సమన్యాయం కోసం సమర దీక్ష


కిరణ్, బాబులపై సీమాంధ్ర నేతల మండిపాటు



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28 responses to “సమన్యాయం కోసం సమర దీక్ష

  1. NLR

    When I see YSR smiling statues it looks like he is really laughing at this dog fight among telugu people.

    Rajasekhara ..Nuvvu…leni lotu..mana rasthranni mukkalu chesindhi.

    You are the last King of the state that won the hearts of millions cutting across castes, religions and regions.
    Some caste fanatics did not like you but your policies saved their lives too.
    The same caste fanatics said that you are a Christian but you could probably be the only Christian in this world for whom many Hindus , Muslims and Christians gave up their life after hearing the news of your death.
    The same fanatics blame you for division/non division of the state but you have won over millions of hearts from all regions.
    Some die rotting with caste Itch and you Live in glory forever in every heart.
    Johar YSR.


  2. Kareem

    నిన్న చంద్రబాబు మీడియా ప్రతినిదులతో సమావేసంయ్యాడట ఈ సమావేశానికి TV 9, ETV , ABN , Maha , NTV , TV 5, Studio N , I News , ఈనాడు , ఆంధ్రజ్యోతి , ప్రజాశక్తి పాత్రికేయులు వచ్చారట .
    రేపు రాజకీయ విస్లేషకులతో సమవేసమాట,
    నేను అత్మగౌరవ యాత్ర చేస్తాను నన్ను పాజిటివ్ గా చూపించండి , రాజకీయ విశ్లేషకులు స్టూడియో లలో కూర్చొని చర్చలు పెట్టి నన్ను కాపాడండి బహుశా ఇది ఈయన గారి చివరి ప్రయత్నం విఫలమౌతందో, సఫలమౌతుమ్దో చూడాలి .

  3. CVR Murthy

    I feel that Division should now be carried out in the interest of both Telengana and Seemandhra. If there is any reversal of the T decision, Telengana would be back with agitation. The unrest will impact AP.
    We have lost 4 years due to unrest.

    Once we agree on division, one has to first admit that SA region will have issues

    1 Revenue of SA would just be 20k out of 70 k . Post division may touch 30k. thereby , This makes SA region unviable.
    2. Huge capital out lay required for Capital as well as infrastructure required for education, Industry etc.. would be so high, even GOI can’t fund this , particularly in the present economic conditions. It would take some time for the economy to be back on track.

    3.The issues like water, settlers in Hyderabad are very important.

    • CVR Murthy

      What surprises me is congress did not even bother to explain their decision. Instead of giving a simple one pager, they should have released explanatory statement discussing various issues including post division problems and strategy to handle them. This would have given some assurance that these matters are of concern to GOI and Congress. What is astonishing is that none of the National leaders (Delhi leaders) like PM, HM, FM, UPA chair person, Congress Vice President and even BJP leaders are not concerned with the concerns and agitation in AP. Their concern does not go beyond parliamentary seats. If the regional parties like TRS and YSRCP remain non aligned , we may not be able to get any funding .Delhi has never been so far away from Delhi.
      The leadership of SA is ignored is evident from the fact that they were not involved in designing solution The most experienced leader CBN once again failed to live up to expectations. Botsa and kiran actively participated in the decision and proved to be non existent . The leaders are concerned with their political future rather than the future of the SA region. The first response from all parties and their supporters including YSRCP and websites supporting them , was how would it impact YSRCP/YSJ politically. Though I should admit that irrespective of the reasons YSRCP is the first to respond . One should expect YSRCP is effected by lack of experience and absence of YSJ.

      YSRCP should quickly take over the situation invite important leaders from other parties and convince people of SA to realize the need to bargain a good deal.

      1. Revenue sharing/ additional funds for SA to fill the Revenue loss or Joint capital for 15/20 years with revenue t be shared between Telengana / SA
      2. Capital funds for new capital and creating industrial and educational infrastructure .
      3. Lead institutions to be set up
      4. Incentives to attract private investment like tax holiday , Free trade zone , zero tax on imports /capital goods etc
      5. Water sharing with independent body to administer water resources
      6. electricity sharing agreement
      7. Coal supply arrangement
      8. KG basin gas allocation and royalty to state government
      9. IIT /IIM/
      10. International Airport at Vizag/Tirupati/ one more at Prakasam by Aiports authority or special grants to private agencies .
      11. Road network to connect capital
      12. Railway net work to connect capital
      They should do everything that all these are agreed to before bill is placed in the parliament . They should make sure that these are incorporated in some special act . The transfer of Hyderabad should be linked to completion of these projects and fulfillment of these promises.

