Meemu Okkareme kadu Cheptunnadi


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  1. Ram

    Imam garu: Your views are crisp clear. I salute your common sense. You expressed the Global Banking Cartel – Indian Elite / RBI / Finance Ministry – AP Politico – nexus and conspiracy fearlessly in simple words. You made my belief in Dr YSR stronger with your kind words.

    Some people who do not understand the fractional-reserve banking system and related geo-strategic global politics, political conspiracies, will not be able to comprehend my words.

  2. Ram

    OU JAC Vows To Stop Vijayamma:

    Looks like Cong is back to implementing the same strategy used by Rosiayya Govt at Manoharabad

    • Ram

      correction: Mehaboobabad

      • snreddy

        this is what they do,they will create violence and use their media to blame on ysrcp or postpone elections,but one hope is TRS is not so aggressive against YSRCP, anyway we should never believe TRS.

    • NLR

      I think that is all they can do. They cannot stop people from voting for YSRCP . Neither can they do anything about the Pseudogandhi’s who are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of students from Telangana.
      Let us see what happens.

    • Sai Prabhakar

      Good for us

  3. CVReddy

    ఈ లక్ష కోట్ల మాట ఎక్కనుంచి వచ్చిందో తెలుసా?
    లీడర్ సినిమా లో హీరో మాటి మాటికీ లక్ష కోట్ల ప్రజాధనం అంటాడు.ప్రాస కుదిరిందని వీళ్ళు అదే పాడుతున్నారు.

    మొన్నామధ్య మైసూరా రెడ్డి గారు ఆంధ్ర జ్యోతి టీవీ లో మాట్లాడుతూ ఈ అంకెలు ఎలా వచ్చాయో చెప్పారు.

    జలయజ్ఞం లో 5 % తినేసి ఉంటారని లెక్క వేస్తే ౩౦౦ కోట్లు వచ్చాయి. అబ్బే అంత తక్కువనుకొంటే బాగుండదని ౩౦౦౦ కోట్లు అందామనుకోన్నాము.
    చంద్ర బాబు ౩ వేల కోట్లు కూడా బాలేదు, ౩౦ అందమని ప్రతిపాదించాడు.ఆ తరవాత ఎక్కన్నుంచి పుట్టిందో కానీ లక్ష కోట్లు అనడం ప్రారంభించారు.
    అంటే ఏమి కావాలంటే అది అనేయచ్చు అన్నమాట.లెక్కా పక్కా అడిగేవాడు లేడు.

    మే 28 నాటి ఈనాడు లో పుల్ పేజి లో quid pro quo క్రింద జగన్ కు వచ్చిన ముడుపులు అంటూ లిస్టు ఇచ్చారు.

    అరబిందో,రామ్కో అంటూ చెరో 10 కోట్లు, లేపాక్షి 70 ,దాల్మియా 95 , ఇండియా సిమెంట్స్ 136 ,
    PVC Group 147 , పెన్నా గ్రూపు 45 , ఎమ్మార్ 90 , RR గ్లోబల్ 79 , హెటిరో 20 , వాన్ పిక్ 850 అని ఉంది. మొత్తం కలిపితే 1552 కోట్లు అయ్యింది.
    పైగా ఇవన్ని పెట్టుబడులు. ఎంత శాతం సక్రమమో, ఎంత అక్రమామో తరచి చూస్తే కానీ తెలియదు.
    ఈ కొట్లన్నీ జగన్ పేర లేవు.ఆయా కంపెనీ ల పెర్న వున్నా షేర్ల విలువ.
    ఈనాడు ప్రకారం ఆయినా ఎక్కడ లక్ష కోట్లు, ఎక్కడ 1552 కోట్లు?


    The Vote for Jagan decision starts with ‘I am not happy due to price rise etc’. I will not vote present government is the first decision. Having taken this decision, , the voter has to choose between TDP and YSRCP. YSRCP has the advantage of YSR legacy. The rebellion and strong personality of YSJ. It has problem with corruption charges .TDP has experience and poor track record(for some good record). No new faces.

