Godavari Delta Dreads Bifurcation Of State

Water,Hyderabd main worries of Twin Godavari Districts
T May draw max water during drought
It may leave excess water during floods,affecting downstream
If Hyderabd is lost,Education opportunities,jobs will be lost.



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54 responses to “Godavari Delta Dreads Bifurcation Of State

    • NLR

      I wonder what the cong crooks will say if we demand them to develop a new capital in SA first and then consider divsion ??
      That will show if they have really got any money or not .

      • vissu

        వాళ్లకు నిజం గా అంట తెలివే ఉండి ఉంటె 2009 డిసెంబర్ 23 నుండి సీమంధ్ర లో ఏదో ఒక ప్లేస్ ని రాజధాని నగరం గా, పోలవరం , పులిచింతల లాంటి మేజర్ ప్రాజెక్ట్స్ ని కంప్లీట్ చేసి కొన్ని నీటి కేటాయింపులు చేసి ఉంటె రాష్ట్ర విభజన పై ఎవరూ ఇంతగా మాట్లాడేవాళ్ళు కాదు.. ఎంతసేపు జగన్ ని ఎలా తొక్కాలా.. ప్రభుత్వాన్ని ఎలా కాపాడుకోవాలా…ఇదే దిక్కుమాలిన ఆలోచనలే…

        సీమంధ్ర లో కాని తెలంగాణా లో కాని కంప్లీట్ మెజారిటీ ప్రభుత్వాన్ని ఏర్పాటు చేసే పార్టీ లకు పూర్తి స్థాయి లో మెజారిటీ రావాలి.. సీమంధ్ర లో అయితే 20 ఎం పి సీట్లు, 130+ ఎం ఎల్ ఏ సీట్లు… తెలంగాణా లో అయితే 13+ ఎం పి , 70+ ఎం ఎల్ ఏ సీట్లు వస్తే గాని సుస్థిర ప్రభుత్వాలు ఏర్పడి కేంద్రాన్ని డిమాండ్ చేసుకొని రెండు ప్రాంతాలు అభివృద్ధి చెందుతాయి… సీమంధ్ర లో క్లియర్ మెజారిటీ ఒకే పార్టీ కే వచ్చేలా ఉంది.. తెలంగాణా లో మాత్రం డౌటే.. తెరాస+ కాంగ్రెస్ పొత్తు , భాజపా + తెదేపా (అనధికార పొత్తు ) వైకాపా +ఎం ఐ ఎం(అనధికార పొత్తు ) ఇలా అవగాహన తో పని చేస్తే హంగ్ ఖచితమే..

      • Ram

        1) Respecting both T / SA agitations, if inevitable because of political compulsions, please announce the date and time line of separation immediately.
        2) Build the Capital Cities and other distributed infrastructure brick by brick across all towns of various districts on a war footing. Let there be distributed infrastructure, distributed institutions, distributed industry and not any consolidated like that in the mega cities of today. Let the distributed govt institutions be unified with existing IT technology, so that there is seamless functioning.
        3) Let Centre absorb all the cost, no additional debt on to the newly created state. As this is a Centre’s decision, and not that of People’s.
        4) If the above are not met, SA will not pay a penny as Tax. Rail, Roads between South and North will be stopped permanently. SA will have its own Constitution, Currency. If you – Cong+BJP_TDP – don’t listen to us – People, we won’t listen to you. There will be a complete non-cooperation movement.
        5) Beware of Atmagaurava Yatris and Land Sharks, whose hearts are not with people, but with vested interests to get the country and its people more into debt trap. Beware of the dogs that are looking for bread crumbs telling about 4-5 L Crores. Reject the idea of intangible Capital (INR), for a tangible brick by brick Capital (City)

  1. CVR Murthy

    Mis rule. Price Rise, Bad governance, systematic destabilization of institutions, corruption everything went into oblivion . Now it is for united Andhra or seemandhra aor against UA or SA. It was for Telengana or against telengana in Telengana Area and For Jagan against Jagan in seemandhra In SA till 30th July ……..

    Congress is forcing an election on this issue. The inefficient and incompetent and immoral forces may win in the mask of UA and support same old Delhi formation at the cost of the state.

    YSRCP should not let the real issues and keep them in the focus.

    The rule was disaster and the state divided

    • CVR Murthy

      what happens if congress backs out in telengana ? Any chance of winning seats in SA

      • nlr2014

        @ Murthy garu …

        I don’t think cong will back out from their T decision at the moment.
        They will try to drag it till the elections so that there is no time for it to be passed in the parliament.
        Then they will tell T people that they tried their best but BJP delayed it.
        At the same time they will try to please SA by not passing the bill before the elections.
        This is my guess . But the fact is people are not fools and they will teach these crooks a lesson in both the regions.

