No foul play in issuing 26 GOs, say Ministers and IAS officers


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29 responses to “No foul play in issuing 26 GOs, say Ministers and IAS officers

    • ysprabhakar

      Janaka Prasad is doing wonderful job in the TV dicussions yesterday TV9 and today NTV. The points he raised like bullets. Hats off to him.

      • vissu

        avunu…ninna night tv5 channelo “pravasaandhra” program lo yello batch kevalam reddy ane names tho call chesi janak prasad ni kaavaalane irukuna pette prasnalu adigaaru..but he did wonderful job… kaanee okkosaari konchem aavesapadinatlu anipistundi.. eventhough he did excellent job…

        • nlr2014

          Yes …I think YSRCP must make use of the oratory skills from Janak Prasad garu and Konda Surekha garu at the state level and Somayajulu garu at the centre. We always need a good national spokesman.
          Yellow gallu names marchu kuntaru ..avasaramu anukunte talli tadrulani kuda marustharu ..vallaki cinemallo alavate. Anni chesina 2014 lo telugu prajalu valla chapter ni complete ga close chestharu.

  1. pavithra

    We should have one video compilation on how CBN backtracks on every thing….like Rs.1 rice, to the latest one on presidential elections…where first he said he will definately vote and later in actual he abstained….first he promises and then backtracks….this will be a good weapon and gives the public a clear picture of what he is…his true character (of cource many are aware of this, but still, if the compilation of his own voice and picture, it would be better), now also he is promissing many things… uaual and he knows very well that he is not follow them…

  2. CVReddy

    గుడివాడ ఒకటే అబ్బ సొత్తా ? MBS

  3. nlr2014

    Amarnath officially joins YSRCP.

    We will make a clean sweep in Chitoor.
    Babu garu …mundhu mee constituency lo padyatara cheyandi ..leka pothe adhi kuda …govinda ..govinda.

    • Gopi

      Amarnadh reddy n Praveen Kumar are very good additions to the party. I heard tht they brought good chunk of tdp cadre as well into ysrcp. So these two are sure shot to us

      We need to win gudivada at any cost. It’s better if Balakrishna contests from there because tht gives us chance to virtually kill tdp. I hope jagan will think on the same line. Honestly hats off to Kodali nani for trusting us n taking such a big step. Now it’s our responsibility to make him win

      I m expecting komatoreddy brothers along with gutha sunkender reddy and ramreddy brothers as well

      If jagan comes out soon we don’t have to wonder like this. He ll steer the ship single handed lot

      Jayahoo ysr

  4. Adnan

    Cheap comments by TDP party on Sharmila shoes…

    Hope little wisdom prevail on yellow gang and start focusing on peoples problems..

  5. Ram

    Good decision by YSRCP to vote against Retail FDI

  6. CVReddy

    Dear All,
    Unfortunately, Norway legal system has given a harsh punishment of 18 & 15 months of jail sentence to Mr. Chandrasekhar couple. Please sign the following petition to request Norway judiciary for compassionate stand and pardon the couple to save their young children from being orphaned for the next 15 months.

    Also, encourage your near and dear as well to sign the petition.

    Venkat Medapati, NRI Convener, YSRCP

    • R C

      The above petition is biased because the persons belongs to us.. We have to come out of this kind of thinking.

      If you are living in a country you have to obey the rules of the land.

      Even the Govt of India could not back the people because they are private and Govt can’t involve in private disputes.

      The western countries became so organized because of implementing the law impartially.
      Let them implement the law of the land.
      Let the convict face the consequence….!!
      India should learn how to implement the law impartially so that the system will prevail.

    • Subba

      Dear CV Reddy Garu!!!!
      Yes the situation is very sad and unfortunate for their family. But one thing, I feel that ” We should follow and practice the other country norms and conditions”. If we are not interested to follow the rules, just we can stay in our home town. First of all, we need to have some proper education and sufficient personal training before we leave to other country. I strongly believe that these people are unaware of the rules and regulations of that country. I don’t know how much this will help to the Chandra Sekhar family, Let us pray for them.

  7. jagan regular bail was rejected by cbi court.I think it is better to not apply the bail up to march.

  8. sharath

    Even if there is a foul play they wont say it.. vallaki against valle saaksham etla cheppukuntaru 😉

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