No case against jagan

Dharmana on jagan

Dharmana on jagan


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50 responses to “No case against jagan

  1. nlr2014

    Not to worry. There will be a lot more surveys in the next few months some saying cong will sweep and others saying tdp will sweep . This is the tactic they will use.
    The actual result from people will make them Weep and we will have the last laugh. Todu dongala party cannot puts its hands on heart and say we will win this MP seat today and that is why most senior leaders have already left and many more to go.

  2. PSK

    Can anyone please enlighten us on which 7-Constituencies Congress will win and on which 10-Constituencies TDP will win???
    As per my place is concerned Dabbaapati/Jagadapati will lose deposits. I am 200% confident. There is a big rift going on in TDP in Vijayawada.
    Buddhi unna yavaraina Cong/TDP ki votlesthaaraa except like caste fanatics…..

    • PSK

      CVR gaaru,
      I don’t think people are happy with Harsha Kumar for his double standards and his hate YSR campaign… long he can keep on hating????
      If we choose a good SC (Mala) candidate, we have an edge…..

    • surely hindupur will be won by ysrcp inly. . in ananthapur stupid paritala sunitha also loses the election

  3. prabhakar NJ

    I agree 100 percent with Purandhra garu,

    That is exactly is gong to happen.

  4. RK

    28న వైఎస్ విజయమ్మ ధర్నా

    హైదరాబాద్: ఈనెల 27 సాయంత్రం నెక్లెస్‌రోడ్డు పీపుల్స్‌ప్లాజా నుంచి 10వేల మందితో కొవ్వుత్తుల ర్యాలీ నిర్వహించనున్నట్టు వైఎస్సార్ కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీ నేత జనక్‌ప్రసాద్‌ తెలిపారు. 28న ఇందిరాపార్క్‌ వద్ద వైఎస్‌ విజయమ్మ ఆధ్వర్యంలో ధర్నా చేపట్టనున్నట్టు వెల్లడించారు. ఈ కార్యక్రమాలకు అనుమతి, భద్రత ఇవ్వాల్సిందిగా డీజీపీ దినేష్ రెడ్డిని కోరామన్నారు. తమ డీజీపీ సానుకూలంగా స్పందించారని జనక్‌ప్రసాద్‌ తెలిపారు.
    – See more at:

  5. purandhara

    TDP ki, Congress ki single MP seat kudaaaa raaadu…….I am sure abt this..
    Coastal Belt….Rayala Seema…North Andhra…..25 MP seats lo….TDP and Congress…okka MP seat kudaaaa WIN avvadu……….Telangana lo…TDP is dead……Congress gelavadaaniki vaaallu yem GHANA KARYAM chesaaranta????

    TRS can win in 6-7 MP seats……..MIM can win in 1 MP seat…….as NAAGAM joined in BJP….BJP may win 1 MP seat……

    YSRCP will win 32-33 MP seats…….indulo yemaathra doubts akkar ledu…..

    elections kosam…janaalu yenthagaa wait chesthunnaaaro naaaku thelusu…..EVMs baddhalu ipothaaayi…chusthu vundandi…..

    BABU gaaaru…Congress tho kalisi aaduthunna naatakaalu janaalaku ardham kaaledani meee doubt aaa??????

    we r going to win in 190+ MLA seats………….

    yevadooo…yedooo survey chesaadani…..meeelo yevarainaaa meee decision change chesukunnaaraa??????

    yevadi decision vaadu already theeesesukunnaaadu……… decision yemiti annadi…OPEN SECRET………adi oppukune DAMMU…….TELUGU-CONGRESS ki ledu……..

    manaku favour gaa vunna surveys ni kudaaa nammakkar ledu….yendukante…….yedo survey lo manaki 25 MPs ichaaaru….25 yendi??????32 ki thaggakundaaa MPs gelusthaam manam……

    manaku vachina Majorities chusaaraa?????asalu Nellore MP charithra lo antha Majority vachindaa???????

    I am from Guntur……maa Guntur lo 3 MPs maname gelusthaaam…….Pandem yenthainaaa pedathaaa…….25/25 gelusthaam ANDHRA and SEEMA lo……..Telangana lo…….Nalgonda…Khamma…..SECBAD……sure gaa win avuthaam……migilinavi naaku idea ledu……

    vooorike…PACHA SURVEYS chusi….manam bhayapadedi yendi???????

