Crowds at Sharmila’s public meeting should worry rivals


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27 responses to “Crowds at Sharmila’s public meeting should worry rivals

    • Ram

      N Chandrababu Naidu – The real root cause of the present power crisis and price hike. Historic perspective since 1995:

      • for a change, wonderful job by YSRCP team, mainly somayajulu garu.
        rest of the team kuda koncham nerchukoni, various forums lo facts ni spread cheyali.

        • NLR

          YSRCP should promote Somayajulu garu as our party National spokesman asap. He has a good knowledge on all the YSR policies.
          Despite Jagan and Sharmila creating history in AP we dont seem to be in the National headlines.
          YSRCP will be a reckoning force at the centre from next year.

          • Somayajulu garu is already PAC member and is in the advisory position so he is definitely above designated spokesperson level. he actually becomes default ysrcp spokesman in any case.

  1. nlr2014

    Day 103 …Prajaprasthanam….Prabhanjanam

    Two letters….YS….. Hearthrob of AP

    • NLR

      Travelling through the dusty roads which their father once tread…
      Both brother and sister conquer the hearts of millions .


  2. vissu

    Key points:

    The original cost of Rs 57,669 crore for 56 irrigation projects has been revised to Rs 86,511 crore, with the cost overrun crossing Rs 20,142 crore. Delay in completing these projects not only resulted in increase in cost but has also deprived the state of their intended benefits for a long time, the report said

    Projects like Venkatanagaram, Telugu Ganga, Pulivendula Branch Canal, Handri Neeva phase I and II, Pulivendula Branch Canal, Lendi and Flood flow canal projects are among those awaiting completion though they were taken up a long time ago. The CAG report also said that modernisation projects for Godavari, Krishna and Penna Rivers were yet to be completed. Flood banks of Godavari, Krishna, Kundu, Swarnamukhi, Tallakalva, Kandaleru, Kallingi and Pennar need to be strengthened to face regular floods. Though the projects were taken up decades ago, works were not completed. The CAG has reported huge cost escalation in all these projects.

  3. CVR Murthy

    All the poll survey results conducted by various agencies over last two years clearly indicate the following

    1. YSRCP is well ahead in Rayalaseema likely to 80% to 85%
    2, YSRCP has good lead in north Andhra and godavari
    3.YSRCP has lead over others but the gap is low
    4. YSRCP is lagging behind others in Telengana, though there is an improvement in the past six months
    5. Very small number of undecided voters. This is rare , considering that elections are still 12 months from now.
    6. Those who conducted the polls are surprised at the strong polarization indicating slim chances for shift in the votes .
    7. Telengana is now opening up due to failure of TRS and more importantly, the fact that day to day and pressing issues have overtaken Telengana. TRS , realised it a bit late. YSRCP has gained some ground due this.

    People across state, know everything about CBN and Congress. They have made up their mind .However shift in few percentage points in Coastal AP, and Telengana can make a huge impact on the number of seats. The shift is possible , if YSRCP presents along with its campaign against CBN and Congress comes out with agenda for ‘Change ‘. Change that brings fresh approach to the issues, reforms in governance, hope for the unemployed. Youthful approach to the governance . Bold and decisive givernance. Modern thinking. The think tanks at YSRCP should come out with campaign theme that captures all these.

    • jaiysr

      Murthy garu,

      3 rd point related which districts? Is Guntur & Krishna?

    • vissu

      రాయలసీమ లో 80 తో 85% లీడ్… కేక…రాజశేఖర్ రెడ్డి హయాం లో కూడా ఓడిపోని కొన్ని వృద్ధ జమ్బూకాలు జగన్ దెబ్బ కు శంకర గిరి మాన్యాలు పట్టాల్సిందే..

  4. Sekar

    Guntur seems to be like a 2nd home for YSR family members. Amazing turnouts & response from all over Guntur district. Last year for Jagan. Now for Sharmila.

    The crowd turnouts all over Guntur especially at Sattenapalli, Narsaraopet, Tenali, Mangalagiri was amazing.

    There is a sea of difference in the crowd turnouts and responses between Chanrababu and Sharmila’s yatras.

    Now it is time to conquer the hearts of Krishna district people

    • Gopi

      My analysis is krishna district is going to show different results for TDP in 2014. Evverybody looked at how many seats TDP got in 2009 but nobody cared how many congress votes did Chiru took away in the name of anti-nandamuri or kapu fanatism..
      With chiru’s mileage at very low compared to 2009, we will see naked truths in 2014.

  5. CVR Murthy

    Free power

    JP is coming down on free power by looking at the cost of the power . The free power extended to farmers has given excellent yield in Agri sector. growth in this sector contributes to rural economy and state economy. It helps in wider distribution of wealth.

    It is perhaps one of the pioneering schemes. YSRCP has to highlight this point and should take the help of Somayajulu garu.

    • True sir. 2004-09, AP achieved 6.4% agri growth which is highest among all states & highest in the history of AP any 5yr period.
      during that period, India set itself target of 4% agri growth, & achieved 2.9% during that period, major part of which came from AP.
      free power, loan waiver, crop insurance, extra ayacut creation/stabilization are few of the major factors contributing to this growth.

    • Ram

      Murthy garu –

      YSR’s philosophy was to treat electricity like water for the farming sector as a part of much needed welfare measure in 2004 when continous drought existed.

      JP is misleading public. No power is wasted if it is given free. No motor runs idle. Farmer is prudent to pump water, and won’t waste electricity. Not a single word is he saying about pending enquiry on why Reliance is not producing Gas and giving to our gas based power plants. All these power plants are idling and under utilised.

      This same person JP was probably working with N T Rama Rao when Rs 2/- rice was introduced into public distribution system. They never find fault in this. He is a stooge trying to malign YSRs policy.

      What would have been the reaction if Nagarjuna Sagar was constructed and government tried to put a meter for the cost of water supplied to agriculture starting 1960s?

      Electric power is the same. The natural resources to run the plants – coal, gas are now privatised on purpose with dictation from WB. Electricity manufacturing plants and distribution is privatised on based on norms setby WB. The gainer in the process are the companies like GE etc, making turbines, control systems etc, and less the indian manufacturing units like BHEL nad the middlemen settingup power plants.

      This appears to be a big game they are playing by reducing the supply of coal and natural gas, to remove free power to farmers. The trump card Modi solar reforms is based on borrowed money from banks, the same our very own CBN did from WB.

      These xxxx do not want to solve real problems, but playing blame game and working for interests of WB and corporate lobby.

  6. Niranjan Reddy

    YSRCP tries to attract big wigs in Congress?

  7. Niranjan Reddy

    Grandson of Nizam to join YSR Congress
    By Express News Service – HYDERABAD 25th March 2013 11:47 AM
    TRS state general secretary Nawab Mohammed Mohiuddin Khan, who is a grandson of the seventh Nizam of Hyderabad state, Mir Osman Ali Khan, has quit the party and decided to join YSRC on Monday in the presence of party honorary president YS Vijayalaxmi.

    He told Express that he joined TRS in 2007, but the party did not function as a true political party. So, he has decided quit the TRS and join Jagan Mohan Reddy’s party. He said he was a big fan of former chief minister the late YS Rajasekhara Reddy. By respecting the invitation of YSRC, he is joining the party, he said.

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