Jagan is a determined leader: KCR

Hyderabad: In an interesting development,TRS chief KCR on Monday described YS Jagan Mohan Reddy as a leader with determination and that he would be sweeping election in all the 13 districts in Seemandhra in 2014.
Speaking to Media persons informally after the CBI court sanctioned bail to Jagan ,KCR said that Jagan would net as many as 140 seats in Seemandhra in next elections.
Reddy had withstood the difficulties in his political journey , KCR said.


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40 responses to “Jagan is a determined leader: KCR

  1. JaGun

    TDP is planning a grand sketch to counter Jagan’s enormous Hero popularity with Modi’s image. By doing this, TDP is agreeing to the fact that their own leader CBN is thrown into dustbin and CBN has become an expired date medicine. So, indirectly, it will be like Modi running the TDP party in Andhra Pradesh.

    To the boxing ring, from TDP side, they want to introduce Modi into the ring. Lets see if BJP and RSS, will fall to the trap laid by CBN/Ramoji Rao. Ramoji Rao has lot of RSS links, may be he is pushing very hard for Modi to support CBN.

    Once Modi enters Andhra Pradesh on behalf of CBN/TDP. Minority votes will vote like a block to YS Jagan. In, TG, anti-CBN sentiment will affect the BJP alliance, and BJP will lose miserably in TG too.

    But TDP is betting very big on Modi, since Jagan, The Telugu Pride is out on the battle field.

    Poor Modi, doesn’t know the credibility crisis of CBN in the hearts of poor people of Andhra Pradesh. In the end, Modi–TDP alliance in Andhra Pradesh , will end up like a “”India Shining”” BJP campaign of 2004.

  2. JaGun

    Now Simham is confined to Hyderabad, because of some stupid conditions on Bail. So, “””Operation South Telangana”. I think its right time to start Odarpu Yatra Telangana phase, in districts in and around Hyderabad

    Jaganmohan Reddy, The Telugu Pride, came out of the Jail, like an explosion on the National Media, catching the attention of the Nation, as if he is more powerful and popular than Modi, who can take Congress/Sonia Gandhi head on.

    So, YSRCP, please continue the momentum and make sure that the entire attention and politics should be centered around one and only Jagan, from now. Please plan carefully every move, because we have several forces to fight, Italian Mafia, Andhra Nakka and Bhuuthulu Mukkodu.

    Lion has to fight this battle to protect the Telugu Pride and protect them from all these dangerous criminal forces.

  3. Kareem

    వీడు politician లేదా చిల్లర గాడా చిల్లర మెంటాలిటీ అయినట్లున్దిగా

    • JaGun

      Marriages matches tho fix chesi, NTR vaarasulani thokki pettinappude, Chillara gaadu, ani common man kudaa thelusu. Adhe Chakkram thippe Chandram raajakeeyam.

  4. JaGun

    From televison debates, common telugu man can understand one thing very clearly that “””TDP Pasupu Gang Kadupu Manta””

    TDP: 2014 Election Manifesto: [No common man issues]
    “”Opposing Jagan Bail”

    This is the level to which TDP has fallen to under the directionless leader of CBN. Once a great party started by NTR.

    TDP Pasupu Frustration chuustha vunte Jaali Vesthaavundhi

  5. Lokeshwar

    ఎంత IAS Offficer ఐన , IPS ఆఫీసర్ ఐన యెంత బుద్దుడి లా నటించిన ఏదో ఒక రోజు బుద్ది బయట పడిద్ది నిన్న జయప్రకాష్ నారాయణ చౌదరి కడుపు మంట బయట పడింది చూసారా .

  6. nlr2014

    Mathalu…Kulalu….Pranthalaku ..Athithanga …Premanuragalu.

    Adhi…Okkadike sadhyam.


  7. ps

    mothata jaganki vatirekamga rase comments ki counter iche badulu. cbn ni enda gadadham endhukante donga la ni vadhalodhu. thanu donga thanam chesi edhuta valani dongslu anatam cbn and gang ki fashion. so dont leave cbn. we have to teach a big lesson to him. he feels nenu emi chesina chelidi. ipudu cbn nda convener svuthadata. ituvanti gaja donga to na pothu petukonedi bjp party. please all jagan fance starts now onwards attacking of cbn

  8. Madhu

    Jagan released on bail and EARTH QUAKE in Delhi..what a coincidence

  9. Dr.Krishna

    Incidentally could see Jagan at Osmania medical college circle when he was going to his home and I to my home . Really a pure smile on his smile. Keep going YSJ .

  10. NLR

    Dear friends …Pls post comments on all national articles.
    The yellow gang is very active posting negative comments as they are in depression.
    Do not let them get away. If you don’t have enough time then atleast click the report abuse link for the negative comments so that they get deleted.


  11. nlr2014

    Sakshi live …

    Pulivendula Pulibiddaki …Neerajanam.

    Prathi intlo ……Panduga vathavarnam.


    Jai Jagan …Jai Sharmila ….Johar YSR.

  12. Atchyut

    ade chirunavvu..ade atmeeyatha…marintha atma viswasam…Jagan is back my friends!!! Welcome back!!!! the resilient fighter I have ever seen…..

