TDP reverse gear with its loud mouth


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76 responses to “TDP reverse gear with its loud mouth

  1. Politics

    Blogs / Forums antha yellow stuff undi… NRI Forums mareenu…. Good thing is our cader is ground based and yellow cader is media & internet based ( who never vote )…. Friends lets be morally supportive to jagan & followers… Please convince neutral voters as much as we can…. Jai YSR

  2. NLR

    A TIGER is a TIGER wherever he is .
    They dream of scaring him when they are actually terrified of him !!!

  3. Ravi Bonam

    Post change cheyyandi babu…!! Keep a post with promoting the fan symbol. Blog is not proactive.

    • Vinay

      I also feel the same.

      Repu manam clean sweep chese elections pettukoni mana jagan, mana party symbol lekunda ee dharidhrapu cbn party gurinchi endhuku.. 😮

      manchi ooopu theche topics/matter post cheyandi plzzz.

  4. dt

    CBI to contest the 2014 elections in Andhra Pradesh

  5. Vinay

    Jagan anna FAN pattukunna photo pettandi plz…

    cbn ni chudalekapothunnam.

  6. All ysrcp fans expecting 18/18 seats. personally i feel if we get 12-15 seats that will be great achievement with the present situations.

    I have seen your article regarding food storage/processing in . I feel you have excellent knowledge in all areas. Hope i will see you in active politics.

  7. Rakesh

    I have requested my relatives who are in Hyd to go back macherla to vote for Fan, who are on their way

    • NLR

      @ Rakesh .

      My brothers are tavelling to Ongole to vote . My grandmother’s sister who is 90 yr old is going to caste her vote .When i asked her whether this is her last vote ?? she replied that she will live for two more years to caste her last vote for YSRCP !! What a confidence !!!

    • SivaSankara Reddy

      Today I am also travelling to my native place Macherla to vote for YSRCP …

  8. Jai Gottimukkala

    బయ్యారం గనుల లీజ్ రద్దు

    • NLR

      @ Jai ..

      All this shows how terrfied the cong and tdp are about a less than 40 yr old Dynamic son of a Legend.
      No matter what they do is just a matter of time that we will be in power.
      Cong and TDP are closed chapters in AP.
      The new book is – YSRCP.

      • vissu

        rosaiah ne raddu cheste…ipudu kottagaa chesedenti? TDP ninna allegations chesindi bayyaaram lands gurinchi…ante prjalu nammaalanemo tdp vallu cheppindedi antaa nijamenani….

  9. NLR

    Narcoanalysis should be done to the following people for the following reasons ..

    Pseudogandhis’s – Did u kill YSR ??
    Babu – Did u kill NTR ??
    Balayya – Did u try to kill someone ??
    CBI – Didnt u change ur name to Congress bureau of investigation ??

    We know that the answers for the above questions is an “Yes” but just to confirm .

  10. PSK

    Just don’t worry guys!!! We are going to WIN all the seats.
    My funda is simple…..These so called Media or journos or intellectuals etc etc…don’t understand the people sentiment….
    Give you a simple Ex: Nobody expected/predicted SP in UP to get absolute majority….same goes for Jaya in TN…..nobody expected/predicted absolute majority for her…….
    When People are very clear in thier mind then nothing matters….We are going to WIN all the seats….wait for few more days……

    • pareddy

      PSK brother,

      Really worried about these results, we are not in a position to loose even one seat also, Yellow gand and congress people are dng too much dramas , we are unable to bare it.
      Lets hope for the best.

  11. Indrasena

    ఒక రాజకీయ పార్టీ అధ్యక్షుడిని, Z కాటగిరి భద్రత ఉన్న వ్యక్తిని నిర్లక్ష్యంగా తీసుకేల్లుతారా? అతని భద్రత మీ భాద్యత ర పుండాకోర్ నాకోడకల్లారా.. మీరు ఇలాగే ప్రవర్తిస్తే మిమ్మల్నీ, మీ కుటుంభాలనీ పందుల్ని కోసినట్లు గొంతు కోస్తాం లంజ కోడకల్లార ..తస్మాత్ జాగ్రత్త.

  12. rohit

    cvreddy request
    Dharna is going on at Indira park , hyderabad organised by ysrcp
    All fans are requested to show our strength and participate without fail by sparing some time.

  13. posting onbehalf of CVR anna:

    IT people including nri wing venkat garu, cvr anna, gurava anna staging a dharna(near indira park, hyd) against jagan arrest….
    Interested people pls join.

  14. Vinay

    Cvr anna..

    Nellore parliment constituency lo 7 assembly segments vunnayi kadha..

    Atleast andhulo aina cong, tdp ki one seat win ayye chance vundhaa??

    Ala win ayinaa PANDAGA chesukone type tdp , cong parties 😀

    • Simhapuri.....!

      TDP is out from the race. Fight is between mekapati garu and T.S.R. Finally everyone is expecting mekapati’s majority more than last time’s majority (60k +)

      • NLR

        @ Simhapuri …

        Thanks for the update .

        • CVReddy

          Mekapati will get more than 1.5L majority

          • pareddy

            TV9 na koduku appude ,nalco test gurinchi chupedutunnadu,
            vani amma, vadiki emi paniledu emo

          • Simhapuri ...!

            That’s correct anna, but Congress vaaalllu eeee avakasanni vadaladam ledu, like, caste equations, money, power … so, last time majority ki enni votes extra vachina. adi manaku excellent win nee against Congress.

