Jai Ho Parakal


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64 responses to “Jai Ho Parakal

  1. karti

    I hope YSR congress sweeps the elctions along with parkal seat(surekha=loyalty).I personally feel we need a third party which would keep the existing parties on toes. In the times when everyone is corrupt , trying to crush the ysr congress before it can even establish is atrocious. Atleast ysr family established factories and provided employment for people unlike babu who stashed his money in foreign banks

  2. We can not beleive @420 KOLA,Let us wt &c.

  3. Ram

    Is it too early to write Chandrababu Naidu’s political epitaph?
    – T S Sudhir

  4. saireddy

    18 sweep cheyali anna..

  5. Ram

    చంద్రబాబు గుట్టు రట్టు చేసిన కోలా. సింగపూర్ లోని ఒక బ్యాంకులో బాబుకు 15వేల కోట్ల రూపాయల డాలర్లు -కోలా

  6. Ram

    Chandrababu’s International Bank Accounts
    Remember Kola Krishna Mohan? He was in news with Euro lottery in 1999. Now he has come into light attacking Chandrababu Naidu in big way.

    “Chandrababu invited me into his party in 1999 knowing that I got a lottery. I was pushed into different financial cases just because of certain deeds I was forced to do by Chandrababu. In the year 2003, he had also attempted murder on me for 3 times. Lokesh, the son of Chandrababu took Rs 25 lakh from me. Adding Rs 35 lakh to that, he eloped from home with a girl a few years back”, said Kola Krishna Mohan.

    Adding to this he also stated that Chandrababu has more than Rs 15,000 Cr in various international banks located abroad. He revealed a few this way:

    Deutsce Bank, Singapore (C Naidu Nara) Account Number: 0204049121100
    Barclays Bank, Singapore
    Credit Suisse Bank, Switzerland

    Kola Mohan also stated that he gave Rs 5 Cr to Chandrababu in 1999 (Rs 5 lakh cash, Rs 1 Cr cash at home and about Rs 4 Cr was transferred from his London Midlands bank (Mid Lands Bank, London Account Number: 433846958001) to Chandrababu’s Singapore bank.

    Kola Mohan concluded that many of Naidu’s international bank accounts were closed and the new ones were opened later.

  7. vissu

    babu… kola krishna mohan cheppina vishayaalaku emi reply istaadoo …:)

      • Subba

        Congress got one more weapon to blackmail Babu.. So, this governament will continue till 2014 without any doubt….

        • our party president jagan anna will be in deep troubles if the govt continues to function…i feel ysrcp should have been worked very hard to dethrone this govt during no-confidence motion in some or other way.

          • NLR

            @ Vijay …

            Not to worry . We dont have to be scared when we have accounts for what we do . We have been paying taxes regularly . CBI can also investigate . Courts need evidence. The longer they trouble him the stronger he gets.

    • rakesh

      emundi,, kola ni kandistunanu antadu
      astulu chupiste, raasista antadu

  8. Adnan

    Corrupt Benami NAIDU !!

  9. CVReddy

    Flash News:

    Kola Krishna Mohan has disclosed Babu Swiss accounts

  10. Vinay

    Tdp and congress calling election commisioner Bhanwarlal as JAGAN’s covert:-D

    with these coments, we also can conclude tdp & cong ki BIG ZERO

  11. dt

    Jagan rich? Think again
    – Bypoll candidate’s assets declaration stuns party


  12. CVReddy


    Sathruvuku Sathruvu mithrudu (An enemy’s enemy is a friend) so goes a popular adage in Telugu. This has once again proved in the political landscape of Andhra Pradesh. The Jagan factor has united the arch-rivals, Congress and the main Opposition Telugu Desam Party for now.

    The undeclared ‘alliance’ between the Congress and the TDP is evident from the ongoing campaign for the ensuing bypolls in the state.

    • pareddy

      All Electronic and PrintMedia says our Party Wins 15 + 1 MP, but i dont know how much it is true ?.
      We dont want to loose even single seat.

  13. vissu

    tdp ki salahaa iche medhaavi evaroo kaani… i m really thankful to them…
    court lo jagan case nadustoo unte…. kottagaa 16 lakshala kotlu avineethi ani malli aaropanalu… janaalu navvutaaru an konchem kooda commonsense lekundaa aaropanalu chestunnaru… cbi chestunna aaropane 120 crs money laundering …. inka jagan binaamee lu ani tdp 16 lakshala kotlu aaropinchadamaante…chandrababu binaameela aasthulu lekkesi cheppinaaremo…:)

    • Vinay

      Inka evaru ilaanti chetha salahaalu ichedhi…

      Dramoji vunnadu ga tdp ki 😀

      • Ram

        Monna discuss chesi untaru rahasyam gaa… Ninna valla Eenadu Tatayya map vesi maree modalu pettadu 17 lakh crores ani! Ee roju TDP modalu pettindi Eenadu ni quote chestoo.. Pacchi naatakaalu.

