Jagan’s wife appeals for PM’s intervention


Jagan Mohan Reddy’s wife attacks CBI, accuses it of working at Congress behest



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10 responses to “Jagan’s wife appeals for PM’s intervention

  1. The unique thing in babu is who ever sides with drown like him. be it NDA, SM Krishna now Cong and the CBI together. If we observe the present circumstances this phenomena is very clear.

  2. nlr2014

    @ CVR garu ..
    Excellent idea. The next ten months are important and each of us should work like a soldier.

    • ram

      CV Reddy,

      Please vet your email before you send the details as well as the kind of comments that you would wish to share.

  3. PSK

    This is high time we need to be aggressive…..bring Jagan’s case into National media….on regular basis…
    May be a DHARNA by Bharathi gaaru at Jantar Mantar as Wife of two kids whose husband is harrassed by CBI with political motives…
    Kanimozhi was let out from Jail within 6-months by CBI….
    A Raja was let out from Jail about an year later by CBI…
    Kalmadi was let out….
    Jagan’s case is not that big compared to 2G-scam, CG-scam, Coal-scam,
    Why SC unable to understand this…..???


  4. hi guys,just now flash news…
    Darmana and sabitha going to resign…
    YSRCP having few advantages and few disadvantages with this move.

  5. Adnan

    You cannot beat yellow gang on web…

    • NLR

      @ Adanan..
      We can beat them everywhere if we have the will and time.
      Even a common man is slapping them with a slipper .
      The easiest way to beat them on the web is to book police cases against their negative propaganda in the web so that they have problems when travelling. It is not that difficult to track IP addresses these days.

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