  6. Rakesh

    Murthy Garu
    If any swing toward tdp or congress, they would have disqualified the rebel mlas, so cbnVoter cannot boost their morale, as they are afraid of by election or local body elections.
    No need to worry too much on cvoter predictions,

  7. PSK

    Have FUN….
    CBN….Obama kee yesaru peduthunnaadanta….!!!

  8. PSK

    Simple logic….when the people are frustrated….they will give CLEAR verdict…..
    We have seen this time and again….from UP to TN to latest Karnataka results……Everybody agrees that YSRCP has an edge…..that is sufficient to tell people will give clear majority whether MPs or ML:As……I am confident that we will form the next Govt in AP….for sure…..

  9. Prabhakar NJ

    Murthy garu, Analysis leads paralysis.janam lo unna Kasini evoke survey prathipadika gaa Theesukoledu.akkade anni survey Lu chanka naaki pothai.

  10. cvrmurthy

    As per HT . Rayalaseema YSRCP one way…. if that is the case they may win 8/9 seats . telengana TRS would win 12 out of 17. BJP and MIM 1 each this leaves 3 for TDP and Congress. Out of 18 seats HT projected for these two parties, 14/15 should therefore come from Andhra . 14/15 of 19 . in effect there should be a wave for TDP and congress in this area. Nellore to srikakulam.. If a proper survey is done in these constituencies , one would know the outcome.

    What goes infavour of cong nd TDP

    1 Rchandrauram and narsapuram results
    2. Vizag show
    3 Chirnajeevi factor nearly 32% votes in EG and WG in 2009 elections.
    4. krishna /guntur belt for TDP

    What goes aganist

    1. Nellore /ongole results
    2. Prattipadu result
    3. Polavaram result
    4.crowds at padayatra

  11. Prabhakar NJ

    Murthy garu data can be tabulated Dan manipulated andi. Do not argue same thing like hard or soft data.This is wave like tsunami can not predicted or have any referrence

  12. NLR

    Day 155….Prajaprasthanam…Prabhanjanam

    Manishi chani pothe ..pattu mani padhi mandhi kuda rani ee rojullo..
    Mahanetha chanipoyi ..konni smavatsaralu aina .. prajala gunde chappudu mathram agaledhu..agadhu.
    Mandutendalo kuda …Neerajanam paduthunna prajalu.

  13. ravi gaaru..All Exit polls favoured Congress in Karanataka not only c Voter and same in Gujarat. But here in AP the exit polls get differed for each channel. lets wait for NDTV,Nelson etc

  14. Murthy garuu..Tell me one MP seat in Costal and rayalaseema where TDP can win with out doubts?What CVR said is right..India today supports BJP.and where will BJP will get one seat?I won’t belive this exit poll..

    • cvrmurthy

      Give me data to support your claim that YSRCP will win. Unless , we have data on hand we can’t rationally argue otherwise it would only be blind faith.

      • sridagg

        i will give 10 MP seats where we can win easily

        • YS Fan

          Kadapa, Rajampet, Kurnool, Nandyal, Anantapur, Tirupathi, Nellore, Ongole, Bapatla, Narasaraopet, Machilipatnam For Sure.

          • CVR Murthy

            There is no pint in these kind of arguments . Please show me the data . survey reports .

            • CVR Murthy

              BTW, I have been told by some people that YSRCP knows the decline . They have the surveys but they are scared to reveal the same

              • NLR

                @ Murthy garu..

                I agree that we should not be overconfident but we are not sitting at home dreaming of power. Jagan travelled every corner of Seemandhra and touched millions of hearts , Sharmila is travelling through the dusty roads which her father once tread and touching millions of hearts, Vijayamma garu is travelling through Telangana region and listening to people’s woes.
                This is on a solid foundation already created for YSRCP by the Legend with his policies. Is there any other politicians in India that can be compared to the determination and will power of the YS family ?
                Yes the rest of the leaders should also work hard at the local level and I am confident that they will.
                On an end note..if Jagan gets bail even for two months before the elections I can guarantee that people dont have to waste time on any surveys.

    • ps

      Hey tdp will win 10 m”day p”la seats in AP but they will not win M.p. Seats in a.d. because they want cbn as c.m but not AP leaders as central ministers and AP don’t want any projects that why they conduct wrong lines bogus voter survey . If they didn’t conduct survey like this in world no fake things and fake estimations.definitely ysrcp will win 33 no seats in AP and tdp 0 mp and 0 most seats win in AP.

    • This survey in 2009 predicted 57 seats for Chiranjivi.