    The situation now is more voters are in favour of YSRCP. Congress has no chance and not helping itself by going after YSRCP and not bothered about prices etcOff course national and global economic conditions are also not favoring them.. TDP ‘s strategy of attacking YSRCP is relevant but they are just doing that and not addressing prices,water ,power and other real issues. They are not showing any change in the way they are presenting themselves to the voters. Corruption which is the main weapon against YSJ is not working due to the perception of the voter that ‘every one is corrupt’

    The only thing that can keep off YSRCP from winning in 2014 is YSJ’s arrest and confining him to prision till 2014.

    YSJ is also guilty of not focusing on issues like, Price rise, Water, power and other such problems. The YSJ leaders just want to piggyback on YSJ charisma . Not sure if that works till 2014


      Manchi ga chepparu…
      but YSJ charishma will be there all the time..but we should concentrate on people’s issues more than hoping on YSR legecy & YSJ charishma..
      We request our YSRCP leaders to go for protections against, Petrol hikes, inflation, etc..
      Infact, Jagan anna did some protests..deekshas for students, polavaram, farmers but now nd from some days…we not much focussed on this issues..
      raise our voice on ” relaince KG basin issues – CAG report & notice of gas regulatory to them, Robert vedra issue on 2G, ..

      Congress will not allow any local leader other than their family members.. as per them, they wont allow any leader to get more popularity than gandhi family.. this is true.,.. check about, Pranab, sm krishna, sharad pawar(came out), chidambaram (he came out & come back), moopanor, pondy- ex CM, any other state wide political leader…
      they will give only 2 ways.. either highhh command will make them to bow infront of their family or they will tranish that politacal carrer or they will form some allegations… — this is the tactics of gandhi family..
      they ill keep around them..who will do wat ever they wish them to do.. like manmohan & meera kumari, etc..
      all these issues to be raise by our YSRCP leaders… (my opinion)

  5. CVReddy

    For Jagan, the game has just begun

    The arrest of YSR Congress party president and Kadapa MP Y S Jaganmohan Reddy by the CBI in the alleged disproportionate assets case should have come as a rude shock to the party leaders and cadres at a time when the campaigning for the ongoing byelections in Andhra Pradesh is at its peak.
    For a political party, it is a big disadvantage to have its star campaigner out of the field. But for the YSR Congress party, the arrest turned out to be a blessing rather than a setback.
    In fact, Jagan had expected his arrest well in advance and had alerted his party cadres much earlier.

    Since the CBI special court issued him summons to appear before it on May 28, the rebellious MP had gone public saying he was going to be arrested as part of the conspiracy hatched by the Congress high command, in collusion with the Telugu Desam Party, the CBI and other players in the state.
    And his arrest came on May 27, a day before he was to appear before the court. Contrary to the apprehensions of the ruling Congress party, the state administration and the intelligence wing, there were no major violent incidents anywhere in the state, except a few sporadic incidents.
    Even the state-wide shutdown call given by the party evoked little response. Obviously, Jagan told his party cadres that any violence at this stage would prove counterproductive for the party in the byelections. Within a couple of days after Jagan’s arrest, the YSR Congress party’s election campaign in all the 18 assembly constituencies and Nellore Lok Sabha constituency resumed with renewed enthusiasm.
    Jagan’s mother Y S Vijayalakshmi picked up the baton left by his son and led the campaign from the front. Accompanied by her daughter Sharmila, she kicked up the campaign at Narasannapet in Srikakulam district and addressed several road shows in Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam, East Godavari, Guntur and Prakasam districts.
    And response from the crowds to her meetings has been tremendous. Though she is not a very good orator like her son, Vijayalakshmi was able to convey her message to the people loud and clear that the Congress party was resorting to a witchhunt of her family after the death of her husband Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy.
    She also raised serious doubts among the people over the untimely death of YSR in the helicopter crash on September 2, 2009. By alleging that her husband had fallen victim of a deep-rooted conspiracy hatched by the bigwigs in Delhi, she sought to gain more sympathy from the voters.
    What is particularly attracting the crowds to her meetings is the presence of Sharmila. Right from day one, Jagan’s younger sister has been casting a magic spell on the crowds with her charming looks and powerful voice.
    She was able to impress upon the people as to why they should vote for Jagan’s party. No wonder, political observers have started comparing Vijayalakshmi and Sharmila with Congress president Sonia Gandhi and her daughter Priyanka Gandhi, who had failed to bring victories to the Congress in the recent Uttar Pradesh assembly elections.
    ‘Though Sonia was well educated, she only reads out the written script at the public meetings, whereas Vijayalakshmi, despite being poorly educated, is able to speak extempore and attract crowds,’ an analyst observed.
    YSR Congress party spokesperson and glamorous South Indian actress R Roja said the Congress party’s plans to gain the upper hand in the campaigning by getting Jagan arrested has boomeranged on it.
    ‘The game is not finished yet. In fact, the real game has just begun,’ she said.

