Rest in peace Sri Kiran Kumar Reddy Garu

Sri Kiran Kumar Reddy

Sri KKR was one of 

  • Key Personal Secrataries of YSR during his regime.
  • Was Known for his service mindedness and high level of ethical behaviour.
  • Was known for his lack of interest in the corrupt practices generally prevalent in power lobbies.
  • Was the Chief Architect of the Arogyasri scheme.
  • After the stupendous success of Arogyasri and before YSR died, Sri KKR gave a presentation of other wonderful thoughts and schemes he had in mind , to YSR. YSR asked him to further work on it.
  • Was the treasurer of YSRCP till his last breath.
  • Was a Chartered Accountant by profession.
  • His wife is from Pulivendula and his association with YSR started from then on.
  • While working on CM relief fund related activities during YSR regime, people from across the state with various diseases etc used to come meet him in CM peshi. He used to think ‘God .. Please pass some of their suffering to me’.He used to say ‘Looks like God heard me’ after he came to know that he had cancer.
  • Jagan Anna and Vijayamma Garu helped him a lot by assisting him in his treatment of the cancer, abroad.
  • Rest in peace Sri Kiran Kumar Reddy Garu.


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6 responses to “Rest in peace Sri Kiran Kumar Reddy Garu

  1. NLR

    Sometimes GOD tests our strength and some people give up and some dont despite many hurdles and difficult sacrifices along the path.
    It is testing time for JAGAN and YSRCP and everyone knows that ours is a never give up attitude and we are on the Right path so I am sure GOD will appreciate this soon.

    RIP …KKR garu.

  2. CVReddy

    Kiran Anna I knew…….

    A perfect gentleman, an honest human being, a faithful YSR follower, a dedicated YSRCP party worker, an unflinching friend of mine, a dear big brother of mine and several others. His passing away is a loss, not only to his friends and YSRCP but to the society in general. My eyes are wet as I write this article, and I am sure several other eyes are too. He is someone who you want him – a father, a husband, an uncle, a brother, and a friend. And someone, who should control a helpless poor man’s destiny, as he was in-charge of YSR’s most popular program, Arogya Sree that suited his compassionate personality. He was at the forefront of the program, helping everyone that needed the government’s help from their depths of despair, when they get sick and there was no self-help.

    Kiran Kumar Reddy Palicherla was born into a small farming family of Damara Madugu, Nellore district. He was a Charted Accountant by profession. YSR was the one that prodded him to get married to a girl from his native place, Balapanur. Kiran’s association started with YSR that day and continued past YSR’s death. I spent a lot of time with Kiran in Houston, TX, while he was getting treated for cancer in MD Anderson hospital. He was hopeful that he would continue to serve poor, but he often used to mention that he did do his best with what God had given him. He reminisced his experiences with YSR and felt proud. He told me that his 25 years of association with YSR was good enough for him to move on to another world.

    I met him first time in Hyderabad in YSRCP Central office. I always had lot of regard for him the moment I saw him and it continued till his death. The times I spent with in Hyderabad and in Houston are very close to my heart. I always believed that he would come out of his sickness and soar like a phoenix. But, alas he left several of his friends to sadness, and YSRCP, in the hour of need. I know that several thousand friends will miss him, along with Jagan, who always would inquire of Kiran’s health with anyone that meets him.

    I will always cherish fond memories of Kiran anna. Besides several long hours that I spent with him in YSRCP offices, I spent a lot more time with him in Houston. I was there to pick up and drop him off the last time he was in the US. I will miss his kindness, his passion to help the needy, his friendship, and his faithfulness to YSR and Jagan.

    May God rest his soul in peace!

    —- Gurava Reddy, Atlanta

  3. vissu

    Kiran Reddy gaari aathma ku saanti kalagaalani korukuntunnaamu…

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