Many Cong leaders likely to join YSRC

Naidu U-turn part of a plan

Telugu Desam chief’s words hint he has given up hope in T-region.

Naidu seems to have given up hopes in the Telangana region. If you look at the ground reality, voters will back the Congress-TRS combine. The TD will not have much space in Telangana,” a senior TD leader told Deccan Chronicle.


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64 responses to “Many Cong leaders likely to join YSRC

  1. Sekar

    Modi ni Shabuddin case lo irikinchesthunnaru. so not sure how he is going to fare

  2. hydfirst

    It’s pay back time: why not Telangana people have two states?

  3. NLR

    Nandyal ….JANASANDRAM.

  4. vissu

    సమైక్యాంధ్ర ఉద్యమం లో పాల్గొన్నగ్రేడ్ 3, గ్రేడ్ 4 ఉద్యోగులకు జీతాలు లేక చాల ఇబ్బందులు పడుతున్నారు..షర్మిలమ్మ వీళ్ళ ఇబ్బందులు గురించి మాట్లాడి పార్టీ తరపున ఏదైనా సహాయం లాంటి హామీ ఇస్తే చాలు..చంద్రబాబు కు సీరియస్ నెస్ లేదు … ఏందో ఆ స్పీచులు… కాంగ్రెస్ ని భూస్థాపితం చేస్తాడంట… అవిశ్వాసం తీర్మానం పెడితే మాది అటు అటు కాని పార్టీ అని చెప్పుకుని పైగా విప్ జారీ చేసి పారిపోయి ఇపుడు ఈ డైలాగ్స్ చెబుతూ ఉంటె కామెడి గా ఉంది… షర్మిలమ్మ బాబు గురించి ఎంత తక్కువ ప్రస్తావిస్తే అంత మేలు..

  5. NLR

    Telugu lawyers who are supposed to fight for justice are fighting with each other in the HC whilst
    Italian Madam who instigated these fights is on a trip to the US at the expense of Indian tax payers.
    Where is this state and country heading ??

  6. nlr2014

    Even in T region …Our slogan should be

    How many people have benefited from YSR schemes including minorities ?
    And how many have benefited from Babu’s & co looting Hyd and KCR & co looting Hyd and Jana & co ??
    All those who benefited from YSR schemes should vote for what your heart says.

    And also what will be the peoples response if the Italy madam wants to split T after 10 yrs for some more MP seats ??

    Do people from T want to live the rest of thier life fighting for water etc or want to live peacefully and benefit from the welfare schemes and develop the T region ?

    Who will actually benefit if T is given ? Is it the people (if so in what way and to what extent ) ? Or is it KCR and family or Madam and her dogs ??

    These are only a few of questions that YSRCP leaders from T region should raise . There are many more if you can think of.

  7. cvr murthy

    The First thing people from Seema Andhra want is united AP, as they believe that their interests would be adversely impacted and they would have to suffer for generations. If UAP is not possible at;least an assurance that their concerns are suitably addressed .

    The Speech by Ms. Sharmila , unfortunately ignores this aspect. She thinks that the first on the list of SA people is YSJ becoming CM. The speech has to clearly spell what YSRCP would do to make sure that the concerns of SA are taken care of

    • YSR unnannallu state split avanivvaledu, jagan kuda ade way lo veltadu.. anedi cheppali.. rest will fall in place.
      Even CBN kuda, nenu NDA time lo state split avakunda chesanu ani cheptunnadu..
      we should be careful about projecting ourself as pioneers of hopes of people.

      • YS Fan

        Yes whole AP is saying “Has YSR been alive…this wouldn’t have happened”
        YSRCP is doing the right thing by exposing tdps letter in favour of telangana.
        We shouldn’t make false promises that we will keep ap united.. its all over now… Division is inevitable…

        So sharmila is doing the right thing in her speeches.

        • Our slogan is right. samanyama cheyakapote samaikyam.
          however, we should highlight YSR achievement of keeping state united.
          secondly, we shouldnt go overboard about making jagan CM. instead, we should try to be harbinger for the hopes of people.
          jagan kosam janalu kadu.. janala kosam jagan unnadu anedi cheppali.

