Sharmila to undergo surgery




December 18, 2012 · 11:37 AM

14 responses to “Sharmila to undergo surgery

  1. unless ysrcp tells wht it does after coming to power,it will be difficult..
    cbn gaining momentum with runna maffi, who cares how he does ? rural ppl doesnt know state govt cant do ani. as a seasoned politician kcr knows this and he started saying same ..hope ysrcp realises ,atleast society runnalu maffi chestham ani chepochuga

    momentum is the key

    • CVR Murthy

      CBN promised so many things in 2009 elections including Television and Cash Transfer . I am sure , it would not be taken seriously by anyone

      • yes, but we got only 154 seats when YSR was alive. dont u think without his promises YSR would have scored above 200 ?
        ysrcp/sakshi is not projecting wht we do , i read only sakshi and eng dialies and i can tell wht babu is promising .
        mood in villages is why ysrcp is objecting when CBN says runna maffi ?
        we know the answer ,only central govt can do but 80% of them doesnt know.

        • CVReddy

          Don’t worry too much.
          We know surveys and TDP is far away from us.
          TDP has to compete with TRS for main opposition status in next elections.

        • rakesh

          important thing about cbn babu is
          people see him as a man who has no credibility
          no matter how many freeebies he gives
          only his media or his chamchas will vote him
          none other.

    • NLR

      I think people have lost faith in Babu long back. That is why TDP is being bashed in every election. For an opposition party to lose deposits is not an easy thing to digest. So even if Babu tells people ” nannu gelipisthe na asthi antha meeku rasitha ” people will not believe him. The reason for reduced seats for cong in the last elections could be bcs PRP split more of the cong votes.But that story is now over as Chiru could not help cong retain his own seat in Tirupathi.Saying that u are right that we need to make clear what our policies will be when we come to power . They might be the same policies that YSR started but each one should be made clear repeatedly to the people.
      I think Bharathi garu should carry on with the Padyatra till Sharmila is back.
      We need to keep the momentum going.

      • Gopi

        PRP splitting cong votes is definitely true in coastal andhra and districts like nellore. See PRP won nellore town seat with 98 votes while cong was in 2 nd place and TDP was way back at 3rd place. This is traditionally congress seat. No need to say how cong vote bank can be split in a big way in coastal andhra.. Thousands of kapu voters are traditional congress voters.

        I personally feel Ramoji and TDP did a good job by rubbing on people mind’s that PRP helped congress. But ysr mentioned in his secret letter to manmohan that PRP split a big percentage of congress votes and we need to merge him in to congress to win 40 MP seats in 2014.

        Let TDP believe in this euphoria.. 2014 will show their place and where babu stands against YSR and Jagan’s charisma. No need to mention balayya because he is worth nothing in our region.

    • Anand

      So you are saying we should lie to come to power? Where are your scruples? If CBN eats faeces should we also do the same?

  2. recover soon sharmila garu… eager to see what is next step of our party

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