టిడిపి నేతలను వెంటాడుతున్న అభద్రత


కాంగ్రెస్, టీడీపీ కుమ్మక్కు నిజమే. దాడి



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163 responses to “టిడిపి నేతలను వెంటాడుతున్న అభద్రత

  1. PSK

    Sometimes I feel that, I am VERY LUCKY to be outside India.
    Is there any justice any one can expect in fixed point of time in India?
    1984 Sikh Riots – After 30-years of the incident still there is no justice….forget about justice,…the case is still pending….what a SHAME FULL justice systme we are living in….Today SC says some BIG WORDS….WHY THEY DONT SAY THAT THE CASE SHOULD HAVE SOME FIXED AMOUNT OF TIME FOR ANY CASE……..How long the system will go on like this….That’s why I feel that, I am VERY LUCKY to be outside India.

    • NLR

      @ PSK
      U r right. I thinks Indians are the worst enemies for India. The way the politics,investigation and justice is being dealt in India is an indication that not much has changed over the centuries when every tom,dick and harry used to conquer/rule India. Saying that for some yellow caste fanatics their minds are worse living in a foreign country.If you look at some of the comments they make or videos they upload about YS family it makes u think whether they have any human values left in them. These are the fellows that vistit temples very often too.May be all they pray in life is for forgiveness of their sins for hurting someone they have not even seen in their life.
      This is one reason the people of AP are waiting for the ray of Hope.

    • u r correct in India every sysytem was manipulated n that bastard cbn malfunctioned the courts also by offering judge posts n money to advocates. . even ex dgp’s.ias officers are also manipulated he has to be hanged to death he is the culprit of losing 1000’s of crores lands to his benamis in hyd

  2. nlr2014

    YS Bharathi garu with NDTV…


    We will get justice in the Peoples Court.
    And YES WE WILL.

    • cvrmurthy

      Good and balanced response. I think she should be speaking to National media frequently. Mekapati , though an MP , hardly speaks on National television. When national media come to know of the facts. it does impacts opinion makers.

  3. Ram

    Understanding Judicialization Of Mega-Politics : The Basic Structure Doctrine And Minimum Core

  4. Ram

    India: Independence of and corruption within the judicial system (2007 – April 2009)

  5. Ram

    న్యాయవ్యవస్థ వైరుధ్యాలు

  6. Sekar

    Thanks Telugu Congress for denying the bail and keeping the emotion alive. Every hurdle they create for Jagan is strengthening the spirits of YSR supporters.

    Perhaps for the 1st time in the country’s history a party lead by a man sitting in the Jail will win with thumping majority. Janaala Kasi yelaa untundo 2014 lo choostham . They are digging their own graves much more deeper.


  7. Donny

    Disappointing, but not hopeless.

    The more time they put him behind bars. the more respect for Jagun Grows.

    The Blood Group of YSR/Jagun is D, which stands for Determination.

    They have & They will stand on what they believe.

    Tiger Sr had a lonely fight for 30 years , and we have no questions about Tiger Jr.

    For now, Let us respect the Law & CBI. Let them Investigate for as much time as they want and let Jagun cooperate.

    In the History of Mankind,Truth has always stood straight, Man with a good heart and thought has always come out clean.

    • Sekar

      Give me one reason why anyone should respect CBI?

      • NLR

        @ sekar .
        Eg1: The recent coal scam report was altered by the cbi as per the request of cong ministers and the cbi director himslef has accepted this. How can we say that it is not influenced by the ruling party and its friends ?

        Eg2: KD garu leaking information to madhubala and dramakrishna inspite of knowing that he is not supposed to do that being payed by tax payers.
        Eg 3: cbi not touching Jagan as long as he was in cong but acting only after he left the party.
        Eg4: cbi not touching babu whom everyone knows had earned thousands of crores from 2 acres of land

        These are only few examples and there are plent more.

  8. Ram

    It is not the question of allegation on one man, but are we following the rules of the land, the written Constitution?

  9. cvrmurthy

    It is a common practise for indian Judiciary and investigative agencies to arrest a person or deny bail on the ground that such a person may tamper with evidence or obstruct investigation.

    When CBI files an affidavit that such a tampering was done in SC and AG confirms that it was at the instance of PMO officials, the same system just keeps quite and just chides them.

    Ministers who are accused , charge sheeted are also treated in the same manner

  10. cvrmurthy

    Konda Surekha

    It is now clear now that Konda couple are going to leave YSRCP. In terms of number of seats , I am afraid it hardly matters , at the most just one seat, However , it may have impact on YSJ image and few voters of YSRCP . It may also help yellow media and opposition to malign YSRCP/YSJ. It may demoralize cadre .

    YSRCP has to quickly plan to counter this..

  11. Please see the video. I’m really happy to see this video:

    • Gopi

      It was disappointing but i expected this a little because of CBI’s over enthusiasm in this case. But I want to request each and every one of you not to loose hope. We need to prepare to goto elections even if Jagan is in jail. He did enough hard work to get us to this stage. I was talking to some people in my village (they have been neutral voters before) and these things are only increasing sympathy in favor of us.

      We are the ones who defeated NTR when he was in prime and we are the ones who defated CBN and Chiru. So if we can not do this, nobady in the state can do this. God is favoring us indirectly.. look at the way Sharmila adapted to political speeches lately.. she was not very good in the beginning.

      Our only role is to influence people in our villages and circles with positive spread of work about YSRCP and if possible, financially as well. I will do some financial help to two constituences in 2014. This may fect atleast 100 votes to us. Just do what you can to help party win.

      People are not believing that Jagan is corrupt and othes are good. So these cases will not influence much.

