Don’t link religion with politics, carrying Bible is my choice: Vijayamma


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25 responses to “Don’t link religion with politics, carrying Bible is my choice: Vijayamma

  1. BigFan_YSJ

    I think there is a too much focus on Chandrababu now a days. Even YSRCP is also focusing too much on him. Some how we need to remove the focus of CBN.

  2. nlr2014

    Sharmilas interview with NDTV.

    Well said Sharmila garu ..Babu is not worth to copy from .

  3. Adnan

    I read about this journalist story few years back, I was trying to get the info again after reading the CGR review.. So, my guess was correct.

  4. Vinay

    Do read some of the DARK sides of ntr & cbn.

    orkut – Relation between CGR and TDP & CBN

    • pavithra

      good coverage….. we need more such coverages accross the country to show to the fellow countrymen, the nexus between TDP and Congress…

  5. NTR wore saffron robe and toured A.P. Now, should we call NTR as religious preacher?

    • Ram

      He changed his robes several times in his short political career – from Saffron to White to Khakhi – playing dramas, cinema style. He renounced every thing and wore saffron, a political stunt, took a U-turn, and married again in white clothes!

  6. Vinay

    Walk and awe: Sharmila makes Jagan proud – The New Indian Express

  7. CVReddy

    TV9 is doing bad campaign about YSRCP just to bring back TDP to power.

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