      The ruling Congress in Andhra Pradesh is expected to win 124 seats in the 294-member House in the coming assembly elections, a sharp fall from its last tally, while actor Chiranjeevi’s newly formed party is likely to emerge as the kingmaker, according to a survey.

      The Week/C-Voter survey projects that Opposition Telugu Desam Party could get 106 seats and Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam Party 57.

      In the last assembly elections, Congress had won 185 seats, whereas its main rival TDP had bagged 47 seats. According to the Week/C-Voter survey, the Congress is expected to get 39 per cent share of the votes cast, followed by 29 per cent by the TDP and 21 per cent by the PRP.

      Smaller parties and others are predicted to get 11 per cent. Andhra Pradesh with 294 assembly seats is going to polls on April 16. According to the survey, 43 per cent of respondents want a change of government in the state.

      It projects that Congress may have a negative swing of 11 per cent in the polls, while TDP’s negative swing will be to the tune of 12 per cent, making the elections a close contest. “Who is the best chief ministerial candidate?”

      According to the survey, present incumbent Y S R Reddy has the support of 30 per cent of the respondents. Former chief minister Chandrababu Naidu (TDP) and Chiranjeevi (PRP) follow with 26 per cent votes each.

      Eighteen per cent of the respondents failed to say who is the best bet.

  15. NLR

    Pls dont worry too much about Yellow media & co surveys. They did so many in 2003 and 2009 but we all know the results. We are ten times stronger than before now. As I keep saying we will also sweep the female votes. Self belief and trust in people is all what we need.
    TDP will have to sweat to even win a single MP seat and they know that.

    • cvrmurthy

      I have been following YSRCP acts and omissions and commissions for the last couple of years. I am disappointed with the organization. We do not want to respond to anything and expect voters to be with us forever. take my word tomorrow morning we will find few so called spokespersons come on TV and virtually accept the survey like they did last time. It will damage the morale of the supporters.

      Why should one believe that YSRCP is doing well unless hard data is presented shared?

      • Murthy garu, How many times YSRCP should Prove its strength…First it proved in MLC elections;at that time these same channels said not even a single seat YSRCP will get;But we got 3.
        next in Kadapa Bi elections they started propaganda stating YS viveka have more strength in pulivendula and even they said viveka is behind for YSR victory..we proved here with Kovuru
        Next 18 assembly bielections;they started TDP will get 5 and congress will get 5 in the 18 total again we proved …

  16. NTR in Gandhi Bhavan ?? IIt seems TDP-congress friendship going stronger after recent NTR statue in parliament.–id2/viewnews/1/14218.html

  17. C voter survey is bjp suppoter. He is building a mood to bring bjp back to power at any cost. For him to predict AP correct is not in his interest. Today AP is the only state which will decide who is going to form the govt at the center. So he wants to create as much confusion as possible.

    • Yeshwant Deshmukh of c voter is the son od nanaji deshmukh earstwhile rss ideologue

      • cvrmurthy

        Agreed and I am sure YSRCP will do well but , this strategy needs to be countered.

        1. All those spokespersons who appear for YSRCP on tv shows tomorrow should be briefed before they leave
        2. We should use information gathered unofficially by publishing without reference
        3. Publish survey by an agency like today chanakya

  18. cvrmurthy

    c-voters has given 11 Mps for ysrcp

    • cvrmurthy

      last time times cvoters gave 19 . now they have reduced it to 11

      • cvrmurthy

        congress 7 tdp 10 trs 12

      • ysr123

        Timesnow C-Voter gave 13.

        • cvrmurthy

          Yellow channels will unleash publicity from tmrw. What is the fact? IS YSRCP loosing so badly

          • cvrmurthy

            three surveys 1. Center right 2 times now c voter 3. aajtak c voter are showing drastic reduction. How do we know the fact

            • ysr123

              Not sure. Both Times now and Aazthak are using C-voter data.

            • cvrmurthy

              I agree with you but to ensure that this does not demoralise cadre, we need to get survey done by today chanakya. Nielsen is blocked by NTV , , only option left out is today chanakya

            • Pavithra

              I think C-Voter survey is calculatively trying to present a declining trend of YSRCP. Has any one carried out survey after survey with a regular interval? Nielsen survey is blocked by NTV for known best reasons. There seems to be targeted presentation of facts….we also should encourage some independent agencies to carry out the survey’s and facts should be shown to the public….then everything will be black & white…

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