  12. sridagg

    gud CVR…
    పోరాడితే పోయేది ఏమి లేదు కామ్రేడ్ …బానిస సంకెలు తప్ప

  13. Vijay Ram

    నన్ను చాలమంది టిడిపిని సపోర్ట్ చేసే వాళ్ళు అడుగుతుంటారు…cbn మీద Ysr గారు 35 ఎంక్వయిరీలు వేశారు కానీ ఏమి చేయలేకపోయారు అని…నేను వాళ్ళకు చెప్పే సమాధానం cbn ఒక్క కేసులో కూడా క్లీన్ చిట్ తెచ్చుకోలేదు…కొన్ని కేసులు టెక్నికల్ ప్రాబ్లంతో కొట్టేశారు…కొన్ని పిటిషన్ వేసిన వాళ్ళే ఉపసంహరించుకున్నారు…నిజంగా ysr గారు బాబుగారి మీద కక్ష తీర్చుకోవాలి అనుకుంటే ఈపాటికి cbn పొలిటికల్ కెరీర్ ఎప్పుడో క్లోజ్ ఇపోయేది…ఒకటిమటుకు నిజం ysr ఉన్నప్పుడు పాలిటిక్స్ అనేవి ఫెయిర్ గా ఉండేవి కానీ ఇప్పుడు పాలిటిక్స్ అంటే కుట్రలు కుతంత్రాలు…ఈ కుట్రలకు ఈరోజు జగన్ బలి కావచు కానీ రాబోయే రోజులలో cbn కి కూడా ఇలాంటి పరిస్థితే వచ్చే అవకాశాలు లేకపోలేదు…Now our state politics changed to Tamil Nadu politics…

  14. Vijay Ram

    ఒకటిమటుకు నిజం జగన్ తాను తప్పు చేశానని భావిస్తే కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీని వీడె వాడు కాదు…కొత్త పార్టీ పేట్టే వాడు కాదు…ఈ దుస్ప్రచారాలు,కుట్రలు కొంతకాలం జరగొచ్చు కానీ కొంతకాలం తర్వాతైనా జగన్ కు న్యాయం జరుగుతుంది…ఆ రోజున ఇప్పుడు ఆనందపడున్న వాళ్ళందరూ అప్పుడు ఎందుకు అలచేశామా అని పశ్చాతప్ప పడక తప్పదు…

  15. PSK

    Can anyone please let us know, whether SC DIRECTED CBI on paper to complete the investigation in 4-months time or as usual (as it happened in Oct2012) ignored these words on paper?

  16. cvrmurthy

    This is an expected judgement, The judges are convinced that CBI made an earnest effort to complete the investigation but requires some time more.
    The four months period imposed by supreme court is a sort of time line for SC to review the investigation progress. I am sure this can;t go for too long.

    Either which way, YSRCP and YSJ has to plan for a fight with YSJ in the custody till elections. YSJ should empower some one else for day to day affairs. The friction points have to be avoided are lubricated.

    I am afraid , he does not need certificate from any defector. All that he has to do is protect his votes for 12 months. episodes like DADI should be avoided. YSRCP has to regroup and mount massive public campaign and communicate that they can deliver even when YSJ is in custody. The in-fighting would not help anyone.

    They should avoid criticising courts and judges . One should not forget , the same persons have to give bail next time. The story of 1 lakh crores has to be blunted with intelligent campaign. That would help him to gain sympathy of the persons concerned and help in legal cases as well .

    • nlr2014

      U are spot on Murthy garu.
      Nelson Mandela was in prison for more than 20 yrs. Aang saan su ki was under house arrest for 15 yrs.
      Would they have become world icons if they lost patience ?

  17. Dr.Krishna

    As expected . In fact from the day one , I am apprehensive about the lawyers Jagan hired . Though this case seems to be not as grievous financial crime as compared to the other ones which are under direct supervision of supreme court , CBI could efficiently put forward its argument that it is a very serious crime in which an accused cannot be granted a bail even an interim one. But when look at Jagan’s lawyers , they argued that Jagan is inside while ministers are outside ( does that to imply they too should be kept behind the bars ) , he is the chief of a political party and hence he has to reorganise his cadre for coming elections ( really the foolish argument ) and some other points which are not sufficient to counter CBI lawyers strong objections. The CBI lawyers could create a demonic picture out of nothing – while Jagan’s lawyers can’t project the truth in a straight and simpler manner to condemn the counter arguments .

    Have to see how the things turn tables even after 4 months from now on !

  18. Indrasena

    I lost interest in politics,Better concentrate on my personal growth and career.Good bye friends.This is going to be my last comment in this blog.

    • nlr2014

      @ Indra

      All SC did was to ask cbi to complete investigation in 4 months time.
      Jagan is less than 40 yr old and same is the case with Sharmila and look at the Brand names they have created for themselves in AP. They have plenty of political life in front of them which will start from 2014.
      Jeena haitho marna seekho..Khadam khadam per ladna seekho.

    • Dr.Krishna

      CV Reddy garu ,
      I agree with you in total , but to fight we should have strong ammunition backing us .Sending the soldier into the field of war without giving him a gun and bullets make the soldier wound again and again , and Jagan seems to be such a one now. In fact the wounds are reflecting on the bodies of all YS fans not only on Jagan . Are we lacking any such trustworthy lawyers , any insight going on in this regard ? Kindly update !

  19. nlr2014

    Dear friends …pls make sure u post ur comments and also counteract yellow comments on national articles


    • Dear NLR… No need to post on those things. Just concentrate on how we can grow strong individually by all means and how we can be useful to the party. No need to run behind them…

      • nlr2014

        @ cheekatiman
        Run behind whom ? Fortunately i am settled in life . I am with Jagan till my last breath and i have got nothing to lose.

        • Means.. Run behind Yellow gang for commenting….

          • nlr2014

            @ cheekatiman ..
            To be honest i am someone who pays the least importance to yellow people . I never read nor watch yellow media. when i rarely post a video from tv9 here it is bcs it was not available on sakshi.Yes i do comment occasionally about the crooks bcs we have to stand up for the injustice being done to YSR family and i will continue to do so. Coming to the individual work i was fortunately able to persuade at least a few hundred people from my village to vote for YSRCP during the ongole bypoll and will continue to do so. I am willing to work with anyone to share ideas about making YSRCP stronger as we have only 10 months left for the final battle.

  20. NLR

    Let the yellow guys enjoy for a little while before they are burried by two Ladies. I am not a lawyer nor have great knowledge about law. But i think our case could have been argued also on the basis of the psychological impact it is having on two young kids by not granting bail to Jagan.
    Jagan would need just a month or two to do a whirlwind tour of the state before the elections.
    No matter what happens we will have the last laugh.

  21. Indrasena

    mmmmmm…Big fight ahead for us…

  22. Indrasena

    jagan bail petition also dismissed

  23. Indrasena

    vijaya sai bail petition gone

  24. Indrasena

    inka velli padukovachchu anukuntaa,jeevitam meeda virakthi pudutundi.

  25. ram

    Prasad’s bail petition disposed.

