Naidu’s ambiguous stand on ‘T’ confuses TDP cadre

The motorcade rolled on covering mostly tiny villages but deftly avoided crowded towns where the agitation was more visible. Mr Naidu seemed to have deliberately avoided Guntur town taking a detour from Sattenapalli to reach Pedakupadu and then to Amaravati and then to Tadikonda before leaving to Vijayawada through Mangalagiri.

His tour mostly went unnoticed and apart from the vocal party cadre, a few turned up to hear him.


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47 responses to “Naidu’s ambiguous stand on ‘T’ confuses TDP cadre

  1. Its clear to me now, that “””Telugu Jaathini Naasanam cheyyalane kutralo baagame, YSR Maranam Kutra”

    YSR ki kudaa konchem ee kutrani mundhaagane vuuhinchaadu, andhukane “””Jalayagnam and Hyderabad–HMDA””, start chesaaru.

    Sonia Gandhi Agents of this Master Kutra: Chidambaram/CBN/Reliance/Ramoji/KCR

    Yevari kanna “”Hyderabad tho kuudina Telangana state ni intha one–sided decision antha thwaraga icchaaru??”” shocking gaa vunte, answer is “”Everything is part of the big master kutra””

    YSR is the True Martyr of our Telugu Jaathi. Mana jaathi yodhudu YSR.

  2. YS Sharmila garu should target KKR:

    If KKR really supports Samaikyandhra, he should immediately convene special state assembly session and should move a resolution against Telangana and send it to the President of India.

    KKR/Seemandhra Ministers/MLAs need not wait for the Draft bill on Telangana. Before the central govt. send the resolution to assembly, our MLAs should make a resolution against Telangana, and send it to the President of India, just like Mayawati did in UP.

    Who is stoping KKR in making a resolution against Telangana and sending it to the center. When the resolution is moved in the assembly, then all the political parties stands will be exposed, CBN/KKR/Botsa/Sonia Gandhi, everyone will be exposed in assembly.

  3. venkat

    Previously telangana now.. andhra is shutdown for a month.. have we a spared a minute for all those who make money selling something near bus stand near schools.. All politicians are are on their buses cashing on the sentiments… what happened to fast on deaths.. started and stopped.. that is how potti sriramulu did.. he gave up life.. these people dont give up any thing.. even when telangana was shut down.. KTR children where in schools.. where are these so called andhra politicians sons and daughters studying did they stop going to school.. no i guess they are all in hyderabad international schools.. first distribute you wealth to all those people who are loosing bread and butter.. and then come to streets.. shut down u r tv channels, u r heritage shops..your parties and then come on roads.. and please stop discussing which party is benefiting.. prajalu odipothunnaru.. may be its not affecting us because he already have laptop, current, AC and source of income to continue our life………… Admin please dont block people in the name of yellow gang.. allow democracy to survive.. learn from jagan to fight and ask questions..

    • nlr2014

      @ venkat

      U are right. But unfortunately as long as our politicians stop falling on the feet of Italian dictators and start thinking of the people who brought them to power in the first place this is what our state and country would look like. When you talk about Yellow gang . I can only say one thing about atleast most of them after seeing the recent events of them supporting Babu even after he contributed to splitting of their Telugu motherland.
      ” Amma kanna .. _amma mukhyam ” . This is not my own statement but something I have read in one of the film blogs.
      I think I also said this a couple of times here ..seeing the events post YSR.
      This world world was probably a better and peaceful place to live in when the Dinosaurs ruled.

      • venkat

        ahaha.. i like your quote.. its waste of talking politics here specific to babu he is finished. Why blame center when the whole trouble began from our state. First Ysr died and then selfish politicians from both sides in hurry to become CM’s split parties and state. Every one switched loyalties as per their benefit.. Vellaki adhikram medha thappa deni medha chintha ledhu.. cheppulu tho kottali..

  4. Atchyut

    Friends I would like to share my opinion on our party’s stand on SA movement..even though Sharmila is touring the state and our MLA’s have resigned from the party..I think we need to do much more to project ourselves as the champions of the SA cause.. we need to organize massive rallies in big cities on a given day and ensure that they are a success..also we need to put pressure on the speaker to accept the resignations of our MLAs which will corner other party MLAs from the same region..

    • Gopi

      I think Jagan is coming out in another week.. jagan vaste manaki veyyi yenugula balam….

      • NLR

        Tomorrow / Sep 9 is the deadline set for the CBI by SC.
        Although I have kept an open mind regarding his bail I am now optimistic that he will be out soon.
        The Lion will need just two months before the elections to put the
        120 yr old Cong and 30 yr old Tdp to rest.

  5. Sharmila in Kavali / Nellore …..Janasandram

  6. NLR

    Sharmila in Atmakur / Nellore ….Neerajanam.

