Why Jagan is such a force

Many analysts believe that Jagan, as he is popularly known, will sweep the polls for the Andhra Pradesh assembly that will be held alongside the Lok Sabha elections in 2014. “I don’t want to go overboard. But it’s clear that he will win a simple majority,” says a special chief secretary to the Andhra Pradesh government. The expectation is that Jagan’s party, the YSR Congress, will win something like 20-22 Lok Sabha seats out of the 42 in the state in 2014. That will make Jagan, a kingmaker at the Centre considering that the 2014 election is likely to throw up a fractured mandate with the support of every MP important for making the government.



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  1. NLR

    The amazing padayatra scenes are a reflection of Pre Indian Independence battle against the British .
    Surprisingly in this battle it is the Pseudogandhi’s and their friend Andhra Hazare who will beat the dust.

    The letters YS – A ray of Hope for the people of AP.

  2. Ram

    Good job Chiranjeevi… Hope you also go to Uttaranchal and instill confidence instead of being in Delhi…

  3. Ram

    Racchabanda @ Jagannadhapuram East Godavari

  4. Ram

    1995 ఆగస్టులో తనకు వ్యతిరేకంగా జరిగిన విద్రోహంపై ఎన్‌టిఆర్ ఆగ్రహం:

    Planned Treachery against real Democracy and people serving leaders, then or now.. the saga of corporate media manipulating public opinion continues..

  5. Ram

    Gattu on RBI director issue and malign campain by Enadu…

    Have to see if TDP responds to Gattu question’s on Devineni Seetharamaiah, an auditor working for Brahmayya and Company, becoming personal Auditor to late Rama Rao and Chandra Babu

    Seetharamaiah is or was the Cairperson and non-executive Director at Heritage Foods (India) Ltd
    indianboards .com/pages/companyprofile.aspx?code=C0000517

  6. Jagan interview with CNN IBN

  7. NLR

    Day 184 ….Prajaprasthanam


    Touching every village..Conquering every heart
    Each step taking closer to a new chapter in AP politics

  8. ps

    Modi is good political leader that he proven from past ten years. So in AP no chance for tdp and Congress for next 30 years. Un necessarily they are doing unhealthy politics. If they loose once path in politics they are no where. so they have to take care of there existence for future in politics. Other wise completion lies between ysrcp and bjp in future.

  9. Ram

    ఓజోన్ పొరను కరిగించి దోచుకున్న జగన్.. బాబు .. ప్రపంచ ప్రఖ్యాత కుంభకోణం

  10. Gyan

    I wish Sakshi had exposed this major scam during YSR’s 5.5 year tenure. At that time it would have been easy to reverse Babu’s actions and save the state. Now, the CM is in Babu’s pocket and surviving on his support. Also, it is quite late to recover the loss. At least punishing the culprits should happen but we have to fight very hard for that through PILs etc. I wish Vijayamma garu or somebody from YSRCP files a petition in High Court or Supreme Court regarding the Emaar scam detailing how the public interest was sidelined to benefit private developers like Emaar or even L&T.

  11. vissu

    assembly house lo cm chesina vaadana ku sambandhinchina videos ni eesaari court lo submit chesi mana lawyers vaadanalu vinipinchaali..
    cm clear gaa cheppaadu g.o lu annee koodaa raajyaangabaddamainave ani..

    • Good thought vissu. it adds lot of weight to arguments.

      Frankly, it makes me laugh, when i hear our lawyers argue on grounds such as why ministers are out, or jagan is powerful, hence kept inside or political developments are reason for custody etc… just a thought

    • Gyan

      I don’t think that is the right strategy. CM’s statements in support of the actions of his party colleagues and ministers/former ministers in his cabinet will have no weight in a court of law.
      Arguments should be entirely based on failure of CBI to produce any evidence despite more than one and half years of investigation.

      • Rakesh

        At this moment, judges of all level courts are in tune with congress govt
        Unless govt changes in state or central, we cannot expect favourable decision.