  26. Indrasena

    Gone,Nimmagadda got rejected,chat

  27. Indrasena

    ABN ఆంధ్ర జ్యోతి ఒక్క రెండు నిముషాలు చూసాను ఇప్పుడే ,యాక్ ,ఇంత చీపు ఎదవలు జర్నలిజం లో ఉన్నారా ? పందుల కన్నా హీనంగా మాట్లాడుతున్నారు ఆ చానెల్ లో

    • Ramana

      Sri Ranga Rao ane oka vedhava lawyer ni teesukocchi Jagan ni Tittisthunnadu.Jwala Narasimha rao karudu gattina Jagan vyatireki…CBN vaadidi paisaachika aanandam chusi navvukovadam tappa emi cheyyalem

  28. vissu

    tv5,ntv, tv9 special bulletin on Jagan anna’s bail….

  29. Supreme court cbi ni investigation complete cheyadaniki inka entha time kavali ani adigindhi cbi 4-6 months ani reply ichindhi so bail vache chance takkuve but investigation complete cheyadaniki time fix chestaremo.

  30. Indrasena

    ఇంత టెన్షన్ నా జీవితం లో ఏ రోజు అనుభవించలేదు . ఇంకో గంటలో చెప్తారు అనుకుంటా

    • YS Fan

      Brother. Don’t expect too much. Because we don’t know how cbi might have presented the case to court. Also we don’t know the legal and technical details. We should get inspired by our leader jagan anna to be mentally strong irrespective of the result. I hope God is on our side and helps us win 2014

    • ysr123

      Do not expect 2 much. I believe SC may give new deadline to CBI and then Jagan can apply for bail.

      • Vijay

        I think you are right. Court may give 3 months time to CBI

        • Gyan

          I can’t see why bail should be denied this time. As it is, it was disappointing for bail to be denied earlier. The only reason SC denied it earlier was because CBI said he could influence witnesses/investigation (strangely, same CBI didn’t say Dharmana or Sabita will influence witnesses) and they need time. That time is over now. They can’t keep him forever with that reason. I spoke to some legal experts also and these are the points normally considered for bail:
          1. Chances of the accused absconding: Background is important for this. A person with no long term address and no bonds to the place of residence may be detailed without bail because there is a risk of absconding. An MP with a family in Hyderabad, an own house, various businesses and a political party is the unlikely candidate to abscond. Even Akbaruddin was granted bail because of similar reasons.
          2. Chances of the accused being sentenced: As I discussed earlier, bail will be granted if the case against the accused looks weak or without proof and if the judge believes that he/she may be acquitted. CBI’s failure to gather even a single piece of concrete evidence beyond what they accused after preliminary enquiry is enough to raise a serious concern that an innocent person is being denied his fundamental right to freedom.
          3. Criminal history, past record of intimidating witnesses, other people etc. Jagan anna has a clean record in this aspect. This is used to deny bail to repeat offenders.
          4. Threat to society: Nobody can show that Jagan anna is a threat to society if he is free. Even yellow media is not saying that. In serial murders etc. this argument is used to keep an accused.

          Are there any points that I am missing? Is there any reason Jagan anna’s bail may be denied? CBI asked for time and it was granted time. They already kept him in jail for nearly one year. How can they get unlimited time? Supreme Court judgements act as precedents to all the courts in the country. If they let CBI detain for such long periods without proper reasons, then this judgement may be used an precedent and ruling parties can use CBI to arrest and keep their opponents imprisoned for years together without any proof! I don’t think the judiciary will let this happen!

    • Ramana

      Paccha Media chelaregipothondi…Ravi Prakash gaadiki, Boothu Krishna ki piccha tension gaa vunnattundi

    • Gyan

      I think it will take a little longer than that… we have to be patient brother…

  31. Indrasena

    గ్యాన్ ,వేరి నైస్ ఎనాలిసిస్ . చూద్దాము ఏమి జరుగుతుందో ,మహా టెన్షన్ గా ఉంది . ఇవాళ మన రోజు అనుకుంటున్నాను . బ్లూ లేబిల్ కొనడానికి ప్లాన్ చేసాను ఫ్రెండ్స్ కి పార్టీ ఇవ్వడానికి జగన్ అన్న కి బెయిల్ వస్తే .

    • Gopi

      you are too much emotional aren’t you? 🙂
      I am tense too.. lets see what happens.

      • It is really very hard to wait for a decision.If we get the bail, it is good, if not also, take it easy. All the YSRCP supporters are becoming more and more strong day by day…These are testing times in our life. I hope, we will mature and work harder for the society.

    • Gyan

      @Indrasena Although I am confident, I am excited and a little tensed too… I hope you get to celebrate and it goes well!

  32. Gyan

    One more thing, the advocate who argued Jagan anna’s case this time is the very best in India, Harish Salve. He is the highest paid and most sought after advocates for big corporates like Jet Airways, Reliance, Bharti Airtel etc. He was also Sanjay Dutt;s advocate who got a reduction of sentence (High Court gave 6 years, SC bench headed by Justice Sathasivam reduced it to 5 years) by appealing to the SC and got a 30 day extension to surrender.

    • underhill

      Nobody disputes that Harish Salve is the best but Jagan’s bail petition is not a very typical case for anybody to argue in the court if the judges are rational. I do not think Harish Salve factor will fetch the bail if at all it does it should be the honesty of the judges.

  33. Gyan

    Verdict on Jagan anna’s bail petition is going to be out today. I am confident that bail will be granted because of the following reasons:
    1. CBI has failed to gather any evidence even after more than one year of investigation. The judges will definitely consider the lack of evidence because the law is clear that an innocent should not be denied his fundamental rights. If the judges see the possibility of Jagan anna being acquitted as very likely, they won’t keep him in jail for long because lost freedom can’t be given back even after acquitting with full honor. They will deny bail in cases where they see conviction as likely because they can offset the jail time spent now from the prison sentence. For acquitted people, it is impossible to compensate for jail time spent as under trial or pre-trial prisoner.
    2. CBI has prolonged the investigation beyond the timeframe committed to the SC orally (March 31st 2013) in Oct 2012. In fact, CBI advocated Ashok Bhan is reported to have skipped the hearing and sat in the canteen because of fear of questions from the bench regarding this (Sakshi has reported this).
    3. Justice P Sathasivam (the judge who is going to deliver this verdict) is going to become the CJI very soon and he is known to be an exceptionally honest man with a thorough understanding of the law. I personally know one of his former classmates at Madras Law College.

    Once Jagan anna comes out on bail, the dissidence in the party will immediately subside and there won’t be any groups or factions within the party anymore. He should also resume Odarpu Yatra and fulfill his commitment to the bereaved families.

