Lets all pray for Jagan Anna’s release tomorrow


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  1. CVReddy

    The cloak and dagger battle between TDP President N Chandrababu Naidu and Union Home Minister P Chidambaram has come out in the open vindicating its stand of the two parties having a secret pact.TDP is working as a branch office of Congress and Mr Naidu has a secret pact with Delhi Congress. With Union Home Minister P Chidambaram himself admitting that the TDP President had met him, the cat should come out of the bag,
    Mr Naidu’s agenda with the Centre was three-pronged. Primarily the Centre should rescue him from all litigations he is facing and in turn he will save the Congress Government in the State and both will join hands in harassing Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy and his family members.
    Any number of denials and refuting the charges will cut no ice at this stage as the Home Minister himself has made the statement in Parliament that the TDP leader had met him.
    Mr Naidu and Mr Chidambaram had a long association, Mr Chidambaram’s son and a close of aide of Mr Naidu, who is also an MP, are business partners. When there are many seniors in the Party, Mr Naidu always opt to send only three industrialists to the Parliament and this is only to keep the channel with Chidambaram and other biggies in Congress open, there were occasions when Naidu made a vanishing act and held one-to-one meetings with the Congress biggies, including Ahmed Patel, Secretary to Congress President Sonia Gandhi. It was part of the understanding that Mr Naidu does not move the no-confidence motion until PRP merged with Congress only to save the state Government.
    The TDP has been fulfilling its agenda through Centre and imposing its will on State leaders in return to its favor.
    There cannot be coincidences in politics. Chandrababu Naidu goes to Delhi on the same day, Chief Minister, N Kiran Kumar Reddy and APCC President Botsa Satyanarayana were summoned by the High Command. Naidu was part of the script prepared by the Delhi ‘durbar’.
    From foisting false cases on YS Jagan Mohan Reddy or on Telangana issue, TDP and Congress are working in tandem.
    The TDP Chief had also met Karnataka Governor Hans Raj Bharawaj, who is a legal luminary and a former Union Law Minister, and could manage to open a channel with Sonia Gandhi.
    TDP’s defense that Mr Naidu had gone to thank Mr. Bharadwaj for attending a Legal function held 15 years back in the State is a big joke.
    Mr Naidu is in a do-or-die situation in the 2014 election. He will be isolated after the polls and his political career will run a full circle as he will be left with no option other than joining the Congress, from where he started his career.

  2. CVReddy

    Naidu meets PC: What’s cooking?

    New Delhi: In a surprise development, Telugu Desam Party supremo N Chandrababu Naidu had a secret meeting with Union Home Minister P Chidambaram at an undisclosed location late on Tuesday. Although Mr Naidu met several leaders under full media glare, the meeting in question was a totally a private affair, sans the contingent of party MPs and the Black Cats, but for the personal security officer and an MP.

    Soon after his press briefing, when Mr Naidu was retiring for a cup of tea, a scribe wanted to know whether he had met Mr Chidambaram. Mr Naidu was visibly upset at this unexpected question and gave a terse reply, saying: ‘You see, you cannot ask me about my personal issues. Every person will have such individual things. Media should follow certain norms.’
    According to sources, Mr Naidu and Mr Chidambaram discussed various issues for about half-an-hour. The lone MP, who accompanied Mr Naidu, was not privy to the meeting, as he left the meeting chamber, soon after exchange of pleasantries. The meeting was a hot topic of discussion in the political circles in the capital.
    Another view is that Mr Naidu was ready to extend his cooperation on certain issues, if the push comes to a shove. During his earlier visit to the capital, Mr Naidu met Congress president’s Political Secretary Ahmed Patel

  3. swaroop reddy

    CBI’s Double Standards In Various Cases

    The Central Bureau of Investigation seems to be maintaining double standards in opposing bail petitions of the accused in various cases it is probing in different parts of the country.

    In most of the cases such as Adarsh Housing scam, 2G spectrum scam and Taj Corridor scam, the accused managed to get of the jail on bail after certain period, as the CBI did not oppose their bail petitions. Of course, they could get the bail only after the accused had been compelled to fall in line with the diktats of the Congress party and surrendered before the high command.

    But in Andhra Pradesh, the accused in various cases have been languishing in jail for months, only because the CBI has been very harsh on them. Senior IAS officers B P Acharya, Y Srilakshmi and retired officer V D Rajagopal, besides Gali Janardhan Reddy, B V Srinivasa Reddy, industrialist Nimmagadda Prasad, N Sunil Reddy and now Y S Jaganmohan Reddy have been in the jail for quite some time without any respite because CBI joint director V V Lakshminarayana has been strongly resisting their bail petitions. On Friday, the judicial remand of the accused in OMC and Jagan cases had been extended till July 18.

    Don’t be surprised if they get the bail soon after they come to a compromise with the Congress high command!

  4. swaroop reddy

    It looks like there is no respite to YSR Congress party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy in his alleged illegal assets case. Even as he has been languishing in Chanchalguda jail for over a month without even getting the bail, the Enforcement Directorate has got the permission to interrogate him in the case.

    The CBI special court on Friday granted permission to the ED authorities to question Jagan in the jail for two weeks between July 7 and July 21. They would grill him in the presence of lawyers from morning to evening on the alleged violation of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act and the Foreign Exchange Management Act.

    Though Jagan submitted to the court that the ED cannot question him as he was not the chairman of Jagathi Publications and was not involved in its monetary transactions, the court did not buy his argument. The ED would question him in the capacity of the director of Jagathi on the investments received from firms based abroad in violation of the norms.

    The ED had already questioned Nimmagadda Prasad, B P Acharya and Sunil Reddy in the jail in connection with the Jagan case as well as Emaar Properties case.

  5. CVReddy

    Congress Investigation.

    కాంగ్రెస్ కి కొంతమంది పై టన్నులకొద్దీ ప్రేమ ఎందుకో!

    మహారాష్ట్రలో ఆదర్శ్ కుంభకోణాన్ని విచారిస్తున్న సిబిఐ అధికారి రిషి రాజ్ బదిలీ అయ్యారు. మాజీ ముఖ్యమంత్రి అశోక్ చవాన్ పై ఛార్జీ షీట్ దాఖలు చేసిన మరుసటి రోజే ఆయనపై బదిలీ వేటు పడడం విశేషం.

    ఆదర్శ్ హౌసింగ్ సొసైటీ కుంభకోణంపై చార్జిషీటు దాఖలైన 24 గంటల్లోనే జేడీ బదిలీ కావడం వెనుక కాంగ్రెస్ హస్తం స్పష్టంగా కనపడుతోంది. సీబీఐ బుధవారం దాఖలు చేసిన పదివేల పేజీల చార్జిషీట్ లో మాజీ ముఖ్యమంత్రి అశోక్ చవాన్ సహా 13 మంది పేర్లు ఉన్నాయి. కేరళకు చెందిన రిషిరాజ్ 1985 ఐపీఎస్ బ్యాచ్ కు చెందిన వారు. ఆయన స్థానంలో గుజరాత్ కు చెందిన 1986 ఐపీఎస్ బ్యాచ్ అధికారి కేశవ్ కుమార్ ను నియమించారు.
    ఇక మన రాష్రంలో లిక్కర్ కుంభకోణం లో బొత్స పేరు ప్రముఖంగా రావడంతో , బొత్స ఢిల్లీ స్థాయిలో వత్తిడి తెచ్చి నిజాయితీ పరుడైన ACB అధికారి శ్రీనివాసరెడ్డి ని రాత్రి 10 గం లకు పదోన్నతి ద్వార కేసు నుంచి తప్పించారు, అయన పై అధికారి భూపతి ససేమిరా అన్న కూడా.ఆ తర్వాత అలిగిన భూపతి సెలవుపై వెళ్ళడం మనము చూసాము. బొత్స గారి ప్రకారం చట్టం తన పని తను చేస్తుంది అంటే ఇదే మరి.

