring chandra babu, who happened to be most corrupted politician in India (thehalka already published article inare has 1990), anna hazare has page in his website about chandra babu corruption ie regarding yeleru scam which is done by chandra babu.
            Every one in Andhra knew abt his histoty, before he entering to politics he has only 2 acrs of land, now he has thousands of cores, he looted AP and gifted AP to his benamies like romoji, cm ramesh, nama nageswara rao, sujana chowdhary , billy rao, reliance etc
            Pls look at the scams done by chandra babu abd CO.
            chandra babu fake model : Economic Terrorism on Weaker Sections

            IMG land scam
            Yeleru scam

            If chandra babu is not corrupt, why is fearing on CBI enquiry, he is managing the judges and getting stays on all the cases against him, so far no proper enquiry is completed on Chandra babu.And also he hast his supportes(during his tenure) in Income tax, CBI, RBI etc and mis using the system.

      • Lakshmi

        @deccanstrazz (@deccanstarzz) :Oka manishini manisha ga chudaleni mathalu enduku?..manishi janma enduku? Yee desam lo prathi okkariki matha swecha unnadi. Meeru Hindu ga puttaru hindu ga ne chanipotanu antunnaru.Hindu matham ila vulgar ga matladali ani nerpinda?. ledu kada. mee matale meeku dignity ni thestai.Endukante mee heart ela untundooo mee maatalu kuda alage untai kabatti.
        Ayina Hindus ki oka heaven, christians ki oka heaven, muslims ki oka heaven, chinese ki oka heaven, japaneese ki oka heaven, americans ki oka heaven etc untai ani anukuntunnara?. Devudu okkade ane kada anni religions cheptunnai. Mari meekenduku inni differences.

        Mana desam lo reservations, religions partiality,regions partiality unnai kabatte inka manam developing country gane migilipoyamu.

        Anil kumar & sharmila kadu kada kidney ichedi..they are just humanbeings and they are praying to JesusChrist who done many miracles when he was on this earth and even today also he is doing because he raised from the death. Bommallo nundi ash ralutuntenee oo pedda miracle jarigindani chustareee mari oka manishi thana jabbu tho badapadutunte aa person heal cheyabadatam thappa?.

        Please dont degrade this site fame by placing these kind of vulgar comments. I am requesting others too.

        Don’t bring religions differences in this site, we are all Indians moreover humans.Just behave like human not like an animal.

        • ade chhepehdi lakshimi garu jagan and co ki dont bring religion ani roju ki 10000000 1 lakhs times pradhickunnna evaru emi annaru jagan ni or his family dispalying it in publicly will get him haters antunnanu ysr never did it thts why he has fans acrocss religon and castes dnt want jagan to be confined too a religion or aaa anil gadi bacth hope u understood my point and in telanagna religion issuse a a very sensitive issue thts why u see mim and bjp still having their infulence who ever evr was ysrcps campain manger in telgnana when jagan did his fast in nizamabad and the idiots who evr took the desions are idiots first thing he did was go visit medak chruch thn a chruch in nizamabad no temples no mosgues amma na bhootulu dhngaru jagan and aa bajji goverdhan ni (govedhan is munnuru kapu malli meru reddy anukunaeru or christian) all iam saying is u dnt win elcetions in beliveing in one religion or too become a leader u gott be a ppls leader taking all religions and castes

          • Lakshmi

            Meeru antha ekkuva feel avvalsina pani ledu lendi. Ppl are voting YSRCP bcoz they love YSR and his family, not based on the religion. Meeru worry ayi mammalni worry cheyadaniki try cheyoddu please.

          • NLR

            @ deccanstarz

            Do mean to say the language u are using represents Hindu religion ??
            If that is the case then I would prefer not be a Hindu.
            We need to be Human beings before we are hindu’s, christians or muslims.
            Is it different in Telangana ??
            If Anil, Sunil,Tara or Nara do mistakes they will pay the price for it who are we to judge them ??
            Anyway as i said earlier this is no time for arguments .

            • Lakshmi

              @NLR garu: Kathi meeru. Manchi ga chepparu.

