Vasireddy Padma Blasts Chandrababu


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59 responses to “Vasireddy Padma Blasts Chandrababu

  1. NLR

    An indication of how terrified these Yellow fellows are about the Lion getting bail . He is giving them sleepless nights no matter where he is.
    A 30 yr old KDP should learn a lot from a 40 yr Daring and Dynamic young man .

    Neethi …Nijayathee ga fight cheyandi ra gunta nakkallara .
    Odipoyina.. kastha viluvanna miguluthundhi.
    Chee mee brathuku. NTR ni champina neeku mee gajji gallu vote chesthunnarante mee gurinchi amanukovali ?
    Meeru malli corruption gurinchi matladathara ?
    Asalu corruption puttindhe mee intlo .
    Meeru anni chesina ..the next CM of AP is JAGAN.

    • nlr2014

      Can someone in India pls post the pictures of Babu with Rajnath Singh to 10 Janpath or on Amul boys twitter.
      Babu will then struggle to get bail for the rest of his life.

  2. Ram

    డాక్టర్ వైఎస్సార్ గారికి, చంద్రబాబుకి ఉన్న వ్యత్యాసాలు

    • Gopi

      Hi ram
      Veedoka galeez gaadu. Ee sravan gadini Manam follow avvaalaa?

      • Ram

        Anna, T valla videos/sites ekkuva choosi influence ayya. Itanu cheptunna dantlo kooda nijamundani anipinchindi. Will take care in future.

        • Gopi

          hey, i did nnt mean that we do nt wwant to see their videos here.. in my view, these TRS people are new beggers whose fortunes will collapse just after general elections. my first enemy is always dramoji and chi-BN though.

  3. Ram

    తెలంగాణ చరిత్రలో మైలురాయి

    Telangana has a legacy to give to this world: a legacy of fighting spirit, a legacy of suppressed people striking back at their oppressor, a legacy of keeping a fire burning for many generations, a legacy of battling for justice, a legacy of sifting for the truth amongst a multitude of lies, a legacy of holding on to their identity, when under attack and finally, a legacy of never bowing before anyone, however mighty, they might be.
    -Vijayshree Kurumilla

  4. Atchyut

    I am bit worried..Babu kutila neethi pradarshistunnadu…manam kooda smart gaa alochinchali…BJP Congress rendinti tho touch lo babu vunnattu manam enduku vundatam ledo naku ardham kavatla..I know we people’s support but to play a big role after elections we need to have good contacts…

  5. Kareem

    చంద్రబాబు పగలు BJP వాళ్ళ తో కలుస్తాడు , చీకటి పడితే congress వాళ్ళ తో కలుస్తాడు ఇంకా 3 రోజులు ఉంటాడంట యెంత మందితో కలుస్తాడో ఎన్ని కాళ్ళు పట్టు కుంటాడో.

  6. Kareem

    when jagan 1st bail petition came to court one day before CBN went to Delhi and said for farmers
    when jagan 2nd bail petition came to court one day before CBN went to Delhi and said to inaugurate NTR statue in parliament
    when jagan 3rd bail petition came to court one day before CBN went to Delhi and said for samaikyandra

  7. Kareem

    Yenamala just wait for 4 months we will show you how many poisoned fishes have in TDP

  8. sharath

    babu garu mimalni evarni evaru adigarandi maku teliyada

  9. Kareem

    కాలకూట విషం కక్కుతున్న 10tv
    let us know who is the owner of 10 tv

    • NLR

      I wonder if this is a planned move by the Gajji gang to have as many media channels as possible to target Jagan and be a bandwagon for KDP ?

      Every Tom Dick and Harry from the yellow batch has started a TV channel.
      May be they realised that people no longer believe in Cheenadu and Chetha jyothy.

      Picch vedhavalu..anni channels pettina ..Kotla mandhi Gunde chappudu ni apaleru.

      All these channels will stop in six months time.

  10. Lokeshwar

    తెలంగాణా లో ఎవరు ఉద్యమం చేసిన ఉవ్వెత్తున చూపించిన కమ్మ మీడియా అదే సమైక్యంద్ర ఉద్య్యమం మాత్రం వివక్ష చూపిస్తుంది ఒక రకం గా చెప్పాలంటే తెలంగాణా ఉద్యమానికి పొగబెట్టి తమాషా చూసింది కమ్మ మీడియానే

    • Ravi

      Please refrain using the caste in this discussion forums. This will hurt people with that background.

      • Lokeshwar

        నీతి నియమం లేకుండా బరితెగిస్తే సమాజం నుండి దూరం అవుతారు
        ఏ నీతి తో 16 నెలలుగా జైల్లో పెట్టారు మేము హర్ట్ కామా?
        ఏ నీతి తో యెల్లో మీడియా విషం కక్కుతుంది మేము హార్ట్ కామా ?
        వాళ్ళ కూడా ఆలోచిస్తున్నారు కేవలం కొంతమంది చర్యలవలన మొత్తం మన సామజిక వర్గం blame అవుతుందని.
        వంగవిటి మోహన రంగ ఎలా చనిపోయాడో అందరకి తెలుసు

  11. Adnan

    Was away with office work for some time…
    but read all the comments here…many people are like minded here and sharing the same opinion.

