People of AP will Stand by YSR family no mater what

The First attempt to crush YSJ was during Kadapa election, TDP and Congress used everything under the ‘SUN;form political to personal. Legal to illegal, Moral to immoral,All resources and means. The result is the loss of deposits to TDP and Congress.

This triggered CBI attack, subsequent poll Kovvur, They used Christianity, caste, corruption. personal character , The result ‘crushing defeat’ .

Then came the 18 by elections. The TDP and congress combine were at it again. This time tried every thing beyond once imagination, They used the final weapon ‘Arrest’ . They result as spectacular as kadapa.

Every move that targeted YSJ , boomeranged. Every attempt to defame YSR glorified his image. Every attempt to unsettle the resolve of the family strengthened the ‘Iron will’ of the family. The character of the family caught the imagination of the people, support of the people swelled. The people of AP are just waiting for the opportunity to demonstrate their support to the family.

It is unwise to expect TDP and Congress to give up. The latest statements by TDP on personal life of Ms.Sharmila and bible only reaffirms that they have set themselves a target that is below ‘Patala-loka’ . i would not be surprised , if they arrest few more members from family, they may try to drag them into controversies .

The modern Indian political history has not seen anything like this. The courage and resolve on one side and brutal force and treachery on the other side.

YSR family should realize , that people of AP have never let down their family. I am sure they are humbled by the massive wave of support. No amount of money, and riches can win this. YSJ may loose wealth but ‘ the value of public wealth is so huge. he should handle the public wealth far more cautiously than the his personal wealth.



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4 responses to “People of AP will Stand by YSR family no mater what

  1. CVReddy

    Well said Murthy garu

  2. nlr2014

    Once again u are spot on Murthy garu.
    The courage and determination shown by this family will be an inspiration for generations to come.
    The day is not far away when some Indians will realise that they can rule India without the help of Italians.
    2014 results will be an eye opener for the Nation.

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