    • Gopi

      I wish I can pour sugar in your mouth if this becomes true 🙂
      Thanks for good words and hope winds will blow our way this time.

    • nlr2014

      @ Gayan …thanks for the relevant points and a positive outlook.
      But I am keeping an open mind. Whether they want to be slapped by Jagan by giving him bail or burried by Sharmila by not giving him bail is upto the crooks. At the same time I believe that there are still some judges who are very sincere and I am hoping that Jagan’s case goes to them.

      • Gyan

        I agree that Vijayamma garu and Sharmila are doing a good job. But image the terror that Jagan anna’s release will cause to our opponents. It will send shockwaves and stun them for sometime. Also, it is important for Jagan anna to be able to directly address the people and the cadres after a gap of almost one year. He should be out to set things right. There are so many rumors about Konda couple, Mekapati brothers, Konathala, Sabbam Hari garu also. All these people have been with our party from day 1. MP Rajamohan Reddy and Sabbam Hari garu are amongst the most intelligent in our party. In my opinion, they are the best, better than Ramakrishna Reddy or YV Subba Reddy.

      • Gyan

        @NLR The lower courts, CBI special court etc. do not have a good reputation. High Court is better, Supreme Court is even more better. Jagan anna’s bail has already gone to a judge with a good reputation, like I said, he is the next CJI, I think in just a few more weeks he is going to become the Chief Justice of India and the government can’t play any role in the appointment of CJI. For that matter, it can hardly influence the appointment of SC judges once the collegium finalizes a judge.

    • underhill

      It is very soothing to read your comment that Jagan anna will be out on the bail this time. Atleast that will make me believe judiciary is still alive to certain extent in the country.

  34. nlr2014

    Supreme Court slaps Congress Bureau of Investigation


    Aina veeriki siggu vunte kadha bhada padataniki .
    KD and Babu garu …can u pls open ur mouths ??

    • nlr2014

      “You (CBI) are not applying your mind in such an important and sensitive case. There are pulls and pressures from all quarters. You should have the capability to stand the pulls and pressures.
      “Supreme Court has given you strength 15 years ago (Vineet Narain case). You should make yourself solid as the rock but you are like the sand. We want a very professional, very qualitative, very thorough investigation,” the court said.
      “…CBI has become a caged parrot. We can’t have CBI a caged parrot speaking in master’s voice. It is a sordid saga where there are many masters and one parrot,” the bench said.

  35. vijay

    Venkayya, dramoji and group succeeded in ka elections

    They are trying to emulate same in ap

    Work hard,. Party should be above persons

    • Previously,many times Konatala stated that Sonia&Congress is behind Y.S’s death.Now,how can he go into that party after making such comments.

      • Gyan

        The same way Dadi who previously stated (in the AP legislative council) that YSR was killed by god of seven hills because he committed blasphemy now agreed to carry a flag bearing YSR’s picture. All these are common in politics. There are no values in politics. It is all about opportunism.
        Anyway, I think Konathala may not leave YSRCP so easily because our party is strong in Anakapalli area and he knows that he will lose badly if he goes into Congress.

  36. SivaSankara Reddy

    Really I feel sad about the happenings in our party … Why we are hurting Konataala ?? I really agree with Konataala words ..

    వై.ఎస్.ఆర్.కాంగ్రెస్ లో చేరిన టిడిపి మాజీ నేత దాడి వీరభద్రరావుపై తీవ్ర అసంతృప్తిగా ఉన్న మాజీ మంత్రి కొణతాల రామకృష్ణ దాడి తీవ్రతను పెంచారు.దాడి వీరభద్రరావు గతంలో చేసిన ఆరోపణలను ప్రస్తావిస్తూ దిగజారుడు రాజకీయాలు చేశారని విమర్శించారు. దాడి గతంలో వై.ఎస్.మరణించినప్పుడు కూడా దారుణమైన వ్యాఖ్యలు చేశారని,వాటిని చంద్రబాబు చేయించి ఉంటారని తాను అనుకోనని కొణతాల అనడం విశేషం.ఎందుకంటే చంద్రబాబు నాయుడుపై అలిపిరిలో నక్సలైట్లు మందుపాతర పేల్చినప్పుడు స్వయంగా వై.ఎస్.తిరుపతి వెళ్లారని ఆయన గుర్తు చేశారు.చంద్రబాబు నాయుడు లక్ష కోట్ల ఆరోపణ చేస్తే, దాడి వీరభద్రరావు పదహారు లక్షల కోట్ల ఆరోపణ చేశారని కొణతాల పేర్కొన్నారు.ఇలాంటి వ్యక్తితో కలిసి పనిచేయడం ఇబ్బందేనని కొణతాల స్పష్టం చేశారు.

    • Sekar

      I spoke to few people in Vizaga/Anakapalli area. I understand Konathala is working mainly to strenghten his own cadre rather than working for the party. For example: all over vizag area there are 2 groups within YSRP. 1) Konathala’s 2) Sabbam Hari’s . They dont work tgether. Konathala is trying to strengthen his own group rather than strengthening the party. If he is honest and working for the party he would have welcomed the decision.

      It is up to Jagan to decide whom he will take in to party. No one should try to blackmail. Party is respecting all the senior leaders who joined in the initial stages like: Konathala, Mekapati, Konda Surekha. But that does not mean each one can decide party candidates in their respective districts. If Jagan succumbs to such blackmails these guys will further create problems in the future. Also, if he gives all tickets in those districts to one particular group , it will not strengthen the party. Only that group will become stronger.

      I think what Jagan is doing is right thing. If anyone wants to go, I dont think Jagan will stop.

      • nlr2014

        @ Sekar

        U are right …it is not a good idea to give each district to one leader as this will cause problems in future. There should be shared leadership in each district and they should all work for the party and abide by what Jagan says.
        If they create problems even before we come to power what is the guarantee that they will not after we come to power ?
        Any respect should be mutual.
        If someone does not want to win under the brand name JAGAN then it is their wish.The yellow media does not talk much about the TDP leaders leaving the party on a daily basis.There will be more distractions as we approach the polls but we should stick to our Goal.

  37. ram

    While people are engrossed in Karnataka results, I am worried why the Supreme Court judges have not delivered the verdict. After Friday, the court is going for a 2 month long vacation.

    • Rakesh

      Tomorrow verdict will be out on bail

    • nlr2014

      @ ram..
      True affection sees no boundaries and can cross continents as i can see from your comment. As much as we are all angry with the injustice being done to Jagan , just imagine how hard it could be for those
      Two young children seperated from their father for an year
      Wife seperated from her husband for an year and
      Mother seperated from her Son for an year.