      • vissu

        శాసనసభలో ముఖ్యమంత్రి సమాధానం చెప్పడమంటే రాష్ట్ర ప్రజలందరికి సమాధానం చెబుతున్నట్లు… ఆ వీడియోస్ కి ఎంతో కొంత వేల్యూ ఉంటుందనే నా నమ్మకం.. సి బి ఐ ధర్మాన, సబితా లను కస్టడీ కి కోరుతూ వారిద్దరూ మాట్లాడిన వీడియోస్ ని అది కూడా యు ట్యూబ్ లో అప్లోడ్ చేసిన వీడియోస్ ని సాక్షాధారాలు గా కోర్ట్ కి సమర్పించింది.. దానిని కోర్ట్ పరిగణనలోకి తీసుకొని కౌంటర్ ఫైల్ చేయమని సబితా,ధర్మాన లను కోరితే.. వాళ్ళ తరపు న్యాయవాదులు చెప్పిన సమాధానం “ఒరిజినల్ వీడియోస్ ని కోర్ట్ కి సబ్మిట్ చేయమనండి అప్పుడు మేము కౌంటర్ ఫైల్ చేస్తాము ” అని సమాధానం… ఈ కస్టడీ పిటిషన్ పై సి బి ఐ కోర్ట్ నిర్ణయం తరువాత మనము ముఖ్యమంత్రి మాట్లాడిన వీడియోస్ ని ఒక ఆప్షన్ పెట్టుకుంటే బాగుంటుందేమో అని ఒక థాట్..

        • Gyan

          There have been many instances when the courts/tribunals/lokayukta and other judicial/quasi-judicial bodies have ruled directly against Chief Ministers and Prime Ministers. Therefore, the claims of a Chief Minister in support of his cabinet colleagues/former colleagues/party colleagues will have no value unless the CM is a direct witness in the case and speaks in court. It is true that the words of a CM on the floor of the house is a message to the entire people of the state. However, courts will give no weight to what is told by the CM to the people of the state. If he is called as a witness and states something in the court under oath and submits himself to cross-examination by the prosecution, then it may have some weight.
          I think some of the arguments made by our lawyers have already been influenced by the stand taken by the party and the arguments used by the party leaders. This is not right. Lack of evidence by the CBI is our only weapon because the ‘burden of proof’ lies with the prosecution.
          However, my concern is that the judges who have seen enough validity/evidence in the CBI’s chargesheets while denying bail or extending judicial remand beyond one year may see enough evidence to sentence Jagan anna. This is even more dangerous because the trial is likely to be separate for each charge sheet. The first chargesheet may come to trial very soon and the sentence on that one chargesheet may be delivered before the next elections. It is very clear that the CBI is showing undue haste in trying to bring at least one chargesheet to trial so that it can get a minimum sentence of two years and thus prevent Jagan anna from contesting the next elections and also from applying for bail.
          It is high time that our party moderates a little bit and comes to some understanding with the Congress and focus on enemy number 1, i.e. TDP. If we try to fight both, it may be too late by the time the governments change and all that. Moreover, Judges won’t change so quickly. The next judges will be appointed by a collegium consisting of current senior most 5 judges of the Supreme Court (including the Chief Justice). Justice Sadasivam who headed the bench that denied bail to Jagan anna is going to take charge as the Chief Justice of India in less than a month.

        • pavithra

          Good thought for implementation…. As CBI is using normal press conversation for the case, the argument of CM in the presence of how assembly can used as witness of how this entire case is politically motivated and inspite of repeated reminders GOVT OF AP has not filed its response in the court is visible….at least this will enable the court to ask the govt. to file its response, then things would be atleast clear… i think we should not leave this opportunity….

