TDP maintainse silence on 45 acre mining lease allotment to NR Minerals


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    • Ram

      Formalin found, sale of 3 milk brands banned

      Commissioner asks Tamil Nadu to inspect dairy plants

      The Food Safety Commissioner has banned the sale of three brands of milk brought into the State from Tamil Nadu for a month, after formalin or formaldehyde, a chemical preservative, was detected in the milk samples analysed at the Government Analysts Lab here.

      The Food Safety Commissioner has written to his counterpart in Chennai to immediately inspect the dairy plants concerned and take “punitive action against the offenders as the public health of both States are involved”.

      The milk brands which were found to contain formalin are Heritage-Padmanabha, pasteurised, homogenised, standardised milk from Heritage Food (India) Ltd. in Dindigul district in Tamil Nadu; Jeshma Milk, from Sofia Raja Milk, Vadakkankulam, Tirunelveli; and Maima, from Maima Milk Plant at Arulvaimozhi, Kanyakumari.

      Formalin, a chemical used to preserve tissues for biological and histopathological examinations, is added to milk to retain its freshness and prevent it from spoiling. It is a human carcinogen listed by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

      The chemical was detected in the milk samples which were collected by the food safety officers from the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border check-posts, as part of an intensive drive by the food safety special squads to ensure the safety of various food items being brought into the State from Tamil Nadu during the festival season.

      Public cautioned

      The Food Safety Commissioner cautioned the public against using other milk products in the same brand names, without testing these properly.

      The Commissioner also issued a directive to all food safety officers to collect samples of cotton candy (also known as Bombay Sweet) from across the State immediately and to send these for analysis, after an inspection conducted on the Shanghumughom beach here revealed that cotton candy was coloured with Rhodamine B, a chemical dye.

      He said prosecution, levying of fine, and other legal measures would be adopted against those who tried to sell banned food items in the State.

      The public should inform the Food Safety Commissioner’s office if they came across any food item with artificial colouring being sold openly.

    • Ram

      Hope similar testing is done in AP for consumer protection

  1. Indrasena

    సత్తెనపల్లి లో ప్రత్యర్ధుల కి రాంబాబు గారి చేతిలో డిపాజిట్లు వచ్చినా గొప్పే. అసలు గుంటూరు లో 18 కి 18 సీట్లు వస్తాయి చూడండి .

  2. Indrasena

    ప్రస్తుతం ఉన్న కాంగ్రెస్ ,తెలుగు దేశం లను ఓడించడానికి మగాళ్ళు అవసరం లేదు అనుకుంటా. YS ఫామిలీ లో ఆడవాళ్ళు ఈ రెండు పార్టీ లను శంకర గిరి మాన్యాలు పట్టిస్తారు. పనికి రాని ప్రభుత్వం, అంతకన్నా పనికిరాని ప్రధాన ప్రతిపక్షం. తూ చరిత్రలో ఇంత కన్నా అసమర్ధపు ఎదవలని ఇంక మనము చూడలేము

    • Ravi

      Sorry to say, We do not want to compare ladies and gents. Sharmilakka and Vijamma are doing there best with tremendous amount of energy and they are very competitive.

      • Indrasena

        మై బాడ్ ..ఐ యాం సారీ ..ఏదో అవతల పార్టీ వాళ్ళని గేలి చెయ్యాలని తలంపుతో అన్న నా మాటలు తొందరపాటు గా ఉన్నాయి. షర్మిల గారిని ,విజయమ్మ గారిని తక్కువ చెయ్యాలని కాదు నా మాటలు .నా మాటలు వెనక్కి తీసుకుంటున్నాను

  3. vissu… night shift paadayaatra lanta…. lol…. idi gaane cheste nijam gaa baffoon avutaadu baabu …. aaru noorainaa Sharmilamma day time lo chestene value untundi… takkuva dooramainaa day time ke preference ivvadame melu…

  4. NLR

    Day 81 ….Prajaprasthanam…Neerajanam.

    Dharna in Satenapalli against Powercuts.

  5. CVReddy

    సర్కారు బాబుల ఖ‘నిజ’ప్రేమ
    బాబు అనుయాయులకు చెందిన ప్రయివేటు సంస్థకు కాంగ్రెస్ సర్కారు నజరానా

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