New party by Congress leaders in offing in Seemandhra?

The survey revealed that people of Seemandhra are very much enraged by the Congress party’s decision to bifurcate AP. The survey predicted a complete rout for the party in Seemandhra. The Congress vote share in the region had come down to 10 percent from 34 percent in the aftermath of the bifurcation decision.


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23 responses to “New party by Congress leaders in offing in Seemandhra?

  1. NLR

    Vijayamma garu deeksha foiled in a shameless undemocratic manner.

    Todu dongalaki time daggara padindhi.

  2. Ram

    ఎన్నికలే జరగలేదు…అధ్యక్షుడెలా అయ్యాడో….

    He speaks well in a poised manner. Is this person a mere creation by the same team and getting promoted by the propoganda medium? He came on to the scene out of nowhere. Only time will tell.

    • nlr2014

      I suspected the same when he went meet babu first and also he was on tv9 varadhi sometimeback. Need to keep a close eye on his moves.Anyway now the SA agitation has gone into peoples hands.

      • Kareem

        Your 100% correct,
        he is some doubtful person i also observed in so many press meets he using dual words in different news channels, i think yellow guys appointed him whatever may be we should keep an eye on him

        • nlr2014

          Even if you look at the news they rarely mention his surname. They just say Ashok Babu so that no one suspects what might be happening in the background. Can never trust most of these guys and I hope YSRCP leaders are aware of this and are in touch with the other NGO leaders. Again a few of them are trustworthy but how would we know that ?

          • Ram

            Paruchuri Ashok Babu anukunta. Hope does not turn a ‘Lagadapati’

            • Gopi

              The responsibility of UAP JAC is very high now. I hope castes and other petty things will not come into this. Now UAP movement is in the hands of people so politicians can nto dare to play with it. If anybody goes against UAP, its not about winning or loosing in the elections but it would be about getting beaten on theraods. CBN nows this and intelligently postponed his yathra in SA.

          • Gyan

            I think it is not correct to distance somebody just on the basis of caste. I watched this man Ashok Babu’s encounter program were Muralikrishna accused that there are allegation of him asking employees to vote for Congress in 2009. He didn’t deny it outright, he said “nobody will vote only because I asked them to… it is true that I asked them to vote for Congress but that was because we felt it was the best for employees’ interests, we were not directly involved in politics so I did nothing wrong…”
            Based on his answer, it is clear that he supported YSR and couldn’t say so explicitly only because as employees of the government, they are not allowed to campaign for a party.

  3. Ram

    Tollywood is not in the need of Skilled or Talented Persons

    Karma siddhantam! Getting paid by the same token? Jai T!!

  4. CVR Murthy

    YSRCP has to derive courage from YSR. They have to spell out what do they mean by ‘Samanyayam’. What should be done to achieve this. YSRCP has to clearly spell out that they would not support UPA . or congress. but woud strive to secure the interests of the state

    • Hello Murthy garru…YSRCP took daring decision by resigning there MLAs.They are the first who lead this movement.we take this decision even our party almost wiped out in TG.
      We can’t tell lies for the sake of votes..Jagan clearly said we will support UPA in center 2 years back what is wrong in supporting UPA in center(UPA means not only congress).

      • YS Fan

        Hi Didn’t cleary say about UPA…he kept options open for third front also….
        We shouldn’t say out in open about supporting UPA…. We should always say we will take any decision after elections regarding whom to support in the best interest of andhra pradesh.
        We might support NDA also after elections with out joining in the government…. Any thing is possible.

      • CVR Murthy

        UPA has let the SA down by ignoring the interests of SA while deciding in favour of division. SA voters are voting against UPA lead by congress ( According to me congress is UPA and UPA is congress). If YSRCP does not categorically state that they would not support parties that harmed the interests of SA, take it from me YSRCP will lose .

        • Present Central goverment ran by Multiple regional parties.even if NDA should come to power regional parties support Must.
          Let me tell how many parties are willing to support NDA(BJP led)?

          • we are definitely in tricky situation. saying support to UPA means disaster. saying support to 3rd front means, ppl look at it skeptically (no stability.. no visible face), if u say support to NDA means, our vote bank is gone.
            may be we should be prepared to not to be in power at centre.. and just concentrate on state alone.
            we shud be clear that, any of our moves/statements for national politics, that shouldnt jeopardize our prospects at state. Coming to power with thumping majority in state our top priority. (be it SA or UAP)

            • nlr2014

              We should keep our options open and say we will decide this after the results based on the best interests of the state and telugu people.
              Majority in the state is the priority.

              • Gyan

                I think the key point is to get Jagan anna out of jail. It has been 15 months already and elections are fast approaching. Some say November itself! He should be out by then at least so coming to an agreement with Congress (pre-poll or post-poll and modalities can be worked out through discussions) is important. Everybody knows that CBI won’t let him get bail if we don’t satisfy Congress HC.

  5. NLR

    Babu,s …”atma gauravam ki vennupotu” yatra postponed ?

    Cheppulatho kottinchukone chance miss ayyaru ..babu garu.

  6. PSK

    Amul Baby….What kind of analogy he is giving….
    If India is a PC….Cong is a Virus, a bug…Need to clean it up in 2014

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