    ఇంకా మన బాబు గారు CM గ ఉన్నప్పుడు కూడా అప్పటి ACB వాళ్ళు, మీ IAS మరి IPS ఆఫీసుర్స్ లో దాదాపు 64 మంది పై అవినీతి ఆరోపణలు ఉన్నాయి, వారిని విచారించడానికి అనుమతి ఇవ్వండి మహాప్రభో అంటే ససేమిరా అన్నారు మన శ్రీమాన్ బాబు గారు.బాబు అనుమతి ఇచ్చివుంటే ఆ రోజే బాబు గారి అవినీతి ఏ స్థాయి లో ఉందొ బైటపడేది.

    ఎమ్మార్ లో బాబు వైపు కన్నెత్తి చూడదు మన సిబిఐ. కాని జగన్ పై మాత్రమూ దేసవ్యప్తంగా దాడులు చేస్తారు కాంగ్రెస్ వాళ్ళు.

    కాంగ్రెస్ కి ఆహోక్ చవాన్ ,బోత్స, బాబు లపై ఉన్న ప్రేమ జగన్ మీద లేదు మరి.అంతే తేడ!

    Still, TDP fans say CBI is acting independently and there is no political pressure.
    Ex-CBI Director Joginder Singh told very clearly that CBI was not independent and works under Home Ministry without teeth to bite.
    CBI will have teeth to bite only at opponents to ruling party.

  6. CVReddy

    బాబు, కాంగ్రెస్ తో మీ డీల్ ఏంటో చెప్పరూ?

    బాబు గారిని విచారించండి అని హై కోర్ట్ ఆదేశించినప్పుడు తెదేప వాళ్ళు మేము సోనియా మీద, ఆమె అల్లుడు రాబర్ట్ వద్రా అవినీతి మీద కేసు వేస్తాము, మా దగ్గర బోల్డు ఆధారాలున్నాయి అని తమ భజన మీడియా లో ఒకటే ప్రచారం చేసారు.అలాగే కాంగ్రెస్ లో 8 మంది మంతులమీద కూడా కోర్టు లో కేసు వేస్తున్నాము అని చెప్పారు. కాంగ్రెస్ తో ఏమి ఒప్పందం జరిగింది బాబు గారు అలా సైలెంట్అయ్యారు?
    మా మీద మీరు, మీ మీద మేము కేసులు వద్దు అనుకొన్నారా?

    పార్లమెంటు లో చిదంబరం, బాబు నన్ను కలిసాడు అన్నప్పుడు, బాబు గారు మీరు ఇది పచ్చి అబద్దం అని ఆయనకు ఏదో నోటీసు ఇస్తామన్నారు అని చెప్పికూడా 4 నెలలు గడిచాయి కానీ ఇవ్వలేదు. అయినా మా పిచ్చి గాని, మీరు ఎప్పుడైనా నిజం మాట్లాడారా?

    ఉంటాను బాబు గారు ఇప్పటికి.

  7. CVR Murthy

    The poor who are struggling , Middle class hit by inflation and rising education expenses. The children staying in government homes and hostels etc are were repulsive to the ‘India shining campaign’.

    YSRCP’s ‘Rama Rajyam’ , I found , evoked similar response. YSR rule was good attempt and has good intentions. There is lot to be done. YSJ being next generation politician, should think beyond few welfare schemes . Comprehensive reforms ( economic, administrative and social ) with an eye on poor should be on the agenda.

    • CVR Murthy

      Interesting perspective

      • Ram

        Yes, S Guru Murthy is consistent with his swadeshi message, providing an alternative path since 1990s. He leans towards Right. More about the views below

        www. swadeshionline.in/
        www. gurumurthy.net/
        mrv .net .in

  8. rohit

    ‘బతుకు’ పోరాటం
    గెలుపు సంగతి కాదు,
    అసలు పార్టీని బతికించుకోవడంపై దృష్టి సారించాలని, దీనికి ఏంచేయాలో
    ఆలోచించాలని టిడిపి సీనియర్లు మథనపడుతున్నారు. ‘ఏదో అద్భుతం జరిగితే
    తప్ప 2014లో మేం అధికారంలోకి వచ్చే అవకాశాలు కనిపించడం లేదు. గెలుపు
    సంగతి తరువాత ముందు పార్టీని బతికించుకోవడంపై నాయకత్వం దృష్టి
    సారించాలి’ అని సీనియర్లు వ్యాఖ్యానిస్తున్నారు. గతంలో ఎప్పుడూ లేనంత
    సంక్షోభంలోకి కూరుకుపోతున్న పార్టీ పరిస్థితి సీనియర్లకు ఆందోళన కలిగిస్తోంది

  9. CVReddy

    నాగం, నల్లపురెడ్డి తెదేపా పార్టీ ని వదిలినప్పుడు ఎర్రబెల్లి, మోత్కుపల్లి ప్రెస్ మీట్ పెట్టి నాగం కు 2009 ఎన్నికలో పార్టీ విరాళంగా 5 కోట్లు, నల్లపురెడ్డి కి 4 కోట్లు ఇచ్చాము అయినా విశ్వాసం లేదు వీళ్ళకి అన్నారు.

    నాగం 6 సార్లు, నల్లపురెడ్డి 4 సార్లు గెలిచిన అగ్రకులస్తులు.బాబు గారు వీరికే ఇంత ఇస్తే మిగితా MLA లకు ఎంత ఇచ్చి ఉండాలి ఎన్నికల ఫండ్ కింద.

    ఎంతలేదన్న ఒక్కొక్కరికి బాబు 5 కోట్లు ఇచ్చినా, దాదాపుగా 294 MLA లకు దాదాపు 1500 కోట్లు ఇచ్చి ఉండాలి. మరి MP అభ్యర్ధులకు ఎంత లేదన్న 10 కోట్లు అంటే దాదాపుగా 400 కోట్లు , పత్రిక ప్రకటనలకు, టీవీ ప్రకటనలకు ఎంతలేదన్నా ఒక 1000 కోట్లు , అయన ఎన్నికల ఖర్తు వగైరా వగైరా మరొక 500 కోట్లు మొత్తంగా దాదాపు 3500 కోట్లు బాబు గారు పెట్టి ఉండాలి.
    మరి బాబు గారు తన అస్తులేమో 36 లక్షలు అని ప్రకటించారు.
    అంటే బాబు గారు స్విస్స్ బ్యాంకు లో డబ్బు పెట్టి ఉండాలి, అంటే కదా!

    ఒక మనవి. కాంగ్రెస్ కూడా ఇంతే ఖర్తు లేదా ఇంతకన్నా ఎక్కువ పెట్టి ఉంటుంది.
    ఏతా వాత చెప్పొచ్చేదేమంటే , బాబు గారు ఆంధ్ర హజారే లాగా ఫోజు ఇవ్వొద్దు అని మాత్రమే.
    రాజకీయాల్లో ఉంటూ అవినీతి గురుంచి ఎవరు ఎక్కువ మాట్లాడితే వారె పెద్ద దొంగ అంటారు ప్రజలు.నిన్నగాక మొన్న జరిగిన ఉప ఎన్నికలు చెప్పింది ఇదే. అర్ధము చేసుకోరూ!

  10. http://kommineni.info/articles/dailyarticles/content_20120705_8.php

    not sure how many day’s CBI will torchure us ? first time in life eagerly waiting for 2014 general elections.

  11. Dr.Krishna

    I hope the main heading of the posts be changed often , atleast after the event that was referred to in the heading becomes a past history like the headline of this post!!!

