Vijayamma takes Bhongir and Sharmila Anantapur by storm


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22 responses to “Vijayamma takes Bhongir and Sharmila Anantapur by storm

  1. I am proud to be a YSR Fan…he wrote a letter twice to PM for scrapping of krishna the mango man says the same thing

  2. Vinay

    A big thanx for kejriwal and his team for exposing the real LOOTERS (ambanis) of our india 🙂


      they r highlighting Jaipal reddy shuffle but ignoring reason for YSR’s death..It was YSR who first strtd KG basin issue n hw reliance is lootng it

      • its better they don’t…. it is generally they give out little and then when other side comes with some clarification they put out everything. put for anna’s safety its better they don’t name YSR now.

  3. CVR Murthy

    A subtle campaign is on that congress is trying to resurrect party in AP. Accommodating five ministers in the recent central cabinet reshuffle is claimed to be part of the plan.There is another report that shortlisting of candidates is also part of that plan.

    We nee to understand the reason why people are supporting YSJ.

    1. Failure of the Government in controlling prices., this si the single largest factor that would impact polls
    2. Unabated corruption
    3. CBI
    4. Rebellion attitude of YSJ
    5. YSR welfare rule and personality

    I do not understand, how can these factors particularly the first one can be influenced by cabinet berths and selection of candidates.

    Congress HC has failed in providing good governance through an efficient CM. They have ignored AP for too long and now it is too late. .

    I personally feel it is extremely difficult to control prices by 2014. Considering the need to cut down deficit. The schemes like cash transfer in the final year may be hyped to capture votes. I am not sure if that is going to work. Inflation has impacted many.

    if It is a bit too late for congress, TDP has failed to capitalize on this opportunity due to credibility factor. They are obsessed with YSJ and ignored people. They have no new leadership to offer.

    YSRCP has demonstrated strong leadership backed by YSR welfare schemes .

  4. nlr2014

    I wonder how many MLA ‘s are left in TDP now ?

    One day Babu will suspend himself and join Cong !!

  5. CVReddy

    Gali got bail in bail scam from HC.

  6. sharath

    chandra babu naidu lanti nayakulu vandhala kottulu jebulo pettukoni.. prajalakasatalu vintu chalincha kunda okka rupayi jebulonchi tiyakunda.. return lo inka valla degare vote adukutunnaru..

  7. thenemma jeevitham….ministry resuffle ayina day 1 all the papers in the country pages pages rasayi how gujju gas babus played role in jaipal’s transfer…gujju gadi kukka biscuits thintunna vadi pempudu kukkalu thama yellow media lo kuy kay analedhu…..cut chesthe next day…box katti jaipal padavi povadaniki gas babulu karanamanukuntunnaranta ani oka questionmark petti gattiga 4 lines rayaledhu paapam viswasam gala kukka….pakkanolla meedha peralu peralu rasthadu…manaki muddha padese vadi gurinchi ‘anukuntunnaru’ ani 4 lines tho Q mark….adhi news rasinattu ga ledhu..ijju ijju common usko ante….andaru maa owner karanam anukuntunnara ani kukkedupu yedchinatlundhi tappa news rasinattu ledhu…sigguleni broker banisa bathukulu….ala 2 lines Q mark tho rasinanduke.,..ituvanti jaffalane mose vadu rasadu chusara anukovadam comedy ultimate.

    • Vinay

      Correct gaa cheppaav…

      Jagan ni chupinchi.. siggu lekunda 2014 elections ki reliance nundi FUNDS adukkontaru e yellow batch.

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