  7. Sharmila garu speech should highlight more on State Bifurcation.

    1)Sonia Gandhi ki 33 MP seats icchindhi, Telugu prajala madhya chicchu pettadaanika?
    2)YSR modhalu pettina Jalayagnam projects yevaru complete chesthaaru, state ni divide chesthe??
    3)Seemandhra prajala jeevithaalatho aadukunte, Koti mandhi telugu prajalatho Delhi ni Sonia Gandhi intini muttadisthaamu. Chalo Delhi……..
    4)Rupaayi viluvani kaapadaleni Manmohan Singh, Seemandhra rajadhaani kattukovadaaniki dabbulu yekkada nunchi thesthaadu??
    5)Sonia Gandhi Telugu jaathi bangaaru bhavishyatthuni buudidha paalu chesthaa vundhi.
    6)Kaveri nadhi jala samasyani parishkarincha leni ee kendra prabhutvam, repu telangana, seemandhra jala samasyalni parishkaristhundhi ani yemiti nammakam. Idhi Seemandhra prajala/raithulu chevulo puvvu pettadam kaadha??
    7)UP ni vidagottandi ani Mayawathi assembly resolution pampithe dhanni pakkana petti, Vidharbhani pakkana petti, okka Telugu jaathi maatrame vidagottali ani kutra cheyyadam, Sonia Gandhi ki Telugu jaathi ante kaksha kaadha?
    8)Sonia Gandhi kutralu thelise, YSR yeppudo chepparu Nadyala lo Hyderabad ki povaali ante manam visaalu passport lu kaavali ani.

  8. Lakshmi

    Please tell sharmila Garu to talk about state bifurcation only…..don’t give more time to criticize naidu n co. This yathra is only to fight against state related issues……naidu trying to deviate . Just she can tell to naidu as ‘naidu are u doing yathra for ppl problems or just to criticize the YSR n his family’ this is enough…

    • vissu

      Yes..I too have the same feeling. She should concentrate only on state bifurcation / and the way its declared by hc..

      • Atchyut

        we should let people know that babu is NOT supporting SA and he is playing double game. This is the right opportunity and time to convince the people ..

  9. NLR

    Some memories …AP misses you Sir.

  10. The Big Game Plan:

    1)Impose President’s rule——>Bypass Assembly resolution—–>Push Telangana Bill in parliament
    Most probably, controversial person like current Karnataka Governor, HR Baradwaj will be appointed as Andhra Pradesh Gov. The current AP Gov. Narasimhan is against Telangana.

    2)New branch of Congress party will be started by Kiran Kumar Reddy, with the funding from Sonia Gandhi. This new party will act indirectly as an agent of Sonia Gandhi, and pretending to be protectors of United AP.
    AP NGOs Ashok Babu is remote controlled by Congress/KKR. Eventually Ashok Babu will be merged with KKR party. The intention of KKR party is to split the anti-Congress vote and damage the prospects of YSRCP to atleast 25% These 25% seats of KKR party will be used as a negotiation tool by Sonia Gandhi, to support Congress if they want YS Jagan as the CM of new state Seemandhra. “”Save Andhra Pradesh” meeting in Hyderabad is totally run by KKR/Congress behind the scenes.

    Conclusion: Sonia Gandhi will go to any extent to to elections in two states before 2014 elections. A new party by KKR will be formed to damage the number of winning seats of YSRCP in order for Jagan to become CM, and use the KKR party seats as blackmailing tool to support Congress at center.

    A big game plan to blackmail Jagan/YSRCP in Seemandhra also, to support Congress at center by force. CBN/TDP will be in opposition forever in both the new two states.

    This is the big game plan of Sonia Gandhi. Lets see who wins in the end, who knows God will be having the final say.

    • YS Fan

      A new party will not work. Once the state is divided what is the point of having a new party which can’t bring back united AP.
      Its only media hype regarding new party.
      Even if there is a new party, questions will be asked regarding why didn’t you resign before the decision was announced or after the decision was announced.

      • @YS Fan:
        New party is to provide employment to the Congress MLAs who will not get entry into YSRCP or TDP. Whether it will work or not, Congress MLAs have no other option, but Hope (may be falsehope). New party is to provide a new alternative platform for Congress party in disguise to fool innocent poor people, and get their votes with money/liquor/food security bill etc etc

        Sonia Gandhi has her game plan to betray the telugu people with all the cheap cheating tactics. I am not saying her game plan will win.

        The Heroic statements of KKR are all giving indications towards a new party to save Sonia Gandhi in Seemandhra.

        • cvr murthy

          if KKR so bold as YSR, he would have resigned by now. He is actively promoting congress by persuading leaders to join Congress….People like satyavani are getting carried away ….

    • snreddy

      people don’t believe who keep party 6 months before elections,they already seen the historical example of praja rajayam party.