    • I do agree we dont change the post frequently…… It is just we r little busy with other work.

      Hope to update it more frequently. Thanks.

      • Dr.Krishna

        No No , I particularly refer to this post , where the event had already become a history ! getting confused momentarily when looking at the headline as if tomorrow is any hearing about bail plea yet !!!

  12. http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/article3604016.ece

    Lets all write to the editor on cbi high handedness. This is not a movie for cbi to dare jagan in court.

  13. pavithra

    Really worried about the safety of Jagan in jail, after looking at the incident in Charlapalli Jail.


  14. rohit

    Cops can’t force narco tests on suspects: Supreme Court
    Compulsory administration of these techniques is an unjustified intrusion into the mental privacy of an individual,” said a bench headed by Chief Justice K.G. Balakrishnan. It amounts to “cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment with regard to the language of evolving international human rights norms”.

  15. CVReddy


    సీబీఐ వైఖరి మోసపూరితం: సోమయాజులు మండిపాటు

    2006లో సాక్షి విలువ రూ.146 కోట్లుగా జగదీశన్ కంపెనీతో మదింపు చేయించి ఆ తరువాత రూ.3,400 కోట్లుగా చూపారని అదనపు చార్జిషీటులో అభియోగం మోపడాన్ని ఆయన తీవ్రంగా తప్పు పట్టారు.

    ‘‘2006లో సాక్షి పుట్టనే లేదు, అలాంటి సంస్థకు ఎలా విలువ కడతారు? అది ప్రాజెక్టు రిపోర్టయి ఉండొచ్చు. ప్రాజెక్టు రిపోర్టును పట్టుకుని అంతర్జాతీయంగా పేరు మోసిన డెలాయిట్ కంపెనీతో రూ.3400 కోట్ల విలువ మదింపు వేయిం చారని చెప్పడం ఎంత మాత్రం సరికాదు. డెలాయిట్ కంపెనీ ఇచ్చిన రిపోర్టులో ఇది యాజమాన్యం అంతర్గత వినియోగం కోసం మాత్రమేనని, ఎవరూ పెట్టుబడులు పెట్టడం కోసం కాదని స్పష్టంగా పేర్కొంది. అయినా దీని ఆధారంగా తాము సాక్షిలో పెట్టుబడులు పెట్టి మోసపోయామని ఎవరైనా ఫిర్యాదు చేశారా? లేదే.., అక్కడేదో జరిగిందని సీబీఐ తనకు తానుగా భావించి దర్యాప్తు చేస్తోంది’’ అని ఆయన విమర్శించారు.

    భూములివ్వడం సమర్థనీయం: వాస్తవానికి ఒక కంపెనీ రాష్ట్రానికి రావడం అవసరమని రాష్ట్ర ప్రభుత్వం భావిస్తే ఎంత తక్కువ ధరకైనా వారికి భూములివ్వవచ్చు, ఎన్ని రాయితీలైనా ఇవ్వవచ్చునని సోమయాజులు సమర్థించారు. చంద్రబాబునాయుడు హయాంలో కూడా తక్కువ ధరకు భూములను కేటాయించారనీ, తన ఊరువాడైన ఓ వ్యక్తి స్థాపించిన (లక్ష రూపాయల మూలధనం కూడా లేని) ఐఎంజీ భారత్ అనే కంపెనీకి ఎకరం రూ.50 వేలకే భూములు కేటాయించారనీ చెప్పారు.

  16. CVReddy

    చాల మంది యువకులకు అప్పట్లో అంటే 1985 -89 మధ్య కాలం లో NTR ముఖ్యమంత్రి గ ఉన్నప్పటి విషయాలు తెలియవు.
    ఇప్పటి Visaka MLA ద్రోణంరాజు శ్రీనివాస్ గారి తండ్రి ద్రోణం సత్యనారాయణ గారు (అప్పటి Visaka కాంగ్రెస్ MLA ) బహుసా 1987 లో నాటి ముఖ్యమంత్రి అయిన NTR గారి మీద అవినీతి ఆరోపనులు చేస్తూ హై కోర్ట్ లో పిటిషన్ వేసారు. కోర్టు విచారించి NTR అవినీతికి పాల్పడినట్టు 7 కేసులలో ప్రాధమిక ఆదారాలు ఉన్నాయి అని చెప్పింది. అప్పుడి మన గ్రేట్ బాబు గారు మరియు TDP వాళ్ళు జడ్గి లను కాంగ్రెస్ ఏజెంట్లు కాబట్టి NTR కు వ్యతిరేకంగా తీర్పు ఇచ్చారు అని జడ్గి లను బాగా తిట్టారు.రాష్ట్ర వ్యాప్తంగా ధర్నాలు, బందులు కూడా చేసారు.సరే తర్వాత NTR గారు చనిపోయాక కేసులను కొట్టివేసారు సహజంగా. అది వేరే విషయము.

    బాబు గారు జగన్ మీద కోర్టు సిబిఐ విచారణకు ఆదేసిన్చినప్పుడు, కేసుల్లో స్టేలు తెచ్చుకోకుండా , జగన్ కడిగిన ముత్యం లా నిజాయితీ నిరూపించుకొని బైటకి రావలి అన్నారు, తర్వాత తన మీద విచారణకు కోర్టు ఆదేశిస్తే మాత్రం స్టే తెచ్చుకొని బైట ఉన్నారు.

    బాబు గారి మీద లక్ష్మి పార్వతి 2006 లో అక్రమాస్తులు కలిగిఉన్నాడు అని కేసు వేస్తె, బాబు స్టే లు మీద స్టే లు తెచ్చుకొంటున్నాడు ఇప్పటికి. ఇది మన బాబు గారి నిజాయతీ మరి!

    బాబు గారు కోర్టు లను ఎలా మేనేజ్ చేస్తున్నారు అని చాలామంది అడుగుతుంటారు నన్ను. బాబు గారి అదృష్టం ఏంటంటే ఆ పార్టీ 17 సం అధికారం లో ఉంది మరియు బాబు గారు కేంద్రం లో చక్రం తిప్పారు కొంత కాలం, కాబట్టి ఆయనకు సాధ్యం అవుతుంది మరియు కాంగ్రెస్ సహకారం పూర్తిగా ఉంది బాబు గారికి.పైగా బాబు గారికి చిదంబరం, అంబాని ల వెన్నుదన్ను ఉంది మరి.

    • Krishna Reddy

      auna Reddy gaaru././bale bale..mari Rajaasekharudu 7 yrs ga CM peetammeeda undi Babu/Ramoji/RK ni ibbandi pettalani baaga try chesadu gaa..yenno commissions vesaaru..central lo kooda Rajasekharudu cheppinde vedam kada appuud..mari yemi peekaaru..appudu kooda Babu manage chesadani cheptaraa? court lo meeku anukoolam ga vaste meeru uttama putrushulu, avatala vaadiki vaste manage chesinattu…meeku vyatirekam ga vachina.enquire chesina vaallu vedhavalu, vaallu opposition to kalisipoyaaru..ivena meeru cehse aaropanalu..ikkada medhavulu unnaranukunnau kaani ilaa nootilo kappallaga aalochinche vaallu untaranukoledu..meerantha caste biased/religion biased ga unnaru tappithe values/state development gurinchi aalochistunnaraa> come on guys..grow up..

      • Ram

        Mr.Medhavi garu, Can you please explain what ‘Development’ means for you, and your opinion on CBN and Dr YSR development models and its impact on present and future on various sectors and segments of society?

