బెయిల్‌కు ముందు భూతాలు


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  1. Ram

    Not to move our of Hyd anta. How can he meet people across AP?

  2. hydfirst

    YS Jaganmohan Reddy granted bail after 15 months; jubilation in YSRCP camp


  3. NLR

    The Lion is out. I waited every hour for this moment for the last 16 months just like millions out there.
    The cats are dead soon.
    The final 6 months for the 120 yr old Cong and its 30 yr old friend KDP and then they are put to Rest forever.

    The fight is an inspiration for generations to come.


  4. Atchyut

    Happy news … Jagan Anna got bail… I am taking a day off…. Thank god!!!

    • Ram

      Time to look ahead towards the main problems now facing AP. I hope J whole heartedly appeals to common man in T with a list of top 5 issues / apprehensions they have (water, history, culutre, land, SA domination etc..), and how he plans to resolve these in the next 5 years. I see an immense political vacuum here.

  5. vinay

    jagan anna got Bail 🙂

  6. Simhapuri .....!

    bail granted – oh my god.

  7. Kareem

    Etv2 – TDP1
    NTV – TDP2
    ABN – TDP3
    Maha- TDP4
    TV5 – TDP5
    CVR – TDP6
    INews- TDP7
    HMTV- TDP8 (Paid Channel)
    TV9 – TDP 9
    10TV- TDP10
    Coming soon TDP 11 channel TV6

    • Ram

      One Sakshi is not enough to counter. Hope more channels emerge on TV9 model appearing neutral.

    • Ram

      More importantly, they should strengthen the ground network in AP and connections with other news agencies outside.. That has been the strength of enadu since day 1. Even today, they create quality news that is unparallel to others including sakshi.

  8. Kareem

    క్విట్ ప్రో కో ఏమి లేదట సిబిఐ ఇన్వెస్టిగేషన్ రిపోర్ట్ కోర్ట్ కి సమర్పించిన సిబిఐ , అన్యాయంగా 16 నెలలు జైల్లో పెట్టారు , ఈ 16 నెలలు తిరిగి ఇవ్వగలర ?

    ఆ కుటుంబాన్ని మానసిక వేదనకి గురిచేసారు భర్త చనిపోయి , కొడుకు జైల్లో పెడితే , కూతురు ఇల్లు వదిలి యత్రాలని వెళితే ఆ అమ్మ ఆవేదన ఒక సారి తలచుకుటే గుండె బరువెక్కుతుంది కదూ……..

    మామ ని కోల్పోయి , భర్త ని దూరం చేసి , చిన్న పిల్లలు వచ్చి అమ్మ , నాన్నని దొంగ అని చెపుతున్నారు స్కూల్లో అందరు అంటే ఆ భారతమ్మ యెంత తల్లడిల్లి పోయిఉంతుందో కాదా?

    ఒదలొద్దు చంద్రబాబు ని వదలొద్దు, అనం బ్రదర్స్ ని వదలొద్దు, సోమ్మిరెడ్డి ని రేవంత్ రెడ్డి ని , రామోజీ , రవి ప్రకాష్ ని , రాధాకృష్ణ ని ఎవరిని వదలొద్దు, వీళ్ళని ఏమి చేయవలసిన అవసరం లేదు చట్టాన్ని న్యాయం గా అమలు చేస్తే చాలు వీళ్ళు ఎలా సంపాదించారో ఇన్వెస్టిగేషన్ చేస్తే చాలు అందరు జైల్లో ఉంటారు

    • Gopi

      Kareem, i think most of the people in this list die either of heart attack or leave the state or beg pardon once Jagan becomes CM. CBN and Ramoji… am sure one of them will get heart attack. few more months. lets see. 3 months jail lo pedithe chasthaaru kodukulu.. Balio gaadi ni aaroju esunte thelisedhi vedhavalaki.

      • nlr2014

        Babu seems to be roaming like a mad dog in Delhi streets.
        Doesnt even know the agenda for the meetings before going in and then walks out !!
        If this is his state before the Lion comes out just imagine his state when the Lion is out. He better hide in a foreign country.


