Jagan out, alarm in rival camps


Next on Jagan’s mind is Third Front


Jagan mania-Times Of India

Jaganmohan Reddy was sent to the jail ostensibly for the various cases filed against him but actually to defang him.It was reasoned that his prolonged stay in jail would throw his party into disarray and trigger an exodus from the YSR Congress.However,anyone who saw his shobhayatra on Tuesday as he meandered from the jail to home (with thousands in tow) will realize how wrong this assessment was.Jagan is now out of jail with renewed strength and it is not unreasonable to expect that he will sweep the 2014 polls in Seemandhra region.I do not venture to hazard a guess about how many seats he will win,but by the looks of it,Jagan will become a significant player in New Delhi post 2014 elections.Neither the Congress nor the BJP is expected to win a clear majority and in these circumstances who will be the next Prime Minister will be decided by bosses of state parties like Jagan.Of course,nobody can deny that Jagans prospects got a significant boost because of the ruling Congress bungling up with the process of bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.Contrariwise,Chandrababu Naidus prospects weakened because of the decision to bifurcate Andhra Pradesh and lot of denizens of Seemandhra blame him for failing to halt the Congress in its track.In this situation,Naidu is left with no option but to tie up with the BJP which has been more than dropping hints for an alliance.


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20 responses to “Jagan out, alarm in rival camps

  1. JaGun

    KDP Party Yellow Gang have launched an online hate campaign on YS family on social networking/facebook/twitter/blogs/comments. YSRCP cadre should wait for the right time, and react at the time of KDP fans movie releases.

    KDP fans Gundekaayi valla “”K”” Heroes.

    KDP fans are playing with FIRE………….YS Family.

  2. JaGun

    Ashok Babu, is playing the drama scripted by Congress and TDP. He is saying that SA MLAs should not resign and should vote against the Telangana Resolution in Assembly.

    Few questions to Ashok Babu:
    1)Is he sure that there will be voting on Telangana Resolution in Assembly. Maximum, there will be discussion on the Draft Telangana Bill. Since, there will be no voting, whats the use of the SA MLAs in assembly. Intermediate Ashok Babu, please consult Constitutional experts.

    2)Whats the danger if all SA MLAs resign?? President’s Rule. Do you think the Central Govt will dare to Divide an important state like Andhra Pradesh, during President’s rule, bypassing Entire State Assembly. Ashok Babu, please stop fooling SA people.

    3)Why Ashok Babu not demanding all SA MLAs to force an emergency assembly session, to pass an Samaikyandhra Resolution and pass that resolution to Central Govt. Don’t he think this is the logical way to expose Central Govt. at National Level. Ashok Babu, clearly you are playing the game safely to protect your Congress and TDP masters, so that you don’t those Congress and TDP exposed about their dramas on the floor of the Andhra Pradesh Assembly.

    4)Ashok Babu, so how long you want to continue these SA musical concerts in the name of protecting Congress and TDP and providing Live Media Content to Ntv daily. How long the low salary paid RTC employee families need to starve?? So, Ashok Babu, wants to continue this Musical Concerts till 2014 elections. What a strategy.

    Intermediate Chaduvukunna Ashok Babu chethilo SA movement pedithe ilaane vuntundhi. Ashok Babu, has no intention to bring pressure on Congress and TDP parties, he is just dragging this movement with these musical concerts and fooling gullible innocent Telugu people. Employee families are suffering, and look at this Ashok Babu body language, cool and as if nothing is happenning, and he doesn’t care no matter how many days he can drag this movement without any positve results.

    Long time back, in their AP NGOs speeches, I have got the sense that they are targetting only YSRCP. YSRCP wake up to this Ashok Babu Mask of Congress and TDP.

    Ashok Babu Mask, was invented because Congress and TDP parties, couldn’t dare to go into people directly in the name of Samaikyandhra. Because Congress and TDP parties, want Telangana votes also, so Ashok Babu Mask was invented.

    It seems, Ashok Babu doesn’t care about the number of days SA people are suffering daily, as long as he gets green signal from Congress and TDP parties to drag this SA movement without any pressure on these Congress TDP MPs/MLAs and without any positive results.

    Great Script by Congress and TDP, fooling SA people, in the name of Ashok Babu………………Ashok Babu mrudhuvaina venna pusina maatalatho SA people verri vengalappalanu chesthunnaadu.

    • JaGun

      Why Ashok Babu is not meeting YSRCP president Jagan Mohan Reddy??

      Is Parachuri Ashok Babu, anti–Jagan??

      Private Travels, Private Educational Institutions, Private Sector is exempted from Ashok Babu SA movement. Any vested interests??

      Who is this Parachuri Ashok Babu to trouble the lives of SA people on a daily basis for 60 days, without putting or bringing any pressure on Congress/TDP and without achieving any positive results from Congress/TDP parties, even after 60 days?? May be Ashok Babu wants to drag this movement for 600 days. Motthaaniki andharini Gorrelu chesaadu gaa.

