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  1. Ram

    Reply to Krishnapatnam allegation by Enadu..

  2. Adnan

    Need to focus on Land shark Dramoji

    • Ram

      One cannot touch that 2000+ acre topic.. yellow fans will be all over telling its given for Tourism and Industry development…Economic Development.. Jobs… Pride of AP…Iconic Landmark… Feather in the Cap of X…

      Red and Pink paries jendalu paatee kaaryakramaala varake chestaru, all in the name of farmers.. no one dares to even photograph the palace.

  3. Ram

    With a package, will the root causes of separate telangana issues be resolved?

    • Ram

      తెలంగాణపై ‘కమ్మ’కుంటున్న కుట్ర! తస్మాత్ జాగ్రత్త!

      I thought this malice is only in costal andhra districts. It seems it has effected Telangana brothers as well. Very unfortunate.

      • Ram

        Though I do not have any substantial evidence or material to prove, I have a feeling the root cause for Telanganites hatred towards common Andhra or Seema brothers started / escalated because of this foolish yellow batch.

        On the same note, the earlier naxal movements and faction politics were are all pre meditated games they played for political benifits. Every one else and majority of areas in AP is effected by naxal movement, but the K-G-Delta area! Some thing fishy, the same team within the vicinity of few square km, forms a secretive cartel in films, business, media and later into politics. It some how does not seem to be sheer hard work or luck, but a more secretive brotherly bonding and sanghams that brought them to where they are.

        As an example, the methods they adopted using cinema media to create a maligned and false image called ‘factionist’ vs a telangana ‘comedy’ dialict are the same. I wish the Telanganites can clearly distinguish these global-oriented people from the common Andhra or Seema people and leaders, who love Telangana Bhasha Bhushan Vesha.


  4. Ram

    Gates’ hushed visit to Hyd raises bio-diversity groups’ hackles

    • Ram

      Prapancha Banku jeetagaadi followers who sneak into this site, please look at the above and be truthful to yourselves. Have some conscience at least now. You were fooled by stooges CBN and the Media… they sold you to MNCs and made you jeetagallu in return… all in the name of ‘Development Propoganda’. I do not remember the visionary CEO-CM ever talk about developing India’s own software products (not services) during those 9 years.

      We had exceptional Nobel prize awarded scientists and eminent engineers till 1970s, and suddenly we have a crappy system of corporate education that creates morons. Look at the below facts. http://www.currentscience.ac.in/Volumes/103/04/0356.pdf

      Did CBN ever touch the above topic of real education in his life? Do you still call him and TDP having a Leader with a Vision for making policy changes in education? If not, is not he a mere stooge implementing policies dictated from vested interests?

      I will be happy to see if you can provide examples or proofs that contradict my views.

  5. Ram

    NTV: Collection Tour

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