      • Atchyut

        I strongly believe that above speculation is going to be true..Look at the way Media is projecting KKR as savior of SA and look at the way Ashok babu is behaving..he is just a NGO leader and he is talking like a political party president ..I am still wondering why our party is not trying capitalize the mood in SA apart from Sharmila’s tour or resignation of party MLAs..

        • Rakesh

          If kkr new party will take away Samaykya vote, they are living in fools paradise.
          This is not 1970′ to do another channa reddy
          If state is divided, congress (kkr congress ) will get big zero
          No need to think of Sonia brain evolved so much, let her survive cancer first.

          • cvr murthy

            It does not matter whether KKR will form a party . what matters is the impact such a part would have on election outcome. I am sure it will have minimal impact . The elections , if they happen after division , then the issue would be 1. Division 40% 2. Good governance 50% and 3. Local factors 10% . If the elections are held before division , the factors would be same , however , the weightage would be different 1.Division 70% 2. Governance 25% 3 Local factors 5%. .

            Given these conditions, KKR congress will lose out on all fronts. YSRCP should however be cautious with turncoats and should not allow sitting MLAs.congress or TDP

  11. Sekar

    Super Song on YSR..
    The lyrics are very common language. This song has a very good scope for video making as per lyrics.

  12. Kareem

    …………..రాజశేఖర్ రెడ్డి ని చంపి మీరు సాదించింది ఏమిటి ?
    …………..కుట్రపన్ని లక్ష కోట్లని విష ప్రచారం చేసి విషపు రాతలు రాసి కాంగ్రెస్ తో కుమ్మక్కై జగన్ ని జైల్లో పెట్టి మీరు సాదించింది ఏమిటి ?

    ఈ రోజు రాజశేఖర్ రెడ్డి బ్రతికే ఉంటె ఇలాంటి దుస్తితి వచ్చేద ?

    జగన్ బయటే ఉండి తెలంగాణ లో ఓదార్పు యాత్ర చెసీ ఉంటె ఈ దుస్తితి పట్టెద?

    అసలాయన పోయాడు ఇక ఆయన కొడుకుని కూడా అవినీతి పరున్ని చేసి ప్రజలకు దూరం చేయటాని కి ఒక వర్గపు మీడియా చేసిన దుర్మార్గపు ఆలోచన వలన ఈ రోజు మన కి ఈ గతి పట్టింది దాని వలన వారు సాధించింది ఏమిటి ఇటు అటు లేకుండా పోయారు

  13. NLR

    Badwel ….Janasandram

  14. Lokeshwar

    కొన్ని వందల సినిమాల కి విలన్ పేరు రెడ్డి పెట్టారు , ఒక్క కెమరా మాన్ గంగతో రాంబాబు లో జవహర్ నాయుడు అని పేరు పెట్టి నందుకు గగ్గోలు పెట్టి యెల్లో మీడియా మొత్తం ఏకమై దానికి తెలంగాణ సెంటిమెంట్ రంగు పూసి ఆ సినిమాను అడ్డు కున్నారు.

  15. Atchyut

    samaikya sabha success..
    on a side note look at the way Ashok “Babu” is trying to get the credit for..He is trying to save “Congress” it seems…prajalu voluntarily chestunna vudyamanaki tanu icon antunnadu

  16. hydfirst

    We will never accept state’s division: ‘Save Andhra Pradesh’ leaders

  17. Swaroop Reddy

    YSRCP Set To Sweep Seemandhra

    The massive outpouring of public anger in Seemandhra region against the state’s bifurcation will result in a windfall of electoral gain for the YSR Congress Party if elections were to be held now.

    According to a pre-poll opinion survey conducted by a Delhi based research agency shows that YSR Congress party is set to sweep the polls in the region.

    The party is expected to bag a whopping 143 Assembly seats out of 175 constituencies in the region accounting for 57 percent vote share while the ruling Congress and the main opposition Telugu Desam Party will bite the dust.

    According to the survey results, the Congress is likely to get 15 seats, managing a mere 14 percent vote share while TDP will end up with 17 seats accounting for 23 percent vote share in Seemandhra region.

    This is the political fallout of the UPA’s decision to split the state without taking the concerns of the Seemandhra people into consideration. Both Congress and TDP are in for major embarrassment in the region whenever the polls are held.

    The Congress’ plans to reap rich electoral dividends in Telangana by granting statehood for the region will also come a cropper.

    The party will only manage to get 31 seats out of 119 in the region.

    The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) will be the biggest beneficiary as it is expected to bag 53 seats in the region while TDP is projected to get 8 to 10 seats. The YSRCP will lose heavily in the region, managing to get only 7 to 12 seats. The MIM and BJP are likely to get 7 and 5 seats respectively.

    The survey was conducted recently after the July 30 decision of the Congress Working Committee (CWC) to divide the state. This is a big blow to the Congress since it was hoping to get maximum mileage out of its decision to grant statehood for Telangana.

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