Sharmila challenges TDP’s claim


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14 responses to “Sharmila challenges TDP’s claim

  1. sharath

    chii tdp e rastram lo matladadaniki vadhinchukovatniki samasalye lenattu.. ee operation gola endhi ra..

  2. CVReddy

    శంకరరావు కబ్జా కేసులో టిడిపి మాట్లడదా!

  3. CVReddy

    నడవటానికి బాబు కు మూడ్ రావట్లేదు.

    Poor Response-Hindu

    తొలిరోజే పలుచపడ్డ జనము.AndhraBhoomi.
    పాతికవేలు వస్తారని టీడీపి నాయకులూ అంచనావేయగా, వారి అంచనాలు లక్రిండులయ్యాయి.
    కార్యకర్తలు,జనము కలిపి కేవలము 5 వేల లోపే హాజరయ్యారు.

  4. NLR

    This is the difference between YSR’s padyatra in scorching sun and Babu’s padyatra in winter !!!

    • sharath

      very nice innovation from venkatesh.. u will njoy reading the artilcle

      • Adnan

        Nice innovation???
        I think these caps are already in market by different vendors. Sometime back one manufacturer kept a stall in my office along with other solar products. It was available in other countries from long time back.

        Not to belittle engineering graduate efforts…but the it is not the innovation. Its the TDP way of saying, like CBN invented mobiles in india, IT is discovered by CBN in india. 🙂

        • sharath

          I did not know that its already in market.. my comment was purely based on article.. i am amazed on thought on having a small fan in the cap run by solar cells 🙂

  5. CVReddy

    No-confidence motion against Andhra Pradesh government: BJP to support, YSR Congress demands TDP stand

  6. CVReddy

    ‘దేశం’లో భగ్గుమన్న విభేదాలు

    • CVReddy

      Fragile alliances

      Key Points:

      Looking at the possible alliance patterns after votes in the 2014 general elections have been counted, three scenarios emerge.

      I predict that the Congress will get 140 seats, the BJP 130 seats and the regional parties 270 seats. This last block of seats is likely to be split into three major groups led by Mulayam Singh Yadav, J. Jaya­lalithaa and the third one by Nitish Kumar, Mamata Banerjee, Maya­wati and Jagan Mohan Reddy.

      In Andhra Pradesh, the YSR Congress will do well in both Rayalseema and the coastal areas…………………..

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