      • Ram

        They are creating hurdles for the next government in united AP / divided SA with max disputes between T and SA people. They are making strategies to start next phase of malign campaign. Hope YCP sees through this and make public aware. Hope YCP checkmates them in this political chess game thinking few steps ahead of them.

        There is every chance they will regroup like how they did in 80s under a Yellow banner, supported by Reds. Hope there are new media groups born that are neutral, apolitical, and show the truth in black and white countering like how T people did in spite of limited resources.

  9. Simhapuri .....!

    Any updates on the bail ???

  10. Ram

    @venkat, Sarath, others – can you please help me with below:
    1) What are the 5 top issues of the people of T region because of a united state, historically, and currently.
    2) How will these 5 issues be resolved / achieved once a new T state is created with Hyd as a Capital (assuming SA creates its own capital)

  11. Gopi

    Ram, NLR:
    mee cyclist friend eeroju vasthaademo ee blog ki.endhukante vaallaki thadisi pothuntundhi ee roju. you want to catch him?
    i heard that he is from chittor town and about 40 to 45 yrs old. easy to catch him but i would say to leave him because he is just scared cat of reddys in chittor thats why he wants to be fanatic babu fan.

    • Ram

      He is a talented person anna. B’lore lo IT lo chestadanukunta. NCBN valle tanaku IT lo udyogam vacchindi anukuntunnadu. Asalu IT viplavaniki naandhi aina RG gurinchi oppukodu. NCBN valla kaligina apaaramina natstam gurinchi oppukoodu. He did not answer my earlier questions. I hope he at least researched them himself. If not now, he will realise it on a future date. God bless him and his family.

      • Gopi

        I do not know about his career but he is ethics-less fellow from what I heard. The way he talks about YS family ladies. aa 5% lo veedokadu. Time will definitely settle the things.

        • Ram

          Aa vekilitanam vallalo ekkuvamandi trade mark. Bhagavatgeeta uccharinche oka musalamenu ‘idi, adi’ ani sambhodinchadam manam ikkade kritam sari choosamu.

        • Ram

          As a group, we in AP have become defocussed and less productive since 80s. Not sure when these fissures will be filled. When we all be united under a common leadership, every one walking on the same rope towards a common goal for every one’s benefit.

  12. @ Venkat : Telangana Vudyamam Abhadapu Punadula Mida Putindhiii. I will give you 2 examples what KCR used to say always..
    1)KCR & co : Balavantam ga Telangana ni Andhra too kaliperru(There is No telangana reference to this region before Independence.Only Naizam/Hyd state).

    ans: There was a Voting in Hyderabad state assembly 85-90 % Votes are in favour of Visalandhra.Burgula ramakrishna resigned from CM post and he scarifised for Visalandhra.

    2) KCR & co : Telangana Dhopidiki Guriaindiii

    asw:Nijam ganeyy AP loo edanna Prantam dopidi ki Guri aindii anteyy adhii Rayalseema Matrameyy.They scarifised Captital to hyderabad for the sake of Visalandhra.They are the Most backward regions in AP(even as Per Sri Krishna Report recently)

    Andhra Maha sabha Putindeyy Nizam state for Telangana Sayuda Poratam..So we should put Lies

  13. Lokeshwar

    Bail petition court కి రావటం వాదనలు జరగటం తీర్పు రిజర్వు చేయటం ఆ మరుసటి రోజునుండి ఎల్లో పత్రికలి విషపు వ్రాతలు రాయటం , దానిని ఎల్లో మీడియా చర్చల్లో పెట్టటం తద్వారా న్యాయవ్యవస్తల ని భయభ్రాంతులు గురిచేయటం, బెయిల్ ఆగి పోవటం ఇది గత 16 నెలలుగా జరుగుతున్న తంతు

    • Gopi

      Ram, NLR:
      mee cyclist friend eeroju vasthaademo ee blog ki.endhukante vaallaki thadisi pothuntundhi ee roju. you want to catch him?
      i heard that he is from chittor town and about 40 to 45 yrs old. easy to catch him but i would say to leave him because he is just scared cat of reddys in chittor thats why he wants to be fanatic babu fan.

