Jagan force-fed to end fast



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14 responses to “Jagan force-fed to end fast

  1. PSK

    Asalu CBN ni chustunte vallu mandi pothundi.
    Kaneesa ingita gnaanam kuda lekunda maatlaaduthunnaadu.
    Intha neechaaniki kooda digajaaruthaara manushulu anipisthundi ee ni chustunte…cheee….cheee…cheee….siggu lekunda prajala munduku yelaa vastunnaado???? prajalu siggu paduthunnaru

  2. NLR

    Raju garu leni rajyam..kukkalu chimpina visthari
    We miss u Sir.

    Jai JAGAN……Johar YSR.

  3. NLR

    Rama rama ..sorry for the mistake.
    I should have named my yatra as Vennupotu Yatra in remembrance of the day(Sep 1st) I backstabbed you.

  4. hydfirst

    Chandrababu Naidu disappoints Seemandhra with his speech


  5. I am confident that we will win more seats than Tdp in Telangana .

  6. hydfirst

    Three Congress ministers to join YSR Congress party; more to follow!


  7. nlr2014

    These Yellow fools think that they can win a general election with 4% votes !! They will live the rest of their life in dreams.

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