I am the arrow shot by Jagananna: Sharmila



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26 responses to “I am the arrow shot by Jagananna: Sharmila

  1. nlr2014

    Day 3 …Prajaprasthanam …Neerajanam.


  2. Karthik

    Is it true that Indrakaran Reddy is going to join our party? If yes, it is going to be a big boost in Adilabad. Indrakaran Reddy is a powerful and senior leader with followers in almost the entire district. He served as the MP before delimitation.

  3. CVReddy

    ‘I’m the missile fired by Jagan’

    Dear YS Fans,
    Spare some time and write comments to Yellow Gang comments.

  4. Karthik

    After such a lack of response from the people, it is best for Babu to withdraw from his kurchiyatra and take rest at home while watching Sharmila’s yatra on TV.

  5. vissu

    “Nenu Jagan anna vadilina baanaanni”…. Power ful punch from Sharmila to opponents …. All the best madam…Mee yaatra digvijayam kaavaalani manaspoorthi gaa korukuntunnaamu..

  6. tvr

    To CVreddy garu
    I have been noticing few things in your comments first i appreciate that you are hard core ysr fan .
    second thing is please dont spread CASTE based comments.
    speacially on kamma community , in our party there are many kammas as well.it will bring negative impact on our party.
    thank you

  7. All the best to our gr8 sister.. we will sure win 2014 elections without any doubt

  8. CVReddy

    కాంగ్రెస్ లో గుబులు

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