        • cvr murthy

          If not UAP , YSRCP should spell out clearly what would they do to ensure that SA gets proper deal in the division

          • If not UAP then the proper deal will be to keep Hyd as permanent capital for both regions. I think Sharmila has higlighted the importance of Hyd for both regions in terms of revenue. She is repeatedly saying it will not be possible to implement welfare schemes without revenue from Hyd.

  8. so far, we told that, YSRCP may forge post-poll alliance with congress at center. this may prove costly mistake for us, as people see congress as their first enemy. We should somehow stay out of that wrath.

  9. NLR

    Sharmila yatra in Dhone…..PRABHANJANAM

    Railway minster gundello …raillu parugeduthundali.

  10. venkat

    Effort should be made to open schools and colleges.. All these political leaders who have houses in hyd are enjoying.

    • YS Fan

      no politician is putting pressure to close the schools and colleges.
      People are voluntarilly coming on to streets…
      no need to blame politicians here.

  11. Sekar

    What a crowd and what a response in Dhone. KE & Kotla family ki valla sontha gadda meeda eesari deposit gallanthu ayyidhemo anipinchindi

  12. hydfirst

    Exclusive: Chandrababu supporters react with shock over his comments against Jagan

    • Atchyut

      look at the way the yellow crooks are trying to project Naidu as the supporter of “Samaikya Andhra”…if he is really standing for SA then why can’t he openly declare it…yellow crooks…

  13. venkat

    nee state division ni votalku malchukovalane thapatrayam thappa.. emana chedham ani ledhu

    • venkat

      i think more or less state is divided.. inka emi cheyalem

      • @ venkat

        There is nothing like ” inka emi cheyalemu” . prajalu thiragbadithe emaina cheyagalaru. What happened to Indira and Rajiv ?
        Ivala idhi …repu malli Telangana ni kuda divide chesthananu ani Madam ante ?mari appudu ?
        Hitler, Sadham , Gaddafi lanti vare matti karacharu . Just a matter of time.

  14. NLR

    Pls watch this response for Sharmila.
    An indication for what is to come.

  15. hydfirst

    Survey: YSRCP likely to demolish TDP, Congress; no gain for Congress in Telangana

  16. hydfirst

    Telangana tussle: Congress changed its mind on state’s bifurcation?

  17. NLR

    Cong kukkalu …Yellow nakkalu.. anni kutralu pannina.
    YS family ki Neerajanam paduthunna …Telugu prajalu.

    Thanks to them for giving us three Leaders from one.

  18. hydfirst

    Bachelor Rahul cannot be PM; why did you support Vajpayee & Abdul Kalam, Mr Naidu?

  19. Pavan Reddy

    CVR Murthy garu said it right. we can win 15 to 25 seats comfortably. Above link confirms my logic

    • Gopi

      I think if we go for elections in UAP in 2014, ysrcp just needs 10 to 15 seats from entire TG and hyderabad to cross 150 mark. we are sitting very comfortable in SA now and in TG, there is some percentage that wants UAP. we need to capture that percentage completely to get good numbers.
      As we all know, Jagan needs just 100 days to settle the things in state.

  20. What is our Plan if Congress High command again go back with there decision for the United AP. Our party already gone from TG region expect few(HyD,Khammam,Rangareddy).
    How can we tackle this situation?
    we can’t get good seats if Congress go back with there decision and took TDP and TRS support

    • cvr murthy

      It does;t. Even if it does, There are nearly 50 seats where , People from Andhra Region are present in substantial numbers. They may support YSRCP

      • True Murthy Garu,
        We are early movers for UA movement and should stick to that hard.
        In current scenario, its not easy to satisfy all regions with one stand and ambiguous stand will hamper things further.

  21. vissu

    షర్మిలమ్మ పంచ్ డైలాగ్ .. “చిత్తూర్ ఎం పి తనని తానూ కొట్టుకునే బదులు చంద్రబాబు ని కొట్టి ఉంటె విభజన లేఖ ని వెనక్కి తీసుకునేవాడేమో కదా”

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