Muddu bites dust, retracts charge against Sharmila


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12 responses to “Muddu bites dust, retracts charge against Sharmila

  1. kalli

    Can we have the constituency wise analysis.????…cos many of my friends working in government has given different reports….some of the constituencies we were very strong and and in some we had very tough fight….and in some we are loosing due to different reasons….so i think it is better to have analysis of each and every constituency and rectify the mistakes and should send the message to higher levels….what do you say brothers…………

    • nlr2014

      Pls do not worry. People have already made up their mind to vote for YSRCP. Nothing can change this now. Infact we will also win a good number of seats in T region as well. We will form the govt next year. All the national reports are in favour of YSRCP.

  2. NLR

    Day 62 …Prajaprasthanam

    Neerajanam continues in Nalgonda .

  3. Adnan

    Its better Gali to stop inquiring on others medical treatments.

    If you have enough time, please inquire details about your party leader’s health.

  4. sharath

    what kind of a person is JP in politics.. is jp corrupt or not

  5. 4thaugust1932

    Barking Dogs Never Bite.

  6. CVReddy

    శంకరరావు కబ్జా కేసులో టిడిపి మాట్లడదా!

  7. CVReddy

    షర్లిల సవాల్ -వెనక్కి తగ్గిన గాలి

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