Hero’s welcome


Jagan out to a tumultuous reception


Hyderabad chokes as Jagannaut rolls home


Freed, Jaganmohan Reddy halts Hyderabad






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19 responses to “Hero’s welcome

  1. Lokeshwar

    yellow yellow dirty fellow

  2. Simhapuri .....!

    మీ అమూల్యమైన ఒక్క నిముషం – ఈ ఊసరవెల్లి కోసం 🙂

    • Kareem

      ఈ ఉసరవెల్లి ని దరిదాపులోకూడా రానీవద్దు , YS కుటుంబాన్ని వేలివేయలన్నాడు ఎన్నెన్ని మాటలు అన్నారు .

  3. kreddy08

    Happy last 2 days!
    Jagan now has an aura around him thanks to extensive media coverage.
    People will like to hear every word he says. He has to chose words carefully. He will need to focus on positive things and less on criticism since CBN is a spent force. Short term, he perhaps better avoid any talk of national alliance with UPA or NDA especially congress. He should say that he will align with those who will align with the interests of AP–samaikyandhra, funds for development of AP, etc. He can go into specifics after elections.

  4. nlr2014

    Please pass on this link to friends in India.


  5. JaGun

    YS Jagan gaarini Kalise Fans/Followers/Cadre body language loni Kasini chuusthaavunte………………2014 Election Result from Andhra Pradesh will be Sensational in Indian Political History ani naaku sense vasthaavundhi.

    Loyalty towards YS Family is unshakeable in the hearts of telugu people.
    Hats off to YS Family.

    2014 Election Result::::::::::: War One–sided
    Pride of Andhra Pradesh, YS Jagan will Roar in Indian Politics.

    “”Jagan gaaru Hyderabad lo adugu pettagaane, Seemandhra people living in Hyderabad are relaxed about their future ane message vacchindhi ante”” Thats shows and explains about the power of Jagan.

  6. Dr Puchalapalli Mitra who comes from the famous Puchalapalli Sundarayya family who faught all his life against castism initially supported JP chowdary and then left bcs he got fed up with this caste fanatic.

    • JaGun

      Puchalapalli Sundarayya family ki Yellow Gang ki JP ki …………….Nakkaki Naaga lokaaniki vunnantha thedaa vundhi.

      Sundarayya Communist party ni Veellu hijack chesi dhanni “”Kammunist” party chesaaru Raghavulu Kamma + Narayana Kamma. Ee Kamma Gang pere “”Maha Kuutami”” which fought a waste election battle against YSR The Great.

      Cheppevi Sreeranga Neethulu Thirigedhemo Dommara Gudesalu

      Jagan bail meedha ee “”Kamma Desam Party”” vallu kakkuthunna Visham chuudandi.

      “”Bolli Babu, Yekkado Chittoor lo rendu yekaraalu Beedu bhumulu vunna Sanna kaaru raithu nunchi aayana ee roju Kotaanu Kotlu Swiss banks lo money pettukoni. Ee Bolli Babu, avineethi gurinchi eeyana cheppadam, Kamma gang vinadam. Kodallu vesukunnaaru aaru kotla nagalu monna pellilo, kaani vaallu vundedhi 25 lacs chese illu anta adhi richest posh area of Hyderabad””

      Goppa Netha NTR ki Bolli Babu vennupotu podichi chaala heenaathi heenamugaa NTR ni avamana parachi, NTR ni Bolli Babu pottana pettukunnaadu. Kaani ee “”Kammunists” lu valla rajakeeya business interests protect chesukovadam kosam “”Kamma Desam Party”” ni CBN chethulo pettaaru.

      CBN maatram NTR image ni “”Vutsava Vigraham”” laga use chesukuntunnaadu. NTR image ni elections time lo vaadukovadam, elections ayyi pogaane dust bin lo veyyadam. NTR ideology ni yetthi Musi nadhi lo paresaadu, NTR Samaikyandhra siddhanthaanni kudaa aa Musi nadhi lone visirivesaadu.

      “””Kamma Desam Party “” Govindaaa Govindaaaaaaaa

  7. Ram

    “..గద్దె దించినప్పుడు..”

    He sure is rewarded afterwards for the help he may have done behind the scenes!

  8. Lokeshwar

    ఎంత IAS Offficer ఐన , IPS ఆఫీసర్ ఐన యెంత బుద్దుడి లా నటించిన ఏదో ఒక రోజు బుద్ది బయట పడిద్ది నిన్న జయప్రకాష్ నారాయణ చౌదరి కడుపు మంట బయట పడింది చూసారా .
    That is Yellow Unity

  9. JaGun

    Kamma Satta, Kammunists, Kamma Desam Party, For all these parties Kamma Kulam is First. Everything else comes later.

  10. vissu

    Yahoo current Popular trends listed Jagan’s name as 3rd ..

  11. JaGun

    Whats Next for YSRCP:

    1)For Next one month, Focus will be on State Bifurcation issues in both SA and TG regions. YSRCP should focus on these issues.

    2)After one month, Focus will be on YSRCP Welfare Schemes for poor masses telugu people of Andhra Pradesh in both regions of SA and TG. During this time TRS will be become more dominant force trying to re-establish the TG statement movement once again. During this time, Bifurcation issue will not be a concern, as Telugu people have put confidence in Jagan, The Telugu Pride.

    Conclusion: YSRCP 2014 Election Manifesto::::::: YSRCP welfare schemes, RAJANNA Rajyam.

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