    1. Ashok Babu, Satyavani etc are YELLOW agents….
    2. we need alternate leaders from non-political non-caste/community affiliations..
    3. Where is that Prof initially SA people projected as JAC chairman??? May be caste politics put him behind.

    YSRCP is clear in stand for UAP and lost many of party workers in T. TDP is still in confusion and sitting on wall.

    APNGOs needs to get clear message from all political parties INCLUDING TDP. I see the movement leaders are misleading the people by blocking only Cong leaders and joined by some Yellow crooks. Protest in front of all leaders/party offices who does not give support INCLUDING your own community party and show your unbiased approach.

  12. JaGun

    The serious flaws in AP NGOs movement under the leadership of Congress/TDP Benami Parachuri Ashok Babu:

    1) No seriousness in their actions. All their stunts are only namesake, made only for photo-ops
    2)RTC Bandh…………But all Private buses and Trains are running. Whats the effect and use of this Transport Bandh?? Once in a while, they will do a Tirumala RTC Bandh. This is like “”Yeppudu Mood vasthe appudu Bandh”, no serious planning methodology.
    3)Electricity Bandh…………..Just Namesake strike from the electricity department staff. Did they block the southern states power grid?? Tamilnadu, Karnataka power supply would have disrupted, forcing the central govt. to negotiate. Dummy stunts.
    4)Schools Bandh………………..Only govt. schools affected, but happily all the private schools are running. So all stunts are only partial. No seriousness.

    If they are serious, do the bands or strikes completely, so that it will catch the attention of National Media. No seriousness, thats why, Seemandhra central ministers, state ministers, MPs, MLAs have the guts to play dramas and make fun of the movement as Media–movement only.

    Seemandhra people are made fools by these Ashok Babu types, its like a Tholubommala Aata played by Congress High Command.

    No wonder, Seemandhra agitations never reached the National English Media.

    YSRCP leaders please wake up, and expose the dramas of Ashok Babu types, and lead the agitation in the right direction, otherwise YSRCP leaders will be clubbed with Ashok Babu types.

    Now Seemandhra telugu people are saying, all are in the same boat including YSRCP. So YSRCP should differentiate by taking over Seemandhra agitation and kicking out Ashok Babu types.

  13. NLR

    Dramoji …thintundhi annama lekha vishama ?
    Donga vedhavallara ..nijayatheega fight chese dhammu meeku ledhu andhuke mee donga rathalu. Kani Telugu prajalu prathi election lo mee thala rathalu mausthunnaru.
    Aina mee jathiki sigguledhu.

    • Lokeshwar

      వీళ్ళు చేస్తే సంసారం మరొకరు చేస్తే వ్యభిచారం , వీళ్ళ కులాదిపత్యం కోసం ఏమైనా చేస్తారు మా నాయకుడు వంగవీటి మోహన రంగ ని పొట్టనపెట్టుకున్నారు, వీళ్ళ కొమ్ములు విరిసే మొనగాడు కోసం మేము ఎడురుచుస్తున్నాము ఇన్నాళ్ళ కి దొరికాడు .
      జోహార్ మోహన రంగ
      జోహార్ YSR

      • JaGun

        Pacchadlu ammukone vaadu, Billoinaire Ramoji, Happens only in India??
        Paalu ammukone vaadu, Billoinaire Lokesh Babu, Happens only in India??
        Kulam Kosam porade Communists, Happens only in Andhra Pradesh??

        Dabbu Kosam, Kulam Kosam, memu yentha dhooram annaa velthaam

        Maa Peddhaayana YSR, manassu Venna, Okka Chitika vesi vunte, Balayya (Bellamkonda Gun Fire issue) Bokkalo vunde vaadu?? Panthaaniki poyi challenge gaa theesukoni vunte, Ramoji Jail lo chippa kuudu thine vaadu, Margadarshi scam cases lo?? CBN ni finish cheyyali ani decide ayyi vunte, CBI vaallani CBN bedroom lo petti, CBN ni bokkalo vese vallu??

        Kaani Peddhaayana YSR ki Nakkala Jaathi vaallaki adhe theda, anything face to face yedhurkovadam, Backstabbing alavaatu ledhu??

        Kalikaalam lo Nakkala yekkuva………..Kaani oka Simham Jagan vundhi. Simham gelusthundhaa Nakka gelusthundhaa………………..War one-sided avuthundhi.

  14. sharath

    Padma, on behalf of telangana ysr supporters can you ask question in the plenary as to why ysr party did flip flop on their stand.. please ask party to fight for smanayam not for samaikandhra..

  15. Excellent Vasireddy Padma garu

    You raised a valid question
    “Can we jail Lokesh for the misdeeds of you (nakka babu) in your 9 years of govt?”

  16. Kareem

    ప్రపంచ నీచుల సంగం అద్దేక్షుడు చంద్రబాబు

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