Reading Takes Most Of The Time

In the last 4 months, he also started reading books on welfare and development programmes implemented by different states and different countries in Asia and Europe.

Waiting for trial, one year over


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82 responses to “Reading Takes Most Of The Time

  1. double talk by chandrababu..

    TD not to move No-trust motion, hints Chandrababu Naidu
    TD chief Chandrababu Naidu indirectly hinted that his party will not move a No-Confidence Motion (NCM) against Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy’s government during the next Assembly Session.

    Earlier, he had said that the TD will move a NCM if necessary during the second phase of the Assembly Session. However, on Tuesday he said that YSRC leaders were demanding a NCM against the Congress for their political gain only.

  2. CVR Murthy

    Interview or conversation in Editors Time ‘Maha TV ‘.Ms. Bharathi has come out very well. She was genuine and communicated very well.

  3. NLR

    Every kind heart in AP protests against Jagan’s detention by the congress bureau of investigation.

  4. Sekar

    Good to see the statewide protests by the party was a success. Despite the hot weather, the response seems to be quite good at most of the places

  5. vissu,

    President of India’s helpline link. I just posted about cbi’s high handed behaveour .
    Not only this, we can post about problems in our area/surrounding areas.

  6. vinay

    Wig , pettudu meesam tho mahanaadu ki vachina balakishna..

    avi lekunda public lo ki vache DHAIRYAM ledhooo 😀 😀 😀

  7. PSK

    NTR Janma dinam samdharbhanga….MUST Watch video

  8. PSK

    Have FUN…!!

  9. NLR

    Day 161 ….Prajaprasthanam….Prabhnajanam

    It is more than three years since the death of the Legend
    It is an year since the arrest of the Lion
    Aina …akkada adugu vesthe akkada …Neerajanam
    Never before in the history of Indian politics has this happened.


  10. Sekar

    Monna vijayawada lo ee TDP valla mini-mahanadu sabha choodandi. Yelaa saaguthundo? 😀

  11. CVR Murthy

    Leave aside Political outcome for a while, One can’t but appreciate the YSRCP and YSR family for dominating the party despite of YSJ custody for one year.

    If the strategists in opposition camp thought , that YSRCP would disappear or reduced to just another party, they went totally wrong. If they thought ,YSJ could be pressurised into surrender, they underestimated the resolve of YSJ. It is no exaggeration, if we state that no person in the past 60+ years demonstrated such courage , that too under severe pressure.

    The family has shown the same quality. We may just reduce it to numbers but emotion behind this fight is difficult to comprehend.

    This quality of YSJ and his family is the one which made people of Andhra adore them with an expectation that they would work with same determination for the benefit of the people.

    The such unparalleled qualities of a young leader goes unnoticed by media .both national and local. It should be brought to the notice of those manning the National media. A good write up depicting is needed .

  12. nlr2014

    May 27 …2012 …Jagan arrested by congress bureau of investigation.

    No prison walls can stop the affection of millions
    The day is not far away when Justice will be done in the People’s court.
    Todu dongala thataku chappulaki..memu Adharam…Bedharam.

  13. Sekar

    Great analysis.

  14. Sekar

    Yesterday, I watched an English movie called “The Hurricane”. Denziel Washington starrer. It is a true story about a an upcoming canadian boxing champion (black) was fixed in a murder case by US racist cops in jail for almost 20 years. Most of the dialogues in the movie are apt for Jagan’s case except that here the shots are called by Gujju/Italian mafia

  15. Sekar

    In 2004, AP was one among the top 2-3 states effected by Naxal violence. In November 2003, they almost killed the state CM. One man changed that in just 4-5 years. No CM in India has guts to handle the problem the way YSR did.

    Digvijay Singh, has praised YSR vision while handling the naxal problem. YSR always considered the problem as social problem not considered as terrorism.

    Now, look at ChathisGadh, Jharkhand, WB and few other states where naxalism is still one of the major problems.

    The biased media always try to project YSR in the bad light and never give credit to him in any good works done for the state.I think, People are intelligent and observing everything. Before every elections, I always have my doubts whether people gets trapped in these biased media. Be it in 2004, 2009, 2011, 2012. But they always proved me wrong by giving thumping majorities. I am sure they will repeat the same and shut these mouths for ever in 2014.

    • Gopi

      You are right sekar In tdp’s rule, cm was attacked and ex home minister was killed by Naxals. Yes this media n yellow people don’t even mention it
      Vaalla paapam pande rojulu dhaggara lone unnaayi

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