Jagan shifted to NIMS as health worsens



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26 responses to “Jagan shifted to NIMS as health worsens

  1. JaGun

    CBN yatra starting from Guntur itself indicates the kind of insecurity and confusion, that CBN is going through. CBN doesn’t have the guts to start from a non-yellow base area, but he choose a yellow base area like Guntur. So, CBN strongly believes that in 2014 elections, TDP will get only yellow votes.

    CBN Credibility Crisis:
    1)CBN repeatedly saying that he is the one who developed Hyderabad. This statement is enough for Seemandhra people to throw disgusting things at him during his yatra. By developing only Hyderabad at the cost of Vizag, Vijayawada, Tirupati, this CBN will face the music. He developed Hitec city, to benefit the real estate business of Yellow community. Now he is demanding 4 lakh crores for Seemandhra capital in Vijayawada, so that it will benefit real estate business of Yellow community, once again.

    2)Even when KCR lost confidence that Congress will give Telangana. Without any provaction or pressure, CBN single-handedly wrote a letter to Central Govt. to create Telangana. CBN proved his dumbness, by giving a unconditional offer to Central Govt. to create Telangana. CBN should have atleast copy–paste YSR statement in Assembly on Telangana, that all stake holders concerns should be addressed before Telangana formation.

    Political Dumbness of CBN:
    1)Developing only Hyderabad
    2)Writing stupid letter to Central Govt. regarding Telangana.
    3)Demanding financial package for Seemandhra capital, directly exposing that he agreed for Telangana formation.
    4)Press meets on Rupee fall, Coal scam files missing, while Andhra Pradesh state is burning regarding Telangana issue.

    All the above things proved that CBN is dumb in political strategy and good only for administration like a IAS–collector.

    YSR statement on Telangana in Assembly, just proves the master political genius of YSR. As far as politics is concerned, CBN is just a lilliput before the Giant YSR.

    Jagan while fasting or no fasting, while outside or inside Jail, he has proved once again to the telugu people that he is the man with guts of a Lion.

    CBN has lost the game in Seemandhra, and he can gain to some extent in Telangana only if he goes with pre–poll alliance with BJP.

    Only thing that will be left for TDP people is Yellow/Pasupu for Yellow Gang. Gaajulu thodukkoni Pasupu puusukovadame!!

  2. nlr2014

    The above article should be Sakshi Headline. We need to expose these crooks whenever possible.

  3. nlr2014

    Agasi paduthunna Prajakeratam..Vanukuthunna Todudongalu.

  4. Even school children revolting against Botsa .
    Mundhu vundhi musala panduga …Todudongalaki.


  5. Sekar

    All iz well.. Another 7months to go for this worst ever congress government, perhaps the last time in the state

  6. hydfirst

    Doctors foil Jagan’s fast; ‘we are proud of working under the leadership of Jagan’


  7. NIMS doctors forcibly break Jagan’s fast.


  8. Neti rajakeeyalalo …Mondigattam..ee…Simham.


  9. The Court grants permission to Vijayamma garu and Bharathi garu to visit Jagan.


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