Uneasy calm in coastal Andhra Pradesh over Centre’s Telangana talk



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30 responses to “Uneasy calm in coastal Andhra Pradesh over Centre’s Telangana talk

  1. Sekar

    As the key elections are coming up, the next and most important thing Congress will focus will be remove the YSRP supporters names from the voters list. One must remember and aware that having an Voter ID or Aadhar card may not be enough to vote. We must ensure our names are inside the voter list. This is where the ruling governments will cheat. All YSRP supporters need to be vigilant about things and ensure all the names are present.

  2. NLR

    Sharmila and Malala re defining the strength of a Woman .

  3. Gyan

    The new Supreme Court judgement barring prisoners (including under trials) from contesting elections may lead to more misuse of power by the ruling parties in states and the center.

    Does anybody know if a person is disqualified from contesting if he is in prison at the time of election notification, filing of nominations or polling date?

    • NLR

      Dont worry about all this . No judiciary in the world can disqualify a person for just being to a prison without any conviction. It will make a mockery of itself in the world.They have to make constitutional ammendments for these things and half of those who do it have already been to a prison.
      For us we have Jagan/ Vijayamma garu / Sharmila/ Bharathi garu
      Thanks to Todudongala party for giving us Four leaders from One.
      No matter what they do we care a foot.

      • Gyan

        Those who have been to prison but are not in prison at the time of elections are not going to be affected unless they were sentenced to more than two years. I am not sure what happens if a person is not in prison at the time of election notification and manages to file a nomination but goes to prison by polling date.

        NLR garu, I wish you were right and a constitutional amendment was needed. However, the Supreme Court is the ultimate authority to interpret the constitution and our opinions don’t count before them. They gave the judgement without any constitutional amendment so it is already in force.

        I know Sharmila akka and Vijayamma garu have emerged as leaders. However, Jagan anna will be badly missed by the party and the people and I will be terribly disappointed if he can not contest.

        It is high time we make amends with Congress and stop the CBI from preventing his bail. It’s already quite late. If we don’t act even now, the trail and sentencing on the first charge sheet may be over. After that even CBI can’t help us.

        • YS Fan

          If any amend is made with congress, Jagan will become zero…. There is no point in dropping midway…. Keep fighting… what ever is supposed to happen that will happen….

        • nlr2014

          SC must have passed a ruling. I dont know the details of it but one thing for sure is whenever it has done something on its own without constitutional ammendment someone appeals and then it goes two steps back. If was that serious the National media would have talked about it 24×7 . Yes it will be a dissapointment if Jagan is not realeased before polls. But just imagine after we sweep the polls the crooks will have to commit suicide.

          • atchyut

            I don’t think this judgment will have any impact on the society..Both Congress and BJP know that one third of our representatives have some cases pending against them..they know that this can be a weapon in rivals hands to settle their scores(like CBI in Jagan’s case)..they both come together to make sure this doesn’t come into force….

  4. Sekar

    I always suspect the last 3 year developments (CBI, or the verdicts) are really the conspiracy of the big wigs like Ambanis, Chidhus

  5. NLR

    Devudu daya ..YS ni preminche prathi gunde chappudu… maa Ayudham

    Stop us if u can.

  6. NLR

    As expected ..nothing comes out of the CHOR committee meeting.


    People of AP are no longer fools to be distracted.
    6 more months to go and the crooks will take rest for the rest of their life.

    • Its pleasantly surprising to see NLR, nlr2014 & CVR anna, to radiate so much of positive energy even in toughest of times, by posting positive news and not getting distracted by these yellow media news/surveys/congress games. etc…

      • nlr2014

        @ sreechapan garu …thanks
        It is the fighting spirit of the YS family that keeps me going .
        We will win and we are here to stay.
        The satisfaction we would get in fighting for justice is immense .
        And both NLR and nlr2014 is me !!!

  7. purandhara


    yevari swardham valla antaaru?clear ga cheppandi…

    YSR ane vyakthi maranam valla mathrame mana rashtraniki ee durgathi pattindi…aayana vunnappudu kudaa,meeru antunna SWARDHAM vundi,bt ilanti dusthithi raledu yeppudu…

    yevari Swardham valla ilanti dusthithi vachindi…

    suppose SONIA GANDHI,state ni devide chesthe,aame patla mee vaikhari yenti???

    Seema nu vidadeesi,Telangana ki oka mukka,Kostha andhra ki oka mukka isthe appudu mee vaikhari yenti???

    Telangana,Rayala seema lanu kalipi oka state ga chesthe mee vaikhari yenti???

    Telangana ku oka New Capital,Andhra ku oka New capital,HYD ni UT chesthe mee vaikhari yemiti???

    could u give ur opinions?@sharath

  8. NLR

    Day 206 …Prajaprasthanam


    Anni kutralu ..kuthanthralu pannina…neerajanam paduthunna prajalu.
    Count down for Todu dongala party.

  9. vancouver

    Supreme court ruling about jailed politicians cannot contest elections, is it applies to Jagananna?? and is this ruling final??

  10. purandhara

    ante,state ni devide chese vaaru mdku Devudi la kanipisthara?anthe kadaa?


    • Gopi

      okkadu chani pothe raastram kukkalu chimpina visthara avuthondhi ante idhenemooooo…..
      As digvijay rightly said, congress only said that we will agree for 2nd SRC which means we need to come to consensus with all parties and oraganizations.

      • sharath

        devudu ani antha pedha matlalu kadu kani.. atleast we will be thankful.. raastram kukalu chipinna vistari ayindhi.. okkaru chanipovadam valla kadu.. swartham valla..

    • ps

      Kevalam telaganalo una okaridaru kotiswarlu girinchi alochinchatam mani kotla telangana prajala mano bhavalu gowaraviste baguntunde. Telagana Iste jateya stayelo telugu vari balam perigidhe. Kani yellow media visha prcharam nunchi rondu prantalani anushanam rashichalsI vastundi.

  11. sharath

    undavalli garu chala thelvi ga matladaru anukuntunnaru, shift your industries if you want.. Britishers kuda india lo rail network, dams kattincharu aithe enti valla kinde undala epatiki..

    • purandhara

      sharath, ante british valla palana lo vunnaara T prajalu ippudu?

      meeru chesina comparision ki asalemaina ardham vunda?

      • sharath

        valla palana ela undedo teliyadu kani.. veedi poyi seperate rastram ga erpade prakriya ki addupade vallu andharu maku alage kanapadtharu.. andhulo ila vundavalli vallu iche explanations..

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