Is the TDP caught in a conflict of interest issue ?


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27 responses to “Is the TDP caught in a conflict of interest issue ?

  1. CVReddy

    కదిలిస్తే కంప

    కాంగ్రెస్‌కు సంబంధించినంతవరకు తెలంగాణ అంశం కదిలిస్తే కంప! ఇస్తామన్నా, ఇవ్వమన్నా రాష్ట్రంలో ఏదో ఒక పెద్ద భాగంలో పుట్టగతులుండవు. కనీసం మిగిలిన భాగంలోనూ బావుకునే ఆశ పూజ్యం. ఇచ్చినా, ఇవ్వకున్నా తెలంగాణలో తెరాస… సీమాంధ్రలో వైకాపా లాభపడతాయే తప్ప కాంగ్రెస్‌కు ఒరిగేది సున్నా. కాబట్టి కాలం, ఖర్మం కలిసొచ్చేంతవరకు ఎటూ తేల్చకుండా సమస్యను నాన్చడమే ఉత్తమం. ఆ నాన్చుడులో భాగమే అఖిలపక్షమనే విరామ సంగీతం.

  2. NLR

    Day 57 ….Prajaprasthanam

    Prabhanjanam ..Adugu vesthe adharali Todu Dongalu.

    • nlr2014

      Shameless Babu ..Still wants to use NTR photo for advertisements on TV.
      Whenever they show Sharmila padyatra on NTV or TV5 the yellow band wagon is using paid news to advertise NTR photo in a corner of the screen.
      Another example of paid news is everyday they write about Babus padyatra under Sharmilas padyatra news in Vaartha newspaper.
      Is there any comparison ?? Do they think people are fools not to recognise paid news ??
      Babu garu …meeru anni photos vadina… antha chesina ..NTR ni champina papam podhu ….mee chapter 2014 tho close.
      Intlo kurchoni ..yellow media help tho gelavacchu ani anukunnaru .
      YS ane rendu aksharalu ee yellow gang motham veedhina pade thatlu chesindhi.
      Pulivendula Puli ki ….Kuppam pilli ki teda ledha ??

  3. rakesh
    Another post for congress pet CBI AP singh
    it was judge kakru for NHRC post and now ex cbi cheif
    congress paying well for all who do investigation and give judgement according to whim and facies of sonia/rahul

  4. vissu

    eeroju jagan bail petetion pai vaadanalu… cbi script ekkadaa play kaaledenti… “3 nelalalo complete chestaam… court maaku time frame emee pettaledu…” ilaanti scrips raaledentabbaaa…

  5. Niranjan

    We should not send representatives from our party to Akhilapakshma . All this is congress game.
    What do you say friends ?

  6. NLR

    This is the state of the Yellow batch.
    Fighting for the credit of installing their own fathers statue at a time when even the poorest of the poor in AP collect funds to install hundreds of YSR’s statues right across the state.

    I wonder whom the Yellow media will support now ?
    What a shame …these children did not have time to look after their father when he was alive but fight for his credit even after his death.

    • Gopi

      I pity them too.. poor NTR what ever he achieved is being enjoyed by somebody who was hated to the core by himself and his sons are just being petty watchdogs.

  7. nlr2014

    He looks like as if he is going to blow up the parliment !!

  8. nlr2014

    Day 54 ….Prajaprasthanam.

    A warm welcome in Rangareddy district.

  9. now kcr talks abt runanlu maffi, hope ysrcp realises the impact of that
    instead of saying ysr has done it and we will do it again , y ysrcp is opposing ..tdp punjukovadaniki reason kuda ede

    • CVReddy

      We can’t promise Runa mafi as it is under purview of Central Govt.
      AP Govt can’t afford it.
      TDP cannot get even main opposition party status-Latest Survey

      So don’t worry about Cycle Congress

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