    Read more:

  6. NLR

    Neerajanam in Anantapur …


  7. Vinay

  8. CVReddy

    Dear YS Fans,
    Please attack with proper replies to yellow gang comments.
    Times,Rediff,IBNlive,NDTV etc

  9. CVReddy

    See Chandra Babu and learn how to manage judges by sending heroines etc.

    Meet Chidambaram in dark like Babu and there won’t be any case.
    Chidambaram was Finance Minister in NDA when Babu was part of NDA.
    Meet Karanataka Governer and Ex-Law Minister and take his help like what Babu did.
    Talk to Renuka Chowdary who is like aunt to Rahul and no cases.It is as simple as that.
    Meet Reliance Ambani who is big fund raiser to all parties(Cong,BJP,Communists,TDP) and there won’t be any cases.
    Babu promoted lot of Yellow lawyers/TDP sympathizers as Judges during TDP’s17 years rule and they are all helping him now in his own cases and also in fixing jagan.

    That is why all call Babu as a wily Fox.

  10. Ram

    చిరు గారు నెల్లూరు సభలో: “ఎవడో” వేమన చెప్పినట్టు…

    ఆత్మశుద్ధి లేని అచారమది (ప్రచారమది) ఏల
    భాండశుద్ధి లేని పాక (పార్టీ) మేల
    చిత్తశుద్ది లేని శివ పూజ (ప్రజా సేవ) లేలర
    విశ్వధాభిరామ, వినుర వేమ

    తప్పులెన్నువారు తండోపతండంబు
    లుర్వి జనులకెల్ల నుండు తప్పు
    తప్పు లెన్నువారు తమతప్పు లెరుగరు
    విశ్వధాభిరామ, వినుర వేమ

    ఆల్పుడెపుడు పల్కు ఆడంబురము గాను
    సజ్జనుండు పల్కు చల్లగాను
    కంచు మోగినట్లు కనకమ్ము మ్రోగునా
    విశ్వధాభిరామ, వినుర వేమ

    • Ram

      ఉప్పు (Congress) కప్పురంబు (YSR Congress) నొక్కపోలిక నుండు
      చూడ చూడ రుచుల జాడ వేరు
      ఫురుషు (నేత) లందు ఫుణ్య పురుషులు (జన నేతలు) వేరయ
      విశ్వధాభిరామ, వినుర వేమ

      • vvreddy

        wow keeka basuu
        watch this site anti YSR
        post something in their site

        • Sekar

          What do you expect in Nandamuri site. We need to focus on those neutral sites/forums.

        • Ram

          అన్న, వాళ్ళ నుంచి, మన వాళ్ళకు ఆహ్వాన పత్రాలు అందాయి.. ఐతే, సనాత ధర్మము అని నీతి వాక్యాలు చ్చెపే వీరు, ఈ క్రింది విధం గా అలౌకిక (రీడ్ సాడిస్ట్..) ఆనందం పొందుతున్నారు..

          తాత (రీడ్ రామోజీ రావు గారు)……….you did it!

          # Nee janma danyam…………..yeh vayasu lo kuda oka moorkhudini, oka nara rupa rakshasudi ni pen tho gada gada laadinchi lopala veyinchaavu……………..ninnu veddamu anukuni anukuni atu nuchi ate paiki poyaadu okadu………inkodu lopalaki! neeku hats off

          # thathaa… You Rock!

          # pattudala ante thatha de le. vaayanaki oolu saati raaru.

          # YS gaaxx yentha moorkudo telusu manaki…..ayya rakshasa mentality ki, koduku laksha kotla balupu ki yeduru nilabadi yeh age lo kuda intha fighting spirit ante……………..simply hats off!