            TDP is completely out from the Race, Vanteru Gopal Reddy Garu in race because of his Party Pressure else he was not interested to Contest in this elections.

            • Karthik

              I asked for the latest update from my friend who I mentioned earlier as the son of an influential builder in Nellore. He says there is still a keen contest on the cards and TSR has gained a lot of ground.
              He says YSRCP will lead in Nellore Rural, Sarvepalli and Udayagiri but the other segments are close fights. Surprisingly he says Kovur (where Congress came a poor third recently) is a close fight as TSR won over TDP votes. TDP will come third in every segment except maybe Sarvepalli where Congress might come third it seems. I am hoping that Mekapati will get more majority than in 2009 but I am a little worried.

              • Simhapuri ...!


                YSRCP will lead in Atmakur because all Congress leaders (like BommiReddy Raghava (Son of Ex MLA BSR), Alla Reddy family, VGR SubbaReddy … ) and TDP ex M.L.A are with YSRCP, they are working very hard to get maximum majority for YSRCP. So, no need to worry at all. As i said in my previous post (u also mentioned the same), people are expecting more majority than in 2009 (60k+). Don’t worry.

              • CVReddy

                We will get min of 1.25 L majority.

    • Indrasena

      😉 🙂 you made me laugh man..

  15. PSK

    Kadupu ragilipothundi….Jagan ki narco test cheyaalanta…CBI is behaving like sadist organisation….. Yemi chetakaaka…ippudu narco test lu antunnaaru…daddamma naa kodukulu….

    • pareddy

      I think we have only one option left, pull another 20 MLA’s to our party , then congress high command will come down…

    • snreddy

      this narco test is too much Anna blood is boiling Anna,there are no morals in this country

    • Karthik

      We can actually use the Narco test strategically. Jagan should consent to the Narco test, the medical risk in that is extremely small. It’s much safer than to go in third class vans to courts etc.
      He should consent and get it done and then attack Congress and CBI more severely by showing the Narco test as proof of his innocence and proof that he is being 100% falsely implicated.

      • Karthik

        Taking the Narco will also strengthen his case for a bail. CBI will lose its voice and won’t be able to claim that he is not cooperating. At least one reasonable judge might get to hear bail petition in High Court or we can appeal to SC and say that it’s not possible to cooperate with the investigators more than taking Narco test so he must be allowed to go out on bail.
        I can’t understand what gain CBI sees in doing a Narco test with him.

        • pavithra

          its psychological game Cong.high command playing using CBI, everyone knows that without the consent of the accused, it cannot be followed, however, they are trying to put such kind of arguments, in front of the court, mean you can understand… they have done similar arguments for Vijaya Sai Reddy and the court did not agree for such test… still they are insisting on Jagan shows their intentions…..

          • Karthik

            That’s exactly my point. CBI is only trying to show that Jagan is hiding something. They want to damage him politically by going to court and showing as though he is hiding details of crimes. They know very well that the court will not allow Narco analysis.
            The best course for us would be to proactively take Narco test and then step up the attack on CBI. Also, once Jagan takes it, we can demand a similar test on all our opponents like Babu (various scams), Botsa(excise scam) etc. very vocally. They will be forced to the backfoot.
            It will give us a lot of power and embarrass our opponents.

            • NLR

              @ karthik …

              If the narco test comes out negative then the cong and tdp will come up with some other story . That is politics.
              We dont have to bend to their pressures .
              Let the CBI KD Laxminarayana take the test first and then we can think about it . Once we come to power KD is sure to have one.

  16. CVR babai

    Worst case manaku enni seats expect cheyyochhu ??
    The Hans paper nu batti chuste kostal lo manaku maree easy ga ayite ledu neck and neck vunnattu vundi

    • pareddy

      What ever Jagan Anna Said 100% right, I am a commonMan but when i saw mini bus taking him , i was surprised, some one his family members has to initiate concern on his security, its totally injustice.

    • CVReddy

      We have clear lead in 15 places and slight edge in 3 places.
      Both Cong and TDP are trying their best by cooperating to each other to win these 3 seats(Narsapur,Prattipadu and Payakaro pet).
      Cong is supporting TRS in Parkal and TDP to BJP.
      Keen contest in going on on Parkal with TRS and BJP.

      Now Poll management is going to play key role.

      I am pretty sure we will win all seats hands down.

  17. vvreddy
    chiru roadshow flop. he even invited vijayamma to his sons marriage.
    i hope she does not go there

  18. Indrasena

    రాజకీయాల్లో మన శత్రువు గురించి ఎక్కువగా ప్రచారం (+ve గానీ -ve ) చేస్తే మనకే దెబ్బ. చంద్ర బాబు ఎక్స్పైరేడ్ మెడిసిన్ లాంటోడు. ఈ వీడియో లతో లేని పోనీ ప్రచారం ఇవ్వొద్దు. రోజు రోజుకి మనోళ్ళకి పచ్చ బాచ్ కి మల్లె మెదడు మోకాల్లోకి జారి పోతుంది.

  19. NLR

    Countdown for cong and tdp …. 1 day


  20. Ram

    On Kola and CBN

  21. Anna, what is the situation? Feeling tensed.

  22. NLR

    Excellent video about Yellow fanatics who dont know what they are talking about. This is what happens if a party is being led by a murderer and an attempted murderer. Paying the price for backstabbing NTR.

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