      When I moved to a new job just for 6 months it was extremely difficult for me to be away from my family even with no other pressures and I can imagine how hard it is for this family.
      I think it is GOD/YSR courageous spirit and Peoples blessings that keeps them going.
      Let us all pray and hope for the best.

  38. cvrmurthy

    One would have expected congress to get 2/3rds of the number of seats.in karnataka, for the mess up (corruption ,incompetence and infigting) of BJP. The may barely manage majority (at the best 120). This clearly shows , it is a defeat for BJP and not a victory for congress.

    • It may not cross 105.

    • ram

      I am sure Congress in AP is going to meet similar fate of BJP in Karnataka.

      • NLR

        Congress will be wiped out of AP.

      • purandhara

        congress and tdp can not win more than 15 seats each in assembly elections and 0 MP seats in lok sabha elections in 2014… I can bet on this…

        • lol, 0 mp seats aa ? hope u r joking ,
          unless ysrcp says wht they will do during yatra/in sakshi paper ,they are not going to win. roju cbn,sonia meedha dhadi.. nenu sakshi paper matrame chustha, kani i know wht cbn promised during his yatra (sakshi baga cover chesindi wht cbn promised,sakshi agenda yento mari)
          janalaki virakthi puduthundi , manam ruling ki vasthe yemi chestham ani chepithe baguntadi.with just 2 schemes congress got feel good factor and cadre ready to fight, same with babu promises(nothing to loose, cadre are ready to fight now) wht r we doing ,dailing scolding babu,sonia ,2yrs back they did and voters supported ysrcp.

          • YS Fan

            YSRCP has been saying about Amma Vodi scheme in every meeting. This is a catching scheme. Encouragin kids to go to government school. sharmila has been saying aboutJagan’s promises during plenary. Even though CBN promised the moon, there is no impact of his promises. The reason why YSR didn’t make any big promises during 2009 elections is YSR knows the importance of credibility. I think Jagan will be working on the manifesto. If we watch biased media , we will get negative thoughts. Some of our blog friends from india can provide the real ground reports.
            Also watch Sharmila padayatra , watch outfor the reaction from women..

            • jsut tell me are u confident on winning 150+ seats as ur in 1yr back ,

              • YS Fan

                we will win more than that… Don’t underestimate our support in Women voters. If you look at Sharmila’s padayatra, She is closely interacting with rural women. The reason why you are worrying is because of the negative campaign of the biased media… Don’t worry we are going to create history in such a way that history will remember us for ever. On the day of our victory you will enjoy the victory. Victory will be sweet when you worry for a long time or feel tense about the result.
                No leader has travelled through breadth and width of andhra pradesh as Jagan Anna. He toured most of the villages, all the streets in the villages, interacted with people who would never ever expect a VIP to touch them and hug them. Jagan Anna hugged downtrodden people with out showing any signs of frustration. Can you show me a video even in anti-media with jagan showing signs of frustration during Odarpu yatra…. This is the amount of hard work he kept in…. God is on our side. Don’t worry.. Be positive.

              • Sekar

                I am confident of YSRP winning around 130-145 seats in SeemaAndhra alone. In TG I guess we can win the remaining seats.
                Karnataka lo opposition party antha daridram gaza unnaa vote vesaru. Yenduku? Because they dont have alternative. Here people stopped believing Naidu from past 10 years. They will not vote for him. The only opposition party is YSRP and they will easily form the govt on their own

              • Rakesh

                Simple clue, cong and tdp running away from by election by not disqualify the mla, if Cbn thinks by his night walk, he changed people mind, he would have pushed for election, but he is resting in Delhi meeting congress batch

  39. PSK

    Just imagine……since 2009… nearly 60+ by elections happened…Forget about winning….CBN lost deposits in more than half……He knows very well that same thing is going to be repeated in 2014…..He is such a crook that he is laying foundations now itself to have nexus with Cong…..We need to press on this point and let people know about this dark understanding….
    If this happens neutral voters will hate CBN to the core….

  40. Ram

    Chandrababu meeting Rahul Gandhi? – by Gurava anna:

    — Not only is Chandra Babu not commenting on Sonia, CBI. If you notice, Eenadu’s no longer is making sharp criticisms unlike it used to make earlier on Indira and Rajiv way back in 70s and 80s. What is the nexus? What is going on?

    • NLR

      Anni kutralu pannina..anthima vijayam…YSRCP dhe.
      Ee todu dongalu cheppinatlu groung level lo prajalu vote veyaru.
      The fact that they are terrified of Jagan getting bail is an indication how many sleepless nights he is giving a 100 yr old cong and 30 yr old tdp.
      With Sharmila’s padyatra we will sweep the female votes too.

      • Ram

        Agreed, but they think two steps ahead. They always propogate false messages in a subtle way to seed the thoughts into people by propogating the messages over and over in different ways.

        As an example, look at the way Youngistan is being conducted at colleges by ABN. There is a purpose and motive behind this program to corrupt young minds into their way of thinking.

        • NLR

          @ Ram
          U are right. When i sometimes see the acts of these crooks I feel that GOD should destroy human life and bring back dinosaurs as they were better than these people.
          One other thing is there are hundreds/thousands of secret admirers for Jagan living overseas and if we all get together and come up with some good ideas we can give a shock to these crooks . The good thing about us is we are fighting for a right cause and we have no selfish motives behind our admiration for Jagan.

  41. Ramana

    Kamal Nath and CheeBN iddaru praana mithurlu laga elaa vaatesukuntunnaro.Veellu nijangaa anni vedilesaaru…siggulenu bathukulu…next elections tarvaatha open gaa potthulu kharaaru chesukuntaaru for sure.

  42. Sekar

    Congress – TDP kalisipoyaru anadaniki ee roju statue inaguration event maroka example

    Appatlo ayanani vennupotu podichina vallandaru kalisi vigraham pettinchi mallee aa vennupotu podichina pedhamanishi ni guest gaa pilichi poolu challinchadam….okka veellake chellindi.

    • nlr2014

      They have lost human values longback and live in their own eternal world.
      Chandalu vesukuni peda prajalu Mahanetha vigrahalu peduthunte.
      Brathiki vunnappudu kanisam manchinneru kuda ivvaleni padhi mandhi koduku koothurlu… vennupotu podichi champina alludu..ayana vigraham petti..chappatlu kotti…ayana athamanu kuda chaputhunnaru -Aurangazeb’s.
      Sometimes time is the answer for many things in history.

