Lead aa leka Mislead India


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  1. Indrasena

    We aired some unethial videos on a lady,we should not do it without concrete proof..Where is the proof?As a normal man if I think I will ask the proof before I believe it..We should have call reords that supports those videos..We have built some authenticity on us for years and don’t break with false allegations on opponents..We should be very careful while dealing with ladies..

    • NLR

      @ Indrasena …
      I agree with u that we need to do this only with concrete evidence . May be SAKSHI has got the call conversations as well. We dont know.
      But one thing I would ask if JD was my husband is ” amandi KD garu ..meeku naku phone cheyataniki time ledhu gani …aaa chandrabala ki anni sarlu phone cheyataniki time ekkadihi andi ..me busy job lo” ??

      • Krishna Reddy

        avanni mesages nayana..andulo Phone calls are less that 10%…Messages ki Phone calls ki diff teliyakapote yela?

  2. Ram

    Ex-head, marketing at Coca-Cola repenting “It took me 10 years to figure out that I have a large karmic debt to pay for the number of Cokes I sold across this country,”


    This is what the media is doing, promoting a person or a cause or a system of thinking and manufacturing consent like how Noam Chomsky has put it. Hope Sakshi sticks to సత్యమేవ జయతే and be on the side of all sections of people, and on the side of dharma, unlike the Yellow media.

    • Ram

      In the mid 90s, the educated in India praised getting Coke into India and merger with Parle as globalisation :). We still celebrate Indira Krishnamurthi Nooyi as a global powerful woman, for making masses consume a toilet cleaner / pesticide with pH~2, close to a dilute acid. God bless globalis(z)ation, and the irrationally educated!

      • Indrasena

        Globalization brought us ompetetion..Don’t stereootype things by showing a small mistake..There are lot of uses with globalization..wait for couple of hours as I am writing an article and I will answer some of your questions

        • Ram

          Not just the pros, include the cons, the irreparable changes because of globalization since 91.

        • Ram

          Deliberately marketing and feeding population an acid is a small mistake? Did you see how Indira Nooyi shy away when asked about this question? What type of corruption should we name this?

          Did not we have enough population in 1991 to compete within the subcontinent? The problem at that point was a Licence Raj, every thing controlled and permitted by Government Bureaucracy. Had it been a free market in India between 1947 and 1991, the situation would have been different. And above all, what made you think the increased international competition made us produce better goods and services post-91? What has changed for the better and for worse because of the decisions after ’91.

          It will help if you can answer the main points in my earlier links, along with your feedback to global financial architecture, and why rupee gets devalued year after year.

        • Ram

          You tube:
          1) MMS: /watch?v=ZsDzKUSspOQ
          2) How world bank dictates Indian policies: /watch?v=-tqaLMOgPH0
          3) Devaluation of Indian Rupee: /watch?v=LCYoq8lVkzA

          • Ram

            4) Trade Vs Protection; Farm Economy: mrv dot net dot in
            More from my side later after receiving your views.

            • Ram

              5) Youtube: Videshi Vigyapano Ka Jhooth

              Anna – This is not a small side line error, but a systemic corruption.

              I read this some where
              “To Err is Manmohan,
              To suffer is being Indian”

            • Ram

              6) On Technology transfer and Globalization myth

              7) FDI myth v=GA5HWoevE74&feature=plcp

            • Ram

              On a different subject, I see you writing several articles on improving agriculture in India. Do see the below youtube


              Research on ‘0 Budget’ agriculture. This is the only way for improving the quality of the produce and the quality of life of the producer (farmer) simultaneously.

  3. Indrasena

    ఎల్లో పత్రికలకి ,jd లక్ష్మి నారాయణ కు ఉన్న సంబంధాన్ని ఎండగట్టడానికి బదులు మనము చంద్ర బాల ఇష్యూ తెచ్చి తప్పు చేసాము అనిపిస్తుంది. అసలు విషయం పక్క దోవ పట్టి ,ఏదో స్త్రీ మీద మనము అనవసర భాండము మోపినట్లుగా ఎల్లో గ్యాంగ్ సక్సెస్ఫుల్ గా తీసుక వెళ్ళగలిగింది.మన దగ్గర ఎమన్నా ఆ కాల్ రికార్డ్స్ ఉంటె బయటపెట్టాలి లేదంటే బహిరంగ క్షమాపణ చంద్ర బాల గారికి చెప్పాలి .

    అనవసరంగా స్త్రీ ల మీద అభాండాలు మోపడం తప్పు. మనము కూడా బుద్ది తెచ్చుకొని ప్రజా సమస్యల మీద పోరాడటం మంచిది లేదంటే ఎల్లో గ్యాంగ్ కి మనకి పెద్ద తేడా ఉండదు.

    మనదగ్గర ఏ ప్రూఫ్ లేకపోతె సాక్షి టీవీ లో చంద్ర బాల గారికి బహిరంగ క్షమాపణ వెయ్యాలి. ఈ చచ్చు సలహా ఇచ్చిన పుచ్చు వెదవని పార్టీ నుండి బయటికి పంపాలి. రాజకీయాలు తెలియకపోతే నవ రంధ్రాలు మూసుకొని కూర్చోవాలి.

    • Subba

      We/Sakshi/YSRCP did not say a single bad word against any woman (including Chandra Bala). Yellow gang continuously trying to defame YSRCP and Jagan and YSR for ages and it was not successful. So this time, it may look like successful, but it is not going to be. Just recall, when Botsa Jhansi contested in Bobbili By election, eenadu cried and failed. They want to defeat Vundavalli and failed. Then, they tried in Kadapa and Pulivendula and again failed. They tried recently, and failed miserably again. The crediability of Yellow gang is nearer to ZERO or less than Zero. So, we can not change their attitude and we dont want to do same. But by this episode, all the Neurtal people got some clear message. JD Lakshmi Narayana is not so honest. It is very right time and they are going very well. I really appreciate their efforts. Please listen Rama Chandra Rao video above. He is the most respectable lawyer.

    • CVReddy

      We have not done anything wrong.
      Don’t watch too much yellow media.
      Wait and have patience

    • Ram

      There is circumstantial evidence here. Sakshi should pursue the truth behind these calls ruthlessly, irrespective of a who is involved. It does not matter if it is a man or woman. The truth should prevail over sentiments like Sakshi’s title సత్యమేవ జయతే. YSRCP should hit back hard with more evidence demanding for an equiry.

    • krishna reddy

      This is just like case ahainst jagan. Corrupt or non-corrupt?? CBI do not have evidence and that is why they want jagan to tell them (voluntarily or by narcoanalysis). There is a connection between JD–CB-ABN through phone logs. It may or may not be relevent. Let people decide. Huge harm was done to YSRCP/Jagan by yellow media compaign just along these lines. Ina war between dharma and adharma, adharma always wins–because adharma perosn uses all tricks and always has an upper hand. To protect Dharma sometimes you have to use some questionable means–that is why in mahabharath killing of bheeshama, karna and dhuryodhana was justified by krishna.

  4. Is Chandrabala a Nira Radia or Tara Chowdary?

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