      • NLR

        @ Murthy garu ..

        Very good analysis with relevant points.
        My biggest worry is these Cong guys will mess up the division especially when their intention was clearly for political reasons and not for pleasing Telangana people.
        YSRCP should fight against any division until everything is agreed on paper. We should even file writs in the HC and SC to make sure everything is agreed on paper.
        I really cant imagine this happening in the next six months as it sometimes takes months to divide a property between two brothers.
        So let us see how this story unravels.
        And also I think it is high time Babu stops the drama of writing letters.
        He submits a letter supporting T and then writes a letter to the PM saying sorry for writing the first letter and then orders Harikrishna to write an open letter supporting Samaikyandhra . Whom are these guys fooling ??
        Harikrishna garu ..ninna kaka monna..AP divide chesthe naku emi problem ledhu annaru. Ivala …Samikayandhra poratam naku kalalo vasthunnai antunnaru. Mari Tagubothulaki kalalu kaka emi vasthai ??

  4. Kareem

    చంద్రబాబు పిత్తిన కమ్మగా వాసన పిల్చుకునే యెల్లో మీడియా ఈయనగారు ఎవరి కాళ్ళు పట్టుకున్న, మా వాడు కాళ్ళు గుంజటానికే వంగాడు అని చూపిస్తుంది .

    • Kareem

      నిన్న చంద్రబాబు మీడియా ప్రతినిదులతో సమావేసంయ్యాడట ఈ సమావేశానికి TV 9, ETV , ABN , Maha , NTV , TV 5, Studio N , I News , ఈనాడు , ఆంధ్రజ్యోతి , ప్రజాశక్తి పాత్రికేయులు వచ్చారట .

    • Ramana Reddy

      Yes Kareem

      i agree with you…

  5. Kareem

    రాష్ట్ర విభజన కి ప్రధాన సూత్రధారి చంద్రబాబేనట , మూడు నెలల క్రితమే వ్యూహం రచించాబదిందట
    అసలు వ్యూహం ఏమంటే తెలంగాణ లో చంద్రబాబు ప్రస్తుతానికి పార్టీ అద్ద్యక్షుదట ఆ తరువాత లోకేష్ , సీమంద్రలో ప్రస్తుతానికి హరికృష్ణ ని పార్టీ అధ్యక్షుడిని చేసి ఆ తరువాత జూనియర్ NTR ,
    YSR లెగసి ని ప్రజల నుండి దూరం చేయటానికి ఇంతకంటే ప్రత్యామ్నయం దొరకలేదట , ప్రాంతీయ వాదనలు లేవదీసి YSR లెగసి ని, జగన్ సానుభూతిని పక్కదారి పట్టిద్దమనే ఆలోచనట, త్వరలో హరికృష్ణ సీమంద్ర లో ఆమరణ నిరాహార దీక్ష చేయబోతున్నాడట ,

    – information gathered from a yellow media reporter

    • Gopi

      I m watching on tv how Guntur is in the wake of Vijayama’s niravadjikadeekha and I can clearly see the vibration in public’s mood. This is an indication that we will get atleast 120 to 130 seats in rayalaseema and andhra. This is definitely good enough to form governmnet even if we goto elections for united AP. we can win few in TG and hyderabad and MIM will support us if needed.

  6. Kiran

    Nammaru. Not just Babu but all Andhra politicians will not be trusted in Telangana.

    • NLR

      @ Kiran
      Hope Telangana people will trust KCR who really doesn’t want T and Sonia who waited for hundreds of T students to kill themselves before declaring T to make her son the next PM.
      One thing for sure there will be millions of people in T who will be hoping for YSR policies to contiue no matter what happens.

      • Rakesh

        Unfortunately we don’t have a good leader in telangana
        Semandra have jagan , where as in t-state only rouges are available

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