        PS – Food for your thought: I remember watching CBN live on TV just before he lost election in 2004. The stock market was down, and he was commenting something like “We lost xyz lack crores…. “

        • Krishna Reddy

          Fee Reimbursement ani cheppi – istam vachinattu Engg Colleges ichhi aa Colleges daggara Dabbu nokkeyatam
          Aarogyasree – ani Govt hospitals ni moolana padesi Corporate Hospitals ki melu chesi tadvara atu nunchi mana jebu nimpukovatam
          Jalayagnam – ani modalupetti avanni mana bhandu/anuchara ganaaniki ichhi aa projects complete kaakunda yepaptiki appudu estimates penchukuntoo tadvara aa dabbuni mana jebulo tosukovatam
          SEZ/Ringroad ani pedala lands/saagu boomulu laakkuni avi teesukuvelli industrialists ki ichhi tadvara in return lo money mana jebu lo tosesukovatam
          inkaa yennenno…

          Janmabhoomi, Neru-Meeru, Sramadaanam, e-seva, Janam vaddaku Paalana,Inkudu Guntalu,Deepam, Raatri Badulu, Dwaakra,Drip irrigation etc…ivi mee drushtilo Development kaadanukuntaa.yendukante indulo yevariko contracts vachhevi mana jebuloki dabbu vachevi yemee levu kadaa….njoy guyswith your own self dabba

          • SivaSankara Reddy

            Baabu Krishna,

            Intaki nee problem ento ardham kaavadam ledu … mee vaadu anna hajare aite .. Please answer the below questions ..??
            1) Elections lo dabbulu enduku panchutunnaru ?
            2) Nukarapu surya prakash aneperson ki 2009 lo MP ticket enduku ichharu … atanu avineeti parudu ani Baabu 2004 -2009 madhya tega hadavidi chesaadu pedda gola chesaadu … malli ataniki enduku ticket ichhadu ??
            3) NTR meeda cheppu leyinchi .. malli ayana photos ki dandaalu, dandaalu enduku pedutunnadu .. ?

            If you dont like Jagan , Better dont come to this site , because of your comments no one here willchange their mind and the same time you will also dont chnage .. Please carry on with your work … Please dont waste our time ..

          • NLR

            @ krishnareddy/yellow caste fanatic …

            We are enjoying ur frustration and thank u for wasting ur time like ur yellow media and helping us. U have less than two more years to waste and after that u will lose that chance as well. Yes we will continue to enjoy the peoples verdict in AP. Good luck.

          • Ram

            @ Krishna / Masked BT Anna (mee slang lo Annai) – You did not answer my basic questions:

            1. What according to you is ‘Development’. How do you define it, and how do you measure it.

            2. What is the fundamental difference in the development Models adopted by both the Ex-CMs, one a very popular one, another still an unpopular one for these models?

            You may tout in your NFDB, cursing people for being short sighted, making a mistake, and that they will realize only at a later date. You may mock common people as sheeple for voting against your way of seeing the world. You may tout one has planted the seeds, while the other took away the fruits.

            The bottom line is, common man liked the vision, administration, development done by the popular one. Inspite of the hyped media, they did not trust or relate to the unpopular one. They did not trust in the person that touted vision 2020. As you said, both leaders had popular programs. Why did people choose one over the other? Read this for your own sake www. indiatogether. org/2004/jul/psa-cbabu.htm.

            If you are sincere, and have any roots in the agriculture side, please ask the above questions to them, you will receive authentic answers.

            Last month, I asked you to put my comments as-is in your NFDB and other sites, and give me the best reply with all your collective intellect. You conveniently ignored my detailed analysis / views comparing both the leaders. Please refer to all my old comments on this blog.

            PS: Please revisit McKinsey & Company’s vision 2020 document. Know their real motive. Please stop fighting here and know y/our common enemy, and what it means and takes to develop AP / India.

            • Ram

              If you do not remember, the unpopular style of administration, here is a 2001 news clipping from TOI. If you truly know what WB stands for, you will either treat CBN as a fool or one colluded with them.

              hyderabad: chief minister n chandrababu naidu on friday sought to assure the ministers and officials that the goals set in the vi-sion 2020 document could be achieved without much difficulty if every one works effectively as a team. “technology is available, direc-tion is available and approach is available, but give leadership,” naidu told the ministers and bu-reaucrats at the end of five-day workshop on performance moni-toring indicators held at dr marri channa reddy hrd institute, or-ganised by the planning depart-ment in collaboration with the world bank. calling upon the officers to pro-vide leadership and motivate the people to work towards the goals, naidu said the government had to-tal clarity about the targets fixed and observed that there were some problems in operationalising the contents in the document. making an indirect reference to the criticism in some quarters that training programmes conducted by foreigners were not relevant to lo-cal system and administration, naidu said the best practices all over the world should be taken and amended to suit the local condi-tions and laws. he disclosed that the government had asked rating agencies crisil and standards and poor to get information about the best policies being followed in top five performing states to be adopted by the state in different sectors. he asked the officials to send the performance appraisal reports of all the department for the first quarter within ten days. “i have giv-en you homework some time ago, but you have not completed it,” naidu told the officers. over 300 officers have attended the five-day workshop. ray c rist and jody zall kusek from the world bank had conducted the proceedings.

              • Ram

                After reading the above, what do you conclude:

                (a) He is a Visionary leader, by people, for people, representing a democracy OR

                (b) He is an employee or stooge of a private company called WB – setting benchmarks, goals for an agenda, and doing performance appraisals

          • Karthik

            Krishna Reddy – You do a self introspection. If you look with jaundiced eyes, the whole world will look dirty.
            I am not saying that there were a few irregularities in the schemes but see the intent of YSR. In no instance did YSR himself compromise on any of the welfare schemes for money. He did make mistakes in trusting some cheap fellows like Botsa who tried to make money for themselves but his schemes were by and large successful. Otherwise, Congress would have come back to power today and you know that as well as we do.

  17. Rajasekahra

    HI team ,
    I given few points came across my mind . we can discuss pro/cons on this.

    1) YSRCP Should focus on CBI Narco analasys case .
    YSRCP Team can work on this and take this issue to people under human rights .
    YSRCP team can take advantage regarding this make an excercise of statewide human right portest .

    2) YSRCP should focus on meet regional booses who are harresed by CBI .

    It was win win situation for any other regional bosses who are also controled by CBI .
    YSRCP also meet Congress supported regional bosses . simple message we can convey them .
    How much strong we grow that much control they will give on UPA Govt .

    3) Vijayamma and sharlima garu can take job of Jagan sir . be in people as much as possible .

    Rajasekahra .

    • Karthik

      As far as the Narco analysis is concerned, it is best if we give our consent and undergo the test. The health risk with that is extremely low. Potential side effects will be listed even for a crocin tablet. Jagan took so many risks on his health by continuously touring even remote places without a break. This is nothing for a young and dynamic person like him.
      Once he takes the Narco test, we will be able to step up our attack on CBI and Congress/TDP with more strength and they will be weakened. Of course, they will try to come up with new claims and stories but this Narco story will become a slap on their face and it will give a big boost to us.
      The people of the state would sympathize even more with Jagan and appreciate his sincere attempts to clear himself from all the false accusations.
      Also, it will make our bail petition stronger and make it harder for the judges to find excuses to deny bail. CBI made up an argument that Jagan is not cooperating with the investigation and from what I read in the papers, Jethmalani said “There is no absolutely evidence that Jagan is not cooperating”. This didn’t sound compelling. After the Narco analysis, Jethmalani can say “My client has gone beyond what he is required to do and underwent a test by risking his own life only to extend utmost cooperation to the CBI. If this is not enough, then nothing anybody does will be.”

