తెలంగాణ ను జగన్ కోణంలో చూస్తారా!



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62 responses to “తెలంగాణ ను జగన్ కోణంలో చూస్తారా!

    • CVReddy

      A “silent wave” reportedly in favour of YSR Congress president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy even in Telangana region has become a cause for concern.

  1. nlr2014

    Mahatma Gandhi – “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win”.


  2. nlr2014

    The Itch is so hard to resist for Patcha kamerla group.


    All of them will be burried by Telugu people next year.

  3. CVReddy

    జయప్రద: జగన్‌కు యస్, బాబుకు నో వెనుక!
    ప్రస్తుతం జగన్ హవా కొనసాగుతుండటం, ఎన్నికలు ఎప్పుడు జరిగినా వైయస్సార్ కాంగ్రెసు పార్టీయే అధికారంలోకి వస్తుందన్న సర్వే రిపోర్టుల నేపథ్యంలో ఆమె జగన్ వైపు వెళ్లేందుకు సిద్ధమైనట్లుగా కనిపిస్తోందని అంటున్నారు.


  4. vissu

    http://andhrabhoomi.net/content/murder… PACS elections lo congress chetagaanitanaaniki paraakaashta…

  5. CVReddy

    Cong ties up with TDP for co-op polls. Times

    Vijayawada: Elections to the cooperative societies have unfolded an entirely different political picture in the state as the ruling Congress party is not hesitating to align with any of its political rivals in order to take the drivers seat at the elections.
    The Congress leaders have openly joined hands with the main opposition, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) at many places.

    According to sources, Congress leaders openly joined hands with TDP leaders at the field level in most of the districts to prevent the entry of YSRCP. Sources said Congress and TDP leaders came to an understanding to share the posts of directors of primary agriculture cooperative societies depending on their strength.

    TDP will not hesitate to join hands with the Congress nominees to prevent the YSRCP to walk about with honours before the next general elections.

  6. vissu

    http://andhrabhoomi.net/content/politics… “telugu congress” chese kummakku raajakeeyaalaku ucha poyistunna Peddireddy..

  7. sharath

    nuvvu eppudu chadvali.. nuvvu eppudu artham cheskovali.. 2014 vachi pothadi.. opposition lo koorchovadaniki kuda undhadhu

  8. sharath

    http://greatandhra.com/viewnews.php?id=43670&cat=15&scat=16 . The death of YSR lifted the hopes of trs leader but the real reason behind the rise of telangana movement was some vested interests who want to weaken rosaih govt instigated KCR to take to street not expecting that he will turn in to major force.

  9. NLR

    Now this guy wants another state !!


    Our state is in a mess after the loss of the Legend.

  10. rohit

    Cong cooking a recipe for disaster- timesofindia -Syed Amin Jafri
    For the last one month, the Congress high command has been cooking up a ‘recipe for disaster’ for their party in Andhra Pradesh. Whether the high command actually comes up with an announcement on the Telangana statehood issue or defers the decision for the nth time is immaterial. The damage is already done. Whichever way you look at it, the party leadership in Delhi seems to have raised the temperatures on either side of the political divide in the state with Telangana protagonists and Samaikyandhra supporters mounting relentless pressure to clinch the decision in their favour.
    There are tell-tale indications that the high command itself is virtually divided on the issue. The core committee—and its extended list of invitees—is split on what needs to be done to wriggle out of the intractable situation. The core of the issue, in the eyes of the high command, is not whether they should deliver on their promise of Telangana statehood or decide in favour of keeping the state intact. All that they are bothered about is the number of seats that the Congress can get in the next general elections from the state if they take the decision one way or the other.
    If they carve out Telangana, how many LS seats that they can get from the region, and what can be the impact on the party’s prospects in the Seemandhra region? If they keep the state united, what is the number of LS seats that they can get from both the regions? These are the calculations that are being taken into reckoning and not the sentiments of the people. And, there is not much of a bother on what is the likely shape of the Assembly when the next elections are held and not much thought is given to whether the party can retain power in the state or not. UPA-III is all that matters.
    In the 1999 Lok Sabha polls, TDP-BJP alliance had contributed 36 seats from AP to NDA kitty, enabling A B Vajpayee to retain power. In 2004, Congress forged UPA as a post-poll alliance to wrest power from NDA, thanks to the 36 seats that Congress-led alliance bagged in AP. The Congress also stormed to power in the state, edging out the TDP, by securing 226 seats for the alliance that included TRS, CPI and CPM. In 2009, the Congress contested alone and bagged 33 Lok Sabha seats in AP while TDP-led Grand Alliance could get only 8 seats. In the simultaneous Assembly polls, however, theCongress tally dropped to 156, with the Grand Alliance bagging 107 seats.
    Now, for the UPA to perform a hat-trick in the next general elections, at least 30 to 35 seats are required to be won from AP. This looks like a tall order, considering the messy situation that the Congress in the state finds itself in.Despite Jagan cooling his heels in jail for months, the Congress is not able to recover from the deadly blow dealt by YSR Congress. The Congress government in the state is surviving literally at the mercy of Jagan. The moment he comes out of jail, it will totter. The prospects for the Congress in the next general elections look equally grim. The bypoll results in Seemandhra in the last two years have shown that the Jagan juggernaut is unstoppable With 50 per cent of popular votes in its kitty, YSRCP is sitting pretty.
    In Telangana region, the situation is somewhat different. As of now, TDP seems to be in a better position than TRS here-.Though its presence has not been felt in Telangana so far, YSRCP is in better shape than the Congress in the region. This is the scenario because T sentiment is not so strong in six districts—Hyderabad, Rangareddy, Mahbubnagar, Nalgonda, Medak and Khammam districts—compared to the other four districts of north Telangana—Adilabad, Nizamabad, Warangal and Karimnagar. So, it is a question of weighing the gains. Are six seats in four districts greater than 36 seats in the remaining 19 districts? That is the Congress high command’s dilemma!

