Jagan’s DA case: Cong under pressure as two ministers step down



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17 responses to “Jagan’s DA case: Cong under pressure as two ministers step down

  1. PSK

    Missing YSR……

  2. NLR

    Day 154….Prjaprasthanam


    Nana bata…Anna mata..journey goes on.

  3. ram

    Unlike few people, I am of the opinion that Ministers resignations is a good thing to happen because these resigned ministers will start voicing the malafide of CBI and also offer their argument that they did no wrong on more avenues. The more people join to fight the cases, the better the resource mobilization that would not only put the ill intentions of CBI (and Central government) but also help bring more facts to the fore.

    • ram

      And mind another point, CBI would be free to arrest resigned ministers as it does not need any more approvals from Cabinet or Governor.

      However, I am confident arrests would not happen as long as they remain in congress. This further substantiates the popular belief that CBI is a puppet and its officers are impotent.

  4. PSK

    I have been longing to see such a poster in Sakshi for a quite a long time….
    Finally they published today, but in inner pages….On May 27th Sakshi should put Jagan’s full length photo in the 1st page giving his credentials…..

    • cvrmurthy


      • cvrmurthy

        Two points were made

        1 YSJ’s assets were just 40 cr by 2009. 2.His current assets 400 cr
        3. The increase is on account of sale of Bharathi cement

        The questions raised by Congress and TDP which are in public domain ,and which are required to be answered
        1. The cost of the lotus pond house and source 2. The cost of bangalore house and source

        The question of investments into Sakshi and Bharathi cement , would be any way answered /in some cases answered during the legal process.

  5. Atchyut

    What a courage Bharathi garu has..hats off to her responses to the pinpointed questions…I am really amazed..and felt happy to see such a courage in the difficult times fo her life….
    coming to ministers resignations congress has made a self goal by asking them to resign..the case against Jagan is lost thereitself..and I am pretty sure this is the begining of many events that unfold in the near future…let us wait and see the game….

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