వీరప్ప మొయిలీకి వై.ఎస్.భారత్ టిట్ ఫర్ టాట్ – Kommineni Srinivasa Rao

వీరప్ప మొయిలీకి వై.ఎస్.భారత్ టిట్ ఫర్ టాట్ – Kommineni Srinivasa Rao.


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33 responses to “వీరప్ప మొయిలీకి వై.ఎస్.భారత్ టిట్ ఫర్ టాట్ – Kommineni Srinivasa Rao

  1. CVR Murthy

    The recent survey by NDTV confirms the other surveys by headline sToday and Today’s chanakya. Even assuming Congress improves in the next 18 months due macro level positive changes and specific election strategies including fair and unfair means, we are heading for two substantially weakened congress and BJP scouting for partners. The acceptability of BJP is a major issue. I am sure BJP realizing this would come out with a moderate group that helps non congress parties to associate with them without sacrificing ‘secular mantra’ .

    YSRCP can play an important role. They should not alienate BJP so much that they are forced to be out of this formation which some DNA of BJP. One should not forget, JDU in Bihar and its leader Nitish is considered secular and enjoys the support of Muslims as well.

    If the do end up in a situation where they are kept away from such formation, it would be detrimental to the interests of the state , YSRCP and YSJ .

  2. CVR Murthy

    The Band call by YSRCP will test its organizational strengths and demonstrate the same . However, it takes them into the league of present political parties and does not differentiate the party lead by young politician. YSRCP, intending to cleanse the political system should come out with an innovative method to protest and find some other means to test their organizational strengths .

    • pavithra

      looking at this video, blood boils, how the cycle congress conspired to keep Jagan within four walls is really sad story of political witch-hunt. God is great he will do justice.

  3. Swaroop Reddy

    CVR Anna when will our leader get his bail.last time u ensured me that he will come within 2 months.anna do u have any idea what is going on internally?

    • Swaroop Reddy

      It’s high time our leader comes out of jail,crooks like kcr shouldn’t get the kind of importance they are getting rite now.telangana won’t be the same when YSJ enters.i am getting a bit worried these days about Jagans case.
      Cvr Anna,how reliable is greatandhra.com????

      • rakesh

        dont think jain or raval will effect the bail case
        all judges/ lawyers will follow instructions from ruling party
        sad but true

      • Karthik

        Swaroop – You must understand that everybody including the CBI which is levying charges against Jagan, the additional solicitor generals who are advocating for the CBI, the judges who are giving verdicts against Jagan’s bail petitions know very well that there is not even an iota of truth in the charges against Jagan. The sad reality is that judges who abide by the law/constitution or even their own conscience while giving judgements are rare. They do whatever the ruling party bosses ask them to. Congress HC is making a big conspiracy. They are trying to add credibility to their false charges by sacrificing some of their own ministers. If they have gone to such an extent, it is a simple matter for them to get rid of honest judges if at all there is a chance that Jagan’s case might come in front of them.
        Upto 2014, it is not easy for Jagan to get a bail. In fact, I won’t be surprised if they even conduct a trial and award a sentence by agreeing to the false charges without any evidence. The only hope is that slow legal system in India will allow us to appeal the CBI court verdict in the HC and HC verdict in the SC, all this will take time and by then Congress will lose power. Then, we can hope for an honest judge who would not only free Jagan, but also severely punish all those involved (including judges) in this conspiracy.

  4. rakesh

    Source : FirstPost

    mulayam useless effort with cbn

    “For starters, the parties he has started out with – the Left and the Telugu Desam – are both declining powers. The Left will gain a few seats in Kerala and lose an equal amount (if not more) in West Bengal, and so the numbers will not add up to more than they are now.

    Telugu Desam is slipping badly in Andhra – with Jagan Mohan Reddy’s YSR Congress likely to make gains at its expense in Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema, and the Telengana Rashtra Samiti in Telangana. So it will probably fare worse than it did in 2009.

    Mulayam Singh is thus leaning on two losers. His best chances are thus not related to the Third Front, but with a depleted Congress.

  5. NLR


    Andhra Hazare ..Dongachestalu. This is what yellow brand is famous for.
    Kalthi Palu ..Kalthi Pachallu.

  6. what happend to Jagan bail in Supreme court ? hoping to come out of jail soon. now days with out jagan AP politics getting boared and frustated..

  7. rakesh

    What ever the ndtv survey results
    one thing happened, the tpd cbn and his coteri mind is blown out
    as per surya paper, tdp attritbuting the result as the friendship between ndtv and sakshi
    but ndtv did survey to many states up, bengal, kerala etc
    does ndtv has friends in other states too?
    yellow batch could not digest the survey results,, proved beyond doubt excpet few yellow batch , majority of the tdp believes their days are ended

  8. pavithra

    When Parliament session is taking place, as an elected representative of people,Jagan, Should be in Parliament raising the public concerns/issues. However, due to the foul game being played by CBI/Central Govt., he was kept within the four walls. Does this will not tentamount to abstruction to duties of a public servant under CPC?

  9. CVReddy

    చంద్రబాబు దగ్గరికొచ్చేసరికి సిబిఐ ఎందుకు మౌనముగ ఉంటుంది?

