ఏ టీవీలు ఎవరివో జనాలకు తెలీదా!



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31 responses to “ఏ టీవీలు ఎవరివో జనాలకు తెలీదా!

  1. Ed adjucating authority orders and anduloni matalu entha darunam ga unnayi. Asalu evaraina labham pondina dhanikanta ekkuva ela lancham istharu anedhi pattichukoru ala buddhi unnavarevaru ivvaru kadha. kaani congress govt chepinnatle orders istunnaru. Mari intha darunam. medak entha backward area andhulo industries petti jobs istha appreciate cheyakunda ila caselu pettadam kutra chesaru anadam darumam.vallaki nijam gaa emi anipinchada kevalam jagan meedha kaksha tho rashtra bavishyattu mariyu upadhi avakaslni nasenam chestunnaru ani.chaala badaga undhi Andhrapradesh develop avvalani Hyderabad lo matrame kakunda migilina districts lo kuda development jaragali ani backward areas lo industries vachi akkada vallaki jobs ravali ani ysr garu chesina prayatnanni kutra anadam ayena doshi anadam chaala badha kaligistundhi.asalu oka backward area lo industry pedathanu ante land entha takkuvaku isthe maatram enti apiic ki 8 crores takkuva dabbu vachindhi loss vachindhi antunnaru arabindo hetero vallaki land ivvakunda unte 8 crores tho govt entha mandiki jobs ivvagaladhu enta mandhini adukogalaru velamandiki upadhi dorukutunnapudu govt 8 crores takkuva ki land ivvadam tappa? gujarat lo chaala development jarigindhi ani cheppukuntam akkada lands free ga istunnaru and ithara desala adyakushulu kuda india vachi industries pettamani lands mariyu itara facilities istham antunnaru and president pranab,primeminister kuda industries pettamani industries pedethene jobs vasthayi and develop avundhi country ani chebutaru mari andhrapradesh development kosam backward arealo oka 75 acres isthe matram kutra antaru caselu pedataru entha anyayam.

  2. CVR Murthy

    Terrorists Attack

    Terrorism is some thing which comes at your door unannounced and no amount of vigil will help. Considering , our geological issues , we are vulnerable than most other countries.

    The most and the least we can do is be vigilant all the time, do not create conducive conditions . People should have confidence and there is a fear of law.

    If the home minister of the country , comes out and says, we do know but we could not stop, It shatters the confidence of the people .

    The way politicians competed with each other yesterday, make one feel sick. They have obstructed the work of the medical teams and investigators
    Media is no exception. I am afraid, they need to have basic sense,

    Muslims in India are as patriotic as any one else . However, the frustrated elements do create trouble. The popular Muslim leaders (Like many leaders of other sections,) try very hard to keep the levels of frustration at high point. unfortunately, the vote bank politics, have encouraged them . Successive leaders including YSR have soft-pedaled the issue.

    I hope and pray this attitude changes and YSRCP, takes this in to account. Politicians should play positive role in the development of Muslims but should not play any role in the development of disruptive Muslim leaders , in fact that hold good for any other community.

  3. CVReddy

    టీడీపి ని యధేచ్చగా వాడుకోవడమే!

  4. sharath

    bomb blast in hyderabad.. really sad and scary..

    • NLR

      Yes. Very sad news. Innocent people being killed for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.
      A handful of idiots trying to disturb the harmony among people and they will never succeed.

  5. Simhapuri .....!

    Heard there was a bomb blast in Hyd Disshuk Nagar Bus top area… hope all are safe.

  6. CVReddy

    బాబూ! ‘సైకిలు’ దిగుతారా?

  7. CVReddy

    చక్రము తిప్పిన బాబు


  8. తల్లి భాషే తలమానికం


  9. NLR

    The longer they they hit us the stronger we grow ..YS Vijayamma garu.


    YSRCP will rule for the next 20 years or more.

  10. nlr2014

    With Sairaj joining YSRCP …TDP’s MLA’s in Srikakulam – 0
    Once upon a time called tdp kanchukota.