  12. vissu

    If polavaram and its approach canal to prakasam barriage had been completed, this wouldn’t be the situation…
    – గోదావరి బేసిన్‌లో మంచి వర్షాలు… కృష్ణా బేసిన్‌లో చిరు జల్లులు
    – ఫలితంగా కృష్ణా ప్రాజెక్టులకు ఇన్‌ఫ్లో కరువు
    – ఆయకట్టుకు ఖరీఫ్ సీజన్‌లో నీటి సరఫరాపై ఆందోళన – See more at: http://sakshi.com/main/FullStory.aspx?catid=621554&Categoryid=1&subcatid=33#sthash.2CpbXvcv.dpuf

  13. Niranjan Reddy

    వైఎస్సార్సీపీ ఎందుకు గెలుస్తుంది? జగన్ ఎందుకు సిఎం అవుతాడు?
    – Gurava Reddy.

    ఈ మధ్య కొంత మంది జగన్ జైల్లోనే ఎన్నికల వరకు ఉంటే వైఎస్సార్సీపీ గెలవడం కష్టం, చంద్రబాబు పాదయాత్రతో తెలుగుదేశం పిక్ అప్ అవుతున్నది, హంగ్ వస్తుందేమోనని ఎక్కువగా పచ్చతమ్ముల్లు, కొంత మంది మన వాల్లు అనుకుంటున్నారు. వైఎస్సార్సీపీ ఎప్పుడు ఎన్నికలొచ్చినా విజయ కేతనం ఎగురెస్తుందని నా ప్రఘాడ నమ్మకం. ఎందుకంటే:

    1. కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీకున్న క్రమశిక్షనా రాహిత్యం, ప్రభుత్వం మీద ఉండే సహజ వ్యతిరేకతతో కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీ 30 సీట్లు కూడా గెలవలేని పరిస్థితి. కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీని మూడు ప్రాంతల్లో నడిపించగల సమర్ధ నాయక లోపం, డిల్లీ నుండి గెలిపించగలిగిన సామర్ధం లేని కాంగ్రెస్ హై కమాండ్.

    2. తెలుగుదేశం పార్టీ ఆత్మ వంచన, కాంగ్రెస్ తో కుమ్మక్కు, గెలుపుపై నమ్మకం లేని కేడర్, ప్రజల్లో విస్వశనీయతను పూర్తి స్తాయిలో కోల్పోయిన చంద్రబాబు. కడుపునొప్పి, ఆయాశం అంటూ రాజ్యసభలో ఓటింగుకి గైర్హాజరైన విధానం, పాదయాత్ర అంటూ అవిశ్వాస తీర్మానానికి డుమ్మా, తటస్తంగా ఉండాలంటూ విప్ జారీ, బడ్జెట్ సమావేశాలు జరుగుతున్నపుడు కోడలి కాలేజీ ఉత్సవాలకి అమెరికాకి పోవడం, లుంబినీ పార్క్ గోకుల్ ఛాట్ బాంబు దాడిలో కూడా తన నాయకత్వ పటిమను మనకి చూపారు. వందల మ్రుతదేహాలు రోడ్ల మీద పడి, క్ష్తగాత్రుల భీకర హాహాకారాల మధ్య ఆయన తన కుమారుడి పెల్లికి ముందు జరిగిన సంగీత్ కార్యక్రమాన్ని రద్దు చేసుకోకుండా టాలివుడ్ న్రుత్య దర్శకుల పర్యవేక్షనలో న్రుత్యం చేసిన ఘనత – ఇవన్నీ తెలుగుదేశం, చంద్రబాబు, కాంగ్రెస్ కుమ్మక్కుని ప్రజల్లోకి బాగా తీసికెల్లాయి. తెలుగుదేశం కూడా 30 స్తానాలకి మించే అవకాశం లేదు.

