Congress attacked from all parts over CBI raid

CBI raids: PM, Union Ministers on denial-spree

Is CBI being used, abused and misused for political vendetta?


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16 responses to “Congress attacked from all parts over CBI raid

  1. venkat

    Hi fnds ee roju sakshi lo padhayatra pi oka saong vachindhi hasthanni addupetti apaleru suryudini evari daggara ayina aa song video unte post chestahra pls

  2. sharath

    Amazing video.. need to appreciate him for taking up the responsibility

  3. CVR Murthy

    When Mr.Alla Nani and Mr.Sujaya krishna Rao. submitted resignations to Speaker, He did not accept them under the pretext, that frequent by elections would adversely impact governance and not in the interest of democracy. Is he going to eat his words now? .

  4. NLR

    All roads lead to YSRCP.

    The fact that MLA’s even from Telangana are joining YSRCP is a reflection of the ground level popularity for JAGAN.

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