  43. Sridhar

    Good news anna

    • NLR

      Mandutendalo …neerajanam

      If Babu wears Cooling hats in Winter
      Sharmila is welcomed by Warm Hearts in Summer.

  44. nlr2014

    The yellow media never talks about even Independent MLA’s joining YSRCP.


    The fact that an Independent MLA/ Srisailam Goud joined our party leaving a ruling and main opposition party behind and that to from Telangana region is an indication of what is to come next year.

    • NLR

      This is a good statement by Konathala garu that everyone have to abide by the Leader’s decision.Yes there will be people whom we dont like around us in life and we dont need to hug them if we dont like them.At the same time if we are suspicious about everyone around us then it is hard to sustain in the long run.
      It is the brand name JAGAN that is going to give life for these politicians in the future.
      I can imagine how difficult it is for Jagan to make these decisions especially in the situation he is in now.Sometimes it is hard to even maintain harmony even in a small classroom and I can imagine how hard it will be in a newly formed party fighting against all odds.
      Thank GOD the Psychological strength runs in the family.

    • NLR

      This is the problem in Indian politics. If one comes in another wants to leave. It is extremely difficult to please everyone. Yellow media will make this a big issue but they never talk about all those mla’s and leaders that have left tdp after babu started his padyatra. Pls dont believe in rumors and let’s see what happens. If it was a mistake then we will learn from it and avoid these in future.

      • nlr2014

        And I dont think there has been even a single leader who has officially resigned from YSRCP till now and just compare this with cong and tdp.

  45. Indrasena

    జగన్ అన్న బెయిల్ కేసు తీర్పు ఎప్పుడు చెప్తారో ఏమన్నా ఇంటర్నల్ ఇన్ఫర్మేషన్ ఉందా ?

    • ram

      May 12th is the last full working day after which Supreme Court takes a summer break. I believe all the 3 petitions — Nimmagadda Prasad vs CBI, CBI vs Vijay Sai and Jagan vs CBI would be addressed together before 12th May.

      CBI has sent LORs to seven countries almost 8 months ago. Now that CBI says it still needs to hear from them. CBI would never hear from them simply because it never obliges other country requests. I am confident Sathasivam (one of the Supreme Court Judges) is aware of this details and would consider all aspect before he pens down the verdict.

    • Ramana

      Decision will be out tomorrow on our bail petition…

  46. Indrasena


    ఇది అవసరమా మనకు ? కొణతాల గారు బయటికి వెళ్తే చాలా చిరాగ్గా ఉంటుంది

  47. vissu

    హైదరాబాద్, మే 6: ప్రాంతం, కులం ఆధారంగా టిడిపిలో ప్రత్యర్థులపై దాడికి కొందరు నాయకులకు తర్ఫీదు ఇచ్చి ప్రోత్సహించడం మొదటి నుంచి ఆనవాయితీగా వస్తోంది. అయితే చిత్రంగా జగన్‌పై ప్రయోగించడానికి నూరిన కత్తులు చివరకు జగన్ చేతిలో ఆయుధాలుగా మారిపోతున్నాయి. ఇడుపుల పాయలో వైఎస్ కుటుంబం భారీ ఎత్తున పొలాలు కలిగి ఉందనేది టిడిపి ఆరోపణ. దీన్ని ఫొటోలతో సహా నిరూపించేందుకు అప్పుడు టిడిపి ఏకంగా హెలికాఫ్టర్ ఉపయోగించింది. చిత్తూరు జిల్లాకు చెందిన రాజకీయ నేత, పారిశ్రామిక వేత్త ఆదికేశవులు నాయుడు ఇచ్చిన హెలికాప్టర్‌తో పిఎన్‌వి ప్రసాద్ సాహసోపేతంగా ఇడుపులపాయ ఫొటోలు తీసుకుని వచ్చి మీడియాలో వచ్చేట్టు చేశారు. వైఎస్‌ఆర్ నిమిషానికి ఎన్ని లక్షలు సంపాదిస్తున్నారో, నిమిషాల లెక్కలు చెప్పి బాబు సంచలనం సృష్టించారు. అయితే ఈ నిమిషాల లెక్క తేల్చింది పిఎన్‌వి ప్రసాదే. ఆదికేశవులు నాయుడు టిడిపిని వీడి పార్లమెంటులో కాంగ్రెస్‌కు అనుకూలంగా ఓటు వేసి కాంగ్రెస్ వైపువెళ్లారు. ఇక టిడిపిలో చంద్రబాబుకు అత్యంత సన్నిహితంగా మెదిలి సాహసోపేతంగా హెలికాఫ్టర్ ద్వారా ఫొటోలు తీసుకువచ్చిన పిఎన్‌వి ప్రసాద్ ఇప్పుడు జగన్ పార్టీలో చేరారు. జగన్‌కు నమ్మిన బంటుగా ఉన్నారు. సీనియర్ నాయకులను ఎంతో మందిని పక్కన పెట్టి పిఎన్‌వి ప్రసాద్‌కు బాబు ప్రాధాన్యత ఇచ్చారు. పార్టీకి సంబంధించిన అంతర్గత వ్యవహారాల్లో ఆయనది కీలక పాత్ర. అలాంటి నేత జగన్ నమ్మిన బంటుగా మారిపోవడం విశేషం. ఆ తరువాత సైతం జగన్‌పై బాబు గురిపెట్టిన బాణాలు ఒకదాని తరువాత ఒకటి బాబును వీడి జగన్ వైపు వెళ్లడం టిడిపిలో చర్చనియాంశంగా మారింది.
    2009లో జగన్ పార్లమెంటు సభ్యునిగా రాజకీయ ప్రవేశం చేశారు. తండ్రి మరణించిన తరువాత ప్రత్యక్ష రాజకీయాలు మొదలు పెట్టారు. దాదాపు ఏడాది నుంచి జైలులో ఉంటున్నారు. మొత్తం కలిపితే ఆయన రాజకీయ జీవితం దాదాపు రెండేళ్లు మాత్రమే. రెండేళ్ల రాజకీయ జీవితం మాత్రమే ఉన్న జగన్ చిత్రంగా తనపై గురిపెట్టిన బాణాలను తనకు అనుకూలంగా మార్చుకుంటున్నారు. జగన్‌పై ఆర్థిక నేరాలకు సంబంధించి దాడి చేసే బాధ్యత తొలుత ఎంవి మైసూరారెడ్డికి టిడిపి అప్పగించింది. తండ్రి అధికారాన్ని ఉపయోగించుకుని జగన్ ఆర్థిక ప్రయోజనాలు పొందారని ఎంవి మైసూరా రెడ్డి మొదటి నుంచి తీవ్ర స్థాయిలో ఆరోపణలు చేస్తూ వచ్చారు. వైఎస్‌ఆర్ అవినీతిని వివరిస్తూ రాజా ఆఫ్ కరప్షన్ పేరుతో టిడిపి ప్రచురించిన పుస్తకం రచనలో మైసూరా రెడ్డిదే కీలక పాత్ర. వివిధ కంపెనీల్లో పెట్టుబడులు ఏ విధంగా వచ్చాయి, జగన్ నిబంధనలు ఉల్లంఘించి ఆర్థిక నేరాలకు ఏ విధంగా పాల్పడ్డారో మైసూరా రెడ్డి వివరిస్తూ తీవ్ర స్థాయిలో జగన్‌పై ధ్వజమెత్తారు. రాజ్యసభ సభ్యునిగా తన పదవీ కాలం ముగిసిన తరువాత మైసూరా రెడ్డి వైఎస్‌ఆర్ కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీలో చేరారు. తొలుత కుంభకోణం సైజును వందల కోట్లతో తయారు చేశాం, ఆ అంకె బాబుకు కంటికి ఆనలేదు, దాంతో వరుసగా సున్నాలు చేరుస్తూ పోయి లక్ష కోట్లకు తీసుకు వచ్చామని ఆనాటి ఆరోపణలపై మైసూరారెడ్డి చెప్పుకొచ్చారు. మైసూరా రెడ్డి తరువాత జగన్‌పై ఆరోపణల బాధ్యత ప్రధానంగా దాడి వీరభద్రరావు, ఎ రేవంత్ రెడ్డి, వర్ల రామయ్యలకు అప్పగించారు. అవినీతి ఆరోపణల బాధ్యత దాడి, రేవంత్‌లకు అప్పగించగా, దూషణల బాధ్యత వర్ల చేతిలో పెట్టారు. ఉప ఎన్నికల సమయంలో వైఎస్ జగన్‌పై దాడి తీవ్రంగా ద్వజమెత్తారు. 16లక్షల కోట్ల రూపాయల వరకు జగన్ అక్రమాలకు పాల్పడ్డారని టిడిపి రూపొందించిన జాబితాను తమకు అండగా నిలిచే మీడియాలో పూర్తి పేజీ వచ్చేట్టు చేశారు. అయితే కడప ఉప ఎన్నికల్లో జగన్ ఐదున్నర లక్షల ఓట్ల మెజారిటీతో విజయం సాధించారు. చివరకు దాడి వీరభద్రరావు జగన్ పార్టీలో చేరారు. జగన్ గురించి పార్టీ చెప్పమన్నది చెప్పాను, ఆయన గురించి మేం విన్నది వేరు ఇప్పుడు చూస్తున్నది వేరు అని దాడి ప్రకటించారు. వర్ల రామయ్యకు అసెంబ్లీ నియోజక వర్గం ఇన్‌చార్జ్‌గా బాధ్యతలు అప్పగించడంతో ఆరోపణల బాధ్యతలను పక్కన పెట్టారు. నియోజకవర్గానికి పరిమితం అయ్యారు. ప్రస్తుతానికి జగన్‌పై అంకెలతో అవినీతి ఆరోపణలు చేసే బాధ్యతలు నిర్వహిస్తున్న వారిలో రేవంత్‌రెడ్డిది ప్రధాన పాత్ర. తెలంగాణలో జగన్ ప్రభావం తక్కువగా ఉంటుందని, అయి తే జగన్‌ను విమర్శించే బాధ్యత కేవలం తెలంగాణ నాయకులకే అప్పగించడం సరికాదు అనేది కొందరు నాయకుల వాదన.

