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  1. nlr2014

    Day 150…..Prajaprasthanam…….2000km ….Neerajanam,-wgdt.html

    If the crooks throw stones at us we turn them into Milestones.
    Thataku chappulaki..Adharam…Bedharam.

  2. Ram

    This new site has good analysis of present situation. Hope the site designers makes the layout more attractive.

  3. cvrmurthy

    If we stop for a while and review . I think YSRCP has following successes
    1. Maintain the lead inspite of YSJ ‘s arrest
    2. Protect its position (Vote share)
    3. Could short list candidates ahead of others
    4. Attract leaders
    5. successfully organize padayatra

    Where they have to improve

    1. Telengana could not make a major breakthrough (Just 10 months left for the same, if elections are held as per schedule). I Telengana leaders have failed in this task
    2. Unable to counter the perception created by TDP and congress about absurd 1 lakh crores corruption at all levels. This is a necessity .National media editors, important correspondents need to be informed .Party media managers have failed here

    What has happened at Ramchandrapuram and narsapuram clearly and unequivocally establishes , that congress and TDP consider ‘defeating Jagan” as primary target . (like secular guise for Mayawathi, Mulayam etc etc). They are bound to have unofficial /local alliance there by consolidating anti Jagan votes. I feel , the people know it and would not be surprised. YSRCP should take this as ‘given’and strategize accordingly.

    • Gopi

      I think for Ramachandra puram and narasarao pet byelections, we learnt a leasson. I heard from some good sources that YSRCP is recognizing these constituencies and getting the scapegoats into our party. TDP wanted to sacrifise Dadi to make Ganta win in anakapalli. We attracted Dadi with all statistics into our party now. So TDP & CONG ploy failed here. No one can stop our win anakapalli now. Our intelligence rocks.
      Game is onsided if Jagan comes out other wise we will win with fight.

    • underhill

      /*What has happened at Ramchandrapuram and narsapuram clearly and unequivocally establishes , that congress and TDP consider ‘defeating Jagan” as primary target .*/

      This nexus will surely happen in general elections where Cong/TDP see we have good chances to win. YSRCP think tank really need to be aware of this and prepare plan to counter it.

  4. Sridhar

    When ever I was in traffic jam in this summer, I used to think how sharmila Akka is making this effort. It’s not easy for a lady to take this step. Every one of us should learn- never give up attitude and the importance she is giving for his brother and fathers legacy. Hats off Akka Last few weeks, I’m having power cut in nights, initially I got iretated but realising the fact how jagan was sleeping from last one year. Kasi perigi potha oondhi. I made my self clear, I’m helpless now but for sure will take a short break and will do what ever I can during elections. My target is to minimum 1000 votes They both are giving insperation in day to day frustrations.

    • nlr2014

      @ U are right.
      The family is an inspiration. U rarely get an opportunity to fight for a Just cause these days and we need to grab that opportunity . I will also target about a thousand votes .
      We will cherish the victory for the rest of our life.
      We have nothing to lose.

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