Seemandhra Ministers mulling over exit strategy

At least five are keen on crossing over to YSR Congress


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19 responses to “Seemandhra Ministers mulling over exit strategy

  1. Sekar

    Lots of yellow gang nowadays blaming YSR for state bifurcation saying he staerted this in 1999. But the fact is that it was NDA-BJP lead alliance which started this with “one vote , two states ” slogan in 1999.

    Below is one such link from frontline magazine in 2001
    Telengana’s turn
    After more than three decades, the movement for statehood gains ground in the Telengana region of Andhra Pradesh.

    THE movement for a separate State of Telengana has been revived after three decades, spurred by the creation of three States – Uttaranchal, Jharkhand and Chattisgarh – last year by the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government. Discontent over the perceived neglect of the Telengana region is growing and the question now is will the movement snowball into a political storm?

    • NLR

      YSRCP response should be ..
      Repeatedly tell people that Babu and his MLA’s/MP’s to resign and fight instead of wasting time blaming others.

      • NLR

        For a break …

        Dr.Lakkireddy gets the NTR award for 2013.
        I am not posting this because of the award but pls listen to his wonderful speech coming from the heart.

  2. NLR

    No matter how loud Babu and his band/brand company cry about YS family.

    Sharmila ki ….Neerajanam paduthunna prajalu.

    Tirupathi …Chittoor…Palamaneru….Madanapalli……..

  3. Kareem

    CBN యాత్రకి 10 చానల్స్ live telecast ఇస్తున్నాయి , షర్మిల యాత్రకి కేవలం సాక్షి మాత్ర మే coverage చేస్తుంది.

    • nlr2014

      @ Kareem
      Babu Seva yathra ki kuda …kula gajji band kavali kadha mari.
      This will be his last yatra and the last live telecast from yellow channels.

      • Sekar

        We can see his frustration. Jagan ki Marana Siksha vesina thappuledu” ano koosthunnadu. Oka 9 years CM gaa matladatam ledu. Padavi leka, Padavi radani thelisina frustration lo oka pichodi laa matladtutunnadu.

    • Sekar

      Dont worry. Same was the case in 2009. Oka Iruku Sofa lo naluguru koorchoni kammati kootami ni yerpatu chesi kooda jarigindi yenti?

      Prajalu pichi vallu kadu. Babu is a permanent opposition leader.

  4. hydfirst

    Separate state was a historic necessity, we support it: TDP earlier stand on Telangana

  5. NLR

    Sharmila in Chittoor.
    Todudongala vurilo ….Puli Bidda ki ..Brahmaradham.

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