  13. Dr.Krishna

    పిడికిలి బిగించి పోరాడేందుకు తెగించి వస్తున్నాడదిగో
    కడలిని మించిన ఆవేశంతో గర్జించే మొనగాడిదిగో !

    అర చేతిని అడ్డంగా పెడితే
    ఉదయించే రవి ఆగేనా
    అహంకరించే అధికారానికి
    అడుగైనా ఇక సాగేనా

    ధర్మం న్యాయం నీతీ సత్యం
    జయించు చివరికి అనునిత్యం
    ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ రాష్ట్రంలో ఇక
    మొదలగులే యువ సారథ్యం !!!

    వై.యస్ జగన్ మోహన రెడ్డికి పునః స్వేచ్ఛా జీవన సందర్భ శుభాకాంక్షలు !

  14. Dr.Krishna

    Yes. I personally don’t like the comments of KCR minimizing the effect of Jagan to 13 districts as if the former is sole champion of remaining 10 districts. YSRCP is for united AP and it’s a party that can have its effect in entire AP. I don’t like making KCR’s comments as a separate post like this indeed. If possible better to delete it.

    • JaGun

      KCR is a Venomous Snake, he is the one who blocked Jagan entering Warangal. If KCR is praising Jagan, then it is only to fool YSRCP followers.

      I am curious now to see the next moves of Jagan in TG.
      Now CBN will say TG yatra. Now Jagan is also out of Jail, lets wait for the Jagan Explosive move. Veta Modhalaindhi!!!

      Now every single move of Jagan should be like “”Vanuku puttaali Prathyarddhulaku””

      • Dr.Krishna

        CV Reddy garu,

        Though I could get convinced with some of your points , I am yet to differ with the point that KCR has reduced the stature of YSJ to 13 districts clearly. Isn’t it ?! I cannot support his views.

      • JaGun

        @CV Reddy:

        You have to read my comments in that context only, politics are dynamic and they keep changing every hour. Let me clarify for you.
        1)Recently, I have commented, if Jagan is released atleast 4 months before elections, YSRCP will sweep in SA, if we stick to United Andhra Pradesh cause.

        2) I have commented that YSRCP is losing ground in SA, in the extent of Panchayat election results and internal rivalry among party leaders, where there are multiple candidates expecting tickets. That was a pre-Jagan–release scenario.

        3)Confidence among YSRCP party cadre is very important but blind over–confidence is very dangerous and it will give negative results. No one is arguing about, who is the dominant player in SA, but the point is how to sweep a landslide victory for MLAs/MPs through out Andhra Pradesh.

        If you want to believe in KCR, and his wholeheartedly praise of Jagan, I will leave it to your conscience. The intention of KCR praising Jagan is to confuse YSRCP cadre, and make Jagan stick to SA only.

        Mana peddha vaallu, oka strategy design chesetappudu “””Keedu yenchi Melu yencha mannaaru”” So, please kindly take my negative comments in the true spirit to correct the mistakes of YSRCP decision makers.

        If you believe that YSRCP is 1000% perfect and beyond criticism, and there is no room for people like us to comment here, I will think about it.

        • JaGun

          I am also helping Jagan to know all these things. Its like a feedback from the YSRCP followers. Censorship will not work in democracy. CBN spoiled TDP party because some vested interests formed a coterie around him, and CBN lost the connection with true TDP followers. I hope Jagan will not do the same mistake as CBN, in receiving feedback from YSRCP followers.

  15. JaGun

    Mindgames of CBN and the downfall of TDP

    1)Credibility crisis of CBN has made the voters of SA and TG not to trust CBN. So, TDP is going through worst times both in SA and TG. TDP has reduced to a marginal player in both SA and TG, because of the trust-deficit between CBN and telugu voters.

    2)In these worst times, TDP–CBN is running desperately after BJP. There are several reasons for this desperate attempts by CBN to kiss and make-up with BJP.
    First, CBN wants to distract telugu voters and make them forget about the unethical match-fixing that TDP had with Congress for almost 4 years.
    Secondly, CBN wants to desperately aggressively project as if CBN was born to fight Congress in the country. And CBN wants to cash on the anti–Congress wave in Andhra Pradesh.
    Thirdly, CBN wants to take advantage of Modi’s image to raise the morale of TDP cadre in TG and SA.
    Lastly, CBN wants to reserve the alliance partner position with BJP, so that he can pre-empt BJP going to YSRCP after polls. And at the same time, create a hungama that YSRCP is only left with UPA coalition at center, since TDP is already reserved as a alliance partner with BJP.

    Conclusion: CBN’s credibility is at its all-time low, no matter what gimmicks he does, telugu people no longer believes him and TDP will be reduced to a marginal player in both regions of SA and TG.

    The way TDP leaders are responding to Jagan’s release proves one thing “””TDP rendu praanthallo Gallanthu…………….Chandrababu Gunde jaari Gallanthu ayyindhe””

  16. sridagg

    Cv reddy anna..

    He is safegaurding his Vote bank in TG by giving these statements.Our party and our leader not for 13 districts he is for 23 districts and 10 crore telugu people.
    We and our party for Entire telugu people

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