          # entrance lo aa smiles ento.. haalleluya

          # aa RFC lands sangathi anti….Hyd ooru bayata anni lands ela ichaaru thatha ki?
          # Tourism and Film Industry promotion kosam ichcharu aa lands……Ramoji thata real estate sesi ammukuni poledhu gaa….He is generating more income and returning them as taxes to Govt naa..

          # Ramoji and TDP deserves credit on this ‘acheivement’
          # ABN RK deserves more credit than Dramoji
          # ABN last lo join ayyendi fight brother but tata first nunchi fight chesta ney unnadu

          నాకు తెలిసి, ఎన్నడు చనిపోయిన NTR ని ఈ సైట్ లో ఎవ్వరు దుర్భాషలు ఆడలేదు… ఒక కీర్తి శేషుడు ఐన CM అంటే, ఆయనకి ఉండే గౌరవం ఇవ్వడం కనీస ధర్మం.. let alone ‘సనాతన ధర్మం’.

          ‘Inclusive’ Development of Telugus is only possible when we come out of this ‘sheep’ mentality.. and passionately, and openly debate with reason… Every one knows in Costal Andhra (and now in Telangana).. how this visus started in 80s… ఈ ఝాడ్యానికి మూల కారణం…

          ఇంక ఇలాంటి వాళ్ళు .. “Ye Desameginaa endu kaalidinaa pogadaraa nee Talli bhoomi Bharathini” అనడం లో అర్ధం ఏంటి? Internet comments లో blogs lo బజారు కుక్కల్లా comments పెడుతున్నారు, కొట్టుకు చస్తున్నారు… ఎక్కడి తెలుగు gavuravam, ఇంకెక్కడి ఆత్మా gauravam…?

          By nature they are good people with a helping nature.. ఈ ఝాడ్యం కుటుంబ పెద్దల తోటి మొదలు అవుతుంది.. ‘అరేయ్ మనోల్ల తోటి తిరుగు.. వాళ్ళతోనే స్నేహం చేయి.. ‘ అని. వెళ్ళు వచ్చి స్కూల్ లో కాలేజీ లో ఏ ఝాడ్యం లేని మిగత వాళ్ళని చెడ కొడతారు. అక్కడి నించి ఈ తతంగం అంతా మొదలు.. పైన కామెంట్ చేసినవాళ్ళు కుర్రోళ్ళు కాదు.. సలక్షణం గా దేశ దేశాల్లో ఉన్నత చదువు చదివి, ఉద్యోగం చేసుకుంటూ insecurity తోటి ఇలాంటి herd mentality తోటి వాతావరణాన్ని కలుషితం చేస్తున్నోల్లు… వీళ్ళ భావాలు మారక పొతే వెల్ల పిల్లలకి ఇదే నేర్పుతారు.. భవిష్యత్తు ఇంతకన్నా ముక్కలు-చేక్కలగా తయారవుతుంది.. Politicians like P.Ravi and M.Suri will build careers on these divisions. And India remains a ‘third world’ country and never return to its traditional వసుధైవ కుటుంబం / సనాతన ధర్మ path.

          చాలా బాధ తోటి ఇది రాయాల్సి వచ్చింది… Hope people understand my anguish and look at this in a positive note… It is not to hurt anyone including the Yellow-blogger friends…

        • Indrasena

          Plz do not post crap links here

          • vvreddy

            Nandamuri Website lo , Paccha kamarlu type. Vallaku andaru Kulagakki vallala kanapadatharu.Kulagajji gallaku andaru atlaney kanapadatharu

  11. Ram

    Over 20 sunstroke deaths reported in Andhra Pradesh’s Krishna district

    How do we avoid these situations? Is there any technical, administrative /political solutions for this?

  12. Ram

    Ambati garu Knocks Out Azad garu:

    • NLR

      @ Azad garu ..

      There are millions of muslims in AP who worship YSR and JAGAN in AP.
      But not even a handful who praise the Pseudogandhi’s .
      So u decide ..Why ?? Just incase u struggle with the answer …
      Bcs they have self respect and dont have to fall on Sonia’s feet like u do.

  13. Ram

    @ Vinjamur, Nellore

  14. CVReddy

    NTV-Congress Mouth Piece
    I-News-TDP Mouth piece.
    Both Channels are owned by Narendra Chowdary.
    Chowdary garu is under pressure from Congress and TDP.