  14. Ram

    Ayya, aa sinimalu teesina vallu, raasina vallu, netinchina vallanu specific gaa target cheyyandi, studioloki pilipinchi. Andra vallu Seema vallu Telangana vallu ki ee bhogam chandalani antagattakandi..

  15. venkat

    People will always give importance to development. what ever ysr did thanks to it. But to say telagana movement is artificial is false. All these years telagana lost important water resources for other parts of the state.so we have fought for it same you are now fighting for it. we are not calling it artificial we understand your concerns. Regarding development of hyderabad please go read wikipidea you will know how rich it was. Ofcourse later too every one put effort. Hope every one gets equal justice

    • Ram

      @venkat – can you please help me give below
      1) What are the 5 top issues of the people of T region
      2) How will these 5 issues be resolved / achieved once a new T state is created with Hyd as a Capital (assuming SA creates its own capital)

    • Gopi

      I agree with you.. If YSR was alive, pending projects would have completed. I think you know about the completed water projects in TG and the increase in agriculture in TG between 2006 and 2009. YSR’s loss is very big to the state. Can you believe that RTC itself lost about 1200 crores in the last 4 years??
      YSRC stance is, do equal justice to all and if congress can not do it, keep it united and let TG and SA people decide who they want as their political party to rule the state. Ofcourse in current scenario, nobody is going to emerge victorious in both regions but somebody will take teh helm liked by majaority of the people. I am sure Jagan will do his best to make TG peole happy and put TRS to death.
      we love YSR and we just can not forgrt him. Because he has been inspiration to people like me in many aspects and we hope Jagan will live upto it. If Jagan can not live upto it, he ll be thrown in 2019.

  16. Naresh Reddy

    We may be able to secure 148 seats on our own in the United State but it is unlikely that we would win more than single digit seats in Telangana. The party has no cadre in Telangana barring a few constituencies like Malkajgiri. In these circumstances, we must go for a pre-poll alliance with MIM. This would help us in Hyderabad, Karimnagar, Adilabad etc. in Muslim pockets, and also in Rayalaseema (Anantapur, Kurnool). We should form a coalition government with MIM even if we get majority on our own. By accepting Akbaruddin Owaisi in the cabinet, we can ward off allegations of being a Seemandhra party and prevent attempts to destabilize our government by instigating violence in Telangana.

    Our party has a good following among Muslims and MIM would be a natural ally. It would also act as a counter to Babu’s moves to join with BJP.

    • venkat

      so you think no need of telagana people acceptance

      • NLR

        @ venkat
        If we leave party’s and politics aside for a while …
        I am sure there are many people in Telangana who trust Jagan as an individual more than they trust KCR / Babu / Jana.
        It is hard for the Italian to change her stand now.
        Only thing is ..can T materialise before the elections ?

        • venkat

          I put my comment based on the line “unlikely that we would win more than single digit seats in Telangana”. He was talking about formation of govt with single digit seats in telangana. I am sure congress would do everything before elections any way they lost in SA so they will make sure telagana is taken care. Regarding jagan in winning telagana.. my vote is for him because had he not split congress and weakened it there will be no telagana today.

          • Gopi

            Thanks for talking truths Venkat. Yes, if no jagan, congress would have given a foot for KCR. If Rosayya could not handle KCR, then KKR would have got KCR’s mouth shut but he could nt do it only because Jagan weakened congerss and TDP both. I wish TG had become reality in 1960’s but now it has become more difficult. Its not easy to solve hyderabad and water resources and we dont trust these delhi idiots on new capitol.

            • Gopi

              And please do not forget that TG people liked YSR’s welfare schemes more than the seperate state sentiment. This is one reason I can say current TG movement is artificial and TRS-driven. Being close to the state capital, TG is the most developed place in AP. I pity teh current set of politicians who shut their mouths so far when KCR is talkig with ridiculous facts. we just entertained his hang over every day.

