quid pro quo babu


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  1. Max

    Mana Andrapradesh lo unna Dhammunna Channel ani Dabba kottukuntunna ABN Andrajyothi Daridrapugottu channel……
    Students ki scripts rayinchi mari quetions adigistundi..
    Adhey scrpit chadivistundi………
    Youngistan is one of the Example….

  2. Adnan

    Hmmmm……good chance to act as phone company ambassadors

    Need to see which mobile & n/w co will send offers!!!

  3. Looks like CBN is operating a mafia

  4. we need to get call list of Laxminarayana before YSR Death. YSRCP should demand for another Special Investigation on YSR Death

  5. By God’s grace we’re having good opinion among the andhra people….if we go on targeting the other channels our reputation may be lost

  6. vvreddy

    TV9 lo KOLA discussions with varla ramayya and another

    • vvreddy

      good joke by Kola
      he said
      i am 420 but bollibabu is 4200(four thousand two hundred)

      • Karthik

        I watched the discussion and I verified Kutumba Rao’s claims personally. What he said is correct. Kola seems to be talking non-sense like KA Paul. It is a shame that Sakshi gave so much prominence to this fellow without verifying his claims. If Sakshi does blunders like this it will lose its credibility and join the list of yellow media. The editor should have verified if at least the bank was established by that time and if the account numbers are in a valid format.

  7. vvreddy

    i hate that bastard JD , if he works honeslty he would have arrensted
    bolli babu long time ago. but he waited for more than a month

    • Well done sakshi and YSRCP. JD gadu pedda topu annnatlu build up ichi.. leaked news to yellow media and acted upon their behest without touching CBN.

      I lost respect on him when he delayed investigation on CBN and hurried on Jagan.

  8. Arun

    ఈ విషయాలన్నీ చూస్తుంటే మనకు ఓపిక నశిస్తుంది. మనము ముందే కౌంటర్ ఆక్షన్ లాంటివి తీసుకోవడానికి ఒక ఆర్గనైజేషన్ మొదలు పెట్టాలి. కౌంటర్ ఇంటెల్లిజెన్స్ తో బాడ్ బ్లడ్ ను ముందే క్లీన్ చెయ్యాలి. ఎవరన్న ఆత్మాహుతి దళం లాగా ఏర్పడాలి .లేదంటే వీళ్ళని ,వీళ్ళ ఈవిల్ యాక్ట్ ని మాములుగా కంట్రోల్ చెయ్యడం కష్టం

  9. అరుణ్

    ఈ విషయాలన్నీ చూస్తుంటే మనకు ఓపిక నశిస్తుంది. మనము ముందే కౌంటర్ ఆక్షన్ లాంటివి తీసుకోవడానికి ఒక ఆర్గనైజేషన్ మొదలు పెట్టాలి. కౌంటర్ ఇంటెల్లిజెన్స్ తో బాడ్ బ్లడ్ ను ముందే క్లీన్ చెయ్యాలి. ఎవరన్న ఆత్మాహుతి దళం లాగా ఏర్పడాలి .లేదంటే వీళ్ళని ,వీళ్ళ ఈవిల్ యాక్ట్ ని మాములుగా కంట్రోల్ చెయ్యడం కష్టం

  10. NLR

    Hats off to SAKSHI for exposing the JD.
    So is it time for the KD to undergo Narcoanalysis ??
    I think we should file a case in the court requesting this.

    • Siva

      Well said … JD has to under go narco analysis before anyone else. He has to prove to the world his investigation is not a biased investigation or a malign investigation.

  11. jai jagan

    Cherukuri Ramoji
    Chandra sheker
    Chandra kumar
    Chandra bala

  12. chandra bala ante laxminaryan wife ayyite kadu kada ??? ani times call chesadu ante google matraam some lead india organisation ani chupistndi

  13. Vinay

    May be Gali bail scam is also their own strategy to give warning to all judges not to grant BAIL to anyone

    • ram

      Possible. But CBI court is not the end. We can always appeal in higher court. Once the questioining is completed, CBI may keep saying the accused will tamper with evidences. I personally prefer
      1. CBI court to deny bail
      2. Defence to appeal in high court
      3. Obtain bail from high court.

      I don’t expect CBI going to Supreme court to cancel the bail. Even if it does, it has to come up with solid evidences that the accused have attemped in doing so.

    • Subba

      My dear Friends!!!! Dont expect anything more. These people are more irresponsible and thick skin people.

    • Rajasekhara

      It was good time to take CBI Wrong Doing to praja Court ..

      1) With out sankar rao sign court accepted peteteion under PIL .

      2) With out open priliminary report Court oder Full Probe .

      3) CBI provide 3 chagesheets for one case .

      4) CBI JD himself calls to media persons update the trends .