    3. జైలుకి వెల్లేలోపలే జగన్ తెలంగాణా లోని ఖమ్మం, నల్గొండ జిల్లాలతో సహా, సీమాంధ్రాలోని మారుమూల పల్లెలన్నీ తిరిగి, ప్రజలకి పూర్తి స్తాయిలో దగ్గరవడం, వైఎస్సార్ అంటే ఎప్పటికీ తరగని ప్రేమాభిమానాలున్న ప్రజలు, జగనన్న బానం (షర్మిల) చేస్తున్న చారిత్మాత్మిక పాదయాత్రలు వైఎస్సార్సీపీకి అత్యధిక స్తానాలు గెలవడానికి దోహదం చేస్తున్నాయి. ఇంకో విషయమేమంటే మేము వైఎస్సార్ ముఖ్యమంత్రిగా కొనసాగాలని ఓటేస్తే విధి నిర్ణయమో, లేక కుట్రతోనో అది సాధ్యం కాలేదు, ఆయన కొడుకునన్నా ముఖ్యమంత్రిగా చూడాలి అని ప్రజలు నిర్ణయించుకున్నారు. నా ఉద్దేశంలో నూటికి 95 మంది ఎవరికి ఓటెయ్యాలో డిసైడ్ అయ్యారు. ఇంకా చెప్పాలంటే ఫర్ జగన్ లేక యాంటీ జగన్ గా రాష్త్ర ప్రజలు చీలిపోయారు. సీమంధ్రాలో అయితే ఫర్ జగన్ 50% దాటిపోయింది. ఇప్పటికిప్పుదు ఎన్నికలు జరిగినా, లేక 2014 మేలో జరిగినా సీమాంధ్రాలో 140 సీత్లకి తగ్గకుండా, తెలంగాణాలో 30-35 సీట్లు, అంటే 170-175 వైఎస్సార్సీపీ గెలుస్తుంది! జగన్ జైల్లోంచి బయటకొస్తే పోరు వన్సైడ్ అయిద్ది! టెలంగాణాలో జగన్ టూరేస్తే వచ్చే ఊపుతో ఇంకో 20, ఇంకా ఫోకస్ పెరిగి సీమాంధ్రాలో ఇంకో 15 గెలిచి 200 దాటుతాయి. కాంగ్రెస్ తెలుగుదేశం రెండు కలిపి పోటీ చేసినా వైఎస్సార్సీపీని ఓడించలేరు. ఓట్లు తెచ్చే అభ్యర్దులు కాకపోయినా ఓట్లు పోగొట్టని అభ్యర్దులను జగన్ నిర్ణయిస్తే పార్టీ గెలుపుని ఎవరూ అడ్డుకోలేరు!

    ఇక ఎంపీ సీట్ల విషయానికొస్తే, జగన్ బైటున్నా, జైల్ల్లో ఉన్నా, మీ ఇంట్లో ఉన్నా, మా ఇంట్లో ఉన్నా, వాల్లింట్లో ఉన్నా, ఆఫ్రికాలో ఉన్నా, అమెరికాలో ఉన్నా సీమాంధ్రాలోని 25 కి 25 తెలంగాణాలో కనిస్ఠంగా 5 కలిపి 30 సీట్లు వైఎస్సార్సీపీ గెలుస్తుంది!

    ఒక రకంగా చెప్పాలంటే టీవీలు, న్యూస్పేపర్లు, ఈవీయెంలు వచ్చిన తర్వాత ఊర్లలో ఉండే ముఠా నాయకుల ప్రాభల్యం పూర్తిగా తగ్గిపోయింది. పార్టీలో పైనున్న ఒకే ఒక్క నాయకుడిని చూసి ఓట్లు వెయ్యడం ప్రజలకి అలవాటైంది. 2004, 2009లలో రాజశేఖర రెడ్డి గారికి చంద్రబాబుకి మధ్య ఎన్నికలు అవి. కొంత మేరకు లోకల్ నాయకుల ప్రాధాన్యమున్నా ఎక్కువగా వారిద్దరి మధ్యే పోటీ. ఇప్పుడది ఇంకా పెరిగి జగన్ చంద్రబాబుల మధ్య ఎన్నికలా 2014 తయారయింది. ప్రజల ద్రుష్టిలో వీల్లిద్దరిలో ఒక్కరికే విస్వశనీయత ఉంది. అది చంద్రబాబు కాదు, అందుకే వైఎస్సార్సీపీ గెలుపు, జగన్ ముఖ్యమంత్రి అవ్వడం ఎప్పుడో నిర్ణయమైపొయాయి!