  48. cvrmurthy

    కాంగ్రెస్ విధానాలకి ,కుటుంబ పాలనకి ,ఇందిరా గాంధీ కి బద్ధ వ్యతిరేకి ఎన్ . టీ . అర్ అలంటి కాంగ్రెస్ లోకి పురందేశ్వరి గారు ప్రవేశించి మంత్రి అవ్వడం . ఎన్ . టీ . అర్ మీద చెప్పులు వేసి ,అయన చిత్ర పటాలని తీసివేయించి న చంద్రబాబు అయన విగ్రహవిష్కరణ కి వెళ్ళడం .బతికి ఉండగా తండ్రి ఆలనా పాలనా బాద్యత లను విస్మరించి ,తండ్రి ని అవమానించిన మనిషి తో కలసిన కుటంబ సభ్యులు . వీరంతా అయన విగ్రహవిష్కరణ కి వెళ్ళడం .స్వార్ధ రాజకీయాలు వ్యక్తిగత లాభాపేక్ష కు పరాకాష్ట

    • Indrasena

      నిజమే మూర్తి గారు ,ఎన్టీఆర్ తో కడ దాకా ఉన్న లక్ష్మి పార్వతి గారు రోడ్ మీద ధర్నా చేస్తున్నారు ,వెన్నుపోటు పొడిచి చంపిన వాళ్ళేమో విగ్రహాలకి దండేసి దండం పెడుతున్నారు ,నీతులు చెప్తున్నారు ,ఎన్టీఆర్ చివరి నిమిషం వరకు వ్యతిరేఖించిన కాంగ్రెస్ వాళ్ళేమో వచ్చి చప్పట్లు కొడుతున్నారు ,ఛీ ఛీ పాడు లోకం అనిపిస్తుంది . ఇంత స్వార్ధ లోకమా ఇది అనిపిస్తుంది

  49. nlr2014

    The amazing thing about YSR family is that they are defining relationship’s .

    These are some of the qualities in YS family the people of AP are seeing and worshipping cutting across caste, class or religion.

    YSR- Vunte alanti Leader, Tandri, Friend vundali
    Jagan – Vunte alanti prajalaki manchi cheyali ane kasi vunna Leader, Guts vunna Brother vundali
    Sharmila – Vunte alanti dhairyam , karya deekshatha vunna Sister vundali
    Vijayamma garu – vunte atu vanti manchitanam,dhairyam kaligina Talli vundali .