  11. sharath

    case la medha stay lani thirige nayakulani chusam kani.. cycle medha ipatiki thirige 5 time former mla gummadi narasiah chusi shock ayya. very sad to know that in 2009 congress and tdp kumakyai intha manchi nayakudini odichanru.. ilanti nayakulani e party lo unna gelpichukovalsina responisbility manadi.. watch at the end in part2 koothuriki sifarish tho okka job ipichali ane alochana kuda ledhu.. salam anna…

  12. Adnan

    Telangana, back to square again.

    No clarity in Azad’s media message. Action left on T Congress leaders

  13. CVReddy

    Latest Famous Delhi Agency Survey:
    YSRCP would get 157 seats out of 175 in Seemandhra and 27 out of 117 In Telnagana. Seats in T may be increased depending on T decision.

    • Gopi

      I only hope n pray god that ysrcp forms govt without any alliances in the state. That’s the real tribute to ysr. I am sure of at least 9 out of 10 in Nellore district. In 2009, tdp profited with prp vote split and this time, tdp will be shown its place.

      • sekar

        My guess:
        Seema + Nellore & Prakasam (About 75 seats) LO 80 to 90% seats gelusthundi anukontunna.
        Rest of andhra (about 100 seats) lo average gaa 50% – 70% undochu

    • sharath

      Its will worst to see TRS getting seats. Since jagan is a new entrant it will be interesting to see.I am more concerned with the trend the regional parties are occupying more space in indian politics. Already with so many parties like BSP, SP, DMK, AIADMK, akalidal, TMC etc influencing national decisions as per their own needs than in the interest of the whole nation. Perfect example: Mamatha banarjee as a railway minister. Just to win elections gave more trains to bengal.. did not rise ticket prices to keep her pro image hurting the whole infrastructure of railways. Other countries like china are connecting remote places and have trains that run at high speeds improving their economy. Also BSP and sp opposing FDI in retail but voting in favour of fdi.. what a shame

  14. sharath

    what a smile.. first thing i miss about ysr is his smile http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9H8dsXCmzo

  15. vissu

    http://telugu.greatandhra.com/politics/jan2013/vanda_ysrcp_26.php … good one..hope our party exceeds the expectaions of political observers…

    • sharath

      swartha rajakeyala kosam rastranni brastu patincharu.. malli rastram kosam prajalakosame jeevithani ankitham ane build up.. loosing YSR was a loss to entire state.. JAI YSR

  16. NLR

    An excellent article …


    The difference between a Pseudogandhi and a Son of Indian soil.
    The people will decide next year.
    Jai JAGAN ….Johar YSR.

  17. seemandhralo congress ki seatlu raavu kabatti telangana state ni ichi atleast akkada majority seats win avvalani congress plan idhi andharaki telustuna undhi but telangana ichina congress gelustundhi anna nammakam ledhu

  18. Gopi

    Wait for few more months Anna. We are close to hit two birds at a shot

    • Karthik

      It looks like wait is going to be for more than an year. Not enough MLAs are coming out to topple to the government. And as long as this government is in power at the center, Jagan won’t be granted a bail. Only 2014 elections will change all this.

      • Karthik

        It may be a better bet to attract Congresss MPs like Sai Pratap and Sabbam Hari in AP and negotiate with Mulayam Singh, Sharad Pawar etc. and try to topple the union government.

  19. nlr2014

    All roads lead to YSRCP.
    Perni Nani joins YSRCP.


    Every time the court rejects bail ..an MLA joins us !!
    The Countdown for the crooks.

  20. sekar

    Supreme court asking Jagan not to apply for Bail until the investigation is complete.
    But supreme court does not set any deadline for CBI to complete investigation
    CBI says Congress government is the reason for the delay in the investigation but they dont have guts to take any action or approach court for the delay.
    So it means, Congress Government – CBI can keep their opponents as long as they want?

    THat means you have power means….you have everything !

    Long Live Indian Democracy !

    • 31st dec dead line pettaru kada ?

      • Karthik

        The issue of not imposing a deadline was a self goal by Jagan’s counsel. The oral orders came with a March 31st deadline but Gopal Subrahmanyam said setting a deadline may prevent it from getting over earlier and deny an opportunity to seek bail earlier. It was obvious to everybody except Jagan’s counsel that CBI is trying to delay as much as possible and a March 31st deadline by SC would help a lot! Look at some of the accused in judicial remands like Madhu Koda or Gali, they have been there for years and the courts aren’t granting bail and CBI isn’t completing the investigation.

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