Jagan Party Is No. 1 In The State!

Jagan Party Is No. 1 In The State!

YSR Congress party headed by Kadapa MP Y S Jaganmohan Reddy has emerged as No. 1 part in the state and it is going to form the government in the next elections.

This statement has come not from the leaders of YSR Congress party or its supporting media group. It is the assessment of Lok Satta Party president Dr Jayaprakash Narayan, who is supposed to be a man of impartiality, integrity and impeccable character. He said the future belongs to the YSR Congress party, which has emerged as an undaunted political force in the coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema region.

“Even in the Telangana region, the YSR Congress would win good number of seats. The 125-year old Congress and the 30-year old Telugu Desam Party would have to compete for the second and third places in the elections. Both the parties are apprehensive that they might get the third position,” JP told the media in Kakinada and Amalapuram.

One wonders why JP had to project the Jagan party in such a high esteem. He may have to face criticism for his candid talk and some people might even accuse him of trying to forge an alliance with YSR Congress in future. But somebody has to speak the truth and if people like JP make a statement, it will have some value!


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5 responses to “Jagan Party Is No. 1 In The State!

  1. ramreddyy

    sakhi website is not working and it is re directing to some other website. anybody have any idea

  2. rohit

    Though the Congress high command had been mulling a change for a while it had been decided to consider the matter only after the presidential poll. However in the interim inputs began to be received at 10, Janpath that any change or not, the prospects of the Congress in the state would not improve, Jagan’s popularity having surged. So the idea was given up,” said a high level source.

  3. NLR

    All roads lead to YSRCP.

  4. rakesh

    good that political people are sensing the mood of the public
    its a good sign for YSRCP
    just waiting for the leader to return

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