Dharmana Prasada Rao got prior info on bond in Vanpic case



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8 responses to “Dharmana Prasada Rao got prior info on bond in Vanpic case

  1. Anil

    Any information on how all our recently elected MLA’s are faring at their constituencies..Other than Karunakar reddy I m not hearing about anyone else including Vijayamma garu..It is very important to gain patronage among people…They should clearly differentiate themselves with the rest by continuously moving with the people till the next elections are held..They should not neglect the problems of their constituencies at any cost, they make sure that they are approachable at all the times.. at least Vijayamma garu should hold meetings about this every weekly or fortnightly and should take the stock of the situation(through video conference)…we have many trusted party workers to support these activities…

    • CVReddy

      Justice Kakroo who gave CBI inquiry in Jagan’s DA case got HRC chairman post immediately after his retirement and his wife was appointed as director in Chennareddy human resources division.

      It is a clear case of quid pro quo.

      Justice Rohini, close relative of Yanamala RamaKrishnudu was appointed as Public prosecutor and later appointed as Judge during TDP rule.
      She has been giving stays for Babu in dis proportionate case filed by Laxmi Parvati since 2006.

      She cancelled case against Babu filed by Vijayamma.

      Irony is yellow Media won’t consider these judgements as quid pro quo.

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