              • venkat

                People will always give importance to development. what ever ysr did thanks to it. But to say telagana movement is artificial is false. All these years telagana lost important water resources for other parts of the state.so we have fought for it same you are now fighting for it. we are not calling it artificial we understand your concerns. Regarding development of hyderabad please go read wikipidea you will know how rich it was. Ofcourse later too every one put effort. Hope every one gets equal justice

    • sreechapan

      i believe, that would be our natural response and it will materialize.

  17. 420 Babu alias Backstabber says:
    On July 2012 —-“No Question Of Supporting Narendra Modi”
    Source -http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?281391

    On Sep 2013—-“Naidu Does Not Rule Out Returning to NDA Fold”
    Source – http://news.outlookindia.com/items.aspx?artid=811120

    On May 2014—-“Naidu Does Not Rule Out Returning to Congress”
    Source -http://news.outlookindia.com/items.aspx?artid=420420420

    Video proof : at 34mins

  18. Naresh Reddy

    I can see a palpable increase in the strength of YSRCP in Seemandhra within the last few weeks. Babu’s refusal to utter “Jai Samaikyandhra” and Vijayamma/Sharmila’s quick reaction public sentiment has given our party a big advantage.

  19. cvr murthy

    The poll scenario is so confusing in AP
    1. YSRCP … Makes sense for YSJ to stay neutral till elections and take a call post elections on whether to support BJP lead NDA or Congress lead UPA-3. However , if TDP enters in to a pre poll alliance with BJP , then YSRCP would be left with no alternative and it would be difficult for BJP to seek support from YSRCP post poll. Apart from Post poll power sharing , it would impact YSJ legal battle. What is the best way out , let the national parties know that YSRCP places interests of the state above personal preferences , this stand would help YSRCP to decide on the issue of support ,post poll. This may also force BJP to avoid pre-poll alliance with TDP

    2 TDP… why should TDP align with NDA, a) There is a perceptible mood in favour of Modi all over India . The Mood in SA is in favour of Modi, albeit at a reduced level. It helps BJP to gain support of few seats by using this mood as well as using strong TDP cadre. It may make a difference in the Parliament elections. However what can come in the way , is the stand of BJP on state bifurcation . If SA voters perceive BJP as one of the parties responsible for the bifurcation, it is a bad deal for both TDP and BJP in SA. BJP has to choose between Telengana and SA ( may not support UAP, but may say division only after SA grievances are satisfactorily settled.

    b TDP may be doing this to take care of the party in Telengana as TRS and congress would corner credit for Telengana . By aligning with BJP , they may be able to get respectable performance in Telengana.

    3 BJP, would rather keep the options open , particularly, if they know from surveys that YSJ will have more seats. It is therefore surprising when Modi gave an open invitation to TDP at Hyderabad rally. Is he so sure that YSJ would never support him or YSJ would not win many seats in SA? .The biggest concern for them would be to emerge as a ‘largest pre- poll group’. UPA may tie up such pre poll alliances to emerge as ‘single largest group’.( However , one is not sure of stitching up such group particularly pre elections.) BJP , therefore ,needs pre-poll alliances as well. This may be pushing them to align with TDP . What matters is whether TDP can win , with BJP , good number of seats.

    4 Congress is a loser all the way , unless they spring a surprise on bifurcation issue.

    5 New party by congress leaders from SA would harm congress as many voters of congress who have shifted to TDP , may go back to congress. This helps YSRCP to improve their tally by few votes but helps them to improve margins.

    YSRCP has to wade through this slushy scenario with caution . They should capitalize on their strength in SA , Andhra area they need to strengthen cadre. Counter possible TDP, BJP alliance with campaign on the bargaining strength SA will have , if the they win .

    • JaGun


      One important observation:
      1)In politics, nothing is ruled out. UPA is supported both by BSP and SP. But BSP and SP are the main rivals at State level politics
      2)After elections, whatever number of seats, TDP brings to the able, its not enough for Modi to become PM. Obviously, they will take the help of YSRCP, if Modi wants to become PM.
      Post–poll scenario, Modi will call YSRCP seeking support, when YSRCP has the required numbers. Then its upto CBN to stay with NDA or not.