      5) Jagan sir only accused all these days they did charater assasiation.

      6) CBI working different persons different levels of support . Tummula rangarao become sakshi .

      7) CBI tells every time no one supported till now what they got only reports from govt and old Eeenadu paper cut outs .

      8) CBI JD narayana should be procecuted and ready for narco analasys .

      THese are my arguments to CBI Court .


    • Karthik

      I don’t understand why people here keep bringing up the issue of Gali while talking about Jagan’s issue. What is the link? Why the comparison?
      Moreover, how can Gali bail scam be CBI’s strategy? Do you think CBI stashed crores of blackmoney into the judge’s son’s lockers and created fake CCTV videos? There is no way a judge would be framed in such a manner if he were innocent. A lot of his colleagues would have come to his rescue and made a hue and cry about it had he been framed in such a manner.
      In any case, if the CBI takes up such routes then they don’t have to target a judge. They can directly trap all the political opponents of Congress, even honest ones like Jagan.

      • Karthik…

        here the TIMING of exposer of BAIL SCAM is the issue….

        JAGAN bail pitition hearing ki vache one day mundu……BAIL SCAM gurinchi reveal chesaaaru……

        scam jarigina sangathi 2 weeks back ye CBI ki thelusu…..

  14. Mahesh

    (Vasi reddy candrabala twitter account?)
    But no tweets.

  15. PSK

    సీబీఐ జేడీ కాల్లిస్ట్ బయటపెట్టిన వైఎస్ఆర్ సీపీ

    హైదరాబాద్ : సీబీఐ జాయింట్ డైరెక్టర్ లక్ష్మినారాయణ వ్యవహార తీరుపై వైఎస్ఆర్‌ కాంగ్రెస్‌ పార్టీ తీవ్ర ఆక్షేపణ వ్యక్తం చేసింది. జేడీ అధికారిక సెల్ఫోన్‌ కాల్‌ లిస్ట్‌ను ఆపార్టీ గురువారం మీడియాకు విడుదల చేసింది. ఆ కాల్‌ లిస్ట్‌ ప్రకారం జేడీ లక్ష్మీనారాయణ పలు మీడియా ప్రతినిధులతో గంటల తరబడి మాట్లాడినట్లు వైఎస్‌ఆర్‌ కాంగ్రెస్‌ పార్టీ వెల్లడించింది. టీవీ నైన్‌కు దాదాపు 400 సార్లు.. ఎన్‌టీవీకి 150 సార్లు జేడీ కాల్‌ చేసినట్లు రికార్డులు చెబుతున్నాయి. వాసిరెడ్డి చంద్రబాల అనే ఓ మహిళతో లక్ష్మీనారాయణ 328 సార్లు మాట్లాడినట్లు రికార్డుల్లో ఉంది.

  16. CVReddy

    CBI JD called even Judge nagamaruti sharma also sveral times
    watch saskhi Live

  17. Ravi Bonam

    JD Lakshmi Narayana Phone call list bayatapettina YSRCP

  18. CVReddy

    Maha Tv News:Banu confessed he had links with TDP MLA Revanth Reddy in settlement cases.
    Kevvu Keka

    • subba

      we may have some less Nuisance and less noice pollution in TV9 and other channels. Revanth Reddy… Take care. Noru manchidi ayithe ooru manchidi avuthundi…

  19. Indrasena


    one more nice forum..I liked it very much.SOme one lifted or used our idea and started a forum to discuss District wise problems..It is very fast too..I liked it

    • mahesh

      glad you liked Indrasena garu. I’m admin for this forum. Actually i thought to create forum and include district wise categories for discussing local cadre and i added local problems also after seeing your post here.

      • Rajasekahra

        Hi Mahesh Garu ,

        Thanks for your initiation . my suggestion will be do small changes to forum look and feel . general discussion will happens on front page . and district will happen once select distric tab.
        This Change help to come and blog on main comments quickly .


        • Mahesh

          Hi Rajasekhara gaaru,

          I changed to display forum categories in home page instead of displaying posts per category. to add new tab some code change is required. i feel now home page is simple and clear. please give me your views.

      • Indrasena

        Nice one mahesh..Congrats..We can use it as our forum..Our praja prasthanam is real slow..But your site is very fast and easy to use..Good job

      • Mana Jaitrayatra

        nice forum but put a small YSR Congress flag at right side of the site.I joined there as srisri.will update about Krishna dt problems

      • vvreddy

        good idea, consalidate all political news under POLITICS forums
        and some help full stuff.district wise is also good though

    • Adnan

      Congrats and best wishes Mahesh
      The site looks really nice

      guys, read the CBN section and all his
      scams. Counter yellow fantics with these facts.

  20. Indrasena

    Nice article by murugesan gaaru,I wish our manifesto committee takes his suggestions..


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