      • If atall narco analysis should be, it should be done on lakshminarayana. There r ample cases where narco test implicated the accused for fault of his. Perfect example is hyderabad majid blast cases ex accused who spent in jail for 4 years for no fault of his.

        • Karthik

          Of course Lakshminarayana should undergo a Narco analysis but we can make more impact in demanding that if Jagan gives a consent and undergoes it.
          I don’t know what happened with regard to the Masjid blast accused. But I can’t see any way that a Narco analysis would implicate Jagan. I am sure it will be done in the presence of multiple witnesses and video recording so they can’t manipulate and claim that he said things that he did not. Even if they do that, it won’t be admissible as evidence in a court of law in India. So, there is nothing to fear. It will only be a boost to our party and work as a counter to the political strategies that CBI is adopting.

          • rakesh

            No need of narco test karthik
            if they cannot prove with document evidence, then cbi failed to prove its chargsheet
            we dont accept narco test,, what ever the medicines they give, not good for health,,
            but why we are so silent even after the recent election win
            we should be pro active,, not wait till cbi completes investigation
            they take 5 yrs to compelte investigation as per cong hc (tdp) plan

            • Krishna Reddy

              narco test cheste nijaalanni bayataki vastaayi..so Jagan babu ki Narco test cheyyoduu..manam Health debbatintundi ani vaadiddam…idedo baagundi..lekapote Gajan nijaalu chepte yela?

              • Karthik

                “Nijaalu” ante enti Krishna babu? Do you really think CBI is trying to extract the truth? On what basis did they arrest Sunil Reddy in Emaar case? Is there any connection between him and the Emaar project? Is there any reason for his arrest except that YS family can be harassed by arresting him?
                If Jagan really looted the common man’s money, then why is not enjoying it? Why did he tour day in and day out to console the common man? Why did he fight by risking his health in the issues faced by the common man? Why did he not compromise with Congress HC and get high positions in party and government and instead he is sitting in jail today? He himself said he might go to jail. He knew all his kith and kin will be harassed. Why did he not try to protect them and instead chose to fight and suffer for the welfare of the common man?
                Do you think a looter would ever do this? Do you think a person who does all this could ever be corrupt?

        • Krishna Reddy

          Gajan ki cheste yemavutundi..nijaalu bayataki vastayani bhayamaaa??? lekapote yenduku vaddantunnaru? Health ki yemee teda undadu..antha teda jarigepanithe Court vaddantundi kada..mari mee gola yemiti ikkada?

          • Ram

            How about a baseline Narco test for all politicians and media persons? Like a common JEE entrance exam? Please advice.

            • Ravi

              Nice idea. In the name of krishna Reddy some Yellow guy is trying to ask really stupid and pathetic question. I think we ignore him. We can talk to people if we really want to discuss but this guy do not want to discuss and impose.

          • vissu

            neelantollu undabatte tdp batuku atlaa edichindi…tdp vaallaku kaavaalsindi allaa media prachaaram…. janaalaku mottam telsu state lo unde politicians neethi nijayithee ento…mee yello batch monnativaraku oodaragottindi laksha kotlu ani..teeraa mee CheeBI okkati kaadu, rendu kaadu moodu charge sheet la lo pettina amount enta ante 450 kotlu… andulo nu quid pro quo allegation 35 crores aithe… financial crimes kinda remaining amount… 9 nelalu gaa mee lachi gaadu peekindi antaa ide…inko nela lo vaadi ki ikkada duty aipotundi…. appudu mee dramoji,broker raadhaakrishna gaadu cchestaaru le … vaallaku chetakaakapote nuvvu poyi chedduvu le narco analysis tests…

          • rakesh

            yellow krishna
            how much media coverage you do for your bolli babu
            he wont get deposits in next elections
            better be prepare to sit in oppn benches for life long or retire early
            you are taking about truth and test
            Truth is valuable to poeple who are genuine
            not third grade crooks like ur yellow babus and babu fans

          • vishnu

            Nee edupu nandamuri blog lo eduvu. Ikkada edchi emi prayojanam

      • rohit

        Court turns down plea to conduct Narco test on Nazir
        Press Trust of India / Kochi July 03, 2012,
        the Magistrate said the Crime branch should not have filed such an application as the Supreme Court had clearly stated that narco, polygraph and brain mapping tests cannot be conducted without the consent of the accused.

      • NLR

        @ karthik garu …

        I would like to ask u one thing. Would u be wiling to undergo narcoanalysis if u knew that u havent done anything wrong in ur life ??? Do u have to prove urself right if rogues and crooks make allegations against u ?? Let the guys who make allegations undergo the test first to prove that their alllegations are true or false . If JD,Babu and Pseudogandhis are willing to have a test then there will be no problem for us as well .

        • Vinay

          Well said nlr garu..

          All his(karthik) coments were like joksatta jp coments

          • Karthik

            Vinay – My comments were not like JP’s comments. If anything, they were the opposite.

            NLR garu – If I were a person willing to give up my freedom and sit in jail for the sake of people and tour non-stop and do nirahara deekshas without caring for my health, if I were being politically targeted by a consortium of parties, media and officials, without doubt I would undergo Narco analysis to score political points over my rivals. The health risk involved is negligibly small when compared to the other problems. Narco has been used for several decades in several countries. If you search very hard you may find one or two cases where the subjects had some health problems but the drug itself is not known to cause serious long term problems.

            Now, you please answer a question that I have. If Jagan decides to undergo the test tomorrow, would you not call that a slap on the face of CBI and a big boost for our party cadre and supporters? Would you not say it will completely put our rivals in defense?

            • Krishna Reddy

              Exactly Karthik..Now the Question is Will Jagan undergo for Narco? He never accept that..because truth will come if he starts telling and he will never come out of Jail..thats why he is opposing Narco…if at all anrco done..Jagan will never come out..because there are so many things he is hiding as of now..anduke Narco ante ala vanikipotunanru…DAMMUNTE NARCO KI VELLAMANDI CHOODDAM..without Court PErmission….Court Narco ki anumatiste GAjan vaddanna kinda pina moosi NORU TERIPISTAARU..and thats future ..

            • NLR

              @ Karthik garu ..

              I am doctor myself and the question is not about the effects and side effetcs of narcoanalysis . The question is about human rights here.
              What I am trying to say is that we dont have to prove ourselves using medical tests for every allegation made by a dick and harry. If the narcoanalysis comes out negative then cong and tdp will say that the test is not accurate. That is politics .

        • Krishna Reddy

          @NLR – i dont see anything wrong in Karthik comments..yenduku antha ulikkipadataaru..tappu cheyakapothe veltaanu..tappu chesi unte nijaalu vastayemo ani bhayapadi Narco jaragakunda undataaniki yela yela courts approach avvalo/leka party cadre cheta godavalu cheyinchalo/Delhi velli Congress Highcommands to yela laaloochi padaalo gurinchi aalochistaa……mimmalani question adigite Babu ki cheyyandi/Gandhi ki cheyyandi ani sollu kaburlu cheptarenduku maastaru…

          • Ravi

            Guys everyone has to understand one thing here. CBI asking jagan to take narco test because they accuse jagan remain silent on few questions. CBI needs to understand that it is right of any person to remain silent if he do not know the matter properly. Otherwise it may turn up against his case. If CBI asks the same question in the Narco analysis then Jagan may provide some answers which is incomplete. But our stupid rogue CBI will try to turn these information against Jagan. So i do not think why we need to take Narco test for these ill minded people.

          • CVR Murthy

            under Narco influence . the subject has a tendency to respond to suggestive questions. They are not reliable . Arushi case is another example

            • Ram

              They have all the documents and evidence, why do they still need tests?