  14. NLR

    Day 183 ..Prajaprasthanam…Kirlampudi…Neerajanam

    Sharmilas speech gets overwhelming resonse from the people
    Todu dongalu are due to be burried in the hands of two Ladies because they dont have the guts to lose to a Man.

  15. Ram

    Kirlampudi, East Godavari with J Nehru

    • Sekar

      Super speech….crystal clear in what she is telling.
      Im sure she can pull it off even if jagan is not released.

      • nlr2014

        I think she is a step ahead of Jayalalitha or Mamatha in terms of determination and commmitment. She has also won over millions of hearts at a lot younger age in a short span when compared to them.
        And her words are straight from the heart and not like Babu who’s mouth has no connection to his brain.
        Jagan’s arrow has travelled nearly 2500 km till now .
        The crooks dare not come in its way.

  16. vissu

    Central ministers should say thanks to Jagan…
    Given the fluid situation in Andhra Pradesh — with Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy set to pose great challenges to the Congress in the Assembly/Lok Sabha polls from the Seemandhra region and the Telangana Rashtra Samithi issuing threats in the problematic Telangana region — as many as 13 out of 44 Congress MPs (31 in the Lok Sabha and 13 in the Rajya Sabha) have been made Ministers. Of them five — S. Jaipal Reddy, Kishore Chandra Deo, M.M. Pallam Raju, K.S. Rao and Jairam Ramesh (elected from A.P. to the Rajya Sabha) — are Cabinet Ministers.

    While actor-politician K. Chiranjeevi is already enjoying the Minister of State with independent charge status, there are seven MoS: D. Purandeswari, Panabaka Lakshmi, Sarvey Satyanarayana, K. Surya Prakash Reddy, P. Balram Naik, Killi Krupa Rani and J.D. Seelam.

    While Mr. Jaipal Reddy, Mr. Satyanarayana and Mr. Naik are from the Telangana region, Mr. Surya Prakash Reddy represents Rayalaseema and the remaining are from Coastal Andhra Pradesh.

    With the Seemandhra region getting more representation in the Union Council, sources said the balancing act made by the Congress high command might help it to arrest the exodus to the YSR Party prior to the polls. It may be noted that Mr. K.S. Rao had submitted his resignation to the high command when he failed to a find place in the Cabinet during the previous reshuffle.

  17. CVR Murthy

    National Parties like BJP and Congress are no longer contesting elections for winning majority ,either directly or with alliance partners. The race is now for emerging as Single largest pre poll group .

    Once they are invited to from the Government , arranging majority or pooling other parties to support confidence motion is easy..

    BJP has an issue in this race. They just have SAD and Shiva sena..Nitish in all probability will be a pre poll partner. for Congress lead group.

  18. NLR

    Day 182….Prajaprasthanam


    Touching every village ..Conquering every heart
    Travelling through those dusty roads which her father and brother once tread
    The journey will ho on to create history that the nation has never seen or heard before.

  19. Ram

    How to search for english or telugu key words in a ‘specific’ web site? Go to Google site and search for below examples:

    YSR site:rediff.com
    Naidu World Bank site:hindu.com
    సాక్షి site:hydfirst.com

  20. venkat

    People of Andhra Pradesh are truely owed to jaganmohan reddy commitment and dedication and stand on word,so that he is in jail so far any how people are decided to give their votes to him.

  21. venakt

    He is only can rule the A.P bcz he is young and dynamic leader and dedication and commitment will going head him to sit on the C.M and P.M in future

  22. Ram

    Moily hints of relief to RIL on KG-D6 relinquishment issue


    –The Directorate General of Hydrocarbons (DGH) had recommended to the ministry that RIL be asked to give up 86% of its KG-D6 gas block area

    — In a relief to Reliance Industries, Oil Minister M Veerappa Moily has indicated that he may not fully accept DGH’s recommendation for taking away 86% of the company’s KG-D6 gas block area.

  23. sharath

    YSRCP should fight against reservation based on caste rather should have reservation based on financial position. Forward caste who are poor are affected by this. Not only that reservation benefits are being eaten by those wealthy in the reserved caste.

