Vayalar stumps Seemandhra Ministers


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27 responses to “Vayalar stumps Seemandhra Ministers

  1. CVReddy

    Hyderabad’s status is key to ‘final solution’-Times

    Hyderabad is also a key destination for IT and ITeS companies and it is also known as the bulk drug and pharma capital of India because of the large number of drug companies located in the metropolitan area.

    Hyderabad accounts for IT/ITES exports of Rs 45,000 crore and bulk drug and pharma exports of Rs 20,000 crore annually. Engineering and other exports contribute another Rs 15,000 crore annually. The overall exports from this metropolitan region come to Rs 80,000 crore a year. Thetremendous growth in industrial, business, trade and export activities in Hyderabad has made it one of the top cities that generate huge revenues to the state and the Union government. Hyderabad metropolitan region generates Rs 45,000 crore towards state revenues and Rs 35,000 crore towards central revenues every year. The total tax yield from Hyderabad thus works out to Rs 80,000 crore annually.

    Hyderabad is home to 40 lakh people from coastal Andhra/Rayalaseema regions and other parts of the country.

  2. Sekar

    Do you agree for separate Hyderabad state? Or Telangana without Hyderabad? People of Hyderabad don’t seem to be interested joining Telangana.

    • pareddy

      Dirty Politics played by Both regions politicians, why we need seperate telangana ?. what u r gng to achieve ?. If really telangana is backward why can’t we develope.? what politicians in telangana doing here till now ? . Presently world is gng towards globalization but still we are fighting for seperate state?. Personally I prefer developement then seperate.
      I am also from telangana only.

    • Sekar, there is no problem if Hyderabadis want to separate from Telangana. Let them decide on their own without nudging/lobbying etc. from Andhras.

      I am an asli Hyderabadi myself. I believe Hyderabad will collapse in no time if it separates from Telangana. Sudesh Rambhotla may be happy drinking Tankbund water & groping in the dark but I don’t 🙂

      • sharath

        Telagana nunchi hyderabad etu podu.. kodhi mandi untaru alage.. vallaki sync avadaniki time padthadi.. once they know its as usual ante they will be fine british kinde undadam better independence kante anukune barathiyulu kuda unde.. valla kosam swatantram poratam manesthama.. @parareddy: I know dirty politics is being played by many parties.. but does not matter telangana realization is important than how it comes.. Do you know why telangana movement is being fought if not there is a document on internet.

        • Ram

          Sharath – Please share the above document link if you have it handy.

          • sharath

            I could not find the one i read. I found an another one. This is written by telangana professor so it will be biased for sure. There will be counter arguments as well but people of telangana never wanted to merge to form AP and they feel the same now.

            • Ravi

              Sharath/pareddy/All, Everyone have there opinion and i think we need to respect each other personally. we may have differences in our opinion but that should not create barriers between us. Separate State or United State should not affect our daily life. Please do not try to provocate each other. My opinion in any matter do not blindly follow someone, Have your own judgement but please take input from your assumed leader. Thanks.

              • sharath

                Thanks ravi garu.. i liked the way you addressed giving space to each ones opinion. each one can have different opinion but party anna tharvatha okka nidhistamina alochana vidhanam undali.. mana party stand enti.. memu sentiment ni gauravistham annaru.. anthe deeni artham enti.. okka vela telangana isthe.. ysrcp nunchi e abhyantaramu undadha?

  3. Kareem

    అవధులు లేని యెల్లో రాజకీయాలు
    లగడపాటి కావూరి రాయపాటి దగ్గుపాటి రేణుక చౌదరి వీరంతా కాంగ్రెస్ లో నే ఉంటారు కాని TDP పనులు చేస్తారు వీరి ఉద్దేశం TDP అధికారం లో ఉన్న వారి ఇరిఉరి పనులు జరగాలి అలాగే కాంగ్రెస్ అధికారం లో ఉన్న వారి పనులు జరగాలి ఉదాహరణకి చంద్ర బాబు పైన CBI విచారణ అలాగే లగడపాటి సోదరుని పైన CBI విచారణ నుంచి తప్పిస్తే ఏ మాత్రం TDP లో చలనం లేదు ఇప్పుడు లగడపాటి CBN ను అడ్డుకుంట అనటం వెనుక రాజకీయం ఏమిటో తెలుసా CBN యాత్ర మరింత Focus చెయ్యటం Publicity చెయ్యటం ఇది yellow రాజకీయం అంటే గమనిస్తున్నార బ్రదర్స్.

    • Adnan


      We can ignore their dramas. A yatra which does not have any importance and response, they want to highlight hand give publicity.

  4. CVReddy

    హెరిటేజ్ మహా మోసం!
    టీడీపీ అధినేత చంద్రబాబునాయుడు కుటుంబసభ్యులకు చెందిన హెరిటేజ్ డెయిరీ రైతులను నిలువునా ముంచేస్తోంది.

  5. CVReddy

    As per CNN-IBN, Mulayam,jayalalitha,mamatha,Maywati,Sharad Pawar and Jagan Reddy would have major say in national politics.

  6. sharath

    Nice at last telangana is becoming a reality.. prathaksham ga kakuna parokosham ga aina jagan is helping telanagana cause..

    • nlr2014

      I think that this is just a gameplan from the HC to distract Telugu people .
      The outcome is more violence and more loss of life so that they can find an excuse for President’s rule and postpone elections.
      Let us see how the UPA handles it.

        • sharath

          Giving telangana is win win situation for both not sure why people from andhra from 39.50 to 45.00.. comments from r narayana murthy on telangana.. he is from andhra settelled in hyderabad

          • nlr2014

            @sharath ..

            There are brothers who fight to seperate (eg : reliance)
            There are brothers who hate to seperate (eg: hinduja’s)
            There are brothers who kill each other to seperate (eg : chadha’s)

            All of them have their own reasons ,so no one knows who is right or who is wrong .
            What hurts is that the decision to seperate Telugu people is in the hands of the Italian’s and not even Indian’s !!

            • Rakesh

              Well said Nlr
              Just to get few MP seats , 1.1/2 Italian divides our state

            • sharath

              Its not in any one hands.. mana chetulone undhi.. we are forcing center in to taking a decision.. since its not a state subject the decision has to come from center.. I want to really know why people from andhra are against the formation of it just few politicians tricks or is it people who are opposing?

              • Manu Reddy

                @ Sharath,
                If you think people of Telangana are for separation,then people from Seemandhra are against bifurcation….If its a politically motivated one in your region,then its also same here.I think you got the answer.

  7. CVReddy

    Are we looking at a Rahul versus Modi fight in 2014?

    Watch after 21 Min and 35 Min.

    Can Rahul take on Jagan Reddy in AP?

    Jayalalitha, Mamtha, Mulayam, Mayawati, Sharad pawr and Jagan Reddy will decide the next PM of India.

    There was no mention of Chandra Babu. Even Reliance TV CNN-IBN has not considered Chandra Babu as a key player in next elections.

  8. CVReddy

    Mr. Ravi was quoted as telling these Ministers that the Jagan factor was strong in Seemandhra while the pro-Telangana sentiment still prevailed. “Telangana Congress leaders have promised us 16 out of 17 Lok Sabha seats in Telangana, if a separate State is carved out. Can you also give us a similar assurance if State is not divided?” he is believed to have asked the Ministers reminding them that it was on the strength of 33 MPs from Andhra Pradesh that the UPA rode back to power.

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