  10. Karthik

    Those TDP leaders who are claiming that NDTV survey is fabricated must consider the results of the recent by elections. The win in Tirupati which Chiru took prestigiously, the win in Nellore with a huge majority despite TSR spending a fortune are clear indications of the mood of the people.
    I believe that NDTV has not only done a genuine survey but also done it fairly accurately.
    The worrying factor is that our party is expected to not win even a single Lok Sabha seat in Telangana. Even our overall seats (21 out of 42) is too close to comfort. My estimate is that our party will do better in Lok Sabha seats than assembly. My reasoning is that candidates are less important in Lok Sabha polls because the constituencies are huge (spanning 7 assembly segments) and hardly any MPs have personal strength in a significant portion of their Lok Sabha constituencies. This is an advantage to our party because despite having some great leaders, our main strength is the wave in favor of Jagan and the worship of YSR not the individual leaders.
    In assembly segments, the constituencies are much smaller and there are quite a few MLAs who are well known throughout their constituencies. They make a personal impact irrespective of the party. Here, our relative advantage over Congress and TDP is smaller when compared to Lok Sabha. This is worrying because if we just manage to hit the 50% mark in Lok Sabha, we will be at a risk of missing absolute majority in the assembly.
    For this reason, it is important to gain ground in Telangana. Whenever Jagan gets bail, he should immediately tour Telangana.

  11. CVReddy

    గతంలో ఎన్డిటివి చేసిన సర్వేలన్నీ వాస్తవానికి దగ్గరగా ఉన్నాయి. ఉదాహరణకు 1999 లోకాని,ఆ తర్వాత 2004లోకాని ,తిరిగి 2009లో కాని ఎమ్.పి స్థానాలపై అంచనా కరెక్టుగా వచ్చింది.దాంతో ఈ సర్వేకి సహజంగానే ప్రాధాన్యం ఏర్పడుతుంది.

    • CVR Murthy

      NDTV used nielsen earler. 2009 elections they were the closest. NDTV changed filed work agency. I think YSRCP would get not less than 30. may go up to 35. The reason is 26 in andhra and seema+ few in peripheral districts plus nizamabad.

      • pavithra

        i agree…. In and around HYD & Rangareddy, Mahabubnagar, YSRCP can easily do well… i feel it will cross 30 easily and may be in the range of 30-35 seats.

      • sekar

        9 seats for congress is a big joke.

        YSRCP along with CPM support will surely win Khammam , Mahaboobabad, Nalgonda MP seats easily.

        If the party works hard we can focus on Secbad, Malkajgiri, Zaheerabad, Chevella, Bhongir, MB Nagar seats.

  12. CVReddy

    అదరగొట్టిన జ’గన్’ సతీమణి!

    • sekar

      Good reply….but she should have mentioned that we will maintain equidistance with both BJP and Congress. As these 2 parties put together can win only 200-250 seats we can also hint that there are many regional leaders(Mulayam, Nitish Kumar, Sharad Pawar etc) whom we can consider supporting in future.

  13. CVR Murthy

    TDP and Yellow media has created a ” Devils image ‘for YSJ at Delhi. They implanted an image of corrupt and several personal negative characteristics .
    Considering the fact that YSJ and his party requires support of the senior politicians and people from other parts of life, they should seriously consider promoting an image of YSJ which contradicts the one created by TDP and Co.

    Channels like NDTV etc should be used. Interview with Ms.Bharathi clarifying the issues, explaining the character his family bonding etc would help. People , working in any system generally go by perception in most cases.

  14. CVReddy

    NDTV తాజా సర్వే ప్రకారము, టీడీపి కి సున్నా లేదా ఒకటి MP సీట్స్ వస్తాయి.
    పూర్వము కాంగ్రెస్ కు ఇన్ని, టీడీపి కి ఇన్ని ,ఇతరులు (సిపిఐ,సిపిఎం,మిం,బాజాపా) లకి 4 సీట్లు అని చెప్పేవాళ్ళు.
    ఇప్పుడు టీడీపి ని ఇతరులు లోకి నేట్టేసాయి తాజా సర్వే లు.

  15. CVReddy

    NDTV Survey: YS Jagan, The CM of Andhra Pradesh!!
    According to the survey, a whopping 48% of people in Andhra Pradesh want Y S Jagan to be the new chief minister and he is the best bet for that. Next comes Chandrababu Naidu who has a support of 18% people. And about 17% want KCR as CM.

    Coming to the MP seats, out of a total 42 seats, the survey mentions that about 21 seats will be bagged by YSR Congress party followed by TRS party which will take 10 seats. The ruling congress government is expected to take 9 seats and the remaining 2 will go to others. Considering this, TDP stands zero chance of winning a single MP seat.

  16. CVReddy

    During the interaction with Prannoy Roy, Union Minister for Power Veerappa Moily fumbled saying that the Congress has different other weapons to fight the elections. YS Jagan’s wife Bharati Reddy also sought to know if the CBI was one of those weapons.

    Bharati Reddy said that YS Rajasekhara Reddy endeared himself to the people and that was the reason why the people gave him the mandate for a second term.

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