  15. CVReddy

    Dear YSR Fans,
    Please spare some time on net and give replies to yellow comments.

    • Ram

      Follow the below Google News link create an alert. You will receive all the news published in India with example name ‘Jagan’ to your emails. Similarly, you can use other key words like ‘Andhra Pradesh’ ‘Jagan Mohan Reddy’, ‘YS Jagan’, ‘YSRCP’, ‘YSR Congress’, ‘YSR’ ‘YS Rajasekhara Reddy’ ‘Chandra Babu Naidu’, ‘Telugu Desam’, to get alerts.

    • Ram

      Use the below links in You Tube to search for more content on ‘Jagan’ every time, to know who posted a new video on Jagan, positive or negative:

    • Ram

      You Tube Channels:
      youtube. com/user/Sakshitvcom
      youtube. com/user/tv9telugu
      youtube. com/user/ndtv
      There are others relating to ABN, etc that are uploaded frequently. There are alias channels for TV9 like snehatv etc.. they upload with multiple names some times.

      I am not sure about Face Book, Twitter and other Social Media.

      I hope we have a stealth setting here, where strategic topics that cannot be openly discussed here needs to be communicated to key people. I see the same in some of the TDP fan sites, where they send Private Messages to each other, hiding from public domain.

  16. NLR

    This is for those who want to order an online copy …The price of Vandetta.

  17. YSRCP TDP Congress Total samples
    Prathipadu 39 39 20 -128
    Vatiicherukuru 41 39 18 -132
    Kakumanu 32 34 18 6 -155
    Pedanandipadu 33 36 17 155
    Guntur rural 34 22 38 165

    179 170 111 6 466
    38.41201717 36.4806867 23.81974249 #DIV/0!

    Prathipadu 38 36 23 735

    we improved 4 %

    • NLR

      @ srinivasulu garu ..

      Prathipadu is the only place where TDP might get deposits as there are many yellow caste fanatics in this contituency . But the rest of the people will vote for YSRCP . We will have the last laugh .

  18. sekar

    is it true that CBI arrested Kapu Rama Chandra Reddy? anyone confirm

  19. CVReddy

    Latest Cong Survey:

    Ramachandra Puram




  20. NLR

    Indian politics antha neechaniki digajaruthunnai !!!

    Indians are the worst enemies of Indians. Leave alone Pakistan and China.
    Licking the feet of Italians. Shame on u cong and tdp.

    • pareddy

      Rayachoti Meeting lo kukkalu morugutunnayi…(CM,chiru,bosta,azad)

      • NLR

        Ivi Sonia inti kukkalu …Veetiki viswasam anedhi vundadhu.
        Arusthaye kani …karavalevu !!

        • Vinay

          E kukkalu entha morigina chuse janalaki COMEDY ga anipistudhi thappa evaru pattinchukovatledhu..

          Time waste chesukokunda poyi koduku pelli panulu chusukovadam better chiru ki.

          • pareddy

            Vinay garu,

            June 14 th vadi koduku pelli anukunta, ade vadi last laugh kavali political life lo..
            June 15 th is our day…

  21. Ram

    YSR Poem comparing with Great Telugu Rulers

  22. CVReddy

    YSRCP has been in lead even from begining.
    TDP was in second place before and now Cong is in Second place.
    Latest Report: TDP supporting Cong in Tirupati.

    • Ananda Reddy

      lesss than 3000 people attended in yesterday congress meeting in tirupati . We will manage to get tirupati without any big problmes ( Majority would be ~ 10000)

  23. Vinay

    Ntv is fully supporting congress.

  24. NLR

    Prathipadu ….Vijayamma garu


  25. MSR_YSR

    Me at Tirupati at the moment….. Earlier Chadalavada(TDP) was leading but post arrest Karunakar Reddy is leading…..I think once Vijayamma tours then we may get clear edge. Also, Congress is trying very hard here. They have mobilised people from different parts especially from Piler to work for congress.

  26. pareddy

    Any one can help me about Tirupathi.
    i am hearing mixed response from there.

  27. CVReddy

    How will Jagan Mohan Reddy’s arrest affect his career?

    Help his career 64.25%
    Hurt his career 29.81%
    Can’t say 5.94%

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