              In the name of these tests, what if they purposefully play with his health? Know what IndiraG did to JP when in prison.
              www. bharatian. com/database/jaiprakashnarayan.htm

              Know how Brits used to slow poison indian freedom fighters in cellular jail feeding in aluminium utensils.

          • NLR

            ‘ Krishna reddy / Yellow caste fanatic …
            Nidura lesthe vulikki paduthundhi meeru . Prathi elections lo prajalu chepputho koduthunna sigguleni variki memu cheppadhi emi ledhu. 30 yr old TDP did not even win a panchyat election since 1999 !!
            2014 …Will be a burial ground for TDP and CONG. U are anyway sharing the bed now.May be from 2014 you can share the grave as well.
            Good luck and pls dont waste your time bcs it is not going to make any difference to the results and u know that very well. We can understand ur frustration but sorry we cant help it.

            • NLR

              Small correction …TDP did not win even a Panchyat election since 2009 .

              • SivaSankara Reddy

                Hi Sir,
                TDP won some carporator seats in HYD carporation … last year also they won kukat pally carporator seat … This is Just FYI …

              • Ravi

                The above statement holds good for panchayat elections. Hyd corporate elections id differenet and if conducted now TDP will not even get 4th position.

          • DAYAKAR REDDY

            Krishna reddy/Karthick,
            I dont know, why you people are asking for Narco???
            The case of about Quid pro Quo..they (CBI & power politicians) turned it as assets case.
            What cbi is dng? they r filing the charge sheets and now they are in a position to prove the case…to come out from the case in safer hand they finds this narco as a tool.
            Simple question, .. Oka marriage ki matches choosthunnappudu…abbayi gurinchi kanukuune daniki, thelisina vallani…irugu porugu vallani & offices ki velli enquire chesthara or velli athani peru cheppi Jathakalu aduguthara???
            Jathakalanu choopinchi decesions yevidham ga thesukolemo…Narco test ni kooda allage judgement ga theesukolemu…
            Here my opinion, .. The person gng for Narco…will be threatened normally…and they will create fearful environment..even if anyone forces to tell some thing in un-consious mind..there is a chances like the person may say okay also.. its all about tactics…
            This is all proved..and supreme court also rejected so many cases and they not taken this narco as evidence..

            Anni thelisi kooda, Political ga torture cheyadaniki …& just ippudu time pass cheyataniki ee narco ni thesukuvacharu..
            As usual… Yellow media ki..edina paaresina chicken piece vesthe … bajaru kukka ela danni thinalani try chesthundhoo..alaaa try chesthandhi..

            Educated people once think that, this narco will not give a formal evidence & every human has its own right to protect them..

          • Karthik

            Krishna Reddy – Don’t quote me out of context. Delhi HC tho everu laaloochi paddaro Chidabaram ichina hints lo ne telustundi.
            Party cadre tho godavalu cheyinchalanukunte eeroju state lo unparalleled strength unna party leader emi cheyagalado oohinchuko. Jagan has some values and principles, he won’t use his cadre for such things even though he is being unfairly targeted.
            There is no right for you or anybody to demand him to undergo Narco analysis. I was only saying that he should do it so that people like you will lose their voice at least temporarily and you will hide your face if you have any shame.
            Babu ki cheyyandi/Gandhi ki cheyyandi ante emaina joke vestunnava? By chance Gandhi tho compare chestunnava mee Babu ni?

  18. pavithra

    I feel we should still file in Supreme Court for bail application, even if it gets rejected at that level as a strategic point. Jagan’s issue will be discussed at the country level and people will be aware of the vindictive politics played by Congress in collution with TDP and CBI.

  19. Karthik

    It is very obvious that the high court judges have been influenced. I am sure there is a requirement that the likelihood of the accused to have committed the crimes must be considered while deciding on a bail application. Does anyone really believe that the high court judge thinks Jagan might have committed the crimes? Any sensible educated person would say that it is a completely fabricated case. The judges know it too. Yet, they are denying bail. The judges seem to be part and parcel of the conspiracy to keep Jagan imprisoned.

  20. Karthik

    Can anybody explain how multiple charge-sheets are treated? Had Jagan received a bail today, we he have been able to come out of jail? Would he require bail separately for each charge-sheet or would all the charge-sheets be considered simultaneously before deciding on bail?
    I am asking because if each charge-sheet is treated separately, CBI can claim that the investigation is at a crucial stage for charge-sheet next month and charge-sheet 3 in September and so on for several months. They may also file more charge-sheets.
    If all are considered simultaneously, then it will be easier for Jagan anna to come out of jail.

  21. CVReddy

    Sorry to say HC has rejected Jagan’s bail plea.

      • Vinay

        Even a small kid expects this will be the only judgement in jagan case

        • pavithra

          can we approach supreme court on this?

          • purandhara

            Supreme ki appeal ki velle kante kudaa….one month wait chesi…HC lone malli apply cheyyaaali…..

            investigation critical stage lo vundi kaabatti…BAIL ivva ledu….after one month kudaaaa CRITICAL STAGE ani cheppa leru kadaaa…….

            appudu kudaaa ide story cheppi BAIL reject chesthe….then we can approach SC…….

            BAIL pitetion hearing appudu…..our lawyer should have told abt JD mischevious calls to media…….he should have used this oppurtunity to expose JD’s KD things….

            • rakesh

              as long has hc manages judges and cbi, there is no guarantee of bail
              we should look at alternative,, just like cbn did with chidambaram

              • Karthik

                That is the difference between Jagan and Babu. Babu does unethical things to stay free and in an influential position. Jagan prefers being in jail than compromising on values and credibility.
                Please don’t suggest secret meetings with Chidambaram. It is better for Jagan to stay in jail till 2014 and come out after receiving a mandate from the people and from honest investigation officers and sincere judges than come out now through crooked means by giving up the credibility and values for which he has been fighting so hard.
                In the meantime, we must appeal in the Supreme Court and hope that at least the SC has a sincere judge who won’t do unethical things to please those in power and goes by the law.

          • CVR Murthy

            The grounds for rejecting bail, as I hear on sakshi, is that investigation is at a critical stage and still to be completed. The court said, tat CBI did’t produce evidence to support that YSJ has influenced witness or investigation. This is good . The question now is , how long this investigation will go on. What is the reasonable period. in the normal course once all the charge sheets are filed, , one can conclude the investigation is completed. There is a window of opportunity for courts to direct or give dead line on investigation at a later date, if there is too mcuh delay.

            • rakesh

              What ever the grounds situation cvr murthy garu
              bail will be granted by cong Hc only,, unless they say yes, these hig court or supreme court, wont give bail

    • purandhara

      as expected…….nothing to worry……..

      JAGAN anna ki BAIL ivvanantha maatraana….yem munigipodu…..

      yentho kaalam BAIL addukoleru…….let CBI tell the same story in the next bail pitition also…….

      1st attempt lone BAIL ivvaru le…….2nd time apply chesinappudu kudaaa CBI vaallu ide story chepthaaaru….appudu yemani cheppi BAIL niraakaristhaaaru????? eee dramalu JANAM chudaaali…….

      JAGAN anna bayata lekapoinaa kudaaa mana party JANAM lo vunte chaaalu…….IRRIGATION PROJECTS gurinchi our party should do agitations…….



    • NLR

      Not to worry CVR garu . We will continue to knock every door for justice. If it still does not happen then Justice will be done in the People’s court. The crooks could not stop that happen in the bypoll and there is no way they can stop us in the general elections. We have three Leaders.

      The dictators put her in prison for more than 10 years and it only increased her strength .

      2014 ….AP . 2015 ..Burma. Democracy will be restored.