      Important thing is, NUMBERS, whoever has the numbers, they make the rules of negotiation. Its important for YSRCP to just focus on NUMBERS.

      YSRCP should put 100% effort to get maximum number of seats from SA. YSRCP should put 500% effort to get maximum number of seats from in and around districts of Hyderabad.

      We cannot stop BJP and TDP forming a pre-poll alliance, its not in our control. Lets focus on things which are in our control.

  20. NLR

    Dogvijay tells spouses of cong crooks from SA to sell their properties in Hyd !!!
    It will take time to sell them Dogvijay garu.. bcs Kavuri , Dramapati , Dramoji, Dramamohan,Dramakrishna and Dramababu etc looted a lot.
    So pls give them sometime and they will sell Hyd before they leave.
    “Still we will not resign bcs he told that to our wives and not us” -SA cong crooks.


  21. Lokeshwar

    1972 లో నే mobile phone వాడాడు చంద్ర బాబు , అప్పటికి కేవలం అమెరికా లో ని Newyark నగరం లో కొంతమంది మాత్రమే వాడే వారు , చంద్ర బాబు పుట్టుకతోనే గోల్డ్ స్పూన్ తో పుట్టాడు , sv university లో చదువుతున్నపుడు అప్పటి అమెరికా అద్దేక్షుడు స్కాలర్షిప్ పంపిస్తానంటే వద్దని YSR దగ్గర నెల నెల అడుక్కున్నాడు

    ఇప్పటికే జనాలు చెప్పేవాడు చంద్రబాబు ఐతే వినేవాడు వెర్రి —- అని సామెతలు చెప్పుకుంటున్నారు వీళ్ళకి సిగ్గేక్కడ లేదు చెప్పటానికి హద్దు పద్దు ఉండాలిగా .

  22. Babu ..Neethulu cheppe mundhu ..neethi ga brathakatam nerchuku.
    Babu trying desperately to sell himself in Delhi but unfortunately no one is willing to buy him as they know that he is an Expired product.


  23. Ram

    NCBN garu: Alas! You should have supported the no confidence motion months ago supporting all other opposition parties.

  24. Ram

    Okappudu adhikara paksham vipaksham eddem ante teddem anevi.. Anu oppandam, FDI billu, Aahara bhadrata billu, ippudu T decision. Eedi teesukunna rendu pakshaalu oke vaipu unnai. Nijamgane prajala manchi kori chestunnara? ..Interesting times

  25. Kareem

    నీచ రాజకీయాలు ఎలా చేయాలి అనే అంశం మిద ఏదైనా పోటి పెడితే చంద్ర బాబు మొదటి బహుమతి వస్తుందేమో ?

  26. JaGun

    Main Achievement of CBN Delhi Visit:

    CBN forced BJP president Rajnath Singh, to declare that, BJP will give Telangana State at any cost and will support Telangana Bill in parliament. Vote for TDP is like Vote for BJP is like Vote for Telangana. CBN screwed both Samaikyandhra and Minority votes with one single Delhi visit.

    Aleast Advani and Sushma Swaraj, made some statements that they oppose the unilateral decision making process of Congress on Telangana, recently.

    Day time, CBN sleeps with BJP (For Telangana) and Night time, CBN sleeps with Congress (To oppose Jagan)

    Chendalamaina–Bolli–Nakka (CBN)

    • JaGun

      YSRCP should declare that in 2014 elections, “”Voting for Congress or BJP is like Voting for Andhra Pradesh Bifurcation””

      YSRCP should declare that unless Congress or BJP revisit their stand on Andhra Pradesh bifurcation, it will not support Congress or BJP.

      • Rakesh

        What if election held in two states!!?

        • JaGun

          If election held in two states:: TRS/Congress will sweep in Telangana, and YSRCP has the best chance to form government in Seemandhra. But at Center, clearly its Modi/NDA, who has bright chances to form the Govt. Whatever, YSRCP should talk about alliances only after election results.

