TDP waits again on no-trust move till Congress consolidates its position


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13 responses to “TDP waits again on no-trust move till Congress consolidates its position

  1. Joshua

    I hope the outcome of the no-confidence motion this time is going to be one of the two:
    1. The government collapses.
    2. TDP MLAs support Congress openly in the floor of the house thus giving up their claim on anti-incumbency votes.

    I hope it doesn’t happen like last time. Some YSRCP supporters like MLA Dwarampudi Chandrashekar Reddy openly voted in favor of Congress govt. last time. Today even Dwarampudi is demanding that the no confidence motion should be introduced. I hope they vote against the government this time.

  2. sharath

    MLC’s, MLA’s, no confidence motions, CM post’s ive mana AP leaders ki kavali… babli project water abhe maku vatiki gurinchi avasram ledhu.. parajala kallalo kaneelu unte chalu.. avi thoodchadam ane vaghdanalatho ootlu aa tharvatha.. aa tharvtha andhariki telsinde kada

  3. CVReddy

    Council poll: Scramble for TDP ticket.

    Key Points:

    Former Assembly speaker K Pratibha Bharati, ex-ministers Kadiyam Srihari and Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy and several others who are not sure of winning the 2014 Assembly elections are persuading their boss to consider them for a seat in the Council.

    Naidu might be exuding confidence that his party would sweep the general election next year and regain power in the state but his comrades seem to be skeptical about their party’s winning chances.

    Therefore, several leaders have set their sights on Council seats which would provide them an opportunity to be in the House for six long years irrespective of the political outcome of the 2014 Assembly elections.

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