              • meeru chusrara what language they used valla ki relpy chesanu 1 sided ga kakunda 2 kallu terisi post ni ardham cheskunte na vaipu agruement kuda kanipistundi

              • Lakshmi

                Vallu annarani mimmalni meeru degrade chesukovalsina pani ledu kada.
                Vallu chedu ga annaru..so nenu inkoncham ekkuva cheduga annanu anthe annatlu ga undi meeru cheppedi. Final ga iddaru iddare..

            • nlr nuvvu chuste converted christian la kani pistunavu like lakshmi emi language use chesanu all i was doing is defending against anil gadi batch

              • NLR

                Sorry bro ..I have no time for arguments. I leave to your own conscience.

              • Lakshmi

                “…munda kodukulu… ,…lanja kodukulu…, abhay ho lanja kodaka phone cheyuu madar chod ni ammanni chandara babu gadu dhengute puttava lepote ntr gadu dhengute putttava son of a dick mother fuckin ass hole”

                Ivanni mee kantiki veda vakkulu laga unnayaa…

              • Lakshmi

                Defending a person not means scolding him with filthy language. Defending him with proper reason.I dont know how you become YSR fan.YSR never behave like this to defend other persons like CBN. He always elivated the proper reason.

    • Sri

      please send mail to site (kommineni.info) administrator to remove comments

      We can understand how his family is based on his comments

      He might have born out of his mother’s wedlock

      • abhay ho lanja kodaka phone cheyuu madar chod ni ammanni chandara babu gadu dhengute puttava lepote ntr gadu dhengute putttava son of a dick mother fuckin ass hole

        • @deccanstrazz (@deccanstarzz) :let me bring to notice about the birth of kamma caste.reddy raju vunchu kona daniki (lanza) ki putina valle babu mee kamma vallu.after that that lady was ther with reddy raju for more than 10 yeras
          real fact about how kammas grown over the time ” Pallu (milk), Pukku , pikda amukoni grow ayaru mee caste vallu”

          • common guys iam not kamma kapu or anything i have been posting in this db since when this site started i guess 2008 ee tdp gdp vallani bhootulu thittia when they said something against ysr in all dbs ikkadiki vachanu they are lotts off dbs whrere theres lots off hatrers on yrr and jagan ani sites lo fight chesindi nenu in 2008 2009 i guess u guys are all new too this site incuding cv reddy garu all i was saying and doing is expressing my opinion

            • CVReddy

              విజయమ్మకు మేనకాగాంధీ సంఘీభావం
              హైదరాబాద్, న్యూస్‌లైన్: వైఎస్సార్ కాంగ్రెస్ గౌరవాధ్యక్షురాలు విజయమ్మకు సోనియాగాంధీ తోడికోడలు, బీజేపీ ఎంపీ మేనకాగాంధీ తన సంపూర్ణ మద్దతును ప్రకటించారు. ఎన్నికల ప్రచారంలో ఉన్న విజయమ్మకు మేనక ఢిల్లీ నుంచి ఫోన్ చేశారు. సోనియా వల్ల తానూ ఇబ్బందులు పడ్డానన్న విషయాన్ని గుర్తు చేశారు.

              ‘సోనియా మీ కుటుంబాన్ని పెడుతున్న కష్టాలు నాకు తెలుసు. ఈ కష్టాలను నేనే కాదు, యావ త్ దేశం చూస్తోంది. మీరు నిబ్బరంగా ముందుకు కదలండి. ధైర్యంగా ఉండండి. మీ కుటుంబానికి నా సంపూర్ణ మద్దతు ఉంటుంది. మీ ఆవేదనలో పాలు పంచుకుంటున్నాను. మీ ఇబ్బందులన్నీ తొలగిపోవాలని కోరుకుంటున్నాను’ అని మేనక అన్నారు. తొలుత విజయమ్మను పలకరించిన ఆమె తర్వాత కొద్దిసేపు కుమార్తె షర్మిలతో మాట్లాడి పరిస్థితిని తెలుసుకుని తన సంఘీభావాన్ని ప్రకటించారు.

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