    The fact that these TDP MLA’s are joining us itself shows that they have lost confidence in Babu and are going by the views of the local people who matter in a general election.
    Lokesh keeps tweeting ..Babu keeps walking ..YSRCP keeps winning.


      I m a resident of SKLM dist.There is a strong wave in public towards YSRCP but lacks leadership to turn them into votes.Need a leader who can guide cader n other leaders

    • sekar

      Its a matter of having few MP seats. Same ED, same samstha lu ee custody thooch. By mistake jarigindi ani.
      It happened before for others. It will happen again. Out of this Jagan’s firm properties are about Rs14.5 crores

      • will it impact for jagan bail after march 31st ( supreme court dead line ) ?

        • sekar

          CBI final chargesheet file chesthe they have no choice other than releasing him until the court hearings are finished and verdict is declared.

        • sekar

          But I remember CBI saying that they don’t have any deadlines. It is CBI who said they will finish by end March. But court only said until final chargesheet is filed dont apply for the bail. So CBI may play tricks and may seek more time and drag the case further.

        • Ravi

          patience guys. why to derive conclusions? ED and courts are government organizations and we expected the same with respect to the attachment. ED issued attachment long time back AND this is just a confirmation of it. I think ED’s point will be the case is still in investigation and we need to attach the property. I think this is fair statement to ask and we do not need to get panicked. Let the final charge-sheet out on the Feb end and the trail starts and I know nothing can be proven in this case.

          • sekar

            Did CBI say the final charge sheet is going to be filed end Feb? Recently in High Court they gave excuse saying state government is not cooperating. Nor I remember courts giving deadline for the chargesheet except that they asked CBI to file as soon as possible,

    • NLR

      Nothing is bad news for us. All this will boomerang on the cong and tdp.
      If they delay Jagans release by crook tactics then it is only going to make matters worse for the Todu dongalu. Whatever they do is only for the next 12 months and then they will beg for mercy for the rest of their life.

  11. CVReddy

    చిత్తూరులో మాచ్ ఫిక్సింగ్ నిజమే-అమాస

    తెలుగుదేశం పార్టీ సహకారంతోనే తాను చిత్తూరు జిల్లా సహకార బ్యాంక్ ఛైర్మన్ పదవిని గెలుచుకున్నానని కొత్తగా ఆ బ్యాంక్ ఛైర్మన్ అయిన అమాస రాజశేఖరరెడ్డి అంగీకరించినట్లు కధనాలు వస్తున్నాయి.


  12. CVReddy


    Panchayat polls on non-party basis as Congress avoids exposure risk.


    However, the real reasons for the state government opting for non-party basis for panchayats, according to political observers, is that the ruling party is not sure of where it stands in villages, given the migrations from Congress to its new political rival YSR Congress.

    Congress fears that it would be exposed if the elections for village panchayats are fought on party-basis. As it does not want people to know about its strength or weakness in villages, it had stuck to the old practice of elections on non-party basis, observers say.

    Further, it will also leave the Congress enough room to manoeuver and manipulate. In other words, it will help them buy off potential candidates before elections and winners after elections, they observed.

    Naidu accused the Congress of trying to manipulate the results like it did in the recently concluded cooperative elections.

    Meanwhile, an opposition leader dismissed the cooperative election results as not significant.

    They are not a barometer to know the political leanings of people as they are closed elections. Only the members of Primary Agriculture Cooperative Societies take part in voting and the membership to those societies is determined by officials, who go by the ruling party’s suggestions on who should be taken as members, he explained.

  13. CVR Murthy

    YSRCP has to organize the party office . They need to generate papers on all current affairs and issues. They should coordinate with offices across the state . The team should have good research facilities. Need to appoint persons with academic record. They should be focus on back office work.

    The media management team should work with official spokes persons and field the best persons for the topic.

  14. CVReddy

    Latest Survey Done by Famous National Agency:

    I came to know about Krishna District survey through one Krishna District English Reporter.

    YSRCP: 53%:
    TDP: 27%
    Congress: 17%

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