      • Adnan

        Paruchuri Ashok Babu is Yellow agent.

        1. He is saying people can vote for any leader supporting UAP irrespective of party. He knows that people will not vote for TDP. He fears voters will turn to YSRCP and wanted to confuse people.

        2. He will never meet Jagan. Remember, he hurried to NTR bhavan and met CBN. After coming out he says, he understand CBN situation on T issue and keeps quite.

        3. Don’t be surprised, if he supports BJP, once BJP & TDP alliance materializes and that is just distracts people by saying dont vote for Cong.

        4. Strong Yellow lobby is behind this man and he keeps their interest at priority, we need alternate APNGOs leader.

        • JaGun

          Urgently, Ashok Babu needs to be exposed and sidelined from this Movement. Otherwise, this guy will drag this movement for another 4 months and cause lot of daily suffering to the common Telugu people.

          Innocent Telugu people doesn’t know the background political affiliations of Ashok Babu. He is definitely leading this Movement, to keep YSRCP away from this Movement and doesn’t voters to get the impression that YSRCP, is a true champion of United Andhra Pradesh.

          Where was this Ashok Babu, when Dec9th statement happenned??
          This guy pops out of no where and creates huge Musical Concerts and Sabhas, is it possible without political and financial backing??

          Parachuri Ashok Babu is definitely “””Yellow Agent””
          “””TDP MLAs/MPs ki Noppi Thagalakunda Chala Metthagaa Smooth gaa Drag chesukuntu maro 4 months chesthaadu ee agitation, anthalopu Saamanya Janaalu Mala Mala Maadipothaaru”””

          • JaGun

            Congress and TDP MLAs/MPs knew well in advance before July 30 statement, that Congress High Command will give Telangana. So, they planned well in advance to Hijack this Samaikyandhra Agitation, using their own Yellow Puppet, Parachuri Ashok Babu and this guy will act as their Agent while Jagan is in Jail. Now, there are in total shock, that Jagan is out of Jail, they always thought that Jagan will be Jail till 2014 elections.

            Now Sudden development, Jagan is out of Jail, and all the Rivals are Shitting in their Pants. It was such a Huge Shock, “””Mind Block””, so they are all in some state of “”Mental Disorderness””

            Hope, Jagan is watching all these Criminal Political Plots designed against him.

  3. Kareem

    చదువుకున్నోడు కంటే చాకలోడు నయ్యం అంటారు ఇంత చదువుకొని ఈ జయప్రకాశ్ నారాయణ కి ఎందుకు అంత కుల పిచ్చి ఛీ ఛీ shame

  4. vissu

    అశోక్ బాబు గాడు మరీ ఓపెన్ గా బుక్ అవుతున్నాడు….

    హిందూపూర్ లో అయ్యగారి స్టేట్మెంట్ ” సీమంధ్ర లో ఉండే ప్రతి పార్టీ లో ఉండే సమైక్య వాదికి ఓటెయ్యండి ” అంట.. ఆ లెక్కన చూస్తె ప్రతి వాడు సమైక్య వాదే..

    ఇక క్రమేపి ఆయన రాజకీయాలు కూడా మాట్లాడుతున్నారు.సమైక్యాంద్రకు మద్దతుగా ఉన్నవారు ఏ పార్టీలో ఉన్నా ఓటు వేయండని ఇప్పటి నుంచే పిలుపు ఇవ్వడంలో ఆయన అంతరార్ధం ఏమిటో చెప్పాలి.సీమంద్రలో సమైక్యవాదికాని పార్టీ నేతలు ఎవరో ఆయన చెప్పాలి.పార్టీలు విధానపరంగా విభజనకు అనుకూలంగా నిర్ణయం తీసుకున్న విషయాన్ని విస్మరించి ఆయన తెలివిగా వ్యక్తుల గురించి మాత్రమే ఆయన చెబుతున్నారు.రెండో నెల జీతం కూడా రాకపోతే, అప్పుడు ఉద్యోగుల నుంచి ఎదురయ్యే ఒత్తిళ్లను, విమర్శలను ఆయన ఎలా అధిగమిస్తారో చూడవలసి ఉంటుంది.

    • Kareem

      పిచ్చి నకరాలు చేస్తే ఉద్యోగులే తిరగబడతారు, ఈ పుడింగి చెప్పగానే జనం వోటేస్తారా ?
      Private travel association నుండి రోజుకి యెంత ముడుతున్నాయో బయటకి తెలిస్తే RTC కార్మికులు తరిమి తరిమి కొడతారు .

  5. Sabbam Hari has to be careful while talking about UPA & Congress. He is saying that Jagan will support UPA. Better he keep quite or say that I am not YSRCP member.

  6. Very good signals by jagan about 3rd front.
    We should be crystal clear that, we are equidistant from both congress and bjp. both are bhasmasura hastam for us. & at the same time, we should build confidence that, 3rd front is viable and stable.
    Not easy task.. But, jagan can do it.

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