      • Sekar

        Already economy crisis lo undhi. Aa rupee falling, inflation ivanni kooda next 7-8months control chesedhi kadu. The only option they can try is Royala Telangana. If that is tried BJP may backout supporting the bill. So bill will be defeated and back to square one.

        I hope that happens. So congress will lose in both places

  2. Ram

    Not getting Sakshi TV videos on UTube any more. Is the below official channel?

  3. vinay

    avanigadda easy ga win ayyedhi Ysrcp contest chesi unte..

    public evaru pattinchu koledhu eroju by poll voting ni

    • Lokeshwar

      ఆ వస్త్రధారణ , ఆ ఠీవి , ఆ రాజసం , ఆ నడక , నిండుగా తెలుగు సముస్కుతి ఉట్టిపడుతుంది

    • Sekar

      awesome video. must see video for all YSR & United Andhra fans

  4. kalli


    We have to protect these people….I have already spoken to some of known police officers but they are on the congress side….only option left is we have to bring pressure through our party leaders…those people should loose hope and we must stand for them…

  5. guys how many seats we can win easily in seema anadhra and how many are close contest one’s …also please give district wise analyasis…if jagan released next week what will the impact–can we able to improve….i know we can able to form govt in seema andhra in worst case scenerio if telegana is formed….it all about how many MP seats we can win so we ask more from central govt…please everyone throw some light from there respective districts

    • marreddy346

      sorry i mean if jagan released next month what will be the impact

      • nlr2014

        We will form the govt in SA if the state is divided in the next six months but I cant see this happening before the next elections. Even if someone files a writ in SC the division will be dragged on.

        • Atchyut

          Here is my analysis on my home district -Krishna
          1) Machilipatnam chances 90% if Perni Nani is our candidate…Out of 7 assembly constituencies(Gannavaram,Gudivada,Pedana,Machilipatnam,Avanigadda,Pamaru,Penamaluru) we are very strong in 5 (Gudivada,Pedana,Machilipatnam,Avanigadda,Pamaru) where as in the remaining two constituencies we are relatively weak.
          2)Vijayawada Chances 50-50 based on the candidate. our chances are not so bright because of the strong Kamma base and lack of strong leadership at the parliamentary constituency level(out 14 lakh voters around 5 lakhs are Kamma). Out of seven assembly constituencies-(vijayawada(west),vijayawada(east),Vijayawada(central),nandigama,mylavaram,Tiruvuru,jaggayyapet) we are strong in 4 constituencies(Vijayawada(east,West,central) ,Jaggayyapet) and weak in rest of the three…This is my analysis…Forgive me if I am verbose….

    • nlr2014

      My heart aches when I see the photo of Vijayamma garu sleeping on the dias with YSR statue next to her. A humble and honest lady who never stepped out of home but has seen her husband fight all his life for a party that deserted them.


      What has happened to this country that once fought against the British and now our politicians falling on the feet of an Italian begging her to break our unity for selfish reasons ?
      Was it worth Mahatma bringing Independence for these crooks ? If he sees the country now he will regret.

      I have lost faith in GOD and I am waiting desperately for him to prove me wrong in a few months time. At the same time I will never lose faith in the fighting spirit of this family who will be an inspiration for generations to come.

    • Kareem

      ఈ బాబు bjp మత తత్వ పార్టీ అని స్పీచ్ లు ఇస్తున్నాడు మరి రేపు ఎవరితో జతకదతాడో చూడాలి

  6. Kareem

    జైల్లోనే ఉంటె corrupted అట అందుకే జైల్లో ఉన్నాడట , బయటకి వస్తే కాంగ్రెస్ కాళ్ళు పట్టుకున్నాడట అందుకే బయటకి వస్తాడట ఇలా తల తోక లేని వాదనలు చేస్తున్నారు ఈ యెల్లో ఫెలోస్ .

  7. nlr2014

    Cong HC will pay the price for their careless attitude towards Telugu people.


  8. NLR

    If the Lion is out even for just two months before the elections the dogs will be burried forever.

    • nlr2014

      The fact that the Yellow media only talks about his phone calls in prison is an indication of how terrified a 40 yr old party is of a 40 yr old Daring and Dynamic son of Indian soil.

      • Gyan

        His “alleged” phone calls in prison not “phone calls in prison.” That is a false allegation. Bharathi garu even swore on her kids that Jagan never touched a phone since he went to prison. Just a slip of tongue was blown out of proportion by the yellow media. I believe Bharathi garu 100%. I hope everybody here believes Bharathi garu 100%. Even many of the yellow channel reporters and their viewers know heart of heart that their allegations are false and Bharathi garu said the truth.

        • YS Fan

          where is the slip of tounge? Read yesterday’s sakshi paper…. There is no slip of tounge…. there is nothing wrong in what she said.. she told she will call and tell them to inform jagan. only one or two channels made an issue…
          There is no issue at all.

  9. Kareem

    కాల కూట విషం కక్కుతున్న కమ్మ మీడియా ప్రధానంగా TV 9.

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