    • CVR Murthy

      The Social aspect of the reservation should not be Ignored .

    • Gyan

      This is absolutely true. People like MP Vivek and other members of the Venkataswami family are a classic example. They are overprivileged if anything, not underpeivileged. Why should they be given reservations? Also, why should poor people from OC category be denied the benefits of reservations?
      It would be better still if the entire system of reservations is abolished and the government instead works to provide financial aid such as fee reimbursement in private colleges in intermediate itself etc. for those based on economic status. If a person receives such benefits and becomes an IAS officer, his children would no more qualify because they would not remain economically underpeivileged. Caste system is a poor method because even in families with three generations of IAS officers all of whom have used reservations, the caste will not change. And three generations of poor OCs none of whom have received any help from the government will continue to remain OCs. There is nothing one can do to move to a different caste. It’s a poor system and yet even parties like Lok Satta don’t dare to talk reasonably on this. YSJ should come with good proposals in this aspect.

      • sharath

        The Social aspect of the reservation should not be Ignored .. I did not understand what you said. can you please elaborate?

        • sharath

          Thank you gyan for elaborating with example

        • CVR Murthy

          Reservation are meant to bring the socially deprived classes to be a part of the nation. I have come across persons who are from socially deprived or dalits but who are rich . They still face social discrimination.

          Reservations have improved the situation but the problem persists.

          • Gyan

            How can reservation be the solution for discrimination against rich dalits? I think it is a drag on the economy. I am not against any caste but if a person is not suited for a particular job, he shouldn’t get it. If a person is better suited for a particular job, he should get it. If the best people are given every job they can be more productive and help the economy.
            If a person of a particular caste is underprivileged and is unable to compete for seats in Universities or for government jobs, I am completely in favor of giving them free high quality education and all the required opportunities. Even reimbursing fee in corporate schools or intermediate colleges. But if the person fails to prove to be capable of getting a seat or job, a more qualified person should not be denied the opportunitiy simply because he is an OC and this less qualified person should not be selected simply because he is an OBC or SC/ST or Minority. If selected, such a person would not be able to realize the full value of that position and end up hurting the economy. Imagine what would happen to the cricket team if reservations are implemented. The same thing will happen to the economy. The difference is that what happens to the cricket team would be quickly and directly visible whereas the economy will suffer over the long term and somewhat indirectly.

            • Gyan

              I know that this is a sensitive subject and it may hard to put this forward in a manner that does not trigger a big controversy. Especially, considering that most of the media in AP is against YSJ. However, I think he should do this in the long term. After coming to power in this term or at least in 2019.

              • Gyan

                As far as discriminating is concerned. If a person is discriminated against based on caste/religion/skin color or any such factor that they are not responsible for, the discriminators must be punished. Also, the government should launch social awareness programs to control discrimination in places where it is prevalent. I don’t think reservation to rich OBCs or SC/STs is a solution.

                Sorry for disagreeing Murthy garu, I usually find your posts very agreeable and very balanced.

  24. NLR

    Adugu vesthe …Neerajanam

  25. CVR Murthy

    Good to hear speech of Ms.YSV at Vizianagaram. She cleared some allegations on the houses built by the family at last.

    • NLR

      The problem is tomorrow the crooks will come up with some other allegation. One day it is house , next day it is Sharmila’s operation, following day it is facilities in prison and tomorrow it will be about Jagan’s shirt !!
      Sometimes it is better to let the dog’s bark .

  26. Ram

    Archives of old news papers and magazines:

    It seems Enadu does not publish its papers, recent or old. Not sure why the secrecy. Any idea where one can get Enadu archives?

  27. Ram

    “National water grid — A hundred-year-old plan”

    Any political takers to reignite this grand dream?

  28. Ram

    Breaking up Indian states- The good of small things – Creating new, smaller states should be made easier

    economist . com/news/asia/21574544-creating-new-smaller-states-should-be-made-easier-good-small-things

    “…Ideally, India needs a new commission to decide how to reorganise states, for it would be a mistake to leave it to politicians always thinking about the next election. Already the states, with an average of 35m people each, look unmanageably large, on the whole. By mid-century India’s overall population is expected to be 1.6 billion. If they are to fit into better-run smaller states, then someone has to get around to forming another 20 or 30 of them.”