  14. Ram

    అద్దం లో ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్

  15. Ram

    Islamic banking in India: Will it open a Pandora’s box:

    @Indra: Getting back to your earlier question if I have answers to the Farmer issues in India. This is a gem of a noble ideals. Prophet Mohammad, PBH calls interest (riba) is wrong. This interest-free, on loans or deposits, banking concept can address Farmer Suicides issue, among others. Do not focus on sharia laws here, but focus on the concept of interest-free i.e., money not earning money, avoiding paper monetary instruments and speculation. The global banking forces will not allow this to happen though.

    I respect Dr. Swamy and his views. But he got it wrong here. How about Banking reforms without Interest Dr. Swamy? Isn’t this a noble idea?

    • Indrasena

      How about Banking reforms without Interest Dr. Swamy?

      I echo this..I do support interest free loans for ‘farmers only’ for some time..Core Christian and Islamic rules are real strict regarding money lending.that is why Jewish financial organizations were flourished throughout Europe during medieval times

      • There is something called time value of money. Interest-free is ridiculous. Its just because Gulf countries have huge oil resources, such thing still exists. Or else whole middle-east will be like Afghanistan. For heaven’s sake lets not get into interest free loans business for any goddamn person in India.

        • Ram

          Sesh – You are correct. The above concept is against this concept of time-value for money, and hence interest. This would have fundamental implications on the current system we have, hence Dr.Swamy and N Ram were opposing in the debate.


      Interest cost is a small part of a big problem. subsidy is always a temporary fix. There is a need to revamp the segment. Long term and short term are all required

      • Ram

        If agriculture is a free market based system like other manufactured goods, i.e., a well informed farmer can grow and distribute produce to any nook and corner part of India or world, with no control / regulations… subsidy or MSP may not be necessary…

        • Ram

          Interest free, no value for time system will be equivalent to a barter. This will mean more value to the produce than the present artificial value fixed to it. This will mean the end of starved food growing farmers.

  16. Ram

    Eenadu musalayanaki mind poyindi. Kotha lekkalu kadutunnadu malli, kotha prachaaram levadeestunnaru… Map vesi maree. Seemandhralo okka Krishna Jilla tappa, Telanganalo non-RR Jilla tappa… Mottam 17 lakshala kotlanta, benaamilanta!! Chadastam baaga mudirindi.

    • sekar

      Yeh maataki aa maata cheppukovali bhayya. Veedu manaki chala help chesaadu…roju vaadi yedupulatho. YSR 5 years lo veedi paper credibility ni baga debba theesi velladu. Ippudu vaadu yentha moriginaa picha lite

      • Niranjan Reddy

        kula gajji media/movie makers at its peak targeting another community. Isn’t it possible to file a defamation case on them?

  17. NLR

    Count down for cong and tdp … 3 days



  18. Ram

    @ Washington DC

  19. పరకాల అపరకాలి సురేఖ చెల్లి (నిజమైన ysr చెల్లి )విజయం ఈ రోజే ఖాయమై పోయింది.

  20. vissu

    TDP kaaryakarthalu kooda Konda Surekamma gelupu korukuntunnaaru parakala lo… all the best surekamma gaaru…meeru okka vote tho ayinaa gelichi telangana lo mana party ki bonee kottinchaali… YSR ku nijamaina chelli gaa Telangana lo mee tho ne party gelupu modalu pettaalani korukuntunnaamu

  21. Ram

    TV9 News:
    KCR to Sit on Deeksha again… looks like INC wants to start the Telangana Card game again..

    Get Telangana state or QUIT politics: BJP to TRS chief

  22. Chaitanya Mannem

    Super anna… if we win this then we are unstopable

  23. 1. Indira Congress failed to realize the potential of NTR by refusing him a MP seat in 1982. Congress was shunted out of Govt for 25 years.
    2. Chandrababu failed to realize the potential of KCR by not making him a Cabinet Minister in 1999. TDP is permanently shunted out of Telangana.

    Italian Congress failed to realize the potential of Jagan and will be permanently shunted from AP for refusing to make him Chief Minister after 151 out of 157 MLAs signed for it.

  24. CVReddy

    Amazing crowd

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