  22. CVR Murthy

    We proclaim celebrate the unity of India. It is a fact of transcending significance. But is it not also a fact that most of us, in our daily lives, do not think of ourselves as Indians? We see ourselves as Hindus, Muslims or Christians, or Malyalees, Maharashtrians, Bengalis. Worse, we think of ourselves as Brahmins, Thakurs, Jats, Yadavas and so on and so forth. And we shed blood to uphold our narrow and selfish denominations. We are imprisoned by the narrow, domestic walls of religion, language, caste, and region, blocking out the clear view of a resurgent nation. Political parties, State Governments and social organisations promote policies, programmes and ideologies which divide brother from brother and sister from sister. Bonds of fraternity and solidarity yield to the onslaughts of meanness of mind and spirit. Is this the India for which Mahatma Gandhi and Indira Gandhi sacrificed their lives?

    Turn to the great institutions of our country and you will see that too often, behind, their imposing facades, the spirit and substance lack vitality. The work they do sometimes seem strangely irrelevant to the primary concerns of the masses. Attempts are made to taint the electoral process at its very source. Issues of crucial national importance are frequently subordinated to individual sectional and regional interests. Our legislatures do not set standards for other groups to follow; they magnify manifold the conspicuous lack of a social ethic. A convenient conscience compels individuals to meander from ideology, to ideology seeking power, influence and riches. Political parties twist their tenets, enticed by opportunism. “The best lack all conviction and the worst are full of passionate intensity.

    We are amongst the few to have the rule of law and an independent judiciary. But thousands wait for decades while an elaborate and arcane machinery grids ever so slowly. The poor have little hope of timely redress.

    We value our free press. It made a magnificent contribution to our freedom struggle. After Independence, the national media have helped consolidate our unity and promote Does their contribution to nation building measure up to their role in the freedom struggle?

    Our economy owes much to the enterprise of our industrialists. But there are some reputed business and industrial establishments which shelter battalions of law -breakers and tax evaders. We have industrialists untouched by the thrusting spirit of the great risk-takers and innovators. The trader’s instinct for quick profits prevails. They flourish on sick industries. Many have not cared learn the fundamental lesson that industrialisation springs from the development of indigenous technology, not from dependence on others. Industrial empire built on the shaky foundations of excessive protection, social irresponsibility, import orientation and corruption may not last long.

    The trade have a glorious heritage of nationalism and of socially relevant radicalism. Today, they are a mere shadow of their past. They now protect the few who have, oblivious of millions who have not. They feel little concern of the creation of national wealth, only for a larger and larger share in it. Nothing is considered illegitimate if one marches under the right flag. Power without responsibility, rights without duties have come to be their prerogative. Will productivity arise from such stony soil ? Let us not forget that the poor and the unemployed have to sacrifice their development programmes to subsidise inefficient industry.

    In the field of education, the nation has much to be proud of. Access to education has been widened immeasurably. Indian scholars are in the front rank of creative endeavour in the best institutions across the world. But the schools, the universities and the academies of the Republic, which should fill our minds with hope for tomorrow, cause us great concern. Teachers seldom teach and students seldom learn. Strikes, mass copying, agitations are more attractive alternatives. Where there should be experiment and innovation, there is obeisance to dead ritual and custom, smothering creativity and quest for knowledge and truth. Where there should be independence and integrity, there is the heavy hand of politics, caste and corruption. Where there should be a new integration between modern science and our heritage, there is a dull repetition of lifeless formulate. Millions are illiterate. Millions of children have never been inside a school.

    And what of the iron frame of the system, the administrative and the technical services, the police and the myriad functionaries of the State? They have done so much and can do so much more, but as the proverb says there can be no protection if the fence starts eating the crop. We have Government servants who do not serve but oppress the poor and the helpless, police who do not uphold the law but shield the guilty, tax collectors who do not collect taxes but connive with those who cheat the State and whole legions Whose only concern is their private welfare at the cost of society. They have no work, ethic, no feeling for the public cause, no involvement in the future of the nation, no comprehension of national goals, no commitment to the values of modern India. They have only a grasping, mercenary outlook, devoid of competence, integrity and commitment.

    How have we come to this pass?

    We have looked at others. Now let us look at ourselves. What has become of our great organisation? Instead of a party that fired the imagination of the masses throughout the length and breadth of India, we have shrunk, losing touch with the toiling millions. It is not a question of victories and defeats in elections. For a democratic party, victories and defeats are part of its continuing political existence. But what does matter is whether or not we work among the masses, whether or not we are in tune with their struggles, their hopes and aspirations. We are a party of social transformation, but in our preoccupation with governance we are drifting away from the people. Thereby, we have weakened ourselves and fallen prey to the ills that the loss of invigorating mass contact brings.

    Millions of ordinary Congress workers throughout the country are full of enthusiasm for the Congress policies and programmes. But they are handicapped, for on their backs ride the brokers of power and influence, who dispense patronage to convert a mass movement into a feudal oligarchy. They are self-perpetuating cliques who thrive by invoking the slogans of caste and religion and by enmeshing the living body of the Congress in their net of


    For such persons, the masses do not count. Their life style, their thinking – of lack of it, their self-aggrandisement, their corrupt ways, their linkages with the vested interests in society, and their sanctimonious posturing are wholly incompatible with work among the people. They are reducing the Congress organisation to shell from which the spirit of service and sacrifice has been empted.

    As we have distanced ourselves from the masses, basic issues of national unity and integrity, social change and economic development recede into the background. Instead, phoney issues, shrouded in medieval obscurantism, occupy the centre of the stage. Our Congress workers, who faced the bullets of British imperialism, run for shelter at the slightest manifestation of caste and communal tension. Is this the path that Gandhiji, Panditji and Indiraji showed to a secular, democratic India?

    We talk of the high principles and lofty ideals needed to build a strong and prosperous India. But we obey no discipline, no rule, follow no principle of public weal. Corruption is not only tolerated but even regarded as the hallmark of leadership. Flagrant contradiction between what we say and what we do has become our way of life. At every step, our aims and actions conflict. At every stage, our private self crushes our social commitment.

    As action has diverged from precept, the ideology of the Congress has acquired the status of an heirloom, to be polished and brought out on special occasions. It must be a living force to animate the Congress workers in their day-to-day activity. Our ideology of nationalism, secularism, democracy and socialism is the only relevant ideology for our great country. But we are forgetting that we must take it to the masses, interpret its content in changing circumstances, and defend it against the attacks of our opponents.

    Mahatma Gandhi visualised the Congress as a fighting machine. Time and again we have demonstrated our fighting qualities – in the great non-cooperation movements of the twenties and thirties, in the Quit India movement of 1942, in the fifties and sixties when we carried the message of socialism to every door, in 1969-71 when the vested interests had to be fought in Parliament, in the courts and in the streets and in 1977-79 when persecution and calumny were answered by thousands of brave satyagrahis throughout the country. This is our tradition. We have to revive this tradition to fight for the poor and the oppressed. Only by doing so shall we gain the strength to create the India of our dreams.

    The revitalisation of our organisation is a historical necessity. At this critical juncture, there is no other political party capable of defending the unity and integrity of the country. There is no other party capable of taking the country forward to progress and prosperity. All other parties are shot through with internal contradictions. The sorry, un-edifying spectacle of their total incapacity, corruption, nepotism, hypocrisy has disfigured our political landscape. They have shown a cynical disregard for sensitive issues of national security. Some have not hesitated even to colude with anti-national elements. Their ideological roots are shallow, their political outlook circumscribed by region, caste and religion. Whatever they have come to power, they have retarded social and economic progress. They have no sense of history. Those who campaign for a weak Centre, campaign against the unity and integrity of India. Their slogans of welfare are spurious because true welfare comes from growth, which they have been busy destroying. It is the responsibility of the Congress to ensure that India is not left to the mercy of such forces.