  50. Indrasena

    విచారణ పూర్తి గాకుండానే 1 సంవత్సరం పాటు జైలు లో ఉంచి ఇప్పుడు బెయిల్ ఇవ్వడానికి తీర్పు రిజర్వ్ చేసారు అంటే ఏమి అనుకోవాలి . రామా రావు కి వెన్నుపోటు పొడిచి ఈ పురందేశ్వరి విగ్రహం పెట్టిస్తుంది . కాంగ్రెస్ ని నాశనం చేసి ,కుక్క మూతి పిందెలు అని తిట్టిన అతని వ్యక్తి విగ్రహావిష్కరణ కి కాంగ్రెస్ నేతలు అటెండ్ అవుతున్నారు . అటెండ్ అయ్యి ఈ కాంగ్రెస్ నేతలు ఏమి చెప్తారు? రామారావు తిట్టింది అంతా నిజమే అని ఒప్పుకుంటారా? తన జీవిత కాలం మొత్తం కాంగ్రెస్ ని కాపాడి , తన జీవితాన్ని కూడా పణంగా పెట్టి ,గెలిపించిన వ్యక్తిని FIR లో చేర్చారు . అతని కుటుంభాన్ని జైలు పాలు చేసారు . తను గెలిపించి ఇచ్చిన అధికారాన్ని అనుభవిస్తూ ప్రత్యర్ధుల విగ్రహావిష్కరణ లకి అటెండ్ అవుతూ ,అన్నం పెట్టిన చేతిని నరికే ఈ కాంగ్రెస్ వాళ్ళని కనపడితే చెప్పుతో కొట్టాలని అనిపిస్తుంది .
    శత్రువు నయినా గౌరవించ వచ్చు .నమ్మక ద్రోహుల్ని జీవితం లో క్షమించ కూడదు . ఈ కాంగ్రెస్ సర్వ నాశనం అయిపొయ్యి దాని ఉనికే మన రాష్ట్రం లో లేదు అనే రోజు మాత్రమె నేను ఇండియా గడ్డ మీద అడుగు పెడతాను . పాపం లక్ష్మి పార్వతి గారు ,అగ్ని సాక్షి గా తాళి కట్టించుకున్న పాపానికి భర్త విగ్రహావిష్కరణ కి ఆహ్వానం లేదు . వెన్నుపోటు దారులు ,నమ్మక ద్రోహులు స్టేజి లెక్కి ఉపన్యసిస్తుంటే మానవ సంబందాల మీదే గౌరవం పోతుంది . ఎన్నటికి గెలిచెను సత్యం ?

    • NLR

      All these crooks will pay the price one day. Thank GOD they are not eternal and will die sooner or later.Otherwise they could have created Hell on Earth. People will end their temporary happiness soon.
      Jsutice always has the final laugh in history.

    • Gopi

      Brother Indrasena
      I can understand your frustration. I also waited for the good news for many hours yesterday just to know that judges decided to hold the verdict.
      To be honest, we can even expect to goto elections with Jagan being in jail. Even Jagan expected it if you look at his statements that once he said “even if you break my back, I ll raise like a storm and throw you into bay of bengal”. And also at one point he said, “meeru enni kutralu chesina anthima vijayam maadhee”. I think Jagan was prepeared for this I guess as he was rushing to announce politburo members in the party etc before his arrest.

      With faith in god and some feedback from my relatives who are active in YSRCP now, we will comfortably win with just Vijayamma and Sharmila’s campaign. If Jagan is out side, we would not be just looking at winning, we would be looking at majorities and number of seats.

      Our job is only to help promote the party in our native places in india and also taking care of yellow crook’s comments in national websites. Rest is assured.
      If jagan comes out soon, TDP and congress will get defeated as expected. If he is inside till elections, the so-called big leaders and chanakya’s in Cong and TDP, will have to close their business for their life time.

      We can still say that we are going to win though our leader is in jail for an year now. Can cong and TDP survive if similar thing happens to them?
      Thats the power of YSR and this proves his value.
      Jaiho YSR!!! his smily face is going to win again in 2014.

      • nlr2014

        @ Gopi

        That is exactly what is going to happen. Whether the crooks want to be slapped by a man by giving him bail or whether they want to be burried by two ladies by not giving him bail is upto them. Our patience will only increase our strength in the long run.
        The fact that they are terrified of giving him bail and that the senior leaders from tdp are joining YSRCP is itself and indication of our strength.
        YSRCP will have the last laugh.

  51. Sekar

    The above positions(CJI) are higher than the Supreme Court Judges (infact the highest position). 8 out of 16. Migatha vallalo kooda may or may not, but he doesn’t have proofs. It could be 16 out of 16 also.

    Oka bail case lo judgement ni reserve lo unchadam yento. We can imagine what it is going to be. Now, the only question is if they indicate the time frame by when they must complete the investigation in the judgement.

    • NLR

      They will reserve their judgements till they are given a shock of their life in the people’s court in 10 months time. Is it that difficult to grant bail to a man put in jail for an year in the largest democracy in the world ?

  52. Vishnu

    Anybody know when they will deliver the judgement?

  53. ram

    Order on petition is reserved. Such happening is not a good sign as many things may happen in the background. I am not meaning that SC judges wait to take orders from some political masters.

  54. Indrasena

    జగన్ అన్న బెయిల్ పిటిషన్ ఏ సమయానికి హియరింగ్ వస్తుంది . ప్లీజ్ పోస్ట్ అప్డేట్స్ హియర్ .

    • Many people are waiting here….

      • Gyan

        I am not sure about the time, I think it depends on how quickly the previous cases in the list are disposed off. But CBI did file a counter. They are NOT going to seek an extension!
        That came as a big relief to me because Supreme Court is going to be closed for the summer holidays from May 11th to July first week sometime… Vacation bench will function but it would be very selective in accepting cases so bail petitions are generally not accepted.

        • Gyan

          Just a clarification, by not seeking extension I did not mean extension for completing investigation. I was worried that they might ask for an extension to file a counter as they got only one week time. That would have postponed the hearing until after summer break. Now I am relieved that they filed the counter and hearing will happen today itself.

          • ram

            In fact decisions on both Nimmagadda and Vijay Sai bails are pending to be pronounced after Jagan’s petition is heard. I minimally expect SC to direct CBI to file final chargesheet with a deadline. Besides all these, the justice is not served right in Indian courts. It is almost insane to keep anyone in the custody to carry on investigation. This implies investigating agencies (CBI or others) are impotent and incompetent. In fact if alleged persons try to influence the process, it further amplifies the case against the alleged.

            If anything people understand going by coal scam, it is proven beyond doubt that CBI acts at the behest of those holding to power.

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