          Big challenge for YSRCP will be going to election in Undivided state. If state is undivided, then the field is open to all the parties, election result will be difficult to predict. And also other important reason is, whether Jagan will be released on Bail or not.

          Congress for sure is definitely kicked out of Andhra Pradesh forever. TRS is happy in Telangana. TDP comes in second place in Telangana, they got good cadre. YSRCP should work hard in telangana regions in and around Hyderabad, to win as many seats as possible, not that easy.

          YSRCP comes in first place in Seemandhra, but YSRCP should be careful while selecting the MLA and MP candidates, and YSRCP should work more in coastal andhra districts (Krishna/Guntur/Godavari). TDP will be routed in most places in Rayalaseema, and it will win decent seats in coastal andhra.

          • cvr murthy

            YSRCP will not win majority in SA?

          • cvr murthy

            My information is YSRCP will win majority in fact , sweep SA

            • JaGun

              If Jagan comes out of Jail, atleast 4 months before elections, then YSRCP will win majority seats comfortably in SA.

            • One of my friend in BJP IT cell, says that, ysrcp is front runner to win malkajgiri constituency, as lot of settlers prefer ysrcp here. Not sure, how accurate his prediction could be?

            • sreechapan

              CVR anna, meerannattu, we seem to have considerable support in few pockets of TG. however, we should build cadre to leverage that support and convert it into seats. Not sure, whether we can attract few good leaders in this region. anything above 20 is wonderful performance for us.

            • sreechapan

              I think the biggest issue for us is going to be how to tackle positive vibe of Modi/BJP and TDP tieup and how to save ourself from anti-incumbancy of congress, as we gave signals that we will go for post-poll alliance with congress.

              • JaGun

                TDP/BJP tieup will help TDP to some extent in Telangana, but ZERO impact (I would say Negative impact) for TDP performance in SA.

                YSRCP should rebuild their image as a strong anti–congress party, once Jagan comes out of Jail. YSRCP should target Sonia Gandhi/Rahul Gandhi, very aggressively during 2014 election campaign.

                When Jagan targets Sonia Gandhi aggressively, Jagan will be on par with Modi, regarding targetting Sonia Gandhi. There will be a clear anti–Sonia Gandhi wave just before 2014 elections. One of the major factors for the rising popularity of Modi is anti–Congres/Sonia Gandhi wave in the country. The Best Hero from Andhra Pradesh, who is known for fighting against Sonia Gandhi is one and only Jagan.

                If Jagan goes soft on Sonia Gandhi, then YSRCP winning wave will slow down. Jagan/YSRCP should always use their best weapon, the image of “”Fighting against Sonia Gandhi at any cost”” to win the hearts of voters.

                Once Jagan comes out of Jail, “”Jagan should directly target Sonia Gandhi for bifurcating and playing with the lives of Telugu people, because Sonia Gandhi wants to take revenge on Jagan by splitting Telugu people, to damage Jagan politically””

                Recent TDP leaders question to YSRCP leaders to trap them is “”Sonia Gandhi ne YSR chaavu ki kaaranam annaaru, mari aa issue ni yemi chesaaru ani??””
                YSRCP should respond cleverly that “”YSR helicopter maranam oka kutra anedhi prathi telugu vaadilo vunde anumaanam, investigation cheyyamani adigaamu, kaani maa chethilo adhikaaram ledhu. Yemi thappu cheyyani dhaanike Jagan ni Jail lo pettaaru. Kaani oka bhalamaina prathipaksha nayakudu CBN ki YSR maranam gurinchi independent investigation veyyaaali ani adige bhaadyatha ledhaa?? CBN Congress tho kummakku ayyaadu kaabatte YSR maranam investigation koraledhaa???””

              • Naresh Reddy

                Malkajgiri assembly or Lok Sabha? YSRCP is quite strong in the assembly segment but not so much in the Lok Sabha segment. We don’t have cadre in many of the assembly segments within the Lok Sabha constituency. But YSRCP is quite strong in assembly. Straight fight between YSRCP and TDP in Malkajgiri assembly. No TRS and Congress candidate is facing massive anti-incumbency.

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