    We must once more generate a mass movement based on Congress ideology to fulfil this momentous task. Only with such a movement can we cleanse the party and the nation. The inner strength of our people, their unbounded patriotism, their unshakable commitment to social justice, and their aspiration for a strong and prosperous India will destroy the ugliness and enrich the creative ground of India’s greatness.

    How will this mass movement of epic proportions arise? What are the essentials of the Build India Movements?

    The country needs a politics of service to the poor. The country needs a politics based on ideology and programmes. To bring this about, we must break the nexus between political parties and vested interests. We will change the electoral laws to ensure cleaner elections. We will make political parties accountable for the funds they receive. We will wage an ideological war against those who exploit the poor in the name of caste and religion.

    The Congress, the custodian of the national will and the sentinel of India’s freedom and unity, will be reorganised and revitalised. It will gather in its fold patriots of all sections and all communities. It will be the shield of the oppressed and the sword of the poor.

    The war on corruption will go on without let or hindrance. The country needs a clean social and political environment the Congress is determined to give it.

    Any denial of justice to the poor and the weak is in itself a crime. Our judicial institutions and legal systems have to be streamlined and strengthened. Sooner, rather than later. We shall put our best brains to work on this problem.

    Our administrative machinery is cumbersome, archaic and alien to the needs and aspirations of the people. It has successfully resisted the imperative of change. It must learn to serve the people. It must become accountable for results. We need structural changes at all levels. We shall have them.

    The India of the future is growing in her schools and universities. But our schools and universities do not relate to the vision of the future. They continue to function in the old grooves. A new blueprint for education is being designed. It will not come out of musty corridors of the educational establishments. It will only come from a movement involving teachers, students, parents, thinkers and philosophers. Not a movement to capture more privileges, but a movement that sees the future in relation to the present and the past, a movement that uses that vast untapped energy of millions to create a design suited to our needs.

    As we look back on what we have achieved, one thought keeps coming back to mind. How must faster we would have developed had we succeeded in restricting the growth of our population. Progress would have been greater not in material terms alone, but in the quality of human life. That makes the family planning programme so crucial to our future development. We need a better strategy to achieve the national goal of a stable population, healthier and better educated.

    The time has come to infuse new life into the struggle against poverty. Our anti-poverty programmes, notably the 20 Point Programme, have to come out of the grip of bureaucratic sloth and inefficiency. They have to become people’s programmes. All the elements – education, health and nutrition, family planning, land reforms and cooperatives, communications, agriculture, animal husbandry, industrial and rural crafts – all have to come together in an integrated programme to wipe out the age – old curse of poverty. The power to shape their own lives must lie with the people, not with bureaucrats and experts. Experts must help the people. Vibrant village panchayats must discuss, deliberate and decide the choices to be made. This is a challenge to the Congress cadres. It is up to us, the workers of this great organisation, spread in every village and every hamlet of India, to mobilise the people, to guide them, to stand by their side when they are denied their due, to fight for them and to see that resources are properly utilized, not frittered away on unproductive projects. This will keep our organisation in touch with the masses and will help us to become the true vehicle of change in rural India.

    We are building an independent, self-reliant economy. We have already achieved much. But more hard work is required from everyone – from scientists and technologists, from the public sector, from the private sector, form industrial workers, from farmers, public servants, from traders, housewives and each one of us. We have to work hard to accelerate our agricultural and industrial development on the basis of our own resources. We have to produce more than we are doing today to invest more in future progress, and to support anti-poverty programmes. We must remember that self-reliance and eradication of poverty demands , indeed compel, the present generation to bear hardship and make sacrifices. Those who are employed have a duty to the future of India. They have to be more productive and consume less so that resources can be made available for investment and for programmes to help poor. This is a national duty – a patriotic duty.

    Our life styles must change, Vulgar, Conspicuous consumption must go. Simplicity, efficiency and commitment to national goals hold the key to self-reliance. The Congress Ministers, Members of Parliament, Members of State Assemblies, party functionaries and leaders at all levels must set the example. Millions of people will follow them. Austerity and swadeshi will galvanise the masses to grow more, to produce more and to serve more.

    Above all, we need to create a mass movement for strengthening India’s unity and integrity, for deepening our Indian ness. The Congress, which won freedom for India, the Congress, which has brought India to the threshold of greatness, is pre-eminently the party of India’s resurgent nationalism. Our nationalism is based on our rich diversity of cultures, languages and religions. The Congress represents the multi-faceted splendour of India.

    Today, communal, casteist and regional forces, sustained by external elements, are undermining our unity.

    We have to be on our guard. We have to carry the message of nationalism and unity to all. We have to overcome divisive forces. Let the saga of our freedom struggle be our inspiration. Let thousands and thousands of Congress workers fan out into every village, every urban centre to revive the traditions of our glorious struggle for freedom in which, all differences were transcended. We shall persuade. We shall educate. We shall bind people together. But let the divisive forces understand quite clearly that the Congress, with the strength of the masses behind it, will crush with all its might the designs of anti-national elements.


    A century of achievement ends. A century of endeavour beckons to us. Our resplendent civilization, with unbroken continuity from the third millennium B.C. looks ahead to peaks of excellence in the third millennium A.D.

    It falls to us to work for India’s greatness. A great country is not one, which merely has a great past. Out of that past must arise, a glorious future.

    Let us build an India.

    – Proud of her Independence;

    – Powerful in defence of her freedom;

    – Strong, self-reliant in agriculture, industry and front-rank


    – United by bonds transcending barriers of caste, creed and religion;

    – Liberated from the bondage of poverty, and of social and

    economic inequality;

    An India

    – Disciplined & efficient;

    – Fortified by ethical and spiritual values;

    – A fearless force for peace on earth;

    – The School of the world, blending the inner repose of the spirit, with material progress;

    – A new civilization, with the strength of our heritage, the

    creativity of the spring time of youth and the unconquerable spirit of our people.

    Great achievements demand great sacrifices. Sacrifices not only from our generation and generations gone by, but also from generations to come.

    Civilizations are not built by just one or two generations. Civilizations are built by the ceaseless toil of a succession of generations. With softness and sloth, civilizations succumb. Let us beware of decadence.

    We must commit ourselves to the demanding task of making India a mighty power in the world, with all the strength and the compassion of her great culture.

    To this cause, I pledge myself.


    • CVR Murthy

      Extract from the speech of Rajiv Gandhi, at AICC session December 1985. This stirred hope for India. Let down later on. Power Brokers word coined by him is famous. Now we have power brokers flourishing everywhere

  23. vvreddy

    Even if he gets bails , there are other charge sheets .CBI and ED ,one charge sheet after another. whole plan is to keep him in jail at least one year .hope fully he gets out tomorrow .

  24. NLR

    I am confident that he will get bail tomorrow but at the same time i am aware that we are fighting against a crook political system influencing investigations and courts . What a shame for the largest democracy/dictator regime. I hope the whole world gets to know about what is happening behind the screens in India. People talk about Saddam , Gaddafi etc but atleast they were not dictators with a democratic face mask like the Pseudogandhi’s. Sometimes when I think of the events after YSR’s death I feel like GOD should make the human race extinct and start fresh like he did to the Dinosaur’s . There is too much selfishness in this world.
    Whatever the outcome tomorrow it should make us more stronger and determined bcs nothing can stop YSRCP from winning in 2014.

    • pavithra

      Completely Agree…… how power hungry politicians are forgetting the welfare of the public and try to oppress a person, who is fighting against their dictates….with all forces in hand….God will give perfect response to this people… nothing to worry for everything time will give the response… good will prevail over bad in the long run…

  25. CVReddy

    Yes, we all pray God for Jagan’s bail.

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