    — Looks like the immediate plan going forward is to create SRC-2 before 2014, and subsequently split into smaller states across the country, as suggested by The Economist, which is a part of global think tank. This way there no longer will be regional power centres, but all small manageable petty politicians, whom the Corporate can easily control and influence. Post 2014, Congress / BJP / 123 Front does not matter the plan may be implemented.

  29. NLR

    Day 180 …Prajaprasthanam
    Adugu vesthe…Prabhanjanam

    It is amazing how quickly time flys. It is six months since Sharmila started the Padyatra and I hope I have not missed posting a single day here !!
    Never before in history has a woman undertook such a marathon walk touching millions of hearts on the way.
    Courage, Passion , Determination , Commitment ,Will power, Wisdom, Vision etc
    We have seen leaders with few of these but the YS family has all of them.

  30. Prabhakar nj

    Vinay garu,
    Aithe entanta.nothing to be mentioned

  31. vinay

    CM kiran meeting baagane conduct chesaaru eroju maa oorilo (Avanigadda)..

  32. Prasad

    These cunning congress leaders were having atleast some decency in accepting people’s verdict but that yellow rogue party leader even lacked any decency and decorum that is requried for leaders in democratic setup. He went out blaming people that they voted by taking money. Such a fallen guy he is. Still so many so called educated idiots support that rogue who destroyed all values and introduced all bad things that should not in democracy like casteism, religionism, money power in politics and hate politics. See what level he has stooped now blaming that people in jails are seeing blue films and doing murders from jails, and now banning those papers and channels who are exposing these rogue dirty politics. And unfortunate that there are some even in judiciary who are helping this rogue in escaping from cases where he swindled the money by allotting vast land in Hyderad to construct villas and golf courses to richa rrogant rogues and to benami bogus companies and allotted gas that belongs to people of AP and got money in the name of benami investments in one of the media groups which was exposed by Sakshi media. So he is now banning this media not to attend his party functions. Such a fallen gury and so called educated idiots support this rogue.

  33. Siva Reddy

    There is no any party strong at Center, We cannot predict anything at this juncture. We should wait and carefully make our footsteps. YS Jaganmohan Reddy doesn’t mince words. He delivers what he speaks and stand by them.

    How can we expect Jagan to support BJP as he already mentioned in public, where he will not be supporting BJP.

    • sharath

      Then whom will he support? If ysrcp decide to stay neutral what is the point in giving huge MP seats to the party

      • NLR

        I personaly think that we should be flexible with our choices at the Centre otherwise the crook cong will be thinking no matter what we do to him Jagan has no choice but to support UPA . Whatever decision we take should be in the best interest of the Nation and AP. One thing we should bear in mind is that are many muslim and christian leaders in NDA too.
        But I will stand by whatever decision Jagan takes.

      • Rakesh

        Lets not jump to conclusion like Cbn, lets wait till election results

        • sharath

          People in AP are more sensible.. they vote based on our stand..best example is assembly elections vs parliament election results in 2009.

          • Atchyut

            I agree with NLR..There is no rule or rhyme in politics that we should support only one party all the time..being a regional party we should give preference to priorities of our state..look at Tamilnadu ..DMK and AIADMK they switch sides from time to time..Do you think the people there are not sensible..In my opinion if you deliver the welfare to the people it doesn’t matter whom you sail with…Even if we get 25 -30 MP seats and sit in opposition we can’t do justice to the people…my point here is we should be flexible…it doesn’t matter whom we support to form the government but what do we get for our state matters the most…Another example in this context is..Mamata Benerjee ..She was with NDA and UPA until she became established in her state ..she preferred to be in power so that she can deliver to the people..we should first try to consolidate our position ..that can be possible only when we are on the winning side…
            No body is Secular or Communal..it is all propaganda…

  34. sharath

    Looks like we will have major say at center.. we should support Modi

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