YS Sharmila launched ‘Janam Mechhina Jagan’ Audio



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17 responses to “YS Sharmila launched ‘Janam Mechhina Jagan’ Audio

  1. Ram

    Just an insane view after watching insane debates on TV around Rayala Telangana..

    How about dividing the state into two parts horizontally, instead of the proposed vertical disection? Anantapur, Kurnool, Kadapa, Chittor, Ongole and Guntur into one state, and the remaining into another. Border between Kurnool-Mahabonagar, Guntur-Nalgonda and Guntur-Krishna.

    This way both parts are equal with two rivers shared equally, and both having access to sea ports. TelangAndra and RayalAndra. Isn’t this insane idea more scientific, with less future wars for water as both rivers flow through the states end to end?

    • sreechapan

      I remember MBS article in greatandhra, saying the same. logically, it makes sense. but, sociological & cultural variations make this unfeasible. Anyways, now, its much more complex emotional problem & we should be careful in thinking and proposing rational solutions also. 🙂

  2. Ram

    Perni Nani on Chandrababu’s responsibilities as opposition Leader…

  3. NLR

    Vijayamma garu …Nizamabad

  4. Ram

    Indian companies apply for banking licences:

    They are reversing what India Gandhi did in 1969 – nationalisation of private banks, a deed most, including Jaya Prakash Narayan praised. I do not see one single telugu name or company in this private list. We are fighting for petty telangana, petty film actors, petty local parties and petty castes. The big pie is shared by the same team that opposed Indira earlier. We will have all left overs as usual. Not sure who will emerge as a leader unifying us against the global forces and their indian stooges. Certainly none in the visible range both at centre and at state.

  5. underhill

    This is the great suggestion by MBS on reservations…
    “Once a person avail the benefits of reservation, his next kin should not be treated as eligible for it from there on”

    Hope YSRC take some step in this direction…

    • sreechapan

      Yes, This suggestion is there since ages. However, any mainstream political party can’t take the risk of proposing these kind of solutions.
      SC/BC categorization & BC creamy layer exclusion are few steps in the same direction.

  6. iam writing this what i feel from last 3 years on state bifurcation.
    Congress won’t give TG on its own(Tana too paatu andarii aa Bhuradaloo Dinchidii., YSRcong should be very careful at this time).i think they have below options to counter jagan.
    1)Mostly they will ask resolution from state assembly so that they will blame on other parties who voted against TG.
    2)Same as 2009 again some one in delhi announce TG sate formation will be intiated soon..so that again people get divided on regional base.

    • nlr2014

      They will spread lots of rumours in the next few months to distract people.
      AP is not Robert Vadheras estate to divide on Madams birthday.
      One calls India as “banana republic” and the other is from Italy.
      These are the people whom we are expecting to divide Telugu people.
      Yes. These crooks will stoop to the lowest level to stop Jagan.
      But they will never succeed.

  7. Sridhar

    If at all it’s separated, it looks like state is getting divided not because of telangana interests; but because 120 years history party not able to fight with 40 years old person. Shame on party and shame on our nation

  8. Gyan

    Dividing the state just to keep Jagan at bay is sinister. If the Congress announces RayalaTelangana with twelve districts in total, it would be clear that there is neither a scientific basis nor aspiration of the people. It would only be an attempt to check Jagan by merging two of his key stronghold districts with districts where our party is weak. But, I think in such an eventuality, Jagan will sweep the RayalaAndhra state as people would be angry with Congress for bifurcation, TDP has gone too far in supporting bifurcation and it already lost relevance in Kadap and Nellore, lost strength in several constituencies of Chittoor. BJP and the communists also have hardly any presence outside Telangana.
    It will be a clear Jagan wave. The only concern would be the status of the trial by then.

    • Rakesh

      Even giving telangana congress won’t gain unless trs merge with it.
      Otherwise cong gets boot only in t state or Andhra state

    • Sridhar

      It’s pathetic that